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Chapter 476: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 476 What A Cheeky Man

Hearing this, Jingyan Ye was speechless, “You are the one who told us to come, and you are also the one who told us to leave quickly. Do you really think we have time on our hands?”

“We can have dinner anywhere. Aren’t your girls happy? Hey, only the poor me, being disliked.”

Zhao Nangong patted Yulin Xiao’ s shoulder and said with a smile, “It’s your time to turn on your charm. Do your thing and win your lady.”

Anna Xie?

Turning his head to look at Anna, Yulin tilted his head and drank a glass of wine.

Anna and Qiqi were having a happy time chatting, but when she noticed Yulin, she was stunned.

She felt she was targeted by a beast, so she alerted subconsciously.

Turning back, Anna looked Yulin in the eyes. This really frightened her.

What the hell was he planning?

Qiqi saw Anna suddenly change the face, who was very serious, so she got curious, “Anna, what’s going on?”

“The way Yulin looks at me is so scary.”

“Really?” Qiqi looked up and only saw his side face and said, “It’s still very handsome.”

“Seriously? Maybe I was wrong.”

Anna then let it go and continued to have a good time with her friends.

The party ended, and they said goodbye to each other.

Only Yulin sat there still. And he had no intention to go.

Chuxue Ye tilted her head to look at Yulin and asked, “Hey, aren’t you coming with us?”

Yulin lied, “No, I’m drunk and I want to stay here.”

Hearing this, Chuxue and others seemed to know his plan.

Anna was a little embarrassed and said, “Yulin, it’s not a good idea to stay here. It’s better to let the driver take you back.”

Yulin staggered to stand up, leaning on Anna’s shoulder and said sadly, “Anna, are you truly my girlfriend? How can you say such cold words to me?”

“It’ s for your own good. Having a good resting at home is always a little more comfortable than being outside.”

“Who told you that? I just feel more comfortable here with you.”

Obviously, it’s Yuling’s one move.

Anna was helplessness, and others knew it.

This time, Chuxue didn’t look for trouble and even took the initiative to help, “Anna, just let him stay. Back to his home, there is no one to take care of him, and we don’t think he can take care of himself.”

Yulin didn’t expect Chuxue to speak for him, so he secretly raised his eyebrows.

Since everyone said so, Anna couldn’t be ruthless to kick Yulin out of here.

After all, this was also Yulin’ s house, and she was the one who lived here temporarily.

When everyone left, Yulin occupied Anna’s room and did not leave.

“Hey, go to guest room.”

Finding a most comfortable position, Yulin closed his eyes and enjoyed himself, “No, it’s comfortable here and I’m going to sleep here.”

“But this is my room.”

“I know, that’s why I have to sleep here.”

“Yulin, you just did it on purpose.”

“Whatever. I’m going to take a shower first.”

Saying that, Yulin got up and walked into the bathroom.

This asshole…

Anna was really speechless.

Forget it. At least she could go and she would sleep in the guest room.

With her pillow and quilt, Anna was ready to go out.

But Yulin in the bathroom shouted and asked, “Anna, which one is the bathing gel?”

“Can’t you read the words on it?”

“It’s all Japanese. I don’t know it.”

Anna got a little impatient, “The pink one.”

“There are two.”

“The bigger one.”

“Both of them are big. Oh, you just come in and tell me, please.”

Anna was helpless, so she had to go in and help him.

When she opened the door, the bathroom was filled with water vapor, which was vibe.

The next day, Anna was woken up by the sun.

Opening her eyes and looking at her phone, Anna went blank for a moment and sat up suddenly.

“Gosh, it’s already late.”

Anna shouted, destroying Yulin’ s good sleep.

Yulin reluctantly sat up, squinting and asked, “What’ s so astonishing? What’s going on?”

“Oh, my God! Look at the time.” Anna had the quilt wrapped around her, full of anxiety, and rushed to the bathroom.

Rubbing his eyes, Yulin laid back again.

When Anna finished her makeup and ran out with high heels, Yulin lazily asked, “Where are you going?”

“The meeting.”

“If it’s for scripts, you don’t have to go.”

When she heard this, Anna frowned and asked, “Why?”

“Half an hour ago, your agent called you and told you not to be late.”

Anna suddenly had a feeling of uneasiness inside.

“Then what did you say?”

Yulin yawned and said, “I said that you were sleeping and you needed to take the day off.”

“What! Yulin, you are really going to ruin me!”

Anna simply wanted to strangle the man in front of her. Did he have any idea what he had just done?

Reaching out his hand, he dragged Anna into his arms. Yulin said with laziness, “What do you look at me in this way? Are you going to kill me? If you are not satisfied last night, you can continue.”

This made Anna’s anger turn into shyness and helplessness.

This man was the best at being cheeky.

Pushing Yulin away, Anna frowned and said, “Anyway, you ruin my work.”

With his hand supporting his face, he said lazily, “I am for your sake. I don’t want to see you get exhausted.”

Anna was uncomfortable with what he said and replied, “No matter what, it was about last night. Today is new and I need to get down to my work.”

“You are my girl and you don’t need to work so hard.”

“It has nothing to do with you. I want to work on my own and I hate depending on others.”

“Does choosing to be dependent on me make it hard for you?”


“Hey, it seems that my woman is a strong and independent woman.” Yulin got up, put on a jacket, and said slowly, “I’m sorry that I’m joking. I told your agent that you will arrive at the office in an hour. The driver is waiting for you outside, so you can get there in time perfectly.”

She didn’t expect this was true, so Anna grabbed her bag and ran towards the outside, while still complaining, “Damn it. Can’t he not joke from now on?”

Looking at Anna’s back, Yulin smiled and said, “I’m here waiting for you. Come back soon.”

After a busy day, Anna was very tired.

Walking to the gate of the apartment, the security guard was greeting her.

With a smile, Anna greeted him too.

But only after walking a few steps, she heard the security guard greeting another person again.

“Miss Yu, welcome back.”

Miss Yu…

Hearing the name, Anna stopped.

And just at the moment when Anna paused, Wei Yu behind her had already walked over.

Tilting her head to look at Anna, Wei Yu smiled and said, “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect we would be neighbors.”

Coincidence? Was this really a coincidence…

Anna nodded, not knowing what to say.

Her relationship with Wei Yu was indeed very weird.

Although Yulin said that he and Wei Yu were already over, Anna still cared.

She knew Wei Yu was important to Yulin, which she always cared. Besides, she also knew their breaking-up was not because of cheating or something else.

They, in fact, still loved each other when they broke up.

It was because of some inevitable reasons, so they had to be separated.

If it’s not because of that, how would there be Anna?

That’s why Anna was not very confident about Yulin and her.

She didn’t even dare to think more about whether she, or Wei Yu was more important to Yulin.

Because of various reasons, Anna was not willing to face Wei Yu.

But now, she had to deal with it.

After taking a deep breath, Anna pulled herself together. She looked up and smiled at her.

“Does Miss Yu have a property here?”

“Yes, I’m going to get married, and I plan to enjoy my last single life.”

“Wow, enjoy life. Good.”

“Well, my fiancé is not as romantic as Yulin. He doesn’t know how to make a girl happy. But Yulin is really good at this.”

Wei Yu said it causally, as if it was something people all knew. But her tone was indescribably vibe and lazy, as if she was the woman living with Yulin, who still was cared and loved by him.

This made Anna unhappy.

Seeing Anna get upset, Wei Yu smiled and asked, “You don’t look very well. What’s going on? Is the work too hard?”

Anna was a little dazed, then she nodded and said, “Recently I’ve got some new plays, and meetings, so I’m quite busy.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with Yulin? Why does he make you so tired? He really does not know how to care for you. In the past, he was not like this. As long as I got tired, he would feel sorry. He told me many times that he would give me the money to live. He didn’t want to see me be a strong woman.”

Wei Yu’s words made Anna think about what Yulin said that day.

In turned out that he didn’t say this to her…

She used a smile to reply, but it was a bitter smile.

Wei Yu seemed to realize that she had said something inappropriate and apologized, “Oops, I’m sorry. Miss Xie, forgive me.”

Anna tried to force a smile and said, “No, you’re fine. It’s not a big deal.”

However, Anna no longer wanted to continue the embarrassing talks.

And just when Anna wanted to excuse herself, Qiqi came out to take out the garbage and happened to see them.

“Huh, Anna, why are you standing here?”

“Oh, I ran into a…friend.”

Having a difficulty introducing Wei Yu, Anna hesitated for a moment, and in the end, she chose the word “friend”.

Qiqi did not find Anna’s weirdness, but she was surprised, “Hello, Miss Wei. I’m surprised that you know each other.”

This made Anna confused.

Qiqi explained with a smile, “On the first day we moved here, I had the honor of meeting Miss Wei. I didn’t know where the property office was, so I ran into her. She not only took me there, but gave me some fruit.”

Qiqi was really a foodie. Food could always buy her.

Since Anna ran into Qiqi, she got the excuse to leave.

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