Ouyang Fei took photos quickly, from all angles, she sneered proudly in her heart, you are so powerful, haven’t I got the handle? ?
Ouyang Fei is smart, remembering everything about Black Rose’s clothes, and silently restored it, guaranteeing that Black Rose won’t find it when she wakes up!
After restoring Black Rose’s clothes, Ouyang Fei went to the toilet.
After looking at it for herself, she laughed out herself.
She didn’t expect it to be so easy!
Yesterday, Black Rose told herself her name, Ouyang Fei checked it on the Internet, and she was pleasantly surprised!
This foreign big beauty with big sapphire eyes and a superb figure is actually the number one female killer in the world!
So amazing!
But, the photo of the body of such a powerful person is in her hands, this is in hands of Ouyang Fei!
Ouyang Fei is proud that if she distributes this photo, wouldn’t she earn much money? ?
If you have money, you can invite many, many people to protect you!
calm down!
I can’t do this for the time being. When I still use her, I have to learn all her abilities and sit in the position of the first female killer. It won’t be too late to turn my face…
Ouyang Fei laughed thinking about it.
Looking at these photos, Ouyang Fei felt jealous, and she also has a talent for photography. He took the figure of Black Rose to the extreme!
However, Ouyang Fei feels envious of the photo effects. Men can’t resist this kind of figure. They can obviously rely on their appearance, but their strength!
What a cheap bone!
Ouyang Fei whispered, she put the phone in her pocket.
Suddenly, she was thinking, she had a picture of Qian Yueying and a picture of Black Rose in her hand.
Ouyang Fei thought of Chuck Cannon’s girlfriend Yvette!
If she can get Yvette’s photos, can she better avenge Chuck Cannon?
If she took Yvette’s picture for Chuck Cannon to see, he would definitely be angry!
Thinking about it, Ouyang Fei was happy.
This requires a chance. When I meet Yvette, I have to do everything I can to get Yvette’s photo!
Ouyang Fei sneered and muttered in her heart
“Chuck Cannon, you offend me is the last thing you should do in your life! I will let you know this! Humph! If you saved me the day before yesterday, even if you just say a good thing for me, then this superb black rose I might even send you photos for appreciation, just like sending you Qian Yueying’s photos, but you are too damned!”
Ouyang Fei pretended to press down to flush, and then went out, Ouyang Fei was shocked.
Because Black Rose did not know when she stood at the door of the toilet!
“Sister, you scared me.”
Ouyang Fei was frightened, really frightened. Fortunately, she was in the toilet just now and she didn’t say anything.
Black Rose frowned, “Come out!”
“Oh,” Ouyang Fei walked out, Black Rose went in, Ouyang Fei patted her chest, and was afraid after a while.
Fortunately, when she took the photo just now, she was very fast, otherwise, she would definitely get caught upright, that would surely be death.
Ouyang Fei was happy and ready to go to bed.
The black rose came out and said coldly, “Go out to sleep!”
“Oh,” Ouyang Fei was thinking, she didn’t want to stay here because she had taken photos. The simple reason was jealousy.
Ouyang Fei was jealous of Black Rose’s figure and didn’t want to look at it.
Ouyang Fei went out by herself, and Black Rose sat down. This injury should delay her for a few days, so she can train Ouyang Fei for a few days. At that time, she must kill Chuck Cannon!
Black Rose lay down, the pain kept her sleeping.

Chuck Cannon and Logan went to her company. In fact, it was some internal problems, and it was relatively easy to solve them.
Chuck Cannon was waiting, and he received a call from Betty.
After a few days, everything in the Qian family’s situation can be described as bleak. What did Chuck Cannon say, not much feeling?
“Master, according to this situation, the Qian family will be in debt in fifteen days!” Betty is too experienced in this area.
According to Karen Lee’s strength, all the loopholes in the Qian family were dugout. This continued, coupled with Betty’s other attacks, the Qian family would not be able to sustain it for so long, it isn’t worthy of the name of the four major families.
“Okay, go ahead!” Chuck Cannon said.
After hanging up the phone, Chuck Cannon suddenly saw a seven or eight-year-old girl approaching, very polite, “Hello, uncle.”
This girl is very beautiful. Chuck Cannon glanced at her and knelt down, “What are you doing? Do you know me?”
“This is the first time I have seen you, uncle,” the girl said.
Chuck Cannon looked at her weirdly, “Something?”
“Uncle, I am seven years old and I want to go to school,”
“Don’t your parents have the money to let you go to school?” Chuck Cannon doubted that the girl’s temperament, although she is not spoiled, she has the aristocratic temperament, obviously, this is a child from a wealthy family.
“I used to have money, but now I don’t have it. My mother did one thing wrong, and the consequences were very serious. I have no money to go to school.” The girl’s eyes were red.
Chuck Cannon looked at her strangely, “Who is your mother?”
“My mother is a poor woman. She was married twice, the first time her husband died, and the second time after giving birth to me, my father died… My mother has been alone for so many years, and she is very poor. , Please uncle, give my mother a chance,” the girl said with tears.
Chuck Cannon muttered, is this Qian Yueying’s daughter?
Chuck Cannon took a closer look and felt that she was a bit like that. Qian Yueying is a superb beauty. As her daughter, she must have inherited her beauty.
Only seven years old, she is a beauty.
“Uncle, please, my mother knows that she was wrong, please give my mother a chance?” The girl lowered her head, bending her body like a salute, with a particularly good attitude.
Chuck Cannon touched his nose and looked at her again.
How should he put it, Qian Yueying has come over to beg herself every day for the past few days, crying silently every time. Chuck Cannon actually couldn’t see a woman crying, and Chuck Cannon didn’t want to watch it anymore.
Asking Qian Yueying not to come again. She cried in front of Chuck Cannon without saying a word yesterday. Chuck Cannon was bothered by watching it yesterday.
For the Qian family, Chuck Cannon thought about it, should he forget it?
“Your mother asked you to come?” Chuck Cannon said coldly.
“No, I came here by myself. My mother didn’t know that I came here, uncle,” the girl was crying, pitiful.
Chuck Cannon looked at her for a few seconds and she looked honest. If this is false, then this seven-year-old girl is too good at acting.
This is true. She saw her mother wash her face with tears every day, and she was under tremendous pressure. She couldn’t help it, and she wanted to come and help her mother.
She actually didn’t know how to get here, she just knew, Logan, she ran over and waited, but she didn’t expect to meet Chuck Cannon today.
“Go back by yourself.” Chuck Cannon stood up.
“Uncle, my mother is crying every day, she knows she is wrong, she knows it is wrong, I beg you, uncle…” The girl was crying with tears.
“Go back by yourself,” Chuck Cannon said, shaking his head.
The girl looked at Chuck Cannon blankly with tears in her eyes, she wiped away the tears herself, and lowered her head and said, “Thank you, Uncle, for not driving me away.”
The girl turned and left.
Chuck Cannon looked at her for a while, then hesitated for a while, and took out his mobile phone.
The girl came out with tears. The phone in her pocket made a sound. She took it out to see that it was her mother’s. She answered, “Mom, I’m sorry, I’m here… I’ll go back by myself, um, I’ll wait for you here. “
In less than five minutes, a car drove over in a hurry.
Coming down was Qian Yueying, who was anxious, and she ran over to hug her daughter.
“Where have you been? I’ll hit you again if you run around.” Qian Yueying was so tired that she couldn’t bear it anymore. She couldn’t bear the beating and scolding of herself by people in her family.
Her own daughter suddenly disappeared today, and she died of anxiety.
“Mom, I’m sorry,” the girl shed tears.
“What’s the matter? Tell mom, what’s the matter?” Qian Yueying felt distressed. During this time, she didn’t accompany her daughter at all, she was only seven years old!
“It’s okay, I saw my uncle just now.”
“Which uncle?”
“It’s the uncle whom mother made a mistake to look at.”
Qian Yueying sighed, “Daughter, you must never come here, why, did your mother ask you to beg him? What’s more, it’s useless to beg him…”
Qian Yueying has already felt Chuck Cannon’s indifference. What is the use of her daughter begging him?
She took her daughter home. Suddenly, the Patriarch of the Qian family ran over and said in surprise, “Yueying, did Chuck Cannon forgive you?”

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