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Chapter 477 – 478: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 477: Changqing Gu

Kris Chen didn’t use his Sword Energy, but fought with others with his pure physical strength. “This guy’s body is so strong. The sword intent… is Earth sword intent. You found a talent. It’s seems that he has comprehended about four or five percent of that sword intent.” Said the vice sect supremo Miaoyuan.

“Forty or fifty percent? You are wrong. This guy has comprehended 70% of the Earth sword intent! Look at his swift bodily movement skill. His body is shining with lightning. That is Thunder sword intent!”

“Dual sword intent?”

“That’s right!”

Kris was afraid that he would hurt these disciples, so he only used his physical strength.

If he used his true strength, these people would be unable to withstand even a single Sword Energy. If Kris used the move that killed Shenyin, at least half of these thousands of disciples would die.

But Lingyuan was also confused! Why didn’t Kris use the sword intent when he fought in microcosmos? Was he confident in his own strength, or was he trying to hide his true strength?

Anyway, Kris was so talented.

In the Samsara space, the True Spirit of Samsara had tested the bone age of Kris. It reached forty years!

What did this mean? When Lingyuan was forty years old, he was still practicing as an outer disciples! While Kris had the strength to kill the practitioner in accumulated spirit field.

He felt he was tremendously lucky that he could find such a talented disciple asKris.

In fact, at the beginning, Lingyuan didn’t make up his mind to let Kris join Tianjian Pavilion. He made up his mind after he got feedback from the True Spirit of Samsara.

He would really regret for the rest of his life if he missed such a talented person.

If Kris completely comprehended the sword intent and turned it into the Tao aura, how powerful would he be? Lingyuan didn’t dare to think about it.

Although this was not in accordance with the sect rules, it could be changed. He would inform the sect leader.

It was the first time that Kris had used his physical strength as much as he liked.

His physical body was so strong like the Taoist Weapon. It was so easy to beat these practitioner at the Primal Spirit Field.

“Ah, brother, don’t hit my chest!”

“Ah, you’re such a rogue. Don’t lift my dress!”

An hour later, more than half of the thousands of disciples were beaten by Kris. Those female disciples all blushed, but they didn’t dare to say anything.

The top-five disciples of Tianjian Pavilion were also beaten black and blue by Kris.

“Who wants a piece of me anymore? Do you admit that I’m the big brother? “

“I admit it. Please let me off!” Changyuan Du ‘the little sword god’ who ranked the last among the top-five disciples said.

“What about you?”

“Me too!” ‘The god of thunder sword’ Xiaoyao Wang hastened to surrender.

Kris glanced around and found that the rest also nodded. Kris snorted and walked up to a man in white with footprints all over his body.

It was a dashing young man. Although his face was black and blue, he still looked so handsome. He was Changqing Gu, known as the ‘Blue lotus Sword’, the big brother of Tianjian Pavilion.

“Damn it! Why are you staring at me? Do you still don’t surrender to me?”

“Humph!” Changqing snorted, “I don’t accept it! This is TianjianPavilion. You body refining practicer don’t deserve to be the big brother of Tianjian Pavilion!”

Kris sneered, “You mean you want to have a competition of sword cultivator with me?”

“That’s it!” Changqing said, “The fight between sword cultivators should use sword, not in such a crude way.”

Hearing Changqing’s words, Lingyuan said, “Come on. No matter what kind of method you use as long as you can win. You still can’t see through it!”

Mmiaoyuan also sighed. These young men had never experienced real fight. Now it was a good thing to let Kris teach them a lesson. At least it was better than being killed.

“Well, come on!” Kris had never heard of such unreasonable request. He was best at sword. Especially after comprehending the sword intent, his attacking methods became more powerful.

Well, if he wanted to make such a person surrender, he could only defeat him in his best field.

Kris stood with his hands behind his back, “I’ll let you hit me with three moves!”

“How arrogant you are!” Changqing was also angry, so was the other disciples.

“He’s dead. Big brother already comprehended 30% of his blue lotus sword. Even those in the fulfilled period of primal spirit field doesn’t dare to take his move head-on!”

“Come on, let him know how powerful you are!”

“This bastard has beaten my most handsome brother to such a state. you must not let him go easily.”

Changqing felt much better after hearing what others said.

“Go to hell!” Changqing slashed out a streak of sword Sword Energy. The blue lotus flew all over the sky. It had to be said that this bloke’s sword move was really flamboyant.

However, in Kris’ eyes, this fancy sword move was full of loopholes.

The flying Sword Energy was so weak.

Changqing was only dozens of meters away from Kris, and his Sword Energy took two seconds to fly to Kris. Even the blind could avoid it.

Kris didn’t even bother to dodge.

“it hits him. He’s dead!”

“It’s awesome!”

But Kris said lazily, “Have you had dinner? What the hell are you doing!?”

Everyone was stunned and looked over. They saw that Kris crossed his arms over his chest, and the Sword Energy even not damaged his clothes!

This dress was actually a middle-grade Dao weapon weapon with strong defense!

“How… How is that possible?” Changqing shouted.

The others also was hugely shocked.

Changyuan said, “It’s clothes. The clothes he wears is magic weapons!” As soon as he finished his words, the others suddenly understood.

“Son of b***h!”

“No wonder he can say that words. Bah!”

With a long face, Changqing said, “Your clothes saves you. Take off your clothes and let me beat you again!”

Kris shrugged and said, “Okay, as you wish. After that, Kris took off his clothes and revealed his strong upper body.”

His chest muscles, abdominal muscles, biceps and angular muscles were full of strength.

“Oh, it’s shameless!” Many girls covered their eyes with their hands and gnashed their teeth in anger.

Kris sneered, “don’t pretend to be innocent. Do you still want to close your eyes when you fight with others and break his clothes? Stupid!”

Kris reprimanded them mercilessly.

“You have two opportunities. Come on!” Kris got impatient.

Changqing felt so humiliated that he wished he could hack Kris to death with his sword.

“Blue Lotus attack!”

30% of the sword intent was completely integrated into the sword move. This strike was more powerful.

But it was still too weak for Kris.

The palm condensed mysterious runes, which was also a wonderful use found by Kris during his cultivation in seclusion these days. Although the power of the defense decreased a lot, it was not difficult to counteract his sword move.

The sword intent was directly resisted by Kris with his hands. Changqing could hardly believe what he saw.

“Big brother, use your trump card!” Changba Liu shouted.

Changqing gritted his teeth, and more than 5,000 acupoints all over his body were connected, and his momentum soared.

“Store the sword potential!”

The Blue lotus Sword condensed a strong sword potential. As time went by, the sword potential became stronger and stronger.

It was interesting, but Kris still thought it was useless.

Who would give you so much time to prepare during a fight to the death?

After thirty seconds, Changqing’s sword potential had been accumulated to the extreme.

The power of the sword move was nine times stronger, and even the accumulated spirit would be seriously injured.

Everyone fixed their eyes on Changqing.

On the top of the clouds, Miaoyuan shook his head and said, “He lost. Although his sword potential is powerful, it’s nothing for that guy.”

“These kids always stay in the sect every day. They are arrogant and always think that they are invincible in the world.” Lingyuan said, “It’s time to let them go out. The people who survive are the talents that our Wuji sword sect needs.”

His words sounded harsh, but Miaoyuan agreed with him.

“Blue Lotus of Sky, go to hell!”

The sword light flashed in front of Kris.

This move was a little powerful, but it was still too weak for Kris!

Kris stretched out his right hand again, and the sword light cut through the defense array in his hand. Sparks flew but the Sword Energy dissipated.

Everyone was shocked.

Miaoyuan widened his eyes and said, “This guy’s body is too strong!”

Squinting his eyes, Lingyuan said, “The cultivation of body is the most important thing for practitioner!”

Chapter 478: A Bully

Miaoyuan agreed with Lingyuan. He all long pursued the practicing of various technique when he was young. He always thought that the technique was everything, and now he was consuming a lot of resources and time to cultivate his body.

But the effect was not good, for he had missed the most opportune time.

The Fulfilled period of the accumulated spirit needed to comprehend nine Taoist strength. The body strength must match one’s practicing field, or even if you had comprehended the aura, your physical body can’t hold it.

He was in such an awkward situation now.

Changqing Gu was dumbfounded that his trump card was successfully resisted by Kris Chen.

How could his body be so strong?

“No, it can’t be true. You must have used some magic weapons.” Changqing was unwilling to face this cruel fact.

Kris sneered, “You don’t deserve to be the big brother. How could your weak attack kill others?”

The repeated questions rendered Changqing speechless. The others also looked dejected. Were they really going to let an outsider be their big brother?

“Let me show you what a real sword is!”

He had casually condensed three thousand Sword Energy, mixed with 30% of the sword intent, and the weight of the sword suddenly increased by dozens of times!

Before everyone could notice what was going on, they felt as if they were suppressed by powerful Sword Energy.

In one percent of a second, a huge gully with a length of dozens of miles, a hundred meters wide and a depth of dozens of meters was cut behind them by the Sword Energy.

They didn’t even have a chance to react to the sharp sword.

A disciple turned around and exclaimed!

Then, more and more disciples turned around, staring blankly at the damage caused by the blow. An idea came to their minds, “Was this really a damage that humans can cause?! “

Changyuan Du was silent, and Changyao also bowed his head and said nothing.

Standing there, Changqing felt so shocked. If Kris had aimed at him just now, he would have been smashed into pieces.

“What… What kind of sword is this?” Changqing asked in shock.

Kris was also satisfied with his attack. “You want to learn? Call me big brother, I’ll teach you!”

Changqing trembled all over and clenched his fists tightly. Three seconds later, he smiled wetly and bowed to Kris, “Big brother, please teach me!”

After saying that, everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect that Changqing would really give in.

“He is not so stupid as to be incurable.” Said Lingyuan.

Changqing lowered his head, so did the others.

Kris’ physical strength was incomparably powerful, and his swordsmanship was also invincible.

“Okay, from now on, I’ll be the big brother of Tianjian Pavilion. If anyone dares to bully you, just tell them my name.”

After conquering everyone present, Kris looked up at the sky and said, “Do you still want to keep silent?”

“From now on, Kris is your big brother, the assistant of Tianjian Pavilion. You can ask him at any time if you have any questions about swordsmanship. The vice sect supremo and I have to go on a long trip. It will take a few months, or half a year. During this period, Tianjian Pavilion is under the management of Kris! “

After saying that, Lingyuan and Miaoyuan ran away with clouds.

“Brother, you are so smart. These brats keep pestering me every day, so I don’t have time to cultivate. Then I can concentrate on cultivating for a period of time.” Miaoyuan gave him a thumbs up.

“Hahaha….” Lingyuan laughed complacently. In fact, he intentionally provoked Kris, so he would vent all his anger on those disciples. He would definitely give them strict discipline.

“Old bastard, come out, or I’ll kill all of them!” Kris said angrily.

As soon as he finished speaking, thousands of disciples hastened to step back , looking at Kris in horror.

Ten minutes had passed. Now Kris was sure that he had been tricked by this old man.

No wonder he sent him the sword embryo and the golden crystal. It turned out that he had arranged everything clearly.

“Wait and see. When I surpass you, I will definitely beat you up!”


As time went by, Kris had been in Tianjian Pavilion for some days. At the beginning, he was exasperated, but now he actually enjoyed it.

These disciples were very obedient.

“Brother, is this strength okay?”

“Brother, open your mouth, ah…”

After taking a bite of the special spiritual fruit of Wuji Sword Sect, he leaned his head on a younger female apprentice’s white, soft thigh, feeling very comfortable.

“Give more strength.” Kris took a glance at that girl. She was about to cry.

“Why are you crying? Come on! Don’t think that I won’t beat you just because you are beautiful!”

Kris pretended to be fierce, which scared the girl to hold back her tears.

Those ugly female disciples and disagreeable male disciples, such as Changqing and Changyuan, were all sent by Kris to kill the sea demons. Everyone must kill one hundred sea demons a day, half of the Beast King, half of the Supreme Monster.

“Senior, you get the food on the corner of your mouth!”

The girl who spoke was called Lingxiu Zhong. She was the youngest junior.

Lingxiong was pure and lovely. She was the type that Kris liked.

She picked up a handkerchief and wiped the corner of Kris’ mouth for Kris with tenderness.

“Lingxiu, have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend? What is boyfriend?” Lingxiu was puzzled.

Kris patted his head. He had forgotten that this was not in the earth. “I mean Taoist partner!”

Lingxiu blushed. “No!”

“What do you think of me?” Kris didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Hearing that, the girls around were all stunned and looked at her subconsciously.

His words brought a warm flush to her face. It looked like a ripe peach.

“Brother, I…” Lingxiu was at a loss.

“Relax, it doesn’t matter.” Kris waved his hand and said, “Hesitation means unwillingness. Just forget it. I don’t like to condemn others.”

Lingxiu bit her l**s and said nothing.

Kris didn’t think too much. He just said it casually and didn’t really expect that Lingxiu would agree.

He had been to the Devil Land for a long time and finally found someone he liked.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Kris closed the book in his hand and said to those girls, “Well, I have to rest.”

Lingxiu looked at Kris with a complicated look in her eyes. She finally walked out of the room without saying anything.

Kris closed his eyes and thought back what he had gained in Tianjian Pavilion these days.

Kris’s was in the Fulfilled period of Pill formation field. Because of his special situation, he had gone through the Thunder Trial on the earth and condensed the primal spirit in the public region.

However, due to the world rules of the Devil Land, the primal spirit of Kris couldn’t play a big role.

However, the Divine Spiritual Power was not affected by the world rules. That was why Kris had passed the most dangerous time.

Back to the point, Pill formation meat that the Practitioner took his body as a furnace and melted his Genuine Energy into a Golden Pill which was extremely important to the Practitioner. If there was something wrong about the pill, it would be impossible for one to cultivate Tao again for the rest of his life.

The golden pills had inferior, middle, superb and divine grade golden pills and low grade pills, but not everyone’s pill had a fixed shape.

For example, the Fiery Flying Sword in Kris’ life point had risen to nine inches. In fact, it was the unique Sword-shaped Pill of the Internal Sword Practitioner.

In ancient times, the Internal Sword Practitioner was used to using Flying Sword. Moreover, the Flying Sword was of the essence for swordsmanship. The Flying Sword could kill the enemy ten thousand miles away.

Only then did Kris understand why he could see that scene when he took the Sword Energy Grass.

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