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Chapter 477: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 477 A Strange Neighbor

Anna Xie turned back with a decent smile, and said, “It’s getting late, so we should get back now.”


Then Anna tugged Qiqi’s hand and walked back.

Qiqi had a very good impression of Wei Yu, and considered her as perfect woman because she was kind and beautiful.

Before leaving, Qiqi waved to her reluctantly and said, “Miss Yu, welcome to our home when you are spare.”

Looking at Qiqi’s bright eyes, Wei Yu slowly nodded her head with a smile.

However, the smile disappeared immediately when Qiqi could not see it.

Taking the elevator upstairs, Anna had not spoken, and she looked very serious.

Qiqi didn’t notice it firstly, still immersed in her own world, babbling about how good Wei Yu was.

“So if I could be as elegant and graceful as Miss Yu, I would even laugh in my dreams …”


Before Qiqi finished, Anna slapped the cup in her hand onto the table with a heavy, dull thud.

Qiqi was startled by the sound and looked at Anna, then she realized something, “Anna, are you angry?”



Anna paused for a moment and asked rhetorically, “Do you know who she is?”


“Yulin Xiao’s ex-girlfriend, the one who lives in his heart.”


Qiqi was totally baffled.

What’s going on!?

Sitting on the couch, Anna was frustrated and said, “I know that their relationship is over, but it still bothers me inside. I do hope to have nothing to do with her, but you’re so nice to invite her to our home.”

Qiqi didn’t expect Wei Yu’s identity, she was chagrined: “I don’t know her identity. Well, next time I see her, I’ll just pretend I don’t know her.”

“That won’t work either, we often run into each other, it’s too awkward. Moreover, she is about to get married and will definitely not live here afterwards, so we’d better put up with it.”

With her hand holding her forehead, Anna felt herself was really cranky.

Qiqi gently sat beside Anna, she was full of self-recrimination and said, “Anna, I’m so sorry.”

“Why are you sorry for, it’s my fault, I am too narrow-minded.”

“It’s not your fault, everyone would mind it if her boyfriend’s ex is so beautiful.” Feeling that there was something wrong with what she said, Qiqi was busy waving her hands and said, “Ah, I’m not saying you’re not beautiful, it’s just that Wei Yu is a little prettier.”

God, what am I saying!

Qiqi was almost desperate, she never knew that she could be so stupid.

Looking at Qiqi’s depressed expression, Anna laughed instead.

Ann took a deep breath to adjust her mood, raised her hand on Qiqi’s shoulder and said, “Okay, I know what you want to say. Forget it, don’t think about Wei Yu, it’s nothing to do with us anyway, just do our own things.”

“Well, no matter how good Wei Yu was, it’s all in the past. It’s just that she’s getting married soon, so why is she still coming to bother you?”

This was a thought-provoking question.

But Anna didn’t want to think much about it, or even dare to think much about it. She had thought she could avoid everything by ignoring it.

But Wei Yu did not do what Anna expected, and the next day, she came here.

Looking at Wei Yu dressed in pajamas outside the door, Anna had mixed feelings.

Wei Yu clasped her arms and said, “I locked my keys to the house, and I don’t even have my cell phone with me, I have no place to go, so come to you. I hope it won’t disturb you.”

Anna smiled lightly and said, “It’s fine, we are neighbors, and we are supposed to help each other. Come in, what would you like to drink, juice?”


Wei Yu sat on the sofa, looked around and said, “Your house is so beautiful, it seems to be designed with great care.”

Anna poured a glass of juice and gave it to Wei Yu, saying, “I don’t know much about this, it’s all done by Yulin.”

“Really, he didn’t used to be meticulous, it seems he has changed a lot for you.”

“I don’t know, but he still likes playing tricks.”

Wei Yu laughed: “Actually, I admire you so much, be with someone you like and do things you like.”

“Isn’t Miss Yu the same?”

Wei Yu sighed lightly, and said emotionally, “I’m different, although I come from a distinguished family, I also lost my freedom because of it, I even cannot decide the one I marry. Otherwise, Yulin and I would not have been …”

Wei Yu deliberately stretched out the tone, then waved her hand and said, “Forget it, it’s all over, forget it. Seeing that you are happy now, I am also happy for you.”

Anna could see that Wei Yu was saying it on purpose, she wanted Anna to know the difference between them, to know that Anna couldn’t have what they once had.

Anna told herself not to care about it.

But she couldn’t make it, she couldn’t.

Anna was silent, and Wei Yu stopped talking.

Anyway, she had already achieved her goal, and didn’t need to say much to make Anna lose confidence.

In the silence, Qiqi walked over quickly and said, “Miss Yu, I called the housekeeping center, they will send someone from the locksmith company soon, just wait a moment.”

“Okay, thank you very much.”

After that, Qiqi also did not know what to say, they became quiet again.

Looking across at the two women, Wei Yu smiled and said: “You two seem to be very restrained.”

Qiqi shook her head, “No, it’s because you’re so dazzling that I don’t know where to look.”

Wei Yu couldn’t help but laugh, “You are so cute, it must be fun to live with you.”

“Haha, no no, I always talk nonsense all day, and only Anna can tolerate me.”

“No, I really wish to have a roommate like you, so that the days could be a little more interesting.”

Suddenly, Wei Yu seemed to think of something, her eyes lit up and said, “Right, I can also invite a roommate there. Qiqi, how about move to live

with me?”

“Uh …”

Hearing Wei Yu’s words, Qiqi was embarrassed, and Anna also looked unhappy.

It seemed that she was not only going to steal Anna’ s boyfriend, but also her best friend.

This woman, she wanted everything from Anna.

Anna lowered her head and had a smirking expression.

Qiqi waved her hand and said to Wei Yu, “Don’t joke about it, I have a bunch of bad habits, when you find out, you will definitely not be able to stand it.”

“If Miss Xie can stand it, I’m sure I can too.” Wei Yu’s tone was a bit conceited when she said this.

Anna and Qiqi looked at each other, both felt something unintelligible.

Just then, the door lock sounded and someone opened the door from the outside.

As Yulin opened the door, he saw three women with different looks in the room.

For a moment, Yulin was at a loss.

Then Anna stood up first and questioned, “Yulin, how do you have the key to this place?”

Yulin justifiably said, “I got someone to make one.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why should tell you? I’m going to be here a lot later, and it’s convenient to have a key.”

Yulin spoke as if he took everything he did for granted.

But Anna felt uncomfortable, this was her home, and Yulin had the key without saying.

However, because there were someone else there, Anna could not be angry on the spot, and she only put all the dissatisfaction in the heart and later to find him to settle it.

Yulin stared closely at Wei Yu and frowned questioningly, “Why are you here?”

Wei Yu drank juice, gently shrugged her shoulders and said, “The key was locked in the room and I had no place to go. What, Miss Xie doesn’t mind, do you have any problem?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Wei Yu put the cup on the table, look relaxed, said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to your little girlfriend, we just get together to chat. In the future, there will be few opportunities like this, when I get married, I will settle abroad.”

Yulin said lightly, “Really? That’s good.”

Anna wanted to know what Yulin was thinking, but Yulin’s eyes were so obscure that Anna didn’t see anything.

Instead, Wei Yu cocked her head and playfully said, “You seem unhappy to see me.”

“It does not matter if I’m happy or not, we are just friends, there will be a chance to meet later.”

“But did you ask me if I want to meet with you?”

Yulin didn’t mean to make Wei Yu uncomfortable, but Wei Yu spoke in a direct way, which made Yulin speechless .

It was once again awkward, and this time, no one knew what to say.

Ding Ding–

The phone suddenly rang.

Qiqi got up to answer the phone and hung up after a short chat.

“Miss Yu, the locksmith is here.” Qiqi said.

“Oh, then I’ll go over there now.”

They were relieved to see Wei Yu leaving.

But Wei Yu stopped at the door.

She turned back and said, “Now it’s dark, maybe it’s not appropriate for me to go alone and meet with the locksmith.”

It was obvious that Wei Yu wanted to spend time alone with Yulin.

Anna sipped her lips, then nudged Yulin and said, “Then you can go with Miss Yu.”

Hearing this, even Qiqi secretly poked Anna, not to mention how helpless Yulin was.

Wei Yu smiled slightly, “I think that’s a good idea, hey, let’s go.”

Yulin turned his head to the side and said reluctantly, “I’m tired.”

“The man can freely enter my home, do you really want me to go there alone?”

Hearing this, Anna also said, “Yulin, just do her a favor.”

Yulin seemed annoyed, he got up and walked out the door unhappily.

Wei Yu nodded and smiled at Anna and Qiqi and turned to leave.

She looked elegant and calm, as if the man she dragged away was not someone else’ s boyfriend, but her own.

This made Qiqi a little confused and she looked at Anna and Qiqi asked, “Anna, why did you let Yulin go over there?”

“Do you think that Yulin won’t go if I say no?”

Qiqi didn’t understand what she said, and asked: “What else?”

Anna did not explain but smiled to herself,.

She knew Yulin very well, after Wei Yu said that, he had already faltered. He just couldn’t show it too obviously because of Anna. So Anna said it for him.

Anna took a deep breath, leaned down to put the cup away and said, “Wei Yu is right, it is indeed not safe for herself.”

“But it’s even less safe to be with Yulin. Are you sure they won’t do something?”

“If they want, I can’t stop it.”

Qiqi wanted to say something else, but looking at Anna’s unconcerned look, she only stopped talking.

Qiqi reached out and poked Anna’s forehead and said, “Look, no matter what happened to them before, you have to remember that you are Yulin’s girlfriend now!”

“I know.”

Anna still looked indifferent.

Seeing this, Qiqi shook her head in exasperation and went back to her room.

Anna sat on the couch, and her smile faded.


The locksmith pried open the door and was nimbly changing the lock.

Wei Yu held her arms and glanced at Yulin.

As expected, the man looked very impatient.

It’s been so long, how came he hadn’t grown at all. To those he liked, he would give everything; to others, he only showed indifference.

True rejection did not require such an impatient expression, just a look of indifference that could make one painful.

Unfortunately, Yulin had not yet learned.

Wei Yu said with a slight smile, “Hey, it’s so unbearable for you to stay with me now? We’ve known each other for so long, it’s not too much to do me a small favor, right?”

Yulin turned to look at Wei Yu, said nonchalantly, “A small favor? Wei Yu, I know what you are thinking. I already told you last time, don’t think about the things that don’t belong to you!”

“I just want to see you more, is that wrong?”

Wei Yu had tears in her eyes.

Yulin was astounded by her sadness.

“Yulin, I’m so sorry. I had no choice but to break up with you, why can you act as if nothing happened, while I am stuck in it and can never come out? I want to see if you really don’t care about me anymore.”

Wei Yu’s voice was trembling when she continued.

It was a long pent-up emotion that finally found its way out.

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