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Chapter 479 – 480: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 479: Internal Sword And External Sword

Sword Tao( the science of using sword) was divided into internal sword and external sword.

Kris Chen, who condensed the sword elixir into his life point, practiced the typical internal sword. From then on, he did not practice any other Tao in his life, but only cultivated his sword elixir!

However, the internal sword had been declining many years ago. The reason was quite simple. To cultivate internal sword, practitioner needed sword embryo!

Only when sword embryo was integrated into sword elixir to form sword pill, could the power of sword pill be truly exerted.

The way of heaven was to make up for what was missing.

Sword embryo was the first-class natural treasure. It was naturally born and raised. Besides it could not be produced by human resources. There were billions of sword cultivators in the world. However, the sword embryo could only be found one in a billion.

What about the practitioners who didn’t have sword embryo? They could only try their best to develop new Sword Tao and to integrate other treasures.

Unfortunately, they failed, so the internal sword had basically disappeared. Only great sect as Wuji Sword Sect could cultivate one or two internal sword practitioners, which other sects could not afford at all.

As for the external sword, it could be simpler. Practitioners could refine a flying sword and cultivate it with their heart’s blood. When their mind could interlink with their swords, the flying swords would be regarded as successful cultivation.

It was a quick process that could be finished within a short period. Most importantly, as long as the practitioners were capable, they could even cultivate dozens or even thousands of flying swords.

Amid hundreds of kinds of Sword Taos in the exteriors of Wuji Sword Sect, there was the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain, whose master was Almighty with accumulated spirit in the middle period. He could control ten thousand flying swords at one time. When facing the enemy, ten thousand swords flew together, changing the sword array and showing unpredictable power. One could beat ten or even a hundred enemies.

In fact, as for the strength, the external sword had developed for tens of millions of years, so it was no inferior to the internal sword.

It seemed that the sword-seeking senior was also an internal sword practitioner.

The situation of Kris was very rare. He was a practitioner of internal sword cultivator, but had never used Sword Elixir.

If considering him as a practitioner of external sword cultivator, he only had Red Blood from the beginning to the end!

Most of the time, he only relied on his physical strength to gather Sword Energy.

Therefore, he should be regarded as practitioner of both internal sword and external sword.

Kris touched his chin. It was no wonder that the old man gave him a sword embryo that day. He had already seen that Kris was practicing internal sword.

I was such a big favor.

He felt a little sorry at the thought.

But Kris could probably understand his thoughts, so he tortured the followers of Heavenly Sword Pavilion without any sympathy these days.

He nearly tortured them to death.

Kris smiled and continued to tease out his achievements.

He was about to break through the primal spirit, but he had to integrate the sword embryo before breaking.

The so-called primal spirit could consider the golden elixir as a chicken egg, and it could break its shell as it was mature.

Primal spirit had a little divinity, which was the key to solve the mystery in the embryo, and it was really free from vulgarity.

The primal spirit fitted in with the world, while human’s body was light, so the practitioner could fly, but they couldn’t fly fast.

Previously, it was said that the primal spirit had instant movement function, which was totally nonsense. It all depended on cultivation.

Otherwise, he killed so many practitioners of primal spirit. Why couldn’t them running away with their ability of instant movement?

It was just a manifestation of extreme high-speed.

Because the primal spirit fitted in with the world, it could take advantage of the heaven and the earth.

It was the primal spirit that could oppress others with momentum, which was the reason only a look from Lord of Tigers could make Tu Gong became so miserable that day.

Lord of Tigers was an accumulated spirit. At that time, if he released all his power, the practitioners beside him would suffer. Therefore, he did not dare to release all his momentum that day, which let Tu Guan escape death.

After practitioners broke through the primal spirit, their spirit will change qualitatively and turned into Divine Spiritual Power. The divine power could transform the virtual into the real and affected things in the real world.

Their physical bodies had also become more powerful.

When the practitioner of the primal spirit broke through to the fulfilled period, he should start to comb all the Tao inside his body, promoting and sublimating as well. Therefore as understanding Taoist Strength a bit, they could arouse the calamity of accumulated spirit.

The accumulated spirit contained the Taoist Strength, combined with Divine Spirit Power, the spirit turned into spiritual aura. If not the same level, it would be difficult to strangle to death.

After being killed, the practitioner of accumulated spirit could also reincarnate with spiritual aura. If his second life could cultivate to actualized spirit, he could remember the memory of his previous life after he could understand the secret of the embryo.

It was just very difficult. There were quite limited practitioners could cultivate to actualized spirit among trillions of practitioners.

Similarly, as long as, the practitioners with quite strong Taoist Strength couldn’t be killed, since they could be reborn with memories.

It was such a rascal.

The practitioners of the accumulated spirit seldom fought with each other, unless they were sure to win. Basically, they didn’t fight as possibly as they could.

If a practitioner wanted to break through the actualized spirit, he or she must have a thorough understanding of Taoist Strength, and each of them should achieve the fulfilled period. In this way, practitioners could integrate Taoist strength into their own Tao.

Even so, it was still difficult to break through!

As for the key to breaking through the actualized spirit, neither did Kris know anything, nor did it appear in any volume.

This kind of thing should possibly be the top secret among any other secrets.

As long as he continued to make progress and improve his own strength, he would be able to contact with it sooner or later.

He didn’t know temporally, because he was not qualified to touch this kind of secret information.

In addition, Kris also found a lot of understandings on body refining in the script Pavilion of Scripture Pavilion.

If people were compared to a boat, to cross the river to the other side, the hull must be strong.

The hull was the flesh and blood of human body, the keel was the bone of human body, and the parts of the ship were the internal organs of human beings.

How far the ship could travel totally depended on its size and strength.

It was the first time for Kris to meet this kind of statement, and he thought a lot about it.

His physical strength had brought him huge benefits.

The only pity was that Wuji Sword Sect did not have many books on body refining practice. If he wanted to know his level of body refining, he must go to those sects who specialize in body refining practice.

There were so many things that Kris wanted to do now. He even did not know where to start.

After thinking for a long time, Kris made a decision. Instead of aiming too high, he would better start to improve his own strength.

For example, he should first integrate that sword embryo into his own sword elixir.

The metal sword embryo could increase the killing power of sword pill to the maximum.

Maybe one day, he would become the same as the great internal sword friar in the picture. One sword spirit could cool down 19 continents, and the sword energy would stretch for hundreds of millions of miles.

That’s what a sword cultivator should look like.

After jumping out of bed, Kris came to the door, and disciples with blood all over their bodies stood outside. After several days of fighting, each of them was filled with a trace of coolness.

“Senior brother, this is the war trophies of our battle today.”

Hundreds of disciples threw the bag containing the corpse of the Sea Monster on the ground.

Kris swept with his Divine Spiritual Power, “” Changshui Wang, Changbao Qian, Changliu Sun…”

These people I called hadn’t completed their tasks “Since today you did not complete your task again, half of your resources would be deducted, and the unfinished parts would be accumulated in the following days.”

“If you cannot complete your task tomorrow, all your resources will be deducted directly.”

“Why, how can you deduct my resources? We are also trying hard to kill the Sea Monsters. You are so unfair, senior brother.”

After days of repression, some people finally could not stand it.

The words aroused the public anger, “You are not qualified to deduct our cultivation resources, and we would not accept it!”

Although they protested fiercely, the five disciples of Heavenly Sword Pavilion headed by Changqing Gu lowered their heads and did not say a word.

“If you don’t accept it, fight with me. And if you can win me, you don’t have to kill the Sea Monsters any more, and your resources will be doubled every month!” Kris was not angry, he said lightly.

“If we can beat you, why will we still stand here?”

“That’s right. You obviously bullied us, so…”


Kris shouted in a cold voice, with his eyes coldly sweeping the crowd, “That’s true. I am bullying you, since you are lower in cultivation. What can you do with me? Don’t you still have to obey my order to kill the Sea Monsters?”

“The weak will have the consciousness of being weak. Do I treat you too nicely?”

“Those who don’t want to kill Monsters can stop taking all the resources from today and use your own ability to earn by yourselves! Why does our sect keep a bunch of rubbish?”

“How could you think your weakness is your excuses? I felt so ashamed for you. If you’re such rubbish, it is just a waste to kill you and I’m afraid your blood could dirty my hands.”

Kris stood on the top with his hands back and looked down at the crowd, “you think you are the excellent disciples of Heavenly Sword Pavilion in the Inner Gate. But in my eyes, you are just rubbish, and all of you are useless, including you Changqing and Changyuan Du… You are obviously the most highly cultivated and senior brothers among these people. Why can’t you help those disciples with relatively lower cultivation?”

“You don’t deserve to be a senior brother. Do you know what teamwork is? I’m ashamed for you!”

“I’ve set the task of a hundred Sea Monsters. Why don’t you kill a little more today and therefore your burden will be less tomorrow? Also you will have more spare time cultivate? Why don’t you use the extra corpses of Sea Monster to exchange for cultivation resources? “

“Rubbish, you are all rubbish. What’s the hell in your mind?”

Kris scolded everyone into silence. Although his words were unpleasant to hear, they were all true.

Some even looked ashamed about themselves.

“Why are you silent? Do you think that I scolded you too harsh? “

Kris spat. “Do you really think I’m willing to take care of you? You can’t bear one lash of my sword. How dare you bark at me like animals? Get out of here!” Kris almost roared out this sentence!

Changqing looked ashamed and said, “we are so stupid that we misunderstood your caring for us. We are really ashamed. Please forgive us!”

Over the past few days, Changqing’s Sword Tao had made great progress, and his strength had also improved rapidly. In the beginning, he felt difficult, but now he could finish his task easily.

So did Changyuan and others, so none of them spoke, since they had vaguely perceived the purpose of Kris.

When Changqing showed his respects to Kris, others also bowed with one hand cupped in the other and said, “we are stupid. Please forgive us, senior brother.”

“Get out of here. I’m pissed off by a bunch of underachievers.”

Kris waved impatiently. “If you can’t finish the task tomorrow, do not come back!”

Saying so, Kris turned and walked into the room.

Changqing bit his teeth, “let’s go, and kill the Monsters!”

“Second senior brother, wait for us, and let’s go together!”

Changyuan and others bit their teeth and caught up.

After the crowd dispersed, Kris’s mouth slightly cocked up. “It feels good to be a senior!”

Chapter: 480 The Sect’s Missions

Times passed quickly when Kris Chen practiced, and a month passed in a blink of an eye.

The life in the Heavenly Sword Pavilion was comfortable for him this month.

He just looked at some practicing method books during the day and joked with his juniors.

He refined the sword embryo and practiced Golden Light Earth Escaping at nights.

At this time, the sword embryo and the sword pill had reached the critical point of fusion, and this process took time so that he couldn’t be anxious.

The Golden Light Earth Escaping practiced rapidly. Kris Chen could now jump more than eight hundred miles in a flash and had already cultivated to the highest level, not far from the fulfilled period.

In the past month, the three demons have also lived very comfortably, and they had delicious food and drinks, and they were surrounded by beautiful women every day.

It was worth mentioning that Tu Guan broke through to the Supreme Beast half a month ago.

His aptitude has made significant progress. Under the guidance of Kris Chen, he completed the first transfiguration to Kunpeng.

Kunpeng was the first-class beast in the Devil Land. He was born as the Supreme Monster. As he grew older, he was in accumulated spirit and would be in the fulfilled period of accumulated spirit when he grew up. If he flapped his wings, he could fly ninety thousand miles.

Of course, Tu Guan could only change to Kunpeng’s shape, which was useful for bluffing.

If he could get Kunpeng’s blood one day, he would be powerful. Kris Chen thought that one day he would go to the edge of the world of Devil Land to have a look, and then he would find a Kunpeng and take some of his blood.

Liangwan gradually adapted the imprint on his body, and there was no phenomenon of rejection.

Within Liangwan’s ancestral acupoints, the monster soul was moisturized with great aura every day, as if soaked in a sea of aura, growing stronger day by day.

The high-level Vulcan Array also gradually drove to the seventh level under control.

The firebombs that blasted out were so powerful that they had a temperature of tens of thousands of degrees.

Liangwan was capable of fighting with someone who had no magic weapon in the later primal spirit period.

Once the power was fully activated, he could even fight with someone in his fulfilled period.

However, Kris Chen thought of weakness: the speed, which became a problem for Liangwan to overcome in the future.

Devil Land had very few diversion arrays, similar to teleportation arrays, which were all directed teleportation. But he had never heard of the movement formation.

Kris Chen could also let Liangwan fly at full speed with his real body, at a rate of about 300 miles per hour, 2500 meters per minute, and 41 meters per second.

This speed seemed to be very fast, but it was nothing for a giant demon that has cultivated supernatural powers.

For example, Kris Chen could appear thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye and have a barbecue or take a nap while traveling thousands of miles away.

Besides, this speed was his full flight speed, and the speed of subsequent flights would drop.

Was there a possibility to give him a speed of 1,000 miles per hour? So his speed would exceed 100 meters, and it would be no different from the diversion.

One was the speed, and the other was long-lasting, which was what Kris Chen valued.

If it could be solved, then Kris Chen would make significant progress in the array.

As for cultivating Liangwan’s supernatural powers, Kris Chen had thought about it before, but the process was destined to be difficult. Kris Chen couldn’t spend a year or two to collect all the materials for Golden Light Earth Escaping.

Wait, why was he so stupid? Maybe Wuji Sword Sect had these materials. Even if it didn’t, the Seven-treasures House should have it?

Seven-treasures House could post missions, and he only needed to pay for that.

Kris Chen decided to let go of the array. There were too many arrays in Liangwan’s body. Now this state was the most perfect. Once the structure was destroyed, the consequences were difficult to predict.

Kris Chen recruited Changqing Gu, and this kid was now Kris Chen’s henchman. Besides, he used to be the big brother of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion. He nearly knew everything in many places.

“Mr. Chen, how can I help you?”

“Well, is there any place in the sect where I can exchange treasures and refine resources?”

“You mean the Seven-treasures House?”

Changqing Gu said: “If you want to exchange treasures in the Seven-treasures House, you must have sect contribution point!”

Kris Chen didn’t know what this contribution point was when he heard it, “How could I get the contribution point of the sect? Is it a task?”

“Yes, you are right. You are smart.”

Changqing Gu fawned on Kris Chen. The former big brother of Heavenly Sword Pavilion has now become a flatterer. Kris Chen thought that he was polite and talented and was able to achieve something in the future.

“In addition to the monthly unique resource offerings, if the disciples of Wuji Sword Sect want to obtain more training resources, they must go to the Seven-treasures House to receive tasks.”

“Okay, I know!”

Kris Chen directly threw a piece of paper to him, “Go there and ask if they have these things in Seven-treasures House!”

Changqing Gu took the paper, didn’t even look at it, and flew directly to the Seven-treasures House.

An hour later, he came back, “Mr. Chen, Seven-treasures House has the materials you need. They are Three Real Fire, Sunset Holy Cloud…”

“A total of twelve items and 50,000 sect contribution points are needed!”

“Fifty thousand sect contribution points?”

Kris Chen was surprised. It was too expensive. If the Wuji Sword Sect’s contribution points were converted according to the spiritual stone, one contribution point was probably a spiritual stone, and then 50,000 contribution points were 500,000 spiritual stones.

If Kris Chen had so many spiritual stones, he would use them to practice.

“Can they exchange things for things?”

Changqing Gu nodded, “Yes, but it must be something of the same point.”

Kris Chen touched his chin. He didn’t want to waste so many spiritual stones, but those Taoist artifacts were also of great value. There was also wicker, and it was a spirit weapon, which should be priceless.

Even if it couldn’t change all of them, it should be no problem to change a few.

“Okay, I see!”

After speaking, Kris Chen disappeared in front of Changqing Gu. Changqing Gu was surprised when he saw Kris Chen disappeared within a second.

The Seven-treasures House was only two hundred miles away from Heavenly Sword Pavilion, and he arrived there right away.

The huge square was full of people, all of whom came to pick up tasks or settle tasks.

Kris Chen looked at those tasks, but they were all trivial matters. For example, you can help the Taoist wife bathe her cat, collect a hundred dews, record the daily temperature changes, and record it for three months.

What shit tasks they were!

The more he went in, the tasks inside gradually became normal, helping the elders of the alchemy pavilion make alchemy, which could get ten sect contribution points.

Help the elder to make a hammer, which could get ten sect contribution points.

“Pick the Millennium Treasure Medicine Dragon Blood Ganoderma, which could get a hundred contribution points.”

“Help the Five Immortals Sect to kill the traitor, gain 1,000 sect contribution points.”

However, the tasks were more and more difficult, and there were even many assassination tasks.

Killing the Nine Killing Taoists in the Sea of Chaos, who was at the beginning of the accumulated spirit, get 20,000 sect contribution points!

Or you can kill the Sea-Monster, Hydra, who was at the early stage of monster emperor, 20,000 sect contribution points!

Killing the Sea Monster Emperor, Kunpeng, at the early stage of the monster emperor, get 30,000 sect contribution points!

Kris Chen was very excited, but he has been busy recently and couldn’t spare time. For him, time is money.

“I want to exchange some contribution points!”

An old man in the exchange center glanced at Kris Chen, “Fine, but there will be a price difference.”

“What is the difference?”

“You can only get half of it!”

Kris Chen was choked by saliva. The price difference was so large, and he could nearly exchange for nothing.

“Are you kidding me?”

Kris Chen turned away without saying a word. No wonder the exchange center was so deserted. It turned out to be such a thing. He was wondering how could Wuji Sword Sect had such an error.

It turned out that they could never lose money by doing this business.

The old man didn’t care, and he took nail clippers to cut his fingernails.

After thinking about it, Kris Chen decided to take on a few sect missions.

Such as killing the Sea-Monster King, Kunpeng, and the Nine Killing Taoists in the Sea of Chaos!

It happened to be that Tu Guan needed the blood of Kunpeng to become stronger, so he could take some of his blood for Tu Guan.

Kris Chen walked to the task and tore off the papers. “I’ll take these two tasks!”

This move immediately caused everyone’s attention.

What! He took over two God-level missions!

The elder of the mission hall found that Kris Chen was only at the Pill-Condensation Stage, and he frowned, “Stop doing that, you cannot finish these two tasks!”

“The Seven-treasures House has a rule that you must come in person to accept the task. Which elder’s entourage you are?”

“I take these tasks myself and finish them myself.”

Kris Chen put the task lists into the ring and instantly used Golden Light Earth Escaping to disappear in front of the elder.

The elder was taken aback, his pupils shrank, and he understood that he must be an elder who likes to hide in front of others.

This Golden Light Earth Escaping made him amazed.

Kris Chen flashed back to Heavenly Sword Pavilion, beat Changqing Gu, and then said: “I’m going out for a few days and taking care of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion.”

After that, he used the Golden Light Earth Escaping and disappeared, flying towards the Sea of Chaos.

The Sea of Chaos is about 400,000 miles north of Wuji Sword Sect.

With Kris Chen’s escape technique, he could arrive there by using escape technique 500 times. It took Kris Chen three days to reach the Sea of Chaos.

He drove day and night for these three days, and when he was tired, he found a small island to rest and restore his aura.

After resting, he hurried on with his journey.

Finally, he came to the Sea of Chaos on the evening of the third day!

There were tens of thousands of large and small islands in the Sea of Chaos, and there were all kinds of giant monsters in the sea. It was a paradise for criminals and a place where sect traitors run.

Those who could survive here were extremely violent and wicked evils.

Kris Chen transformed into a middle-aged practitioner, holding an inferior Taoist weapon, and stopped on the dock!

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