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Chapter 479: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 479 Anna’ s Aunt Was Used

Hearing this, Wei Yu was stunned for a moment, and then asked in surprise, “Don’t know that Anna Xie has moved out?”

This made the Aunt embarrassed, but she still calmed herself down, “Ah? I really don’t know about that.”

“Maybe Anna is ready to tell you. She now lives in a nicer place. If there is a chance, she should really ask you to live there for a while.”

Aunt’s smile became even more wired and said, “Oh, maybe Anna hasn’t had the time to contact us yet.”

“Maybe. She’s busy, and it’s such a waste to leave a house there.”

“Yes, you’re right. Excuse me, lady, how do I address you?”

“Just call me Wei Yu.”

“Miss Yu, do you know Anna’ s address?”

“Yes, I do, but if you want to know that, why not just call Anna and ask her?”

The Aunt smiled awkwardly and said, “Anna is busy at work. I’m afraid that I might disturb her if she is working.”

“That’s true.” Wei Yu nodded. Then she wrote the address on a card and handed it to her, “here is the address.”

Taking the card, the Aunt said, “Thanks a lot.”

Holding the card, she began to plan something.

Hmph, the little bitch. After she picked up Yulin, she forgot all her poor relatives? Her precious son’s injury was because of her and this time, she needed to revenge.

Watching the change of her expression, Wei Yu knew that Anna was going to have some trouble.

She was eager to know how Anna would handle this greedy woman.

She was sure that it would be exciting.

Wei Yu’s smile, wicked and tricksy.

Someone was knocking on the door.

Hearing the doorbell, Anna hurried to open the door.

When she opened the door, she was wondering why Qiqi had forgotten her keys again, for this was the fifth time this week.

Luckily, she was at home, otherwise, Qiqi had to wait outside.

However, when Anna opened the door, she realized that it wasn’t Qiqi, but her aunt and her cousin.


Before Anna could realize what’s going on, her aunt had already pushed her away and got into the room to look around.

Seizing up the house, her aunt praised, “You do live in a big house. What a good house. If I can live here, I will accept a shorter life.”

Staring at her aunt, Anna asked, “Aunt, nice to see you. May I ask why you come today?”

Sitting casually on the sofa, the Aunt said as if she was the owner of the house, “I need to talk to you. Firstly, the house is nice, and there are still two rooms vacant, so I plan to let your cousin stay here.”


Before Anna finished, her aunt interrupted her and continued, “Second, let Mr. Xiao put your cousin to work. Decent one, with more pay, and not too tiring.”

Anna frowned and asked rhetorically, “If this is what he wants, why not just stay home?”

With a wave of her hand, her aunt said in a louder voice, “In a big company, isn’t there someone who can just drink tea and read the newspaper? Let your cousin do that.”

Showing a mocking smile, Anna said, “why should a company hire someone like this?”

“Nonsense. Your cousin is so capable that he can’t find a position suitable to him.”

“Why not try the president?”

“What’s wrong with the president? As long as there’s an opportunity, he can do it.”

Anna didn’t want to continue this conversation. She turned her head away with a helpless look and said, “Aunt, I’m afraid that I can’t do that for your son. I’m nobody in the company.”

Anna thought that her aunt would get mad when she heard this.

But her aunt smiled slyly and said, “I didn’t all count on you. I have someone to help me, so you don’t need to worry about the job.”

She was surprised by this and asked, “Who can offer you the help?”

“It’s…” She stopped, for she didn’t want Anna to know everything. She lifted her jaw and said arrogantly, “Why should I tell you? For me, you are not the only one that I can turn to for help.”

“I am afraid that you will be taken advantage of.”

“As long as I can reach my goal. I don’t care I’m being taken advantage of or not.”

Seeing that her aunt didn’t care at all, Anna got a little anxious and said, “aunt, he is already like this, you can’t…”

“Shut up!” The Aunt got a little anxious and rebuked, “it’s all because of you!”

“Me? Seriously?”

“Because of you, he got his finger cut off, and now he is so depressed that he refuses to go out. Your cousin was originally such an excellent person, but now, he’s completely ruined.”

Such an accusation made Anna feel discontented and muttered in a low voice, “he Is a loser, indeed.”

“What did you say?”

Not wanting to waste more time on this, Anna took a deep breath and said, “Okay, let’s not talk about work for now and let’s talk about living. I’m not the only one living in this house and my classmate lives here too.”

Auntie waved her hand and said with no mercy, “she should leave then.”

“How? It’s our arrangement. How can I do that?”

“It’s just a classmate. Is she more important than your brother?”

“I can’t let her go anyway.”

She squinted and asked, “That means either you will help us find a job or give us a place to live?”

Anna didn’t say anything, which meant she agreed.

Aunt sneered, nodded, and said, “good. What a cold-blooded and vicious girl. But fortunately, I’ve made some preparation for this.”

Then she took her son and rushed to Qiqi’ s room.

Anna was anxious and followed her, “What are you doing?”

But the Aunt just ignored Anna, and said to her son, “son, which one do you like? Choose one and we’ll stay here.”

“You can’t do that.”

Anna tried to stop them, but they just ignored her completely.

Taking a look at the room, her brother liked it a lot.

Seeing that he got a chance to live in it, he was excited and happy, “mom, is it true?”

“We are her relatives, so of course we can stay. Even Yulin can’t stop us from visiting her, right? Besides, your finger was cut by Yulin, so it’s not a problem to let him find a job for you.”

Auntie said as if she was right. If someone who didn’t know the whole situation heard this, he would think Anna was the bad guy.

Anna didn’t want to bother Yulin because of her family affairs. Yulin had been away on business for days. Now she only hoped to solve this before he returned.

The moment she was thinking, her aunt and cousin had already walked into Qiqi’ s room and put the luggage inside.

“This room is nice and I’ll stay here.”

As soon as she heard this, Anna stopped, “No, someone is living here.”

But her aunt didn’t care about what she was saying. With a wave of her hand, she said, “your classmate? Let her move out. Since she’s not here, pack up her things.”

The cousin immediately responded, reaching out to put away the things on the table.

Anna got angry. She rushed to her cousin and glared at him, saying, “If you dare to touch anything, I will call the police.”

Seeing that Anna was really angry, her aunt gave her son a look and said, “alright. Son, let’s stay in that empty room. The living room is good, so you can stay there.”

Then they rushed out and began to take their things out from the luggage.

They were laughing and joking, while Anna was in a mess.

She had never met someone cheeky like them.

However, how to explain to Qiqi?

Rubbing her forehead, Anna felt desperate.

Door opened-

The door was open and it was Qiqi who came home with lunch.

With two lunch boxes in her hand, Qiqi raised her voice and said, “Anna, I bought your favorite pork buns. It’s still hot, come on.”

However, without seeing Anna, she saw two unexpected guests.

When they heard that there was food, the Aunt walked out quickly and took the bag without any hesitation, saying while eating, “I’m hungry. Son, come and eat.”

Qiqi was stunned and turned her head to look at Anna, wondering who this woman was.

Anna smiled and explained with sorry, “A relative. He will stay here for a few days and them leave.”

Aunt immediately swallowed the food in her mouth and corrected, “We didn’t say we’re leaving right away. If we get used to it, we’ll stay forever.”


Qiqi was dumbfounded, but since she was Anna’s relative, Qiqi couldn’t say anything more.

Taking Qiqi away from them, Anna whispered, “they’re talking nonsense. I will kick them out of here as soon as possible.”

“Does Mr. Xiao know about this?”

Anna pursed her lips and said, “He is away, so he doesn’t know this yet. That’s why I will ask them to get back in these days.”

Gradually calming down, Qiqi began to worry about Anna and asked, “Anna, I always feel that the two are not good people, so can you make sure you won’t get hurt?”

Looking at them gobbling like wolves, Anna was not very sure, “I’ll try my best. I can’t let them bully me all the time.”

“If you can’t, call Mr. Xiao.”

When Anna heard this, she stopped Qiqi and said, “This is my business. I can handle it myself.”

“Then…okay. I’ll get back in my room.”

Qiqi was a little scared of them, so she decided to go back to her room to hide for a while and see what they would do.

She really didn’t know how long they hadn’t eaten anything. In a short time, everything in the fridge was all eaten.

At dinner time, they were full, so both of them finished an apple and went to bed.

Anna felt sorry for Qiqi, so she wanted to take Qiqi out to eat.

However, she was worried that they would mess around if she was away, so she chose to call for take-out.

When the pizza was delivered to her door, her aunt wanted some. However, she was too full to eat, so she went back to ger room, grumbling.

Without annoying ones around them, Anna and Qiqi, staying in Qiqi’ s room, finally had a nice dinner.

While eating, Anna discussed with Qiqi about how to deal with them.

Qiqi thought she should break from them and never contact them again.

But Anna didn’t want to do so.

Although they were terrible, they had a good relationship with her mother.

If they were really driven away, the Aunt would certainly exaggerate the fact and twist things up.

Then, her mother would retell the story that she was saved by her aunt from the water.

Therefore, “A drop of water in need, shall be returned with a spring in deed.” If she didn’t do that, she would be someone ungrateful.

So, what exactly should be done to drive them away?

Anna frowned and thought for a while, but she had no answer. She got more confused.

After dinner, Anna went back to her room, ready to memorize the lines, for she needed to do a play the next day in the early morning.

But while she was focusing on that, she heard Qiqi scream.

Knowing something’s happening, Anna rushed to Qiqi’ s room.

At the door of the room, Anna saw her cousin passing by.

Just as Anna was confused, Qiqi ran out.

She clutched her collar with one hand and tugged Anna’s hand with the other hand, who was now terrified.

Patting the back of Qiqi’ s hand, Anna asked, “What happened?”

“That guy…peeped at me changing my clothes.”


Hearing this, Anna was angry.

“Qiqi, you get back in the room and I’ll teach him a lesson.”

“Anna, don’t…”

Anna did not hear the whole sentence.

At this moment, she was thinking nothing else but her cousin. She needed to give Qiqi justice.

She pushed open the door, staring at her cousin lying on the bed. Anna now looked fierce and frightening.

He sat up guilty and asked, “What?”

“Stay away from Qiqi. Don’t do anything to her.”

Not digging out what was happening, the Aunt rushed in and protected her son, shouting at Anna, “Anna, what the hell are you doing?”

“He peeped at Qiqi changing clothes.”

Her aunt rolled her eyes and said, “is this necessary? My son didn’t hit her or what. Why are you so nervous?”

This made Anna feel absurd.

“Aunt, it’s about a girl’s privacy. Do you really think it doesn’t matter?”

Folding her arms, she was with a contemptuous look, “What, do you want your cousin to marry her? Your cousin is going to be someone in the future, and he is going to marry a girl from a decent family. This kind of girl is fine to sleep with, but not the one for marriage.”

When she was saying, she was extremely arrogant.

Her confidence made Anna feel incredible.

Taking a deep breath, Anna tried to calm down and said, “I don’t care who he wants to marry. He peeped at Qiqi and he must apologize to Qiqi.”

“Apologize? It’s all because your classmate tempted your cousin, so he couldn’t control himself. Anyway, it’s her fault.”

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