This person said, then the rest of the Duan family looks at him and he looks at others.

There is no comment.

Yes, it shouldn’t be that simple to let such a big family be destroyed without a fight? ?

At the very least, the Qian family’s problems suddenly stopped. It might really be this person. After attacking for a long time, he found that there was nothing wrong, so he had to stop with interest.

“Wenwen, what do you think?” The head of the Duan family is an old man with silver hair.

“Grandpa, this, it’s also possible that my uncle analyzed just now. I think the Qian family is a bit worse than our Duan family, but if you deal with it, it should be unlikely that the Qian family will disappear unless you use violent means like the Zhao family… What do you think?” Duan Wenwen analyzed.

The Duan family members began to express their opinions.

“I think so too. This person really doesn’t have much strength. The reason why he was able to destroy the Qian family, I think, maybe some assassin organization that carried out a sneak attack, and shamelessly attacked the Zhao family at night. Things usually don’t pay attention to family defence. Every year, the family defence is less than one billion. This is hairy? It’s normal to be breached by someone, but let this person bring someone to try to break our Duan family? Don’t let him all. After the army was annihilated, he will be kneeling and crying and crying for mercy, and I would give him his last name!… I think this person is just some brash man who can kill!”

“Big brother’s idea is similar to mine. This person doesn’t have much money, maybe not as much as our family. It’s very simple. After this person destroys the Zhao family, he wants all the assets of the Zhao family! This shows that he has no money! He asked for the wealth of the Zhao family! Then, he directed the goal to the Qian family, but later found out that strength can’t eat the Qian family, he didn’t have such a big mouth, so he chose to give up… The strength was not good, and he wanted to swallow the sky. See also someone who sits on the well and looks at the sky…”

“But it’s amazing that this person can make the Qian family like this! How to say the Qian family is almost finished this time,” others hold different opinions.

“Fucked? You saw that the Qian family is done with your eye? The Qian family was exposed this time, but they are all family secrets, and outsiders can get it?? I think someone in the Qian family eats inside and out and destroys the Zhao family. The people in the family have reorganized their own home together and may have been discovered, so they suddenly stopped, and no news has spread, and they are still messing up? You can only stop!”

“Hey, Brother Six, what you said maybe very possible!”

“I also think it’s possible.”

“It’s not possible, it’s almost impossible!”

Everyone in the Duan family is expressing opinions, and they all feel it. This person who wiped out the Zhao family was carrying out a sneak attack, very shameless!

If you come to Duan’s house, you will definitely die!

Duan Wenwen’s beautiful eyes are all vigilant, and there is also a little doubt. Did some uncles analyze it??

“Wenwen, you say.” said the head of the Duan family.

Everyone looked at Duan Wenwen.

This girl is young, but she is shrewd!

There may be a way to find this person.

“I think it’s better to take a look first. I will find a way to find this person. After all, if the Zhao family can be destroyed, our Duan family has to be cautious!” Duan Wenwen analyzed.

“Wenwen, don’t worry, after an accident at the Zhao family, I ordered a batch of things from the United States, and they are already in place. This person dares to attack our Duan family at night and will definitely die! Don’t worry!” A burly Said the big man.

“Uncle San, you are a master of fighting. If you say there is no problem, then it must be no problem,” Duan Wenwen smiled.

Yes, this man had served as a soldier in the United States before, and he even had his own mercenary regiment. He guarded the Duan’s house, everyone was relieved.

The other Duan family members are also relieved. A family guard is so vulnerable and embarrassed. The Zhao family’s expenditure on this aspect can be said to be stingy. My Duan family is definitely not stingy. Three billion!

My own Duan family is absolutely solid!!

Want to attack at night? Dream it!

“Then, I will find a way to find this person.” Duan Wenwen has an idea. At least, she can find clues through Qian Yueying!

“it is good.”

“Just do what Wenwen said.” The Duan family basically agreed.

Duan Wenwen shook her long legs and walked out, now she is looking for Qian Yueying? Will she meet? This is still a problem, but it’s not difficult for me.

She smiled confidently and went to Qian Yueying to ask about this…

The same thing is happening in another family of the four major families. Everyone in the family is analyzing who this person is? ?

But no one can analyze the reason.

Such a scene is also being performed in other places. Everyone is curious, why did the Qian family, which was supposed to be about to collapse, suddenly stop?

What does the person behind this mean?

Many people are discussing this. Is this person lacking strength? Can’t fix Qian’s house, so I gave up?

But no one knows.

Everything makes “this person” even more mysterious…

“Sister, when will you kill Chuck Cannon? I can’t wait,” Ouyang Fei, who had been training for a few days, felt that she actually had a talent for learning fighting. This is her ecstatic!

“Not enough!” Black Rose is indifferent, her injury is not completely healed, how could she risk Chuck Cannon?

In any case, there is still Logan beside Chuck Cannon! This Logan’s strength is particularly powerful! She admits it!

Ouyang Fei muttered in her heart: Not enough, my old lady took out your photo to see if you are enough!

But she didn’t dare to say clearly, she could only continue training.

Hope to improve herself, Ouyang Fei will also be the first killer! !

Black Rose saw that Ouyang Fei was not lazy to steal, and she felt that she didn’t save the wrong person. This is a good seed, which can be cultivated well. It is estimated that she can do something in the killer world!

When she went home at night, Ouyang Fei was too tired. Black Rose stopped her from sleeping in a room. Ouyang Fei was not willing anymore. There were already photos of Black Rose anyway.

Ouyang Fei wondered if she could do something else?

For example, blackmail a little money? She thought about it, and the more she thought about it, the more she did it. With Qian Yueying’s picture in her hand, she must blackmail money!

She thought happily, and began to find a way to contact Qian Yueying, she must blackmail 10 billion! …

Yvette went home tired. She knew about the Qian family and knew that Chuck Cannon did it. She knew it without asking.

“Daughter, did you break up with Chuck Cannon? Haven’t seen him for so long?” Yan Li said.

“Mom, no,” Yvette had just done one mission. In just one week, she had done three missions, and the blood leopard was slowly becoming famous in the killer world.

Yvette’s strength has become stronger!

She wants to go to the capital to find Chuck Cannon, and miss her especially.

“How is everything in the Zhao family taking over?” Yvette was concerned about this.

“Half, such a big family, it takes time,”

“Well, Mom, I will go back to my room to rest,”

“It is good.”

Yvette returned to the room. She was taking a tired bath and was preparing to rest. She felt a little disappointed. Chuck Cannon hadn’t called for a long time!

Forgot me??

“Husband, don’t you miss me?” Yvette was frustrated. She wanted to go to the capital overnight!

She packed her things, the thoughts in her heart became stronger, and when she came out of the room, Yan Li was astonished, “Daughter, what are you doing?”

What is this for luggage? Go out on a mission? Not you just came back?

“I, I’ll go out for a walk,” Yvette has no confidence, her mother still hates Chuck Cannon.

“Oh, go, go.” Yan Li is gone, she thought what happened between Chuck Cannon and Yvette.

“Thank you, mom.”

Yvette went out. She drove to the capital. The place where they lived now was another villa of the Zhao family, not far from the capital!

She drove all night and arrived in the capital. She was going to find a place to stop to see where Chuck Cannon was. However, she received a call and was organized by the killer.

“I, I won’t take the task today.”

“Someone pays 100 million to kill a person, can’t you pick it up?” The phone was indifferent.

“One hundred million?” Yvette was extremely surprised. She has become famous recently, but she hasn’t reached this price yet, so the only possibility is this order. No one dares to take it.

“Yes. One hundred million!”

“Who is it?” Yvette came to be interested, she thought in her heart, husband, I will take the order, and then I will go to you.

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