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Chapter 480: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 480 Anna’s Aunt Occupied Her House

“Aunt, you’re confusing right and wrong!”

“What? Don’t talk nonsense if you can not argue with me.”

“You…… anyway, you just won’t apologize, will you!”

Without thinking, her aunt said, “Yes!”

“Well then, in order to keep my cousin from being tempted, I have to ask you to move out!”

Looking coldly at Anna Xie, her aunt said, “Anna, is it because you have an unspeakable secret here now that you always try to kick us out?”


“You know in your own heart whether it’s nonsense or not. Now, your cousin is going to rest, leave quickly!”

“No, I’m not leaving, he hasn’t apologized!”

“Anna, you’re gonna keep pestering us, right?”

“Yes, this isn’t over for me until you apologize!”

“You ……”

Anna’s aunt was about to curse Anna when Anna’s cousin tugged at her sleeve, then he stood up and said with embarrassment, “Anna, I wasn’t peeping, I just wanted to ask your classmate about something, but I happened to run into her changing clothes, so that is completely a misunderstanding.”

Anna’s aunt was convinced of his words and yelled at Anna, “Do you hear him, since it was a misunderstanding, get out of here quickly and don’t annoy us!”

Seeing that Anna was still standing there and staring at them angrily, her aunt frowned and said, “What, you’re still not satisfied after knowing that nothing happened? Anna, you are really a dumb. If this kind of thing becomes a big deal, it’s your friend who will suffer a loss! You’d better think it over!”

“Anna ……”

Qiqi walked to the door and called Anna in a small voice.

After glancing at her aunt and cousin, Anna walked out and asked, “Qiqi, what’s wrong?”

Qiqi still was quite awkward and said, frowning: “Anna, don’t argue with them, it won’t lead to anything.”

Anna then said, being quite ashamed: “I’m sorry, Qiqi.”

“It has nothing to do with you. But I’d better go back to school and stay for a while before they go.”


Qiqi smiled and said, “Don’t be like that, I know you feel awkward too. But don’t feel bad because of such a person, it’s not worth it. Well, I’m going to go back to rest, you should also go to bed early.”

Qiqi finished speaking and went back to her room.

Looking at Qiqi’s back, Anna was in a bad mood.

Anna then thought: Qiqi has helped me a lot before, but I can’t even protect her when something happens to her, what kind of friend am I?

No, I can’t let Qiqi suffer like this, I must ask my aunt and cousin to leave as soon as possible!


Anna went to the film city early in the morning to film the play, and she came home late.

Qiqi had already gone back to school and at that moment, only her aunt and cousin were at home.

Anna had known that these two people would not leave food for her, so she went home after she packed a snack.

When she went into the house, no one was in the living room, but the light was on in her cousin’s room.

She closed her eyes tiredly and took her snack with her, being ready to take a shower first.

But as she walked past the living room, she felt that something was wrong.

So she stopped walking and looked around.

Eventually, she walked over to the TV cabinet and narrowed her eyes.

Turning around and walking to the door of her cousin’s room, Anna pushed it open at once, staring at the people inside with an unfriendly expression.

The sound of pushing the door came so suddenly that it startled the two people inside.

As her aunt was about to argue with her, Anna spoke first:

“Where’s the television?”

Her aunt was panic for a moment, but she quickly calmed down again and said confidently, “Your cousin sold it because he didn’t think it was very good.”

“What about the money for selling the TV then?”

“Are you going to haggle over every ounce about that small amount of money with us too?”

“I will ask you again, where’s the money!”

Her aunt was quite annoyed about Anna’s aggressive look, so she slammed the table and yelled, “We’ve spent it! So what!”

“You spent it on paying off the gambling debt, right?”

“Even if we used the money to pay off the gambling debts, it’s because of you. If you had helped your cousin earlier and let your cousin work to earn a salary, would he have sold that TV? Your cousin’s hand was even cut when he moved the TV!”

Anna became quite angry after she heard her aunt’s words, then her cousin tugged at her aunt’s hand, gesturing for her to stop shouting.

But her aunt didn’t care, who even felt what she said was quite right, thinking: This Anna just owes us a lot.

Anna then curled the corners of her mouth, nodded and said, “I will remember this thing, and when my cousin gets paid, this amount of money will be deducted from his salary.”

Anna’s words then made her aunt become extremely furious, who yelled immediately: “Anna Xie, how dare you!”

“Let’s wait and see!”

“You are really something now. You are completely different after having a backer.”

Ignoring her aunt’s ridicule, Anna said coldly, “I’m warning you, if one more thing is missing here, I’ll call the police! Aunt, I don’t think you would want those debtors of my cousin’s to go to the jail to collect the debt!”

After saying that, Anna turned around and left, leaving all of her aunt’s unpleasant abuse behind.

Going back to her room, Anna sat on the floor with her arms wrapped around herself.

Sitting there alone, she suddenly wanted to cry.

But she couldn’t be weak, because she knew that those cold-blooded people like her aunt would chew her up to the bone once they saw she became weak.

Wasn’t that why her mother had been bullied by her aunt in the first place?

But she would never be like her mother!

Taking a deep breath, Anna took out her phone and picked out an identical TV online for home delivery tomorrow.

Yulin Xiao rarely watched television, so she might not be able to distinguish that the television in the living room was a little newer.

Anna’s ‘remedial’ work was done promptly.

Because as soon as the TV arrived the next day, Yulin called Anna:

“I’m back, did you miss me?”

Naturally, she missed him very much, but she still had other things to deal with right now.

Noticing the silence on the other side of the phone, Yulin smiled and said, “What are you thinking about, why aren’t you talking?”

“Ah, I’m very tired from filming today, so I just was stunned for a while.”

“I’ve told you not to work so hard, how nice it is for you to simply count on me.”

“I ……”

“Fine, fine, I’m just kidding. I know you won’t listen.” Before Anna said anything, Yulin smiled and said, “I bought you a gift, let’s have dinner together in the evening, is that okay?”

“Ah, in the evening …… let’s go out to eat.”


After hanging up the phone, Anna then began to think hard about how she could keep Yulin from going to her flat.

During the meal, they got along very well. And Yulin doted on Anna very much, making her forget her troubles for a short while.

But there were some things that could not be solved by running away, which she still had to face.

Putting down the fork in her hand, Anna hesitated as she said, “I want to discuss something with you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Can you……help my cousin find a job?”

Yulin stopped eating after hearing her words.

Seeing this, Anna hurriedly said, “I know he has a bad character and doesn’t need a good job, so helping him find a job to earn his own living and support himself will be enough. My cousin is spoiled by my aunt and doesn’t even know how to live on his own. If he’s given a chance to support himself, he might be able to live a good life.”

“Do you really believe that there is any hope of getting better for the guy?”

Anna was also very guilty and murmured, “After all, we are relatives, I can’t just do nothing for him, right?”

Yulin was silent for an instant, then said, “Okay, I’ll let my assistant take care of it.”

Seeing that Yulin agreed, Anna sighed with relief and smiled at him, saying: “Thank you.”

“Don’t say thank you for this kind of trivial matter. As long as…you can make me happy tonight.”

Yulin said with a very ambiguous smile.

Anna blushed after hearing his words, then she looked down and said awkwardly: “Not tonight. You’d better go home today. I will film the play tomorrow morning, so I have to go to work very early tomorrow and I can’t stay up late tonight.”

“Now that you will film the play tomorrow morning, why don’t you stay at a nearby hotel?”

“Because you’re back now, and it’s more convenient to meet with you over here.”

Her words made Yulin feel quite comfortable, who leaned back against the back of his chair and said, “Wow, I really didn’t expect that I am so important to you now.”

“Don’t kidding, eat quickly, and I’m going back after we finish the meal.”

“Alright, I’ll let you go this time, and when you finish your work, I’ll ask you to make it up to me. By that time, you can not beg for mercy!”

Anna blushed and said, “What are you thinking about all day long?”

“Of course about human reproduction. How’s that, it is quite great, right?”

She pushed away Yulin’s face with a smile, which was coming closer her, and she was quite helpless but sweet.

But when she returned to her flat, she felt quite heavy again.

Yulin got the thing done very quickly this time and he soon arranged a job for Anna’s cousin.

In Yulin’s heart, her cousin was a loser.

Moreover, he had even betrayed Anna. Therefore, it was kind enough for Yulin to help him find a job, and of course he would not offer him any important jobs at all.

So when her aunt heard Anna’s reply, she was extremely angry.

“What? To work as a security guard! How dare you let your cousin go to work as a security guard! Anna, are you on purpose!”

Anna was quite calm and said, “I help him find this job by asking another’s help, don’t be unsatisfied.”

“Bullshit, how can we be satisfied now that you let him go to work as a security guard when he can be a manager with his ability!”

Anna sneered and asked, “Why do you think my cousin can be a manager?”

“He’s smart and honest, how come he can’t be a manager?”

“You can look around the big companies, those people who can be managers are all the experienced graduates of prestigious universities, who also have the decent character. Does my cousin have the educational background and abilities?”

“If he had, why would I ask you to help him find a job? We just want you to pull strings to find a good job for him!”

How dare she could say such words without shame.

Getting up, Anna said, “Anyway, that’s all I could do for him. If you still are not satisfied, then you can only figure it out by yourself.”

After saying the words, Anna stopped arguing with her aunt and went back to her room at once.

Her aunt was furious, who cursed Anna with bad language.

After a while, she got tired of cursing and sat down on the sofa to rest.

Her cousin had thought he could really be a manager and bragged many times to his friends.

But now, he could only be a security guard, and the difference of the two positions made him feel aggrieved and disappointed.

Standing next to Anna’s aunt, he said, “Mom, I don’t want to be a security guard.”

“Of course you can’t be a security guard, my son, how can you be a security guard!” The expression in the aunt’s eyes became stern as she said, “We still have many connections except for Anna. Originally, I didn’t expect she to be of much help. But I really haven’t thought that she would really be so cold-blooded. Now that she has done that, then don’t blame me for being heartless and ruthless!”

When he saw that his mom seem to have a well-thought-out plan, he hurriedly asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Looking mysteriously at his son, Anna’s aunt said, “My silly boy, have you forgotten that we have also met a savior?”

A savior……

After being confused for a moment, he then smiled.


Having just had her beauty treatment, Wei Yu was about to leave when the receptionist told her that someone was looking for her.

Wei had already known who came for her, and she smiled slightly.

Ruffling her hair with her hands, Wei walked to the lounge.

Anna’s aunt had been waiting there for a long time, but she wasn’t in a hurry.

The lounge was cool, with a good environment, besides, there were so many delicious snacks to eat, so it didn’t matter for her no matter how long she waited.

When she saw Wei, Anna’s aunt immediately stood up with a pleasing smile.

“Miss Yu.”

“Sit down first,” Wei sat on the sofa with a smile on her face and asked, “Is there anything wrong now that you suddenly called me to meet?”

Talking about that, Anna’s aunt became quite angry and grunted, “Miss Yu, you are right, that Anna really placed obstacles in the way!”

Wei smiled and said, “That’s normal, after all, Anna is going to be a big star in the future, and she thinks that it’s the best for her poor relatives like you to disappear.”

“Hum, now she should resent us! Has she forgotten who she really is!”

“Anna is not the same little girl she used to be. Last week, she even received an invitation to attend the award party of the film festival. I believe it won’t be long before Anna becomes a rising star.”

“When the time comes, the gap between you will be farther and farther, and she will no longer be the little girl you can bully,” Wei then sighed with emotion and continued to say, “You are all from the same background, but because Anna found the right backer, she is able to become rich and famous. While you, on the other hand, can do nothing but have to look up to her in the future. That really feels bad.”

Her words stoked the fire of jealousy in the heart of Anna’s aunt, and then she said angrily, “Hum, such an ingrate! I can definitely make her be defeated!”

Seeing the murderous expression in her aunt’s eyes, Wei hurriedly said, “Don’t do anything stupid, no matter how, you are still relatives.”

“Why didn’t she think we were her relatives when she set us up behind the curtain! If we don’t make her pay the price, she’ll still think we’re all easy to bully!”

Seeing Anna’s aunt slowly walk into her trap, Wei sneered secretly.

Yulin had said that he liked Anna because she was special.

Now, Wei wanted to see if this woman’s specialness would make Yulin change his original thought.


Holding the itinerary in her hand, Anna frowned.

“Won’t I attend the awards ceremony next week? Why is it cancelled?”

This was a very important event, because it was the first official event that Anna attended as a new star.

Anna also took it very seriously and had prepared for it for a long time.

But now, it was cancelled without any explanation, which made Anna feel quite confused.

Anna’s assistant, Zhang then asked, being quite awkward: “Anna, haven’t you heard the insider information?”

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