Chapter 481 – 482: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 481: The Base of Half Monsters

Upon arriving at the duck, there were a group of practitioners of the pill formation coming up to him, approaching menacingly for toll.

Kris Chen didn’t conceal his strength because there was no need to do so at all as the Infinite Sea was crowded with the sheer quantity of practitioners in the fulfilled period of pill formation.

The leader was also in the fulfilled period of pill formation, followed by a few novices who were at the early stage of the pill formation.

They were all ferocious outlaws, of course, since no trace of good guys could be found in the Sea of Chaos.

Kris beamed at them, “How much do you want?”

Finding him learn the way of the world, the leader unveiled his greed and said, “One inferior spiritual stone.”

“Oh, how cheap it is.”Kris was a bit surprised at the price.

“You’re right. We never failed to play it straight since we have began to do so several years ago.”

The leader smiled, “Beside the toll, how much do you want to spend for your life safety?”

Kris rubbed his chin, “Life is priceless, certainly I can’t afford my life even if you take out the last penny in my pocket.”

“Well, since I can’t pay for my life, the only solution turns out to be letting you guys pick up the cost for me!”

He let out the sword energy followed a few rays.

Wearing frightened expressions, all practitioners abruptly widened their eyes.

Restoring the sword back into body through his aperture, Kris moved forward calmly.

With a patter on the ground, the bodies of those practitioners were separated from the middle, the guts were exposed outside.

Kris even did not have the least interest in taking their storage rings, thinking that nothing valued could these practitioners of the pill formation hold.

Seeing Kris walking on the road in a quite relaxed look, people sitting in the inns and attics at the dock realized that this man was also a tough guy.

But they shew no look of amazement. After all, this was an unusual place where you could only earn more respects by being more ferocious.

“This way, sir! We will serve you the most delicious drinks and meals!”

Kris looked up sign saying “Gangster Inn.”

Quite fun!

Touching the growling tummy, he stepped into the inn.

Seeing that, shopkeepers of other inns had scornful smiles on their faces and thought, “The Gangster Inn? What an idiot!”

“I would like the drinks and meals of the first class.”

No sooner had he sit down by the window than dozens of gazes fell on him.

All of these gazes were smacking of malice, greed and wickedness.

Noticing Kris came in alone, these people, gathering in sporadic groups, instantly had it in mind to commit wrongdoings.

The supreme weapon hung on Kris’s belt, apparently, was a treasure.

Who dared to hang magic weapons on the belt straightly without any protection in the Infinite Sea?

Wasn’t it a sign to ask the wrongdoers to rob him?

“Drinking alone, pal? How boring! What if…“


The man’s head was chopped off in a flash of sword.

Kris picked up a cup of tea and took a casual nip, another flash of sword drew a line on the ground, and he said, “Die if you dare to cross the line!”

What a wild statement!

Some stout men at the later period of pill formation shot up, “How dare you…”

Zap! Zap!

Again, several flashes of sword were swung out.

Then the smell of blood in the hall were more and more easily recognized.

The shopkeeper frowned to call a waiter, “Don’t let them bother other guests, give a good sweep here.

The waiter appreciated his thought instantly, after dealing with the bodies, he went to the kitchen and told the stuff, “Extra dishes, please!”

The delectable meat dishes were soon placed on the tables.

“Please enjoy your…”

Before he could finish the sentence, the waiter was chopped into half by a ray of sword.

All people were flabbergasted by his act.

The shopkeeper put down the account book, staring at him with a fierce look, “Why did you kill him?”

“He crossed the line!” Said Kris with a grin.

Then all too soon a couple of qi focused on him, but Kris revealed no fears and said to the shopkeeper, “Come and eat them up, then I will spare your lives!”

“Kill him!” Said the shopkeeper coldly.

Kris let out a sign, “What’s wrong with doing business by law? Why do you guys operate such an inn?”

The sword energy engulfed the inn and killed all people on site, even including the shopkeeper at the primary period of primal spirit whose primal spirit was also vanished by the sword light.

Another sword light cut through the wall and minced the cooker who had been in charge of hacking off bones of men.

With a slight wave, the storage rings of the cooker and the shopkeeper flew to his palm.

Kris stood up and found that he was the only outsider.

The meat dishes they enjoyed with gusto were actually made by human flesh, obviously they were crueler than the monsters.

No wonder the Sea of Chaos would be regarded as the forbidden area for practitioner in the Infinite Sea.

He walked out the inn in a light and fresh mood, next, the gangster inn collapsed!

The shock made by the falling caused a splash at the dock.

Now, people looked at him in awe.

Kris left the dock and came to an island town.

Although called as a town, it was similar in size to the Wuwei City, living hundreds of thousands of people.

The streets were filled with practitioners. Some frolicking innocent children bumped against a middle-aged practitioner, they cried loudly, and then was kicked by the practitioner.

Then the children’s bodies swelled up and they transformed into various kinds of monsters.

The leader changed his shape into a giant blood-red wolf and swallowed the practitioner in a bite.

The bystanders, without turning a hair, cracked a joke, “How did this unlucky fellow dare to bully half monsters!

Half monsters?

Kris cast a glance at them.

The strongest one among these half monsters was just in the primary period of Beast King, not to say the weakest one who only reached the level of the beasts with intelligence.

They could, however, changed their shapes freely at such a young and feeble age.

Besides, they even had strong power.

These half monsters were the race with the wrath of heaven who were equipped with both human’s intelligence and monster beast’s robust physique.

The goal of Kris’s task, Nine Killing Taoist, was exactly a half monster!

The goal of the reward task was also very clear. Because of his hatred to the practitioners, Nine-Killing Taoist made a mass murder to them and used to lead the half monster armies to extinguish dozens of sects in mere one day.

But it was not easy to find him out as he was powerful and hid in the Sea of Chaos.

Kris followed the children for watching them and discovered that the older children were more easily to control the transformation while the younger and weaker would be more likely to lose their minds.

Kris heard amazing remarks that most of these children were raised by their single fathers, what about their mothers?

They were, of course, eat by their mad children.

That was the reason why human beings and monsters disliked half monsters.

Even a vicious tiger would not eat its hub. No wonder the half monsters would be cut off once their existences were exposed.

However, Kris thought that they could stave off the tragedy by keeping the half monsters from their mothers when they were born until they could control their strength freely.

But there still existed countless challenges, so what he said to Lord of Viper and Lord of Sparks were still far beyond feasible.

If they wanted to find Nine Killing Taoist, these young half monsters might be clues.

Kris followed the children, not worrying about exposure since it was not easy for such a strong man like him to be perceived.

The kids, led by the older one, running wild around the town aimlessly.

As the sky turned to the darker tint, the island quieted down. The town at night was more dangerous than that in the daytime.

An unwritten rule here forbade committing in-house murder because it would leave no place to stay for everyone in this island.

The discreet leader kept casting about and finally got the whole group of children and Kris into an alley.

Kris hid his breath, realizing that it was one of the important shortages because he was barely discovered by the kids.

Most of time, he would choose to have a fight no matter what tricks the enemies might play and never had he considered tracking.

Now he was aware of his mistakes.

His breath exactly served as a perfect GPS for the foes on the way of chasing him!

Luckily, it was not too late for him to realize it. He decided to learn a method for concealment after he finished this task.

Kris headed for the pitch-dark alley.

It was deep and cold, he could feel the thick atmosphere of grievance, which might be left by those who died here.

He used qi to target the leader.

But he kept following them in the distance in order not to be found.

After a couple of turnings and crossings, a house came to his field of vision.

The leader knocked the door and received a rough voice, “Have you been seen by others?”


Then the door opened ajar, the older kid led the followers into the room.

The door was closed again.

The intuition of an array master told Kris that there were several arrays for defense and attack setting outside of the house.

But he didn’t need to worry about this since he had the aptitude of boundary-crossing.

After waiting for a while, he went to a dark corner and exerted his aptitude.

Cross the boundary!

The consecutive failures consumed large amount of his physical energies.

He swallowed the vitality pills to fill the vitality in his body and tried again.

The sight was finally changed after he got a giddy feeling.

Here was a micro-space rather than a house!

As there were hundreds of houses with dozens of breaths in each one, he could discern that all breaths belonged to the half monsters!

Kris hid himself in nook, knowing that he broke in the base of half monsters.

At this time, the unknown divine spiritual power scanned around.

“Shit! Gonna be discovered!”

Kris exerted his aptitude again and divert himself out of the space.

Fortunately, he didn’t fail this time.

“Is it my illusion?”

A confused voice came in the darkness and then the divine spiritual power faded away.

Kris appeared at the island by using Golden Light Earth Escaping and took a rest on a rock.

It was too late for him to learn how to conceal his breath, but fortunately he owned a great deal of magic weapons with similar function.

Kris decided to refine the most satisfied one from his collection.

Chapter 482 Sneak in again
Xiaosan Gu

Chapter 482: Sneak in again

Breath muting jade pendant, Cloak of invisibility, Untraceable shoes.

These are all high-grade magic weapons and took at least a few days to refine before they were prepared for actual use.

But Kris only needed to leave a spiritual mark on it, so they would be ready for just primary usage.

Originally, only one magic weapon was prepared to be refined, but luckily he received three in the end, which was perfect.

The surface of the sea was gold and the sky was turning bright. Kris flashed to a hidden path and changed his appearance again and became a big man with a height of two meters.

The body muscle was incredible, the oppression could be sensed from far away.

He definitely looked like a body refining practitioner.

Everyone knew that there are three types of people in this world that are most difficult to deal with. The sword cultivator, body refining practitioner, and lastly, the bald badass(monk).

Walking on the island, Kris deliberately released his strong breath. He had a treasure gourd hanging on his waist, which was the top grade spiritual tool for wine.

People were getting more on the island. There are runes, magic weapons and magic pills vendors.

If what happened yesterday did not happen, Kris would have thought it was just an ordinary island like every island else.

The group of children appeared again. The leader was the eldest one that he met yesterday, but the children behind him were different.

Kris was good at memorizing. He followed that kid for a long time yesterday, and he won’t make a mistake as such.

He came to the nearby hotel and took out his treasure gourd, “shopkeeper, fill it with the best wine you have here!”

“Sir, please come inside.”

The bartender was smiling, Kris had a fierce breath, better not to provoke a guy like this.

If you wanted to survive in the Sea of Chaos region, you must learn how to observe the details of the surroundings and how to identify different kinds of people.

Kris threw his gourd and said, “fill it up!”

The bartender took the gourd. “My guest, this wine gourd is impressive. It can hold thousands ounces of wine. Are you sure you want to fulfil it?”

“Stop your bull shit, just do what I told you.”

Kris yelled impatiently.

“Stop it idiot, go and fill it up!”

The shopkeeper scolded the bartender, winked at him, and then answered to Kris, “my valuable guest, it will take a little time to fill up the wine. Which inn are you staying in? I’ll send someone to deliver it to you later!”

Kris glanced at him, sneering in his heart, trying to figure out my background?

Kris hit the table with one hand, the iron wood table was smashed into pieces.

This iron wood is not so expensive, but well known because of its hardness and durability.

This dude is a tough guy. The shopkeeper was shocked.

“Cut the nonsense. Fill it up now! I’m addicted to alcohol, and I’m gonna start killing if I don’t get enough drinks!”

In the eyes of Kris Chen, the intention of killing intention had appeared, and the frightened shopkeeper looked in the eyes of Kris, realized that he was not joking around.

This man is cruel and strong, he must have killed many people.

He was right. The imposing manner of Kris, who killed three accumulated spirits, was really beyond the resistance of ordinary people.

“Aye, aye, sir!”

The shopkeeper apologized quickly and respectfully. There were no rules in the Sea of Chaos region. If someone gets mad, they kill. As simple as that.

This is a paradise for the wicked.

“Good for you!”

Kris sat back in his chair.

Soon, the bartender came with the gourd.

The shopkeeper said with a smile, “my guest, this is the best Yushao wine in our shop, with a total of 1000 medium spiritual stones.”


Kris dropped a low grade spiritual stone on the table.

With a move of a finger, the gourd fluttered into his hand.

“How dare you…”

“Shut up!”

The shopkeeper yelled at the bartender, “Just take it!”

Just now the shopkeeper asked Kris about where he stayed, and Kris found out his intention immediately. This man is cruel, pisses him off is not a good idea.

Kris took a look at them and went out with laughter.

“Dad, let me get someone to finish him…”

The shopkeeper was quite disappointed at his son and said, “he almost killed me just now, but he didn’t. Do you know why?”

The bartender didn’t understand, “why?”

“Because killing us dirties his hands, he didn’t even bother doing it!”

The bartender took a deep breath and got goose bumps on the neck.


What Kris did in the wine shop soon spread all over the island, and many people knew that there was a rampant body refining practitioner on the island.

In fact, Kris did not hide his tracks at all.

Around the Sea of Chaos, the more high-profile you act, the more other people fear you.

This is the place where people bully the weak and fear the strong.

As he walked in the middle of the road, passers-by and carriages dodged one after another. Even the group of half demon children dared to touch him and only looked at him from a distance.

Intuition told them that this practitioner must be a real badass.

Kris chose one of the most popular inns.

It was not a black shop and was operating in the center of the island. If you want to keep the business for long term, its reputation and service are very important.

Do not suppose that there would be no legitimate and regular business shops in the Sea of Chaos region. In fact, there were many of them.

Because doing business here is much more profitable than outside, it all depends on whether you have the ability to protect your property.

Kris found a seat near the window and ordered the best meat dishes in the inn. It is said that the meat was made of some sea demon, which tastes delicious and incomparable!

After serving, Kris tried a few bites, and it was truly brilliant.

He was eating meat and drinking, but no one noticed him. Kris sat quietly and tried to collect information that was useful to him.

Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything valuable.

These people were bragging all the time and nothing was useful. In fact, he understood it is the best way to chat in such a place, because if someone said anything wrong or attractive, he would probably die.

No one dares to take the risk.

But one of the news was of great interest to him.

It was said that there was a fire mountain in the sea area of panic, which was a living volcano that erupts all year round. Some people had found the trace of spiritual fire in it.

Spirit fire, Kris always wanted to return to divine spirit fire, with the help of divine spirit fire, he could train himself for the Triple golden body technique.

It was absolutely possible for him to improve his strength again before breaking through primal spirit.

First of all, let’s finish off the mission of the sect, and then check out the spirit fire.

After dinner, Kris decided to treat himself well and get prepared, so he asked for the best room in the inn, waiting for night fall.

Time passed by, it was soon dark. Kris, who was lying in bed, suddenly opened his eyes. Sleeping must be the most comfortable thing to do for sure.

With the aptitude and physical skills, Kris appeared outside the inn without disturbing anyone.

As the body wriggled, Kris reformed his body again, and started to drive all three spirit weapons.

Kris’s body was hidden in the dark, like a place where a drop of ink integrated into a pool.

Before he came to the house again, Kris launched his aptitude. This time, Kris successfully broke into the house after three tries.

In this small space, Kris was perfectly hidden without any breath leak.

In the house, half demons were sleeping, and Kris kept on sneaking.

It may be that they were overly confident about their array, there was no one in the patrolling at all.

Who set the array here? This is a tough one. Does it have anything to do with Jiusha Taoist?

Just as Kris suspected, one of the doors opened and a head protruded out of the door. Kris fixed his eyes on the one who led the group of children during the day.

What does he want to do?

Kris was curious!

He followed him quietly, saw him taking turns one after another. Finally, he came to a hut, and opened the door like he had done it a hundred times before.

Kris was stunned by the scene inside. All the women were held in it, and they were all ragged and dressed without covering their bodies, all looked extremely weak.

“Mother, mother!”

He called softly.

Just then, a voice answered from the dark corner, “ShaMo *(Don’t kill in Chinese), is that my boy?”

The faint light of fire lit up, the half demon named ShaMo lit the fire torch, walked by quietly.

At a corner, he saw his skinny mother.

He was anxious, and spat a pile of meat out of his mouth.

Kris checked through his Divine spiritual power and almost vomited. The piece of meat which was sticky and full of stomach fluid was the practitioner they ate during the day.

That tragic practitioner, even his face, was eroded by the stomach fluid.

“Mom, eat… eat… will live!”

He was in a hurry. Why did he prepare so much food for his mother every day, yet she was still getting weaker.

The woman was in great pain. “Son, stop killing people, don’t eat other humans anymore… You are human, not a demon…”

“Mom, eat… eat…”

He said anxiously.

Just then, there was a sound of greed and hunger beside it. “If you are not willing to eat, let me have it!”

A thin woman, climbed over, eyes depressed, lying on the ground, started eating.

It sounded disgusting…More women were crawling closer for the meat.

ShaMo was afraid. “You… Get out of here, get out of here! This is… My mother’s… “

His eyes turned red and watery, but he dared not speak out. Once the law enforcement officers were alarmed, they would all suffer. He might not even see his mother again for a lifetime.

“You are human… How can you…”

The woman cried silently and lay down and started retching.

“If you wanna die, go ahead, don’t take us with you, this meat tastes better than those beef and pork. My body warms up after eating it, Is that what they call spirit power?”

“Elder sister, ask your son to bring more meat next time. I am pregnant now. I need to eat for two people. The meat he brought isn’t enough for me!”

“Bastard, bastard… Why are you still giving birth of sin?”

The woman really had no strength left and lay on the ground, her tears ran dry and began to tear blood.

“Mother, eat… Eat meat!”

Looking at the flesh and blood that was gradually being eaten on the ground, he was so anxious, and the scarlet light came out in his eyes.

His hands became hairy paws, sharp claws reaching towards the woman who was licking the flesh and blood on the ground.

“You… bully my… Mom, you are all bad!”

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