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Chapter 481: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 481 Happy to See

“What news?”

“Well…someone, calling herself your relative, did a big expose about you.”

Anna Xie was confused and asked, “expose? What?”

“It says…that you adored your cousin when you were a child and had incestuous thoughts about him. Now you’re trending.”


Anna got flushed because of anger. She really hated the god damn fake news.

“Anna, don’t get angry. Of course we do not believe it. But the one exposed the news with her real name, so it’s very convincing.”

The real name?

Anna squinted and took out her phone.

Soon, Anna found the tweet, carefully reading word by word.

After finishing it, Anna knew that it must be her aunt.

Anna originally thought that what her aunt could do was to curse and yell at her.

But unexpectedly, she was so cruel that she wanted to ruin her.

Although this was a wonderful move, it is not like something that she could do.

She was just a stupid shrew. What she could only do was to yell at her. Using media to hurt Anna was not something she would choose to do.

Although the tweet was not true, it’ s logical and precise. Obviously, someone wrote it for her.

But who was trying to frame her?

Anna was thinking.

See Anna did not speak, Zhang said, “Anna, don’t worry. The PR will certainly deal with this. But there are a lot of tabloid reporters focusing on you, so your schedule was changed, so that they won’t take advantage of you.”

Supporting her forehead, Anna nodded and said, “I see.”

“Now, I’ll go and contact the driver to talk about tomorrow’s route.”

“Okay, off you go.”

After Zhang left, Anna sat alone in a chair, not looking good.

At this point, it seemed that her aunt was going to screw her up.

But who was behind her?

It must be someone powerful supporting her.

As long as Anna found that power, she could follow the details and catch her.

And this was the only way she could get herself out of trouble.

Only, how to find that force?

Anna pondered for a moment and felt that it was better to start with her aunt.

When she returned to her apartment, she met her aunt.

Contrast to Anna’s pale face, rosy bloom was on her aunt’ s cheeks.

Seeing Anna, she sneered while eating fruit, “Anna, why do you look so bad? Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m fine.”

“A while ago you were always busy and I couldn’t see you. Why did you come back so early today?”

“Not busy today, so I come back early.”

The Aunt said in a strange way, “really? I think that you will be busy all the time. After all, you’re a big star.”

Anna observed her aunt’s reaction and said calmly, “Something happened and I need some time to deal with it. Before that, I can rest for two more days.”

“It’s good that you can have a rest. But don’t rest all the time.”

Aunt’s mockery was so obvious that she no longer bothered to disguise it.

Anna tilted her head and said with a smirk, “aunt seems to be gloating.”

Folding her arm, the Aunt sneered, “How is that possible? I am your aunt, of course I wish you well. Unlike you, you make things difficult for us all the time, just in case we get a better life than you.”

“If I do, why do I keep you at home?”

“Humph, that’s because you don’t have the guts to kick us out. Now I’ve got your secret, you will think twice before doing something.”

Anna squinted and said, “That tweet, it’s you, right? Tell me, who is helping you?”

“No one.”

“Do you think I’ll believe it?”

“I don’t care.”

Anna sneered and said, “Aunt, the stupidest thing you’ve done is to offend me and trust an outsider.”

The Aunt admitted it quickly and said, “What’s wrong with an outsider? She can give your cousin a good job. How about you? Though you are our relative, what exactly have you done?”

Anna raised her eyebrows and said, “It seems that my cousin’s job is the bargain. But do you really think that she will do anything for you?”


“Then what does your son get?”

“The manager and it won’t be long before he gets to work. We even go shopping today and buy him a suit.”

She was showing off, feeling extremely proud of herself.

Thinking about the shopping bag she just saw at the door, Anna got to understand.

That brand was not cheap, so the one behind was planning something else.

A little bit of fame and money could make her aunt so loyal. She was really a good pawn.

It’s just a pity that the Aunt didn’t even know her situation while she was complacent.

Stopping looking at her, Anna said, “aunt, you always think you’re smart, but you never thought that you’re used.”

She hummed disdainfully and rebuked, “How is that possible?”

“Why not? You are being used and I’m the target. You’ re just her pawns.”

But when the Aunt heard this, instead of worrying, she said smugly, “Pawns? I don’t care. As long as it benefits us. You are not willing to help us, so what do you get? You’ve lost everything.”

“Do you really think so? Don’t you know you will be the loser in the end?”

“Let’s see!”

Anna sneered and said, “you’re obviously incapable to talk to me about this. Because the pawns can’t see the end of the game, for they have been thrown away.”

The Aunt finally got something to show off, but she was repeatedly mocked by Anna.

This made the Aunt angry. Hands on hips, she said angrily, “Anna, all you wish is to put us in hell, right?”

“Of course I want you to be good, but there is a prerequisite. Treating you guys nicely doesn’t mean I can tolerate everything. I have my bottom line.”

“What, are you yelling at me now? Anna, don’t forget who you are.”

“Just because of my status, I can allow you guys to stay. But that doesn’t mean I’ll keep putting up with it. You better realize this so that it will better for us. Otherwise…”

“What do you want?”

Looking at her cousin, Anna said, “I don’t mind if my cousin’ s another finger gets cut.”

As soon as she heard this, her aunt was about to rush to Anna and bite her.

“You little bitch, are you threatening me?”

“I just want to let you know that I also have a bottom line. Don’t always provoke me, otherwise, we can’t have a happy end.”

After saying that, Anna turned around and went back to her room.

Aunt was so mad that she got up and wanted to rush over.

But her son stopped her and calmed her down.

The Aunt was grumbling. Most awful language you could imagine.

When she got tired, she sat down, panting.

“This little bitch. She doesn’t know me. How dare she threaten me?”

“Mom, dial it down, OK?”

Rolling her eyes, she her asked, “Things have come to this and we shouldn’t give up. Don’t you want to live in a big house like this?”

“Yes, I do. But it’s not ours.”

“Then find a way to make it ours.”

This made my cousin’s eyes light up and he asked, “What can we do?”

“I’ll make Anna willingly give us the house.”

However, her son thought the idea was impractical and shook his head frequently, saying, “That’s not possible.”

But his mother was confident and said, “It’s definitely impossible for you. You idiot. If it’s me, that’ s possible.”

“Then what good idea have you got?”

The Aunt mysteriously took out something and showed it to him.

“Look at this.”

As soon as he saw that, he got guilty and said, “Mom, I don’t use this often. It’s all because Dayong and the others encouraged me that…”

“I am not digging into this, but I want you to find a way to deal with Anna, so that she will be obedient.”

He was thinking and his eyes suddenly widened, with disbelief.

“Mom, you’re not trying to use this to control Anna, are you? Mom, this is too much.”

Putting it back, the Aunt hummed, full of disdain, “since Anna is unkind to us, we need to avenge. If she is obedient and shares good things with us, I won’t do this. Everything is her fault.”

“But, if Mr. Xiao knows that, he will definitely not let us go.”

“Silly son. When Anna has fallen into the trap, she will be our puppy. Do you think someone like Mr. Xiao will still keep her around? It’s too late.”

Nodding thoughtfully, her son said, “you’re right.”

With joy, she said, “Anyway, this time, we will not only avenge, but get some benefits. Two birds, one stone.”

What a good blueprint! But her son felt anxious.

Although he couldn’t tell why all this made him weird, he just didn’t feel safe.

Of course, he couldn’t say this to her mom, otherwise, she would certainly yell at him.

But she was right. Since things have come to this point, there was no way back. They could only choose to move forward.

One day, after receiving a phone call, the Aunt left in a hurry.

She wanted to take her son with her, but he played all-night games last night and couldn’t get up in the morning, so she had no choice but to meet Wei Yu alone.

From the window, Anna saw her aunt leaving, so she walked out of the room.

Walking downstairs, Anna deliberately passed her cousin’s room and made some noise.

He was having a good sleep, so he was not happy to be disturbed.

Opening the door, he grumbled and went back to catch up on sleep.

But Anna stopped him. Soon, she got to know where her aunt was going to.

Time waited for no man, so after dressing herself up, she went out.

She suspected that her aunt was going to meet with the one behind all this.

But when she saw Wei Yu, she realized that it was not her fantasy, but someone really wanted to ruin her.

Why was Wei Yu? Did she have a grudge against her?

The only thing that connected them was Yulin. Was he the reason?

Biting her red lips, Anna wore her sunglasses and hat and sat down at the table behind Wei Yu.

After taking a sip of coffee, Wei Yu asked casually, “what do you ask me out?”

The Aunt, with a flattering tone, asked, “Miss Yu, I want to ask, how about my son’s job?”

“It’s not something hard. A phone call will solve. Why do you ask me out?”

“Oh, since you don’t contact me, I still worry a lot.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve promised you, so I will definitely do it. The job thing is done and after the HR gets it, your son can go to work soon.”

“The position…”

“Manager, as I said.”

Getting this answer, the aunt was full of joy. She hadn’t been so happy in her life.

“Thank you so much, Miss Yu. You really help us a lot.”

With a smile, Wei Yu actually got impatient.

Casually ruffling her hair, Wei Yu said, “you’re welcome. You deserve this.”

“We will never forget your kindness. In the future, if there is anything we can do, just call us. We are willing to do anything for Miss Yu.”

“Thanks. I just want to help you two, for I don’t want to see Anna bully you.”

Speaking of Anna, the Aunt said, “That ungrateful girl. She doesn’t care at all about our relationship. How can she do this to me? When I have the chance, I will teach her a lesson.”

This made Wei Yu find she was closer to her success. What she said next seemed to comforted the Aunt, but in fact, every word she said provoked new conflicts.

“Show business is a place that can easily make people lost themselves because of money and fame. It’s not strange that she would forget you. You, be more careful and think more about yourselves.”

“You are right. Asking for help is not always a good plan. My son and I need to be strong.”

Raising her eyebrow, Wei Yu smiled and asked, “What do you mean by that? Do you already have a plan?”

The aunt snorted and said, “Yeah, this time, I’ll make her suffer.”

“Don’t go too far. Anna is still a girl. Be nice to her.”

“But I want to see her cry so that she can remember. She has to know I’m not someone she can bully.”

Looking at her resolute look, she knew she would never let Anna go.

And that was the result that Wei Yu was happy to see.

Wei Yu laughed and said meaningfully, “What you are going to do is your business, and I won’t stop you. All right, if there is nothing else, I’ll go first.”

Seeing Wei Yu get up to leave, she said, “Miss Yu, bye.”

The two over there ended their conversation.

And Anna, however, knew the storm was coming.

Now the situation was not friendly to Anna.

Someone who wanted to hurt her was living with her and it was impossible for her to guard against it.

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