“Aunt Logan, you are so beautiful.”

Chuck Cannon was full of admiration in his heart. Because of the wedding, Logan changed her clothes. The standard self-cultivation gown has drawn Logan’s exquisite curve, outline and vividly. It is so perfect and so beautiful. In this world, there are people who wear dresses. so pretty.

“Thank you,”

Logan said softly, she walked over to help Chuck Cannon lead the lead.

This was made by Logan’s tailor for Chuck Cannon long ago. It really fits, thinking about when Chuck Cannon will put it on, but he suddenly put it on today.

Chuck Cannon is embarrassed, “Aunt Logan…”

Logan is happy, Chuck Cannon is shy? This child is too innocent.

She put his tie on quickly, and Logan let him go.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. He now respects Logan, so he won’t think about it, but when Logan gets closer, Chuck Cannon will feel that this woman is perfect.

The skin on the face, even the corners of the eyes, did not have any wrinkles, but the light makeup showed a perfect exquisiteness. Chuck Cannon was dumbfounded just now. In Chuck Cannon’s mind, Logan and Yvette are equally beautiful women.

Fortunately, he recovered in time just now, otherwise, if it was discovered by Logan, so how embarrassed he would be?

“Chuck, let’s go,” Logan said.

Of course, Chuck Cannon was obedient and walked outside with Logan.

Get in the car and go to Logan’s classmate wedding scene!

As soon as he left, a car drove over. It was Yvette who had arrived. She saw a car coming out of this villa area just now. Is this Logan’s?

So Logan took Chuck Cannon out?

Of course, Yvette followed. First, she followed far away, of course, not for other reasons, but watched vigilantly to see if Black Rose was tracking somewhere.

However, Yvette was more surprised, because after following all the way, no suspicious vehicles were found. What’s the situation with this black rose?

Yvette’s eyes kept turning.

After a while, Yvette followed a very luxurious hotel far away!

Logan’s car got in, but her car couldn’t get in.

“Hello, do you have an invitation letter?” At the door of the hotel, four people strictly checked.

These people are all capable of fighting, Yvette can tell.

“Who is getting married inside?” Yvette asked.

“Miss Yan,” the man replied.

Yvette was a little bit stunned. Miss Yan that this man said, she hadn’t heard of it and didn’t pay attention to it.

But to be able to cover such a large hotel, then it is certainly not ordinary people.

“If there is no invitation of marriage, please go to another hotel these three days.” The man reminded.

Ms. Yan is not the four big families, but she is also a person with a good face. As the most important day of her life, it is normal to hold the most luxurious hotel in the capital to hold a wedding without letting all the idlers and others enter!

Yvette looked inside. She saw Chuck Cannon in clothes and Logan in tuxedo coming out of the car.

She didn’t have an invitation letter, so she would definitely not be able to enter, but, as a killer Yvette, using other methods to enter, then it is certainly not difficult.

Yvette drove away temporarily. After finding a place to park, she got out of the car. She usually wears a peaked cap and wears convenient jeans. Now Yvette is still like this.

She looked around the hotel for a while, found a loophole, and went in easily.

Being a killer, going in and out of this kind of place is nothing to say, otherwise, this kind of place will stump Yvette, so what kind of killer does Yvette do?

Yvette mixed in, but the women on the scene were all beautiful dresses, showing their bodies.

Yvette didn’t have the outfit as she didn’t come to attend the wedding, but simply dressed, even with a peaked cap, she was still the focus of many men’s eyes.

But how could Yvette care about this look? She wanted to find Chuck Cannon quickly, and then… “Kill him”.

However, many men are looking at other women. They were looking at Logan just now, but now they are looking at a woman who is not wearing a dress?

This must make women jealous, many women are staring at Yvette.

“Are you a waiter?” A lady came over and stopped Yvette. It was very simple. Her man was staring at such a woman. She must be upset!

Yvette frowned.

“I’m asking you something, did you hear it? This is Miss Yan’s wedding. You don’t wear a dress. Why do you come in? Isn’t it what you eat and drink for nothing?” The lady was angry.

Yvette’s eyes made her too uncomfortable.

“Security, security! Someone has come in!” the lady yelled.

Many people have seen it.

Yvette’s eyes were cold, and she didn’t do anything, so she came over to provoke herself? ?

“Still angry? A low-level person who came in, you still have the right to be angry?” The lady laughed.

This is originally the place where high-end people come here. Those who can attend this wedding are all high-end people. The appearance of this kind of woman with a peaked cap does not reduce the quality of the wedding? Bring down their own grade?

This must not work!

Yvette was silent for a few seconds. At this time, many people looked over because of the woman’s yelling, and there were also security guards with indifferent faces coming towards this side.

These security guards are definitely not Yvette’s opponent.

But Yvette didn’t mean to do it, because since Chuck Cannon came here to attend the wedding, he must know the person who married, maybe a friend, so how could she make trouble at Chuck Cannon’s friend’s wedding?

This is to save Chuck Cannon.

Yvette didn’t want to do this.

“Does this person have an invitation letter?” the security guard came over and asked indifferently.

“Looking at her kind of virtue, how could it be Miss Yan’s friend? There was absolutely no invitation letter to get in. You say, why are there such shameless people now? Even if you get in, you are still dressed like this. Isn’t this just telling others that I am here?! There are people with such silly pens, which is really amazing!” The lady was too lazy to say.

The women at the scene, except for the waiters, are all wearing noble dresses. How can anyone wear this?? It’s really spicy eyes, it feels like a rat shit and a pot of porridge.

Some onlookers looked at Yvette, and the security guard said indifferently, “Is there an invitation letter?”

“No,” Yvette did not lie, because of this situation, lying is useless.

“Then please go out!” Security guards came over.

Yvette was still looking for Chuck Cannon, but there were too many people to see, she was so helpless.

If this is a strange place without Chuck Cannon, then Yvette would have done it a long time ago, and would not wait until now, because she has this strength.

As a killer, after a bloody baptism, she has improved as quickly as possible!

These security guards cannot be Yvette’s opponent at all!

“I said that this person was mixed in, eating and drinking. It’s really shameless. It’s a happy day for people to get married. Why did she come in?” said the lady sarcastically.

Yvette glanced at her, her eyes chilled.

“What do you look at? Shameless, shameless, you still have the face to look at me? If I didn’t pierce you, would you still want to steal something after eating and drinking?” Staring at Yvette.

Yvette frowned. Other people pointed to Yvette. That’s right, this place is mixed in. Is there something wrong with her?

The people at the scene are either rich or expensive, can’t you join this kind of people of unknown origin, in case they steal something from yourself? It’s not a good thing for a thief to come in!

“I said the security of your hotel is like this? Such people can come in. I think your hotel has serious problems!” said the lady.

“Mr. Li, I’m sorry.” The security guard was polite.

“Huh, don’t you want to drive her out? Do you want me to keep my eyes down?” The lady was impatient. She saw her husband staring at Yvette. Is this horrible woman so pretty? Isn’t it just a better figure? She was so angry!

“Yes Yes!”

“Please go out!” The security guards were indifferent, and several security guards surrounded Yvette.

Yvette didn’t do anything else. Forget it. Waiting for Chuck Cannon outside was the same. Yvette didn’t care about this. He was taken outside by a few security guards. This lady sneered, but, at this time, an elegant The man’s voice rang, “Hold on!”

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