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Chapter 483 – 484: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 483: Slaughtered the demon lord

“Gosh… “

The woman’s shrill scream resounded through the place.

Those women who were lucky enough to survive withdrew one after another, “don’t kill us, we just want to live…”

“Sha Mo, wake up, run, run! Get out of here!”

The woman exhausted all her strength and cried desperately.

Just then, a voice rang out, “Running away? Where are you going?”

The great pressure was pressed down, and the half demon named Sha Mo was pressed on the ground instantly.

You, half human, half demon.

To some extent, they inherited the strict level of the monster race, such as blood suppression! (an instinct that pure and noble blood line gets to control the lower class)

The half demons who just came in were law enforcers, that is to say, they are primal spirits or supreme monsters. The suppression from bloodline made Sha Mo unable to move.

But he was still desperate to get up, “let go..of my…mom!”

The law enforcement officer sneered, “your mom is so stubborn that she refuses to join us and gives birth to half demon for us. She must die!”

“And if you kill our important matrix, you will die too!”

The law enforcement officer took out a golden rope, bound Sha Mo, then walked towards his mother step by step. There was no fear of death in the eyes of the woman. On the contrary, there was a sense of relief.

“Son, remember why I gave you the name Sha Mo, no killings!”

“My husband and I really love each other, and we will never regret it. But if you want me to eat my own kind, no way! Don’t forget that you have half the human blood in your body too! “

The law enforcement officer sneered, “human race blood, useless, long live the demon!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you die too soon. I will let these people nibble at your body bit by bit, and use spirit power to keep you awake and feel the pain of being eaten by others, by your own kinds!”

Meanwhile, he used the demon force to hold the woman to the side of the big belly pregnant woman and said: “Get over here now, here’s some extra meat!”

“Thank you, my Lord. Thank you, my Lord!”

A group of women, gratefully crawled over with their knees.

“No… Mother…”

Sha Mo was struggling on the ground, the demon power in his body had started to run wild. Even if he was about to die, he couldn’t watch his mother being eaten by these people!

But the golden rope was too strong, and he couldn’t get rid of it.

Seeing that the group of women gathered around, they were about to open their mouths. At this critical moment, a sigh rang out.

“Well, isn’t it good to be a human?”

A sword light flashed by. The law enforcers had no time to react. They were directly divided into several parts. Hot blood splashed all over Sha Mo’s face.

The women were screaming with fright.

Sha Mo struggled to raise his head, and his scarlet eyes showed a trace of doubt.

Who, who just did that!

The law enforcers were the strongest except the Monster Lord.

When he was in doubt, a man walked in, went straight to the woman, took out vitality pills, broke off half, dissolved it with spirit power, and poured it into the woman’s mouth.

“Thank you so much, master!”

The woman didn’t know that she had met an expert, so she thanked him at once.

With the vitality pill repairing her body, Kris didn’t stay long because he had been spotted.

He felt great pressure which was brought by this space.

“Show yourself!”

He had already been revealed, Kris had nothing to hide from.

He just wanted to see if there was anything to do with Jiusha Taoist, but he didn’t expect to see such a miserable scene.

However, Kris was born to be a man. There are some things that can be ignored, and some things can’t be regarded or pretend not seeing it happen.

If Kris allowed this woman to be devoured by these dehumanized animals today, it would be hard for him to feel at ease for the rest of his life.

It was about his heart of Taoist.

Kris was fulfilled by killing intention, and his momentum was gradually climbing to resist the pressure of this place.

Those half demon children below were also awakened, came out of the house and looked up at the sky.

Just then, a man in black appeared in front of Kris. His momentum was connected with this place, which was extremely powerful and vast like the ocean.

It was as if Kris was a small boat sailing in the sea, and it might capsize at any time.

“Was it you who broke in last night?”

The voice of the man in black was hoarse, and it was not his original voice, obviously altered.

“Are you the master of this space?” Kris did not answer but threw back another question.

“Tell me, how did you get in? Maybe… I will let you choose a comfortable way to die!”

The killing intention of the man in black was almost condensed into substance. Kris felt that his body suddenly became obscure, as if he was trapped in a quagmire, and was hard to move.

No matter how powerful his momentum was, he was just a fulfilled period practitioner. It was obviously difficult for him to break through the pressure of the momentum in this space.

But Kris had plan B, the sword intent!

At the moment of releasing the sword intent, the pressure and killing intentions were suppressed and dissolved in the air. Although it was still a little tensive, he was able to move freely.

“You are a sword cultivator!”

The man in black changed his voice, “who are you?”

Kris sneered, “The man who is about to chop off your head!”

The five thousand beams of sword energy were condensed in an instant, and Kris didn’t integrate the sword intent. He wanted to give him a sudden attack.


The sword light almost lit up the sky.

The man in black dodged away from the attack.

“Poor little man, is this the best you can do?”


Before he finished his words, a huge explosion sounded. At that moment, the heat wave reached the man in black and he did not have enough time to dodge that and was directly lifted into the air.

The black cloak he was wearing was also a magic weapon for defense. Even so, he was caught off guard and his internal organs were slightly injured.

Luckily, he used the space barrier to offset a portion of the shock wave.

Otherwise, it would cause more serious wounds.

He looked at Kris and thought it was probably his strongest attack.

And it didn’t kill him, so Kris would be the one who dies.

With a gentle grasp, the space was compressed, and the huge force of thousand tons instantly rolled towards Kris.

Kris had sword intent to protect his body, but it was certainly not enough.

And the pressure was still growing, two thousands, three thousands, four thousands…

Even the surrounding air was pumped out.

This might be what so-called a magic weapon of space, or some sort of space array. Or…it could be something similar to the space ring of Lord of Divine Yin, a broken space fragment.

But in any case, Kris was in the territory of others. He couldn’t stay for too long. He had to make a quick decision.

The sword intent was released with no reservation, and the pressure of tens of thousands of tons was excluded.

But Kris pretended to struggle.

Seeing Kris struggling, the man in black laughed, “There is a way to heaven, but you’ve chosen death. Within this space, I am the Supreme Master!”

After hearing this, Kris sneered at him. If he was really so pro, why didn’t he spot him yesterday?

Piece of shit, overestimating yourself.

And the man in black was very careless and didn’t use taoist strength to protect his body.

Either he was careless, or he was not an accumulated spirit practitioner at all!

This just gave Kris a chance.

“The sword of divine spiritual power!”

Kris would not give him a chance to react. The sword of divine spiritual power was as fast as lightning, and instantly chopped down.

The man in black was shocked to freeze. Within the next second, he felt his head blow up and an invisible sword was cutting his soul.


The man in black screamed out, “spirit attack!”

He was seriously injured with just one hit.

He managed to gather a trace of taoist strength, and Kris quickly withdrew his divine spiritual power.

“Want to turn on heels?”

Kris knew exactly what he was trying to do!

“Break the barrier!”

The next second, Kris appeared in front of the man in black. Five thousand beams of sword energy condensed lightsabers were mixed with sword intent and thunder intent.

“Die you bastard!”

The man in black didn’t have time to dodge and was directly split!

His soul was completely destroyed, only left a little aura consciousness, went into reincarnation.

With a move of his hand, the ring of storage flew into his hand, and the divine spiritual power swept through the space without fear, and no one else was found.

The body of the man in black fell to the ground and became a monster half man and half beast.

Kris took a look, it should be a combination of human and weasel.

“Oops, I should have spare a living one to speak!”

Kris touched his nose. These little demons certainly didn’t know anything, so he didn’t bother asking.

When he came back to the ground and looked at the little half demons in rags, he had mixed feelings.

Most of them had eaten people, and Kris didn’t know how to treat them.

Be kind?

Sorry, Kris couldn’t do that.


Neither could Kris.

In the end, there would be no one to guide them.

After entering the dirty hut, the woman, under the influence of vitality pills, had recovered a lot, at least she was able to sit up.

Seeing Kris, the woman quickly knelt on the ground, “thank you so much, thank you so much!”

She knew that the man had killed the demon lord!

“Get up.”

Kris untied the demon rope from Sha Mo’s body. Sha Mo looks at him like an enemy, protecting his mother behind him.

“Sha Mo, don’t be presumptuous. He is our benefactor, he saved our lives. Kneel down!”


Sha Mo’s eyes looked a little confused and was saying the word “Benefactor” repeatedly. He didn’t know the meaning of the word.

Afraid that Kris would kill Sha Mo, the woman explained, “forgive me. My child is still young and has never been brought up by me. I don’t know the rules of human relations.”

Sha Mo frowned and finally listened to the woman and knelt on the ground.

Kris shook his head. “At least he knows how to protect you!”

This was also the most troublesome thing for Kris. It was ok to say that the half demon boy is evil. He truly was. He killed people on the street, and even swallowed people without any hesitation.

But he was very filial to his mom and left food for her, even with life to protect her!

This showed that his humanity had not been completely wiped out by evilness.

“By the way, do you know how this space came into being? Is it an array or magic weapon? “

When the woman realized that Kris didn’t mean to kill him, she was finally relieved, “this space is a small and dilapidated microcosmos!”

Chapter 484: Disciple Sha Mo


A dilapidated microcosmos?

This was a big surprise to Kris.

And how did this woman know about it?

This woman must have a really strong background.

With the woman’s explanation, Kris gradually understood how this microcosmos came into being.

There was a sweet love story in it, but let’s leave out the story. The microcosmos itself was actually left by the dead husband of the woman.

Her husband was the monster emperor of the accumulated spirit and was once a close friend of Jiusha Taoist.

They traveled in the sea and accidentally broke into the sea demon’s graveyard. In the cemetery, the woman’s husband harvested a spirit weapon. It was ranked as a middle grade spirit weapon and Jiusha got really jealous, therefore he captured the daughter and wife and forced her husband.

After a series of sneak attacks, her husband died and eventually even the woman herself became a prisoner.

As for why Jiusha didn’t kill them, probably because he was a little ashamed of what he had done.

This piece of dilapidated microcosmos had also been regarded as the training base of the half demons.

The fate of these women captured from the outside world were doomed, they were constantly used as fertility machines.

Jiusha kept inculcating these half demons with the idea of hating human beings, and cultivated them into killing machines without self thinking.

Kris nodded.

From the woman’s complaint, Kris learned that Jiusha had owned the middle grade spirit weapon, which was not easy to deal with.

The opponent was a monster emperor with a spirit weapon on hand. He was no match fighting alone.

The red blood was still sleeping, and the spirit weapon can’t play half of its power. Now he had only 60% confidence in what was once a sure thing.

“What is the noumenon of Jiusha?”

“I once heard my husband say that his essence is a hydra, but because of the human blood line, his blood is not pure. The Hydra has nine kinds of magical powers, yet he has only five.”

Five magical powers?

That’s still a lot!You should know that so far, the only power that Kris had was golden light earth escaping, and he had not yet completed his fulfilled period.

As a result, Kris had only 50% confidence left.

This task had suffered a great loss. Let alone the sectarian contribution value of 20000, even if it’s 40000 or 50000, it still wasn’t worth a try.

And at where he was, there were a whole lot of half demons, it was like standing alone against an army.

But back to the point, if he could seriously knock down Jiusha, he would make a great fortune.

No matter how many spirit weapons there were, it never fulfilled Kris’s desire. Even if he couldn’t use them, he could save them for further use. When he broke the barriers of the world, he could give them to his wife and child.

“I’m supposing this microcosmos could be controlled artificially?”

The woman nodded, “yes.”

The woman thought about it and told Kris how to manipulate the microcosmos. In fact, it was quite simple. This microcosmos was directly condensed into a mace by her husband with great magic power.

That is to say, the space was actually the internal of the mace, and it should be considered as a half spirit weapon.

That makes sense. No wonder Kris had tried more than a dozen times and failed with no exception.

Referring to the spell, Kris marked his spirit on the mace.

At that moment, Kris was blessed to his heart, and every little move inside the microcosmos was captured by him.

“By the way, elder sister, I have a question. The monster that I’ve just killed, he could control this space too, does that mean he marked his spirit on this mace as well?”


The woman shook her head. “He always wanted to trick and learn the spell from me, but I didn’t tell him, he used the method of blood sacrifice instead. Although he manipulated the microcosmos, its power was less than half.”

Blood sacrifice naturally uses human blood to contribute to the spirit to obtain short-term power, which is similar to that of a heavenly monster under the monster jail mountain.

Fortunately, the woman didn’t tell the spell to the monster, otherwise the fight would be much harder for Kris.

If the monster had the help of the spirit, hundreds tons of giant force would crush down, and Kris might not be able to survive through that damage.

At the thought, he was sweating heavily.

“I shall never be so impulsive again”, he thought to himself. This time he got lucky, but good luck will not always favor him.

“Benefactor, I dare to ask, what’s your plan for us?”

“No idea yet.”

Kris shook his head!

These half demon kids, and these pregnant women with half demons, are all guilty.

But in the Sea of Chaos region, how many people have never killed anyone? Probably none.

In fact, when he saw these pregnant women eating meat, he almost lost control.

But on second thought, they did nothing wrong. Everyone has the right to live and eating human meat was because they had no other option.

Eat meat or starve to death. That was cruel.

Oh, yes!

Kris suddenly thought of Lord of Viper and Lord of Sparks. Maybe it’s better for them to deal with this matter!

He quickly took out the two people’s communication stone, leaving them a message about what was going on.

They didn’t even think about it as they decided to leave for the Sea of Chaos.

“Come on, someone will take you for the rest of the path.”

After that, Kris was about to leave. The woman knelt on the ground and said, “benefactor, wait a minute!”

Kris turned around and said, “Anything else?”

“I… I have an ungrateful request. As long as you promise me and I will prepare you a generous gift in return.”

“Since it’s an ungrateful request, needless to say, I’ve done everything I could.”

Kris didn’t want to have too much to do with them.


The woman knelt on the ground and lowered her body to the ground, “I would like to present my husband’s secret collection!”

Secret collection?

What secret collection?

Kris came to be interested. “Tell me about your request first. As for the secret collection, you don’t have to tell me what it is. Tell me if I promise to help. If not, don’t bother telling me about the details of the collection.”

Kris understood that he saved their lives but harvested an half spirit weapon as return, they were already even.

He was never a greedy person.

When the woman heard what Kris said, she knew in her heart that she was really meeting a man of integrity today, and she couldn’t miss such a good opportunity.

“Please accept my son as a disciple, help him get rid of demon characteristics and teach him the truth of being a man!”

Take in a disciple?

Kris touched his chin. He had always been a loner…..with three puppies.

He did have two disciples on earth, but his idle nature was like clouds and wild cranes and was just not a good master.

He was about to refuse but then saw the woman spitting blood.

He was surprised, “You… What happened to you?”

The woman cleaned up her mouth. “I don’t have much time. My primal spirit was pulled out, my divine spiritual power withered, all acupoints collapsed. It’s way beyond my expectation to be able to hold on for this long.”

“Benefactor, after my death, no one cares about my child. He is not bad in nature. Although he killed people, he was just trying to save me, and he never ate or swallowed people! Please accept him, I am begging you!”

Sha Mo (Don’t kill in Chinese), holding her mother, tearing like rain pour, “Mom… Mom…”

“Benefactor, this is my last and only wish. Please take my son!”

After thinking for a while, Kris finally nodded, “well, I promise you, I’ll take your son!”

Killing people in order to save his mother was still justifiable, but cannibalism shall never be tolerated. He didn’t want to take Sha Mo because he thought Sha Mo ate people. But the mother’s words dispelled his deep resentment.

“Come on, Sha Mo, kneel down and kowtow(to show sb in authority too much respect and be too willing to obey them) to your master!”


Sha Mo was flustered when he realized that his mother was about to leave him.

“Get down on your knees!”

The woman raised her voice!

Sha Mo knelt down and kowtowed nine times to Kris.

“Get up!”

With the help of Kris, Sha Mo was lifted up by a gentle force.

“Thank you so much, thank you so much!”

“if you dare not listen to the master’s words, I will never recognize you as my son again!”

Sha Mo was scared to kneel on the ground and shake his head non stopping!

“Benefactor, my husband was touring the sea with Jiusha Taoist. In the sea demon tomb, they found not only the spirit weapon, but also a high grade spiritual stone mine under the sea, which may even contain divine spiritual stone.”

“Don’t worry, Jiusha didn’t know about it. In addition, there is an island named Sirius Island, located in the north three millions miles away from the Sea of Chaos. Which is the place where my husband became a Taoist. There are treasures collected for thousands of years. JiuSha didn’t know about it either!”

Having said these two things, the woman told him the location of the tomb and the way to enter it with the last bit of vitality.

Sirius island is the place where the woman’s husband became a Taoist. He was afraid of the place being destroyed, so he used great spirit power to sink the island into the sea, and used the spiritual formation to isolate the sea water. It took a specific spell to make the island resurface.

After saying the spell, the woman looked at Sha Mo kindly, “remember, listen to your master’s words!”

Words fell, the woman stopped breathing.

Sha Mo was overwhelmed by tears.

This is an admirable mother. Kris didn’t even know the name of the woman or her husband.

For the sake of their children, they put their hopes on Kris, what’s more, they did not hesitate to tell the two secrets in order to exchange for their kid to keep on the right and justice path in the future.

Kris tried to get Sha Mo out of the microcosms. Yet Sha Mo was holding his mother numbly and refused to let go.

Ask him to save his sorrow?

Kris couldn’t say such stupid words under this kind of circumstance.

If he wanted to stay with his mother for a little while, let it be. Kris gave him a storage ring. He made a coffin for the woman with dark wood, so that the woman’s body can be protected from decay for a few hundred years.

After all this, Sha Mo knelt on the ground, “Thank you… Thank you, master!”

“Get up!”

Kris took him to the inn, took a bath, dressed him clean clothes, and cut the grass like hair for him.

However, his demonic nature was still a big trouble, it would take a long while in order to alter it.

On the next day, Kris’s voice stone started to vibrate.

“Brother Diao, we have arrived. Where are you?”

There was a grin on Kris’s face. So Lord of Viper and Sparks had arrived.

With the strength of Golden Light Earth Escaping, Kris carried Sha Mo to a small island which was about 800 miles away!

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