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This is an elegant voice.

Yvette was taken aback, turned her head to see that he was a handsome man in a suit, holding a glass of red wine with his mobile phone.

But Yvette has no feeling for this kind of man, no feeling at all!

But when the others heard this voice, they all stepped aside subconsciously, not dare to stop the man at all.

Even the lady who laughed at Yvette just now dare not speak any more.

“It’s Master Zeng!”

The security guard of the hotel shuddered, this is the young master of the Zeng family of the four major families!

“She is my friend.” The man walked over.

Smiled slightly at Yvette, amiable.

“Huh?? It turned out to be a friend of Master Zeng, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” several security guards apologized quickly.

He didn’t dare to surround Yvette anymore. This is Young Master Zeng’s friend. Didn’t after they see that they would continue to surround her? ?

“Just now you said she was eating and drinking?” The man rolled his eyes to look at the lady.

The lady shivered and hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry, it’s me who looks down on others.”

She is rich in the capital, but she is nothing compared to the four big families.

How dare to talk back to this man!

Unexpectedly, this woman is actually a friend of Master Zeng, is she, a friend of Master Zeng, why is she dressed like this?

“Dog? What kind of dog?” the man asked.

“What kind of dog would I say, nothing.” The lady turned pale.

“Go eat your food, and don’t look down on others, I can…” the man said.

“Master Zeng, don’t worry, I will never do this another time.” The lady ran away quickly, she was scared, what if this b***h made herself apologize??

“Everyone, is there anything good here?” The man looked at the people around him faintly.

The people watching around hurriedly dispersed. How can the security guards continue to stay? Also left in a hurry.

The man smiled and came over, “Hello,”

“Thank you,” Yvette said, “but I’m not your friend, I don’t know you,”

“My name is Zeng Changke!” The man was personable.

“En, thank you,” Yvette was expressionless, but her tone was still thankful.

“Excuse me, what’s your name?”

“Thank you.” Yvette didn’t want to say more, she came to find Chuck Cannon, and she hated this kind of conversation.

“No thanks.” The man shook his head.

Yvette walked into the crowd, the man followed, Yvette turned around, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Hold this, then no one would dare to let you out.” The man took out a card.

This is the highest VIP card of the hotel!

His name is on it!

“Thank you, when I find my husband, he won’t let me be kicked out,” Yvette didn’t answer this.

If you find Chuck Cannon, you will be kicked out?

“Do you have a husband?” The man was a little surprised.

“Yes, I have a husband, thank you for your help,”

Yvette walked into the crowd without saying much.

The man’s eyes narrowed, and the corners of his mouth curled up, “It’s a little bit interesting, knowing my identity, but still so calm, is she pretending? Haha, how beautiful! Last time there was a woman who pretended not to know me, is this right??”

He became so interested. Suddenly, he looked at Yvette who walked into the crowd and smiled, “Do you have a husband? Haha, I don’t believe it,”

As the young master of the Zeng family, he has read countless people.

Yvette’s walking posture told him that there was an 80% chance that Yvette was still intact, so how could she have a husband?

Looking at these aspects of women, he has done a lot of research!

Of course, Yvette didn’t know that she had been seen walking, otherwise, she would be very angry! Even murder!

Among the crowd, Chuck Cannon and Logan were drinking in the corner. Logan didn’t entertain anyone. Anyway, after attending the wedding, she would take Chuck Cannon back.

The black rose never appeared, and Logan also felt that she must be cautious.

Chuck Cannon was actually a little hungry and wanted to eat something. He said to Logan, Logan smiled. Anyway, there is something to eat there. You can eat something to pad before the banquet begins.

Logan feels relaxed and happy with Chuck Cannon.

She liked the feeling of getting along.

At this time, some people came over to greet Logan. These were Logan’s business friend, who were all beautiful women.

Logan introduced to Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon called them his sister, these beautiful women giggled, and a beautiful woman leaned in Logan’s ear and said, “Ms. Logan, this is yours…”

“I’m his aunt,” Logan said seriously.

She doesn’t like such gossip.

“Then do we have a chance? I like it.” The beauty smiled.

Logan is serious, “Don’t be kidding, my family’s strategy is simple,”

Yes, in Logan’s heart, Chuck Cannon has always been very simple.

“It can be seen,” the beauty knew Logan’s character, of course, she didn’t dare to joke more.

After all, things gather together, and people who can become Logan’s friends will be enough.

“Does this Chuck Cannon have a girlfriend? My niece can be introduced to him,” said the beauty.

“He… has a wife,” Logan felt lost in her heart and did not hide it.

Chuck Cannon does have it, and it is Yvette who is younger than Logan herself.

“He’s so young? Shouldn’t he? He should be only twenty years old?” Several beautiful women were surprised.

“Well, he grew up together since childhood,”

“That’s no wonder, childhood sweetheart!” The beauty was surprised.

Seeing Chuck Cannon are pleasing to the eye a lot. he is still very innocent to be able to be with the childhood sweetheart. After all, men like the new and dislike the old. It is really rare to be able to do this.

“En, yes,” Logan looked at Chuck Cannon gently.

Chuck Cannon was eating. Of course, he didn’t mean to listen to these women.

“Aunt Logan, I’ll go to the bathroom,” Chuck Cannon said after drinking.

“I’ll be with you,”

“No, Aunt Logan, I’ll be back right away. Let you talk to some older sisters,” Chuck Cannon shrugged, and the toilet was right next to him.

Besides, Logan can’t enter the men’s bathroom either!

“Okay, just call it if you have anything,”


Chuck Cannon went to the toilet.

“You care about him too much, too? Do he needs you to be followed to the toilet?” The beauty was surprised.

“My family, Chuck is in danger, so I must follow.” Logan didn’t look away from Chuck Cannon. She waited for Chuck Cannon to walk into the toilet. She was not at ease but was even more worried. To be honest, she wanted to follow in, even if she was a woman. The toilet does not matter.

“No wonder, this Chuck Cannon has a good aunt like you, he must be happy,”

“Yes, he is happy!”

Logan is a bit bitter, aunt? Okay.

Logan watched and didn’t leave a bit, but suddenly, she was a little bit astonished, “Why did she come?”


“Chuck’s…wife,” Logan felt uncomfortable.

“Really? Then I’ll see what his wife looks like later,”

“At the very least, she can’t be uglier than General Logan.”

Several beautiful women said with a smile.

Chuck Cannon entered the toilet. He washed his hands after going to the toilet. Suddenly, there was a voice behind him, “Husband, don’t move…”

Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised. He turned his head busy and saw Yvette wearing a peaked cap.

She saw Chuck Cannon entering the toilet just now, so she followed in.

“Wife, why are you here?” Chuck Cannon couldn’t describe how he felt at this time. He was so surprised.

It’s been a long time since Yvette was here?? Yvette was wearing a peaked cap, but her pretty face, she still couldn’t hide it.

“I…I’m here to do things,” Yvette said, “husband, let’s go out and say okay, this is the men’s room,”

Yvette was embarrassed. She thought it was nothing just now, but now she doesn’t think so, but she saw Chuck Cannon wearing a suit, so handsome today.

She is a bit i***t, think Chuck Cannon is the most handsome, the young master just now is ugly.

Chuck Cannon smiled, “What are you doing here?”

“Husband, won’t you go out?”

“Nothing.” Chuck Cannon joked and finally had to stay alone with Yvette.


“What are you doing?”

“Me?” Yvette said to Chuck Cannon, “husband, get closer and I will tell you.”

Chuck Cannon laughed, Yvette was shy, he was originally in such a place, but fortunately, no one came in.

Chuck Cannon approached. Yvette was near to Chuck Cannon’s ear to tell her husband, she was here to kill him, but, with that said, does Chuck Cannon know what she does??

“Husband, I miss you, so I come to see you,” Yvette said.

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