Chapter 483: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 483 A Selfish Woman

Anna Xie took a deep breath and turned around. She looked at her assistant and asked, “There is a new segment added to the activity, why didn’t you tell me?”

It was the first time the assistant saw Anna lose her temper, she froze and said timidly, “I didn’t know that you didn’t know that, and I thought that it had all been communicated.”

“I didn’t mention the makeup bag at all before the shooting, nor did I organize it, don’t you think it’s strange?”

The assistant looked bewildered and shook her head.


Anna smiled and said a word, but that smile, however, made people tremble.

Carefully looking at Anna, the assistant asked, “Sister Anna, are you all right?”

“I’m fine, but you, may have to change an employer.”

The assistant was stunned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’re fired!”

Anna said, got up and left.

And the assistant stayed where she was, and her face was full of helplessness.

When she returned to her apartment from the office, Anna looked very tired.

Auntie was watching TV, and when she saw Anna coming back, she immediately got up and welcomed her.

“You’re back so early today, I thought it would be very late.”

Anna hung her head and said, “I’m tired, I’ll go to my room first.”

“Well, when dinner is ready, I’ll bring it to you.”

Anna ignored her auntie and closed the door.

Her cousin chewed gum in his mouth and said carelessly, “It’s not so good to be in the entertainment industry, look at Anna, she’s so tired every day.”

At this moment, auntie didn’t smile, said coldly: “You only see she is tired, but you didn’t see how popular she is. People shouldn’t be greedy, or in the end, they will get nothing.”

After taking a shower, Anna wiped her hair with a towel.

Auntie carried the meal and knocked on Anna’s door with a smile.

“Anna, you must not have eaten dinner, I made you clay pot rice, just have some.”

Auntie had always been lazy, how could she take the initiative to cook for her? There must be something wrong here.

After looking at her auntie, Anna said, “Thank you.”

“Don’t always think about losing weight and not eating. Women, it’s better to be plump and have good fortune. You are going to be a noble lady, you need more meat to look rich.”

Auntie chattered on and on, and Anna felt more annoyed.

Patiently dealing with the situation, Anna sent her auntie away.

Then, she looked at the clay pot rice and frowned slightly.

Getting up, Anna poured the bowl of rice into the toilet, then took out some cookies from her bag to eat.

From that day on, Anna didn’t even eat or even drink water at home.

But she disguised herself so well in front of her auntie that she didn’t notice.

Auntie only thought that Anna was keeping in shape and ate very little on purpose.

But it didn’t matter, as long as she fell into the trap, Anna, was finished!

A few days later, a shocking news came overwhelmingly.

A new star in the film and television industry, suspected of drug taking, had been controlled by the police.

A crowd of people was watching the scene of bustle, they were waiting for the police to give the results of the urine test, and then cut off the star’s acting career and completely disappear from the acting world.

However, things turned around when the urine test results showed that the star was innocent.

Soon, the star held a press conference to denounce the false report and cried about the fact that she was framed.

Taking advantage of this conference, the star also explained the false reports from the last time and pointed the finger at her auntie.

In the star’s accusation, her vampire-like aunt was exposed, and all the abominable acts were scorned by people.

Not only that, the police also intervened in the matter and directly arrested her auntie and her cousin.

Now, Anna’s life finally returned to peace and Qiqi was able to return to her apartment.

Having solved a big problem, Anna should be happy.

However, Anna felt so tired and exhausted that she really wanted to leave everything here and found a place where no one knew her and hid herself away.

But Anna didn’t have the chance to do so, and soon, another trouble came to her.


Inside the luxurious restaurant, Anna and Yulin Xiao were sitting face to face.

The melodious violin music made the atmosphere peaceful.

Yulin moved elegantly cutting the steak and telling Anna interesting things.

Although Yulin’s words were humorous, Anna’s smiled unwillingly.

She knew that Yulin had invited her to dinner today, not to tell jokes.

Sure enough, after a while, Yulin put down his knife and fork and sighed.

“Anna, I’ve been waiting for you to tell me the truth.”

A trace of discomfort flashed across her lowered eyebrows.

Raising her head and meeting Yulin’s eyes, Anna didn’t hide anymore.

“I know what I’m doing on my own, I can solve it myself.”

“That’s your solution?”

“I cleared my name, isn’t that the solution?”

Yulin shook his head and said, “This is only your solution, but not mine. Anna, you are still selfish.”

This accusation made Anna feel baffled.

“On the surface, you used this incident to get rid of the troublesome relatives, Wei Yu who had bad intentions, and you also raised your popularity. But what about me, my family, would they let me get involved with a woman with such a complicated background?”

These words made Anna stunned.

So, what Yulin was worried about was this.

Her smile suddenly became a little bitter, Anna bowed her head, said: “I am such a person, I can’t hide that I am poor. In the time of dating me, you should already know. Now if you regret, you can also ……”


Before Anna finished her words, Yulin suddenly called out to her in a very serious manner.

“What I want to hear, is not that!”

“Then what do you want to hear?”

“Is it that difficult for you to rely on me to solve the problems?”

Anna was silent and then said, “If I can solve it myself, why should I rely on others? You should be happy that I’m not troubling you.”

“If two people are not willing to trouble each other, do you think, this relationship can still last?”

When Yulin said this, his tone was a bit vicissitudes, which made Anna couldn’t help but look up.

Their eyes met, but Anna suddenly heartily misplaced her eyes.

Can I really rely on him?

Anna asked herself but only found there was no answer, or rather, she simply did not have the courage to think about the answer.

Yulin’s love was like a mountain, Anna stood on it and enjoyed the picturesque scenery, but she could also fall into the abyss in a moment.

Anna wanted to control herself whether to go forward or backward.

But now, Yulin wanted to deprive her right, Anna was afraid, but also more uneasy.

Yulin looked at Anna with eagerness.

But Anna’s long silence made him disappointed.

The lowered eyelashes covered the anger in his eyes, Yulin got up and said coldly, “I’ll send you back.”

On the way back, no one spoke.

Until Anna walked to the door of the apartment, Yulin did not say a word.

Anna sighed, then opened the door.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Qiqi ran out from inside.

At this moment, Qiqi still had a mask on her face, and when she saw Anna, she was stunned.

“Huh, didn’t you go to dinner with Yulin, why this expression?”

Throwing the bag onto the sofa, Anna sat on it with a tired expression.

“Don’t mention it, we had a cold war.”

“Ah, why?”

“Because ……”

Because what? I couldn’t act like a little woman to rely on him?

Anna smiled, feeling herself really stupid.

Yulin wanted her to rely on him, she’d better agree, even if she could not do so, just said something nice to coax him, why she must be so candid to make him unhappy?

The reason for the quarrel really made her speechless .

Seeing Anna’s bitter expression, Qiqi did not ask further questions, said: “Forget it, take a shower, then go to bed.”


Patting Anna’s shoulder again, Qiqi turned around and went back to the room.

Anna sat there alone for a long time before she slowly stood up like an old crone, and went back to her room.

On the other side –

Inside a bar, men and women gathered together, recklessly enjoying the life.

But in the corner, a man just drank without saying anything.

The man was not badly dressed, and his appearance was not bad at all, so the women around him were attracted by him.

But none of them could succeed in talking to the man, they were all scolded away by the man.

After a long time, there was another person sitting next to Yulin.

Yulin was about to raise his head to reprimand, but paused for a moment when he saw her appearance.

Tilting his head and drinking a glass of wine, Yulin’s voice was hoarse as he said, “Your purpose has been achieved, Anna and I quarreled, are you satisfied?”

Wei looked at him calmly and said, “That’s not my purpose.”

“Then what do you want, to see us completely break up? Wei, you can get married and have children, are you going to let me be alone?”

“It’s not that I mind you getting a girlfriend, but I mind you finding the right person so quickly. As for me, I haven’t come out so far.”

“You chose your own path, you can’t blame anyone else. Also, this time, I won’t just let it go. I will never show mercy to those who want to trouble me!”

Hearing this threat, Wei smiled demonically instead of being worried.

“Even if I will pay a great price for this, I am still happy.”

“Are you crazy?”

Approaching Yulin slowly, Wei laughed and said, “I’m certainly happy to see you being so sad because of others. And through this incident, I found a secret.”

“What secret?”

She slightly opened her res lips, Wei seemed to be unleashing a spell. She said, “Do you know why you two are in a cold war? Because Anna doesn’t love you so much, or rather, not as much as you hope.”

These words made Yulin’s pupils shrink and he retorted, “You’re not her, so who are you to say that.”

“Involvers always get confused while outsiders can be more clear.”

“Hmph, just nonsense!”

“Whether it’s nonsense or not, you know very well in your own heart. I know that you will not let me continue to stay in the Capital City, so I will leave soon. I believe we will not be able to see each other for a while, so, before I leave, I wish you break up early!”

After saying that, Wei got up and left, while Yulin’s expression, gradually became hideous.

Drinking one cup after another, Yulin became more and more manic, and finally, with a group of people approaching him, he exploded.

Screaming, hissing, and the sound of breaking glass mixed together, it made people’s eardrums were going to turn into pieces.

Yulin seemed to be powerful all the time, constantly swinging his fists, knocking down one people after another.

But two fists couldn’t beat four hands, Yulin finally exhausted, fell to the ground.

Under the paralysis of alcohol, Yulin could not feel pain.

Before he passed out, he saw someone run to him, squatted down, and shielded him.

Yulin was no longer in the mood to consider who the people was.

He only felt that he was tired and wanted to sleep for a while.


Anna was sleeping when she suddenly heard someone knocking on the door.

Frowning and getting up, Anna went to open the door.

But when she saw the person outside the door, she was awake instantly and only shocked.

At this moment, standing outside the door, were Chuxue Ye and Zhao Nangong, and Yulin who hanging on Zhao’s body.

Yulin had already passed out, and his body was still wounded.

Although the wound had been treated, it still looked shocking.

“Give way first.”

Chuxue pushed aside Anna and asked Zhao to put Yulin on the sofa.

Anna, who came back to her senses, asked, “What happened, why was he like this?”

Chuxue took a deep breath and said, “Yulin went to a bar alone to get drunk, he drank too much and got into a fight with others. We received a call to pick him up, but he refused to go, no way, we had to say that we take him to see you, and only then he stopped going crazy.”

“Get drunk!?”

Anna couldn’t understand.

Chuxue picked up a glass of water and took a sip, frowning with a disgusted look, and said, “Well, you quarrel, just quarrel okay? Don’t always make it so alarming. If there are a few more times like this, I will get a heart disease.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Do not say sorry to me, now I have sent him to you, if there is a problem, you solve it yourselves.”

After saying that, Chuxue and Zhao left.

Sending the two of them out of the apartment, Anna turned back, looking at Yulin who was sleeping on the sofa, and didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, Yulin was already drunk and unconscious. Anna helplessly looked at Qiqi who was woken up and said, “Help me move this guy to the room.”

The two of them worked together to move Yulin to Anna’s room, and Anna prepared to undress him to take a bath.

Qiqi left, and in the room, only Anna and Yulin were left.

However, just when Anna was concentrating on unbuttoning him, Yulin’s arm crossed and directly pressed Anna down.

“Anna, you’re really hateful!”

Yulin didn’t open his eyes and grunted hoarsely.

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