Chapter 485 – 486: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 485: Naihai Sect

“Long time no see! Diao.” The lord of Vipers smiled and bowed to him.

“Good to see you, Mr. Viper and Mr. Sparks!” Kris smiled back and said.

After chatting with them for a while, Kris pointed to Sha Mo and said, “Gentlemen, this is my disciple, a half-demon fighter, can you have any good way to get rid of his demonic nature?”

Obviously, it was not a good question for the two Monster Emperors.

The lord of Viper took a look at the boy beside him and asked, “You mean this boy?”

“My disciple, this is the Lord of Viper!”

Sha Mo was a pious boy, and he kneeled on the ground, kowtow to the Viper three times and said, “It’s my honor to see you, the Lord of Viper!”

Viper smiled and nodded to him, “I’ve heard your story, I know you are a good boy.”

He took out two bracelets and continued to say, “This bracelet was from my friend in Moke Sect, although it is only an inferior Taoist weapon, it can calm the soul and eliminate the anger effectively.”

More importantly, this was what Sha Mo needed.

“Thank you, the Lord of Viper.” Said Sha Mo.

The Lord of Viper was a generous master, indeed, for a Taoist weapon was a real treasure in this world.

“Come on, my disciple, this is the Lord of Sparks!” Said Kris.

“It is my honor to see you, the Lord of Sparks!”Said Sha Mo.

“Good boy, come here!”The Lord of Sparks took of a book of martial arts and said, “I had a heaven-leveled skill book from a half-demon friend of mine in the past, now I will give it to you.”

He took out the book which was named the Treasure Light, which could help you to re-build your body and improve your strength. It was a wonderful book to set the foundation for one’s body strength.

Sha Mo was grateful to their generosity for he knew the gifts he got today were the rare treasure in the world.

“Thanks so much, the Lord of Sparks.” Said Sha Mo with a big smile on his face.

The Lord of Sparks replied, “You are welcome, little boy, I am happy to see you love it.”

Besides the good relationship between Kris and the two monster emperors, the identity as a half-demon fighter was also the reason why they were so generous to the boy.

In the view of the two emperors, the fact that Kris kept Sha Mo as his disciple showed that he was a trust-worthy gentleman who had no bias against the race of monster. So they were willing to pay their respect to a person like Kris.

“My friends, relax, I will take you into the Monster Space!” Said Kris.

Within a blink, thousands of half demons appeared in front of them. The two demons looked at each other and realized that this was indeed one of the bases of Nine Killing Taoist to cultivate half demon.

Most of the lower half demons therein were fierce, and a small part of them out of nature.

It was a hard nut to crack to deal with them.

Kris got his new ideas through a whole night of deep thinking.

When the two monster emperors heard the idea, they said in a surprise, “You mean to establish a sect for half demon?”

“Yes, I want to set up a half-demon sect in the infinite sea to eliminate the estrangement between human and the monster race, and to get rid of the prejudice against the half demons. In my opinion, we will be supported by a large number of half demons for our holy purpose. ” Said Kris. “As the saying goes, only when you are powerful can you have the right to voice out. If all of the half demon are united as a sect, they can really protect their own right.” said Kris.

“What a magnificent idea!” They exclaimed.

They were deeply moved by Kris for his idea to set a half-demon sect might united the whole race of half demon as a integrated group, which would give a equal right to every one of a half demon. This could also lead to the separation of the three powers: the monster race, the half demon race and the human race.

After a discussion for a long time, they decided to reach their agreement, that is, Kris would be one of the leaders of the new-born sect and the Heaven Wolf Island was chose as the site of it.

As for the material foundation to support it, Kris would devote almost half of his property, which included the inferior spiritual stone, the medium spirit stone, the low-level herbs and materials, the skill book below the God level, and the magic weapon below the spirit weapon.

Obviously, all of them would tried their best on their big plan, and even Sha Mo was aware that the plan might shake the world.

After a good discussion, the positions of them were set: Kris would be the elder of the grand elder of the sect, the Lord of Viper would be the leader, and Lord of sparks would be the deputy leader.

“In my opinion, the name of sect can be called Half Demon Sect.”Said the Lord of sparks.

“So casual the name is.” The Lord of Viper said with disapprove, “in my opinion, it is better to call Human Demon Sect, which means the coexist between the demon race and human race.”

“My friend, I think I got one, let’s name it Nahai Sect, Nahai in traditional Chinese means a inclusive attitude, and this represent our will to strike a balance among different races!” Said Kris.

”A good name it is!” Said the lords.

“And according our slogan, we are going to enroll all races including half demons, monster race and human beings?” Asked Kris.

“Of course we will, there is no class in education!” Replied the lords.

Despite the fact that the super group, Wuji Sword Sect never treated half demon and monster race equally, Naihai Sect would try to make a breakthrough of the stereotyped idea.

“A bold decision, but we all love it.” The two lords were impressed by the resolution of Kris.

“Do it in your best and we can make it!” Said Kris.

When it came to the nine killing Taoist, Kris showed his hatred directly and said, “Please help me to kill the evil guy!”

The two Lords relied, “Yes, let finish that villain.”

“Thank you very much.”Said Kris. He was glad to see that the two monster emperor take his business as theirs.

“But do know where he is?” Asked the two lords.

Kris nodded, “He is hiding in the Sea of Chaos, Middle island!”

“Let’s move!” Said the two lords. They couldn’t wait to finish the villain, and then started their big plan to invite their Taoist friends to join Nahai Sect together!

Middle Island was thirty thousand miles northwest of the Sea of Chaos. It was a middle class island with no more than a thousand miles of its circumference. And there was one sect here which was called Wild Killing Sect.

Obviously, the sect did all kinds of evil.

And the Nine kill Taoist hided here as an elder manager.

As a master in accumulated spirit period, he could skillfully switch his appearance between the human race and the monster race, so few people can tell that he is a half demon.

This was actually one of his magic powers.

However on this day, the Nine Killing Taoist had a sudden whim and felt that something bad was going to happen to him. He found it difficult to calm himself down, so he went out of the room, along the way his disciples meet him and sent him greetings.

“My friend, have you complete this round of practition?” Asked by Fawai, a master in Fulfilled period of primal spirit. As a single practitioner, Fawai had been a cruel fighter who would torture his opponents before killing him like a beast. To run away from the hunt from his enemies, he hided here as a elder manager, too.

“Mr. Fawai, my friend.” Said the Nine Killing Taoist. “I didn’t kill people for three days, now my hand is itching again. Would you like to accompany me to kill some people to relieve my itch?”

The Wild Killing sect took blood as a medium to improve their fighting ability. Low level disciples used animal blood, senior disciples used demon blood, and elders use human blood! The elder managers there would capture human practitioners and shape them into blood pigs!

Therefore, the site of theirs was also a forbidden area in the Sea of Chaos.

The Nine Killing Taoist had a piece of spirit weapon, which he had master nearly half of the skills in it with the help of human blood. He would be the real master of the Sea of Chaos when he fully learn the skills of the weapon.

“Let’s go.” Said the Fawai. Now he also need more blood pigs for practition.

Since they shared the same rotten tastes now, they would unite together to hunt human practitioners.

After some suggestions to the boy who raised the blood pig for them, they walked out shoulder to shoulder.

As soon as they got to the place not far from the gate of the sect, a voice came to them from a disciple, “My master, there are three practioners outside the gate, claiming to be your old friends!”

The Nine Killing Taoist frowned and asked “Did the three say their names?”

“No, but they asked me to bring you a word, that is, go harvesting the leek when it is ripe.”

On hearing this, the Nine Killing Taoist seemed relieved about the news and said, “So sorry, Fawai, I have to meet my three old friends, I am afraid that I can’t accompany you for the hunt.”

“That’s ok, and just do what you want.” Said Fawai.

The Nine Killing Taoist nodded and said to the disciple, ”Bring them here right now.”

Of course the disciple did as he said.

Chapter 486: A Fierce Battle

Kris and his fellows came close to the Nine Killing Taoist and surrounded him. And the Nine Killing Taoist was puzzled by the group in which two monster emperors in accumulated spirit was lead by a boy in period of pill formation, and he could sensitively feel the hostility from the three. And he would choose to run away without hesitation if needed.

“Stop him, he wants to run away!” Said Kris.

How can the Lord of Viper allow him to escape, a strong light burst out toward the Nine Killing Taoist from his hands, which made the Nine Killing Taoist’s flesh creep.

At the moment of crisis, the Nine Killing Taoist avoided the deadly attack from the Lord of Viper through Diversion, the unique skill to escape for him.

“Boom!” As the strong light came across, buildings around hundred miles was smashed into a ruin.

The Lord of Viper would show no mercy to anyone in the Wild Killing Sect for he knew that their hands were full of blood and sins.

Kris now also tried his best in dealing with such a strong opponent. So he approached the Nine Killing Taoist through his the Golden Light Earth Escaping Skill and attacked him with 5000 sword energy and two sword intents within a blink.

At that moment, the Nine Killing Taoist was aware of the fatal situation of him and reacted quickly with his aptitude-Danger Removal skill, which directly removed the attack from the Kris to the other space in the Wild Killing Sect.

This, of course, became a disaster for the disciple in the sect.

“Boom!” As the noise burst out, thousands of disciples of the sect were blew away, and all the elders were amazed by the horrifying destructive power of Kris. Even the leader of the sect: the Wild Killing Taoist was woke up from a kilometer underground.

“Who dares to make trouble in my sect?” Shouted the Wilding Killing Taoist. The strong energy around was nearly touchable, which showed he was a hard nut to crack, indeed.

The Nine Killing Taoist looked at Kris with anger and curiosity. He could tell that Kris was much more stronger a Pill-Formation fighter, perhaps was equal to the one in accumulated spirit period, who was a sword cultivator with unbelievable attack capacity.

If it were not for his aptitude, he would be seriously injured in a sudden.

“Who are you and why do you want to kill me?” Asked the Nine Killing Taoist. At the point, he got his spirit weapon prepared to fight out of the siege. However, a shocking boom rocked the whole sect and stopped him.

A bloody light soared to the sky, and the leader- the Wild Killing Taoist stood in the air and shouted at Kris and his fellows, “Invaders, you should die!” As the leader of the Wild Killing Sect, he showed no fear being against three great fighters in accumulated spirit period.

“All the disciples, listen to me, get prepared the large array to kill the invaders. And all the elders here, do not let these three invaders run away. Today, I will kill the three accumulated-spirit practitioners as a warning to the outside world.” Said the Wild Killing Taoist.

When the Wild Killing Array was set, hundred of elders showed their magic weapons and launched attack as much as possible.

Kris and his fellows were nearly sank into the sea of the ferocious attacks from the united force of the Wild Killing Sect.

As for the Nine Killing Taoist who was surrounded by Kris and the two lords, he showed his another defensive aptitude to shed the attack from his enemies, for he was sure that only the master in Middle period of accumulated spirit could break his hard shell. And in doing so, he could also keep the spirit weapon as a secret.

Kris sneered as he waved out strong sword energy. Nothing could stopped him, hundreds of elders in the primary spirit period were directly shut down, with whose flesh and soul were totally wiped out in a second.

And the attack of the Lord of Viper was also a dangerous one which came from his month and poisoned thousand of disciples. Within a blink, everything was burned including their skins and all the property in their storage rings.

Meanwhile, the Lord of Sparks opened his mouth and emitted a cloud of light, which smashed his defensive shell in one blow.

Although the Nine Killing Taoist turned to his Danger Removal skill to shake off 80% of the attack, the remaining force hit him and directly penetrated his body.

This light of the Lord of Sparks was the fire light from the surface of the sun, the temperature of which could melt him down. And the attack he had removed was sent onto the sect site and divided the land into two parts.

The Nine killing Taoist was completely angry about Kris and his fellows and shouted, “Who the hell are you? Why you treat me like this?”

Kris sneered and said, “I know you are the Nine killing Taoist, now you have nowhere to hide.”

As the word fell, a red sword-like light bombarded toward Kris in the sky. It was a stroke from the Wild Killing Taoist.

“Be careful, Diao!” The two lords warned him.

That powerful stroke amazed Kris in a sudden with its blood evil spirit and surprising speed which could shot its target accurately.


Lord of Sparks again spewed out a fire light to stop the stroke. Explosion from the collision of the two strokes killed some young disciples directly.

“Nine killing Taoist, let’s join hands to finish these three one, OK?” Said the Wild Killing Taoist.

The Nine Killing Taoist was grateful for the sect leader had help him out just now. So he said with gratitude, “Thank you, my leader, I will follow your order!”

As the Nine killing Taoist now resolved to take revenge, he summoned his secret spirit weapon-the Sea King halberd, and soon his power soared from the early stage of accumulated spirit to the middle period, which was a higher stage than Kris and the two lords.

It seemed they would have a fierce battle today. So Kris summoned his spirit weapon-the Red Blood Sword, which, however, attracted the attention of the Wild Killing Taoist. Obviously, the Wild Killing Taoist was fond of the sword and its power.

“Another Spirit weapon, and it seems very suitable for me, so lucky I am today!” Said the Wild Killing Taoist. He decided to kill Kris and take away his spirit weapon.

He showed his three Taoist Strengths: Cruelty Taoist strength, blood Taoist strength, and killing Taoist strength at a time, which were all the Taoist Strength with strong attack capacity.

In that moment, Kris was overwhelmed by a sea of dead bodies and blood. He felt that it must be the most dangerous battle he had involved in.

With the help of sword intent, he had strengthen the sword energy into thousand of pieces and waved them out toward the Wild Killing Taoist.

It was a roar again.

Sword light and Taoist strength collide together, the energy wave of which had directly blew Kris away and hurt him terribly.

“Poop!” A breath of blood was spewed out of his mouth. Kris quickly swallowed vitality pins and tried to cure his visceral wounds.

Is this the power of the middle period of the accumulated spirit?

Meanwhile, the Wild Killing Taoist was also shocked to fact that Kris could endure his power without using Taoist Strength. He guessed Kris might be a practitioner in fulfilled period of primal spirit, and the reason why he could endure his attack was because of his rare spirit weapon.

Good, now he had much stronger interest in the spirit weapon. He must kill Kris now and take away it.

“Nine Killing Taoist, I need you to help me to stop his two fellowmen, and I will deal with him directly.” Said the Wild Killing Taoist.

“”Yes, my leader.” Said the Nine Killing Taoist. With nine snake heads on his human body, the Nine Killing Taoist turned into a human-monster mode, whose power grew gradually with the help of his spirit weapon.

The two Taoist strength he owned was the Boundless Taoist strength and Heavy Water Taoist strength, which were greatly strengthened by his spirit weapon.

With a lift of his weapon, a strong sea wave dropped down and overwhelmed the two lords. The water therein was ten thousand heavier than that of normal water, which directly broke the defensive cover of the two lords. Both of them got slightly injured in the sea wave.

It seemed the Nine killing Taoist was no easy prey for them.

While the Lord of Viper tried to protect his body through his Absorb Taoist Strength, the Lord of Sparks launched his attack directly. He turned to his Taoist Strengths: the Fire Taoist Strength, and the Light Taoist Strength, the former stopped the sea wave and the latter came across the water and gave shots at the Nine Killing Taoist.

They got a really fierce battle, with their Taoist Strength being against each other.

Although he could fight them to a draw, he was a little worried for he hadn’t completely master the Taoist Strength that the spirit weapon had endowed him.

He hoped the Wild Killing Taoist could finished Kris as soon as possible so that they could win this battle in a much easier way.

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