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Chapter 485: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 485 Creating Difficulties Deliberately

“For this kind of invitation, the news is usually given half a month in advance for publicity, so why is the news so hasty this time?”

“It should be you replaced someone, a suddenly vacated place. Don’t think about too much, just do it. You rest well tonight, come to the company to dress up tomorrow.”

“Well, got it.”

Hanging up the phone, Anna Xie bowed her head and pondered.

The girl who was doing Anna’s hair saw this and asked curiously, “Sister Anna, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, I have to attend a party tomorrow.”

“It’s a good thing, why aren’t you smiling at all?”

“Because I think ……” Before she finished, Anna smiled to herself and said, “Well, maybe I’m thinking too much.”

“Just don’t think that, you are too tired recently. I’ve worked with other stars, but none of them works as hard as you do, and I think you are so tired.”

“If I don’t work hard, how can I become famous?”

“Don’t you have a rich boyfriend? Many actresses enter the entertainment industry with the purpose of finding a rich man, now that you are famous now, you should relax.”

The girl said rightfully, but Anna’s face lost color.

“Why can’t I enter the entertainment industry for myself?”

The girl didn’t hear Anna’s words and asked, “What?”


Being that it was time for Anna to go to shoot, she got up, adjusted herself and went to work.

At the evening party –

Because it was a party held by a fashion magazine, all the stars made effort to dress themselves up, either grandly or sweetly, and they were all glorious.

But when Anna appeared, she became the only alternative on the scene.

She wore simply, white suit, with black lace-up heels and a low ponytail, with addition of red lips, so that she looked so beautiful.

Anna had always shown her sweet appearance, but now she had suddenly become so capable, which made an impression.

Standing in front of the welcome table, Anna had one hand in her pocket, smiling lightly with heroism.

Faced with such a special Anna, the media would not be stingy with the camera, and they focused on her to capture all kinds of shots.

Seeing Anna lead the way, other actresses were naturally not convinced.

But because of the man behind Anna, they could only be jealous while trying to please her.

The ones who were willing to please her were some third or fourth-line stars, and Anna even didn’t know their names.

Faced with these people’s ingratiation, Anna was a bit overwhelmed and could only face them with a light smile.

Just when Anna was tired of dealing with it, there was a commotion at the entrance.

Anna looked over, then she heard the chatter of others.

“Wow, Master Xiao is here!”

Hearing this name, Anna was stunned.

“Who, Yulin Xiao?”


“How come Master Xiao is here?”

“I heard that he is the sponsor of this event.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“But Master Xiao is really handsome, it’s the first time I’ve seen him, much more handsome than on TV.”

“It’s useless even if he’s handsome, he already has a girlfriend.”

As the words fell, Anna felt someone cast a hot gaze at her.

In other people’s opinion, Anna was going to flaunt.

She was the center of attention, and now her rich boyfriend had appeared, so she was sure to be in a great position.

But actually, Anna felt very helpless.

How did he come, how did he come, how did he come ……

At this moment, Anna, repeated such a phrase in her head.

Anna did not know how to face Yulin, and did not know what to say to him.

Also, was it really just a coincidence that Yulin attended the party today?

When she was thinking that, Yulin had already walked over.

Took a deep breath, Anna felt that no matter how they were having a fight, they couldn’t let others watch the fun, so she smiled.

They were getting closer and closer, Anna stretched out her hand, and was ready to take Yulin’s arm, just like before.

However, Yulin actually walked past her!

Anna’s arm was still in air, and the smile on her face was still there, but Yulin was no longer in front of her.

It happened so suddenly that the people around didn’t react, and then, they started to talk to each other.

“What happened, isn’t she Yulin’s girlfriend, why did Master Xiao ignore her?”

“Maybe, they broke up.”

“Maybe, this woman is not famous, and not very beautiful, Master Xiao must be just screwing around. Now he is tired, and then forget it.”

“Well, she held her head high just now, now she become a joke. People should not be too proud, otherwise he will be a joke!”

The voices around became more and more unscrupulous, Anna’s face lost color.

Anna was sad, not because of those sneers, but Yulin.

He knew what this meant, yet he still did it, clearly deliberately giving her a hard time.

The two of them, even if they couldn’t be lovers, they didn’t have to be like this, Yulin …… what exactly were you thinking?

Dropping her arms, Anna walked to the corner and held back her tears with all her strength.

“Miss Xie?”

Hearing the voice, Anna quickly gathered her emotions and turned around, revealing a perfect smile.

“Editor Xiao Xiao.”

Unlike Anna who pretended to be an able woman, Xiao was a real able woman, she was exceptionally vigorous in work, and she had made her way in the fashion world by herself.

Looking at the woman in front of her, Xiao smiled and said, “You’re just like I thought, seemingly soft, but strong.”

Anna didn’t understand what Xiao meant by that, so she just smiled and didn’t say anything.

“This kind of you fits well with our magazine’s style.”

Anna was surprised and asked, “Then what do you mean?”

“I admire you and hope we have the opportunity to work together.”

Not expecting things to go this way, Anna couldn’t contain the smile on her face at all and said with a smile, “Really? It’s really my pleasure.”

“Editor Xiao, you must not be fooled by her performance.”

Anna still wanted to say something, but she heard a familiar voice behind her.

Xiao looked straight at the man across from her, showing a confused expression, and asked, “What does Master Xiao say about this?”

Glancing lightly at Anna, Yulin said, “Our big star Anna was so picky that even you took the initiative to find her, she simply does not care. Now she said it’s her pleasure, in fact, we don’t know what she is thinking about.”

It was obvious that Yulin was here to pick a fight.

This made Anna very angry.

Although they were quarreling, work was work and private feelings were private feelings, how could he be so importunate because of that?

Looking directly at Yulin, Anna also spoke very nonchalantly: “Master Xiao, your words are too much. You are not a roundworm in my stomach, how would you know what I am thinking?”

Smiling at Anna, but this smile, however, did not reach the bottom of Yulin’s eyes.

“Because you are at least my girlfriend, I believe that no one here will know you better than me.”

“But ……”

“Editor Xiao, I know a nice actress and would love to introduce her to you , this way please.”

Before Anna finished, Yulin interrupted her and took Editor Xiao, away with him.

Xiao looked at Anna apologetically, she couldn’t offend Yulin because of Anna, and said, “Sorry, Miss Xie, we’ll talk later.”

After saying that, Xiao and Yulin left together and walked over to the other side.

There, stood a young and beautiful actress, who was wearing a long red dress, sultry and beautiful.

Seeing that Yulin took Xiao over, she tried her best to please Editor Xiao, and even her face was a bit distorted.

But those were no longer important to Anna, at this moment she only felt her eyes sore and wanted to cry.

She knew Yulin well and knew that Yulin was telling her with his actions what would happen if she didn’t rely on him.

Indeed, there were many people on the scene waiting to please Yulin.

But was it so unforgivable to not rely on him? Did she deserve it if she wanted to succeed with her own skills?

Anna could not think, but also wanted to curse him.

And Yulin over there, did not look at Anna from the beginning to the end, he stood with a smile beside the actress, as if he had found a new love.

Such a change made the people present instantly understand that Anna had turned into an ex-girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend who was not famous.

The crowd treated her with gloating, contempt and ridicule, as well as pity and sighs.

But their reaction, Anna did not care.

She only wanted to know, Yulin really did not care about anything anymore? Was he capable of doing anything to get out of anger?

She gently closed her eyes, Anna felt her heart ache.

Rather, what should be done must continue to be done.

Even though Anna was unhappy, she could not show it in front of others.

Readjusting herself, Anna began to look for familiar faces in the field, or seniors she wanted to get to know.

In this process, a woman wearing a trailing dress, walked past her.

“Oops, don’t you even have eyes when you walk, you stepped on my dress!”

The woman’s voice was sharp and immediately made the crowd look over.

Yulin also heard it, but he didn’t turn around, he just held the wine glass in his hand tightly.

Anna looked at her feet, there was a little distance from the woman’s dress.

So, it was another one who came to pick a fight.

But the woman who was looking for trouble looked very familiar.

Anna thought about it and remembered that she was the woman who had just flattered her.

This person was really realistic, just thought she was gaining power, so she came to flatter her.

Now that she had lost her power, then she began to pick a fight. She was really like a dog wagging its tail to beg for mercy.

But Anna did not want to start an argument with her, she said in a low voice: “Sorry.”

After saying that, Anna wanted to bypass this woman and walk away.

But Anna’s low profile did not made the woman satisfied, she was full of disgust and said, “Really stupid, people like you, how are you qualified to come here!”

The crowd’s gaze, which had been drifting to this side as if nothing was happening.

Now when they saw they arguing, they immediately watched the fun.

As for Anna, she had already had enough of this woman’s jeers, she frowned and said.

“It’s not you invited me here, there’s no need for you to worry about such a thing.”

“You ……” the woman was momentarily speechless by Anna’s counterattack, she thought for a moment and decided to touch her sore spot, “Humph, be dumped, how dare you flaunt your bravado here, so cheeky! “

The woman’s words did work, Anna’s heart hurt.

She did not want to continue this boring game, nor did she want to pay attention to what the woman was saying, but wanted to walk around her.

But the woman was in the middle of something, so how could she let Anna go just like that?

The woman suddenly called Anna’s name, and Anna stopped and turned her head slightly sideways.

“Look out!”

After saying that, a glass of water was splashed on Anna’s face.

The woman’s face was full of surprise, as if the person who just splashed water was not her.

Covering her lips with her hand, the woman said, “I’m really sorry, I just can’t hold it, are you okay?”

Humph, she wouldn’t know if she was okay or not?

Anna calmly took out the handkerchief and glared at the woman with fierce eyes.

The woman froze for a moment, and it was this moment that Anna turned around and left straight away.

The woman who came back to her senses was angry and complained at Anna’s back: “What kind of eyes, I said I didn’t mean it, why are you looking at me like that, it’s really annoying!”

As the woman spoke, her eyes kept glancing at Yulin.

Found that he had a smile at the corner of his mouth, she was very happy.

She thought what just happened, Yulin had seen.

If her behavior could make Yulin happy, then there was hope to make friends with him.

The woman was not the only one who had such thoughts here.

There were several actors also had same thought, but they couldn’t do too much.

But there were ways to make things difficult for her in secret.

So, on Anna’s way out, an actor stopped Anna.

“Miss Xie, we have worked together before, do you still have an impression of me?”

“A …… a little bit impressed.”

“Since we know each other, let’s have a drink.”

Anna was stunned and reminded, “But I have to clean myself.”

At this moment, Anna, with water still dripping from her hair, looked wretched.

But he did not care what Anna said, handed her a glass of wine, said enthusiastically: “Aye, it’s not too late to have a drink before you go. Come on, I’ll drink first.”

She had no choice but to drink the wine in the cup, hoping to get out of such a dilemma as soon as possible.

But Anna drank the wine, only then did the trouble increase.

Seeing Anna drinking, other actors also gathered around, one by one, all asking Anna to drink.

One or two glasses, Anna could still drink.

But after drinking, they could always think of new excuses to make Anna keep drinking.

One after another, Anna couldn’t stand it anymore, her face was slightly red and her steps were weak.

No, she couldn’t drink any more.

Anna frowned slightly and began to refuse to drink.

This stirred up a hornet’s nest, some people were not happy, began to say cold words, like she was famous and became arrogant, did not put the seniors in her eyes.

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