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Chapter 486: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 486 The One Who Bullied Me Is You

But Anna Xie made up her mind, just did not drink, so they could do nothing about it.

But there was a bold man, even reached out to stop Anna, and even touched her body from time to time.

Anna drank too much, her body was not very insensitive. She just wanted to go back to sleep and not think about anything.

“Miss Xie, are you very tired now and want to sleep?”


“Then let me send you to rest.”


Just as the actor put his arm around Anna’s shoulders and was about to take her away, a strong wind came over and shook the actor away at once.

“Do you want to die?”

Yulin Xiao was full of shock and anger, and his eyes stared at the men fiercely.

The crowd froze, thinking what happened, why did Yulin helped this woman, didn’t they have no relationship anymore?

Yulin frowned and ordered those men, “Pack your things and get out of Capital City immediately! Also, don’t let me see you in the entertainment circle, otherwise, you will die!”

As soon as these words came out, those people immediately begged for mercy, hoping that Yulin would forgive them.

But Yulin was not moved at all, and even told his people to drag these people out and not to make any more noise to him.

His actions made people dumbfounded, they simply could not understand what Yulin actually mean.

And the person in his arms, moved slightly.

“Yulin, you are noisy!”

Yulin frowned more tightly and rebuked: “Are you a pig, just let people bully you!”

“The one who bullied me is you, Yulin, you’re the pig! It’s your fault, it’s all your fault!!!”

“It seems that you still don’t know you are wrong!”

Saying that, Yulin picked up Anna horizontally and left with big steps.

Seeing the scene just now, the crowd gathered together and talked about it.

“So, the two were just arguing and didn’t break up.”

“God, luckily I didn’t do anything to Anna just now, otherwise I would have been in trouble.”

The actress who had just deliberately sought trouble with Anna had gone limp to the ground, she already knew what she was going to face in the future.

As for Editor-in-Chief Xiao Xiao, she looked at the direction Anna left and slightly hooked her lips.

She said to the assistant beside her, “Make arrangements to prepare for the cooperation project with Anna.”


Yulin drove Anna home, and the whole journey was fast.

Anna leaned on the back of the seat, swaying , she was very uncomfortable.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it and slapped the car door, protesting, “Can you drive slower, I’m dizzy.”

“Now that you know you’re uncomfortable, why did you just drink too much.”

Although he was mocking, Yulin still slowed down the speed to make the car smoother.

Slightly narrowing her eyes and looking sideways at Yulin, Anna hummed and said, “It’s just because of you, if it wasn’t because you deliberately made things difficult, would those people have come to trouble me?”

“The one who doesn’t want to rely on me is you, I’m just doing what you want, let you face everything with your own strength.”

“Yes, I just want to face everything by my own power, why do you suddenly come out!”

Anna’s questioning, made Yulin speechless.

Re-closing her eyes, Anna curled up like a kitten and muttered, “I just want to rely on myself and move up one step at a time, is that so unforgivable?”

“You are not unforgivable, you just met me.” Yulin was silent and then asked, “Did you regret meeting me?”

The answer to Yulin was a long silence.

He looked over, but found that Anna had fallen asleep.

“You are really a pig, just eat and sleep!”

The next day-

Anna woke up with a splitting headache.

Walking out of the room, Anna saw Qiqi cleaning the room and asked, “Qiqi, how did I come back yesterday?”

Seeing Anna wake up, Qiqi immediately wanted to know some gossip.

Leaving the mop behind, Qiqi immediately approached Anna and said, “It was Master Xiao who sent you back personally. You two, reconciled, right?”


Anna looked confused, shook her head and said, “I don’t think so, because, I remember that we seemed to have quarreled.”

“Ah, why did you fight again?”

“Oops, I can’t remember, my head hurts.”

Seeing Anna with this look, Qiqi was helpless.

But looking at her uncomfortable look, Qiqi couldn’t ask any questions, she only said, “I made some porridge for you, I’ll bring it to you, have some first.”


Qiqi went to serve the porridge, and Anna sat on the sofa with her eyes closed.

Suddenly, her phone rang in her hand.

Lazily picking it up, Anna said “Hello”.

“Anna, you’re awake?”

“Yes, I just woke up.”

“Then pack up and come to the office later to start a week of physical training.”

Anna was stunned and asked, “Why is this so sudden?”

“Remember Editor Xiao? She is very satisfied with you and has decided to work with you for the next magazine cover. In order for you to be in the best shape, you must train in advance.”

Hearing the good news, Anna’s eyes changed and then said in a calm tone, “I know.”

“Why do you sound so flat, what a great opportunity, you have to get excited and cooperate.”

Anna hesitated for a moment and asked, “Editor Xiao, is it really because she appreciate me that she is going to work with me?”


Although she got the answer, Anna didn’t believe it totally.

“Anna, I know what you’re worried about, but sometimes, you think too much. You are a very promising actress, what you lack now, is a stage for you to shine. You’re going to be popular, sooner or later, and what’s the harm in having the opportunity to stand at the top of the entertainment industry a little sooner?”

“Maybe, I’m overthinking it.”

“Cheer up, all you have to do now is to seize the opportunity.”

“Hmm, got it.”

“Then pack up and come to the office as soon as you can, we have a lot of tasks to do.”


Although her heart was in turmoil, Anna did not want to let her private mood affect her work, she adjusted herself and soon got into her work.

In a twinkling, it was the day of the photo shoot.

After a few days of training, Anna had improved a lot, from her grooming to her glowing appearance, she was like a glowing pearl that caught people’s eyes.

In the camera, Anna made various postures freely and cooperated with the cameraman.

After completing a set of styling, Anna took a short break while applying makeup.

But just when she closed her eyes to recuperate, she suddenly heard the sound of commotion.

Xiao was discussing the details of the set with the staff, and when she heard the sound, she looked back.

And with this look, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows in surprise.

“Master Xiao!?”

This address made the end of Anna’s eyebrows move.

But she did not move, nor did she look sideways.

Yulin first looked around and spoke with Xiao only after confirming that Anna was there.

“Today, we are here to discuss sponsorship. I Remember Editor Xiao said last time that there was a page that could be reserved for me to promote our company’s newly released products.”

Xiao heard these words and immediately understood.

This kind of trivial matter, just left it to the staff to do it, why he came here to discuss personally? It was clear that he had other purpose.

Of course, Xiao would not let it clear, but nodded seriously and said, “Of course, if Master Xiao is interested, we can talk about the details right now.”

“No, let’s talk about it after you finish.”

“Okay, just wait a moment.”

Xiao turned back around and looked in the direction of Anna.

That woman was still putting on her makeup, and there was not fluctuation visible on her face.

If it was someone else, she was afraid that at this moment, she would have rushed over excitedly and please Yulin.

But Anna would never do so, either this woman had a deep heart and knew how to put a long line to catch a big fish, or she, was different, not willing to grovel.

Xiao did not know which kind of people Anna belongs to.

But this was not important to her.

Discovering a promising star and finding a sponsor for the magazine, today’s task had been accomplished, and the rest was helping others attain their aims.

She smiled slightly, and when she turned around, she looked at her assistant.

The assistant nodded, then walked to her side and whispered something.

Xiao raised her eyebrows, turned around, and gave an apologetic smile to Yulin.

“I’m sorry, something happened suddenly in the editorial department, and I need to go back to have a meeting urgently.”

“Take your time.”

After finishing to Yulin, Xiao walked to Anna again and said, “Miss Xie, about half an hour, the shooting will continue, just have a rest.”


Xiao led a group of people to leave, and inside the studio, only Yulin and Anna were left.

The sudden silence made both of them look a little uncomfortable.

“You ……”

“You ……”

They spoke at the same time and stopped at the same time.

Yulin leaned backward on the railing, arms around his chest, raised his jaw at Anna, and said, “You first.”

Anna lightly bit her red lips and hesitated before she said a very polite sentence.

“Have you been busy with work lately?”

Yulin, of course, was not satisfied. He lightly hummed and turned his head sideways, and said in a mocking tone, “Busy, busy as hell, not thinking about anything.”

“That’s good.”

Anna’s words, as if displeasing Yulin, he immediately questioned: “Good? It’s good?”

Anna looked at Yulin and said, “Isn’t it good to live life to the fullest?”

“Anna, not everyone is like you and likes to abuse themselves with work!”

Seeing that Yulin was about to lose his temper again, Anna helplessly said, “Forget it, let’s not talk about this topic, we’ll have another fight later.”

“Hmph, you still know that talking about this will offend me, I thought you wanted me to die because of your words.”

Anna originally wanted to talk calmly with Yulin.

But just after some words, they were at swords’ points again, which made Anna a little tired.

Slightly lowering her eyes, Anna said, “Yulin, don’t talk like that, I’m a little tired.”

Anna’s initiative to show weakness did not make Yulin give up his snappy words, instead he frowned and asked, “Being with me makes you feel very tired?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Then what do you mean?”

“I just hope you don’t talk with a thorn in your side, and since we are meeting, let’s talk properly. If we are quarreling, what is the point of meeting?”

Yulin hummed, put his hands in his pockets and said, “I am not as conscious as the big star Anna, I can’t say the big words, I only know to laugh when I am happy, and quarrel if I am not happy.”

“So are you happy now?”

“Unhappy, very unhappy!”

“Since we are both unhappy, why do we torture each other?”

These words made Yulin stunned, then he glared at Anna fiercely and questioned in a cold voice, “Anna, what do you mean by that!”

“I ……”

“Forget it, you’d better stop, make me angry, you can’t afford the consequences of this!”

Before Anna finished, Yulin turned around and left, his face as black as carbon.

Only after walking to the parking lot and sitting in the car, did Yulin realize what he had done.

Originally, he wanted to see if Anna had a good time in the past days, he missed her and wanted to talk to her.

But why every time he wanted to get closer to her, they pushed each other further away?

Was it his own fault, or did Anna not know what’s good for her?

Yulin closed his eyes and felt that he had experienced so much, but never had a moment when he was as overwhelmed as he was now.


Inside the dessert store, Anna sat on the window seat and took off her sunglasses.

The two little girls on the other side were talking about Anna.

Now when they saw her take off her glasses, they immediately became very excited.

They finally held hands and walked over together.

“May I ask if you are Anna?”


“Oops, it’s really her!”

“Well, can we take a picture together?”


“Thank you, you’re so nice.”

Seeing that Anna didn’t refuse, the two girls smiled sweetly.

After taking a photo, the two girls treated it as a treasure.

And Anna remained very calm.

Chuxue Ye teasingly pushed her arm, laughing and saying, “Well, you’ve become a big star now, there are people wanting to take a photo with you when you go out.”

The current Anna, walking on the street, would occasionally be recognized.

Although she was still not used to it, Anna had tried to adapt to it, hoping she could be more decent.

Facing her friends’ jokes, Anna laughed and said, “You guys just don’t mind me.”

“Of course not, being around a big star, maybe I can also be in an entertainment newspaper.”

Chuxue smiled sweetly, like a porcelain doll.

On the contrary, Yiyao Duan, who was sitting with her, had her head hanging slightly, as if she was thinking about something.

After not seeing Yiyao speak for a long time, Chuxue said, “Sister Yiyao, what’s wrong with you today, you don’t seem to be happy.”

Yiyao smiled a little constrainedly and said, “Really? Maybe, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Is brother bothering you again? Well, I’ll talk to him when we get back, even if you love each other so much, he can’t ignore your health.”

Yiyao blushed because of Chuxue’s words, and she reprimanded in a low voice, “Chuxue, don’t talk nonsense.”

Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit strange, Anna stood up and volunteered to say, “It’s been a long time since I made coffee, I’ll make coffee for you.”

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