Chuck Cannon and Yvette came over.

Logan’s friends were curiously asking what’s their name? Of course, Chuck Cannon introduced Yvette who now has a different temperament. Because she was a killer now, she has the confidence to go wherever she goes and is calm.

She smiled calmly, and when she saw Logan, she nodded gratefully. Logan knew that she was a killer, but she still helped her to hide from Chuck Cannon.

She was very grateful for this, Logan smiled and said nothing.

She likes Yvette in her heart.

If it weren’t for the conflict between Yvette and Karen Lee, she would personally teach Yvette how to fight and various assassination methods, all of which would do well, because Yvette was Chuck Cannon’s favourite.

This reason is enough for Logan to do this.

This can make the relationship between the two people better, but she can’t do this, how can she teach Yvette after all she knows Yvette will eventually assassinate Karen Lee?

This is not possible.

Unless Yvette and Karen Lee reconcile, is it possible?

“The banquet has started, let’s eat together, I’m so hungry!”

Everyone found a place to sit down.

Chuck Cannon finally had a meal with Yvette, so he felt like eating a couple’s meal, so he was envious of others.

A few beautiful friends are discussing, saying it’s so affectionate.

Logan ate silently, without saying a word, except that when Chuck Cannon looked at her with respect, she would raise her head and smile in response. At other times, she would lower her head to eat, not eating much, or even a little appetite. None, but so what?

Not to eat? That won’t work, it will affect Chuck Cannon.

Logan buried everything in her heart, deeply buried, her friends knew everything, Yvette, did not feel any abnormality…

After the meal was over, the gift was delivered long ago. Logan went to greet today’s protagonist with a few friends and was ready to go back.

Chuck Cannon went to the bathroom, while Yvette was waiting at the door.

“Hi, beauty, is your husband who just went in?” A magnetic voice came.

Yvette frowned, and she turned her head to see that Master Zeng was coming.

What does he want to do?

“Yes,” Yvette said coldly.

Master Zeng had been in other places just now, and there were too many people at this scene, so he didn’t see Chuck Cannon, Yvette and Logan together!

“Beauty, you like to lie,” Young Master Zeng smiled, personable.

When he came just now, he paid more attention to Yvette’s legs. He was even more sure of his own analysis. The top beauty in front of him was still intact.

So how could the man just now be the husband of this beauty? There is no real husband and wife, at best it is an acquaintance.

This beauty really took great pains to get her attention!

“Liar? What did I lie to you?” Yvette asked indifferently, did he lie to him?

No, Chuck Cannon was originally his husband. He didn’t hide it. Where did she lie?

Of course, Master Zeng would not say this, he just smiled, “Hello, can you give me a chance to meet?”

“No! Thank you for helping me just now. What do you want? I can give you money, you say the number, and I will give it to you,” Yvette’s mother is in control of the Zhao family, money is not a problem.

She didn’t want to have another relationship with other men.

“Money? Do you think I will be short of money?” Young Master Zeng smiled so meaningfully.

He belongs to the four major families!

How could he be short of money!

This woman is interesting. She is telling herself that you are close to yourself and attract your attention, not for money? ?

Haha, it’s interesting, and something new!

Master Zeng was smiling in his heart.

“If you are not lacking, then between you and me, I can only thank you so much.” Yvette is indifferent.

“I don’t need any money or thank you, you can just invite me to have a meal, and you can invite me to a roadside stall,” said Master Zeng personable.

“No, I won’t invite you to dinner, give me your card number, and I will transfer money to you.”

“Haha,” Young Master Zeng smiled, this is lust and indulgence, which is a bit interesting.

“No need, anyway, do you owe me a favour?” Young Master Zeng smiled.

Yvette frowned. This Young Master Zeng did help herself. Yvette couldn’t deny it. To help was to help, but Yvette hated this man, but these are two different things.

“You don’t speak?”

“Yes, I owe you favour, but I can only give you money, less than five million yuan,” Yvette said.

“Haha, five million?” Young Master Zeng wouldn’t even look at the money. “Anyway, you owe me a favour. That’s it for today. Goodbye.”

After speaking, Master Zeng left.

“Wait!” Yvette said coldly.

Master Zeng stopped and turned his head. “Is there anything? You want to invite me to dinner now?”

“I tell you, you can ask me for money at any time, but if you want something else, I will make you regret it!” Yvette said clearly, she was particularly uncomfortable with the man’s eyes.

“Regret? Haha, beauty, you are really interesting.” Young Master Zeng smiled slightly.

“It’s not interesting, don’t mess with me!”

“Because of your husband?”

“Yes, because of my husband,”

Yvette nodded coldly. At that time, she and Chuck Cannon slept separately. From junior high school, high school, to university, too many people have been chasing after her, and she didn’t have any reason. Now she has confirmed the relationship with Chuck Cannon. How could it be possible? Will she care about other men? ?

This is impossible.

“Let my husband know, you will regret it even more,” Yvette warned.

“Haha, beauty, you are so humorous, well, I won’t say it today, goodbye, remember what you said, you owe me a favour!” Master Zeng smiled and left.

He got in the car, and the driver asked, “Master, that woman…”


“Then young master, do you need someone to follow her?” the driver asked vigilantly.

“No, this kind of woman is just playing tricks with me, she will appear in front of me by herself.”

The driver didn’t speak, yes, Master Zeng was so charming, women all jumped on crazy, never slipped through the net, and this woman is no exception.


Master Zeng saw through his eyes and found that Chuck Cannon and Yvette were walking together. He closed his eyes, but at the corner of his mouth, a bit of mockery appeared…

“Wife, why are you looking bad?” Chuck Cannon came out of the toilet and saw Yvette’s face full of coldness. What happened?

“It’s okay, husband.” Yvette shook her head, why did she get angry for such a man?

Chuck Cannon said in Yvette’s ear, Yvette blushed, “Okay, come home with me, I will listen to you, I will do what you say, little bad guy…”

Chuck Cannon was assassinated by someone other than Black Rose. How could Yvette be assured of Chuck Cannon? She came to the capital to find Chuck Cannon, and she would definitely go home with Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon felt happy.

“Chuck, we can go back now,” Logan finished greeting today’s protagonist Miss Yan, and she came out.

“Okay, Aunt Logan,” Chuck Cannon certainly had no objection. The three of them got into the car.

Logan drove back with two people.

Got home.

Logan said to Chuck Cannon, “Chuck, you sleep at ease. I sleep in my room. If you have anything to do, call me, you know?”

Logan felt sad. She especially wanted Chuck Cannon to sleep on her lap. She looked at Chuck Cannon to sleep, it would be very interesting, but she couldn’t. She seemed to be pushing her beloved.

“Okay.” Chuck Cannon thinks that Logan has been taking care of herself recently, and she must be tired too, so it’s best for her to have a good rest!

Logan smiled softly, watching Chuck Cannon and Yvette enter a room, her beautiful eyes were sullen, she sighed, and walked around outside, confirming that there was no danger before she returned to the room.

She couldn’t fall asleep, reading books or watching movies didn’t work, and her heart was confused. She sighed. At this time, Chuck Cannon and Yvette should be doing something.

Logan had no other feelings, no other thoughts, just feeling sad, she took out the cat mask, slowly, she smiled and remembered what happened outside the bar that day.

“Chuck, your kiss, I really like…”

Logan smiled unconsciously, but when she recovered, she felt even more sad…

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