Chapter 487 – 488: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 487: Game Winner

On the other side, Kris Chen was also gathering all of his energy.

The person in front of Kris, who was at the Middle period of the accumulated spirit, was a super powerhouse with three Fulfilled period Taoist Strength. He was the strongest opponent Kris had ever encountered.

The three Dao Rhythms he got were all very powerful attack Taoist Strength, and judging from the fierce attacks of Wild Killing Taoist, he seemed to be a Knife Cultivator.

If a Knife Cultivator completed his practice, the attack method he mastered would be as powerful as that of a sword cultivator.

Now it was tricky. Kris Chen must be very careful not to be attacked by that man, otherwise even a slight strike would be strong enough to knock him down.

His fingers and thumb stretched tight to two sides. With seven thousand five hundred sword spirits condensed on his fingertips, he compressed the energy and smelted them into seventy percent earth sword intent, seventy percent thunder sword intent!


The light of the sword was compressed to its limit and burst out from his fingertips.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the sword spirits reached the Wild Killing Taoist.

The Wild Killing Taoist had no time to dodge.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

After breaking through two Taoist Strengths in a row, before hitting the third Taoist Strength, the Sword light became dissipating.

How tough was that.

Just had Kris Chen tried a move, and he knew that the ability of the Killing Taoist was extraordinary.

He must kill the Taoist by just one move, leaving him no chance to react.

Kris took out a bottle of spiritual liquid, swallowed it in his stomach, and the mighty spirit diffused in his body, continuously filling his acupoints.

The Red Blood Sword in his hand was condensed with one hundred twenty thousand sword spirits, reaching the limit of the sword’s capacity.

The thunder sword intent and the earth sword intent were condensed in the sword by compressing them again and again.

One thousand sword intents, two thousand sword intents, three thousand sword intents….

Time, that was what he needed to break through the three Taoist Strengths.

“Yin Yang Upside Down!”

At this moment, the Wild Killing Taoist pointed with his fingertip, all the five elements and Yin Yang within one hundred meters were reversed, and even the spirit power in Kris Chen’s body was disturbed.

This was… divine power!

Golden Light Earth Escaping!

Kris Chen was shocked. By using Golden Light Earth Escaping, the Taoist moved immediately no more than three hundred meters!

This guy just took a dirty move!


A Knife Light flew out, with Killing Taoist Strength and Bloody Killing Taoist Strength bound to it, almost splitting the heaven from the earth.

The reason he could monopolize an island in the Sea of Chaos area and established the Wild Killing Sect was entirely because of his own strength!

Five thousand sword spirits condensed into the double sword intent, and just burst out before they were compressed!

The sword light versus the knife light, it was like the Mars hitting the Earth.

The light produced by the explosion at that instant made people almost unable to open their eyes.

The disintegrated Taoist Strengths were flying all over the sky, and Kris Chen even dared not release the Divine Spiritual Power!

At this time, the Red Blood Sword kept compressing sword spirits!

Ten thousand sword spirits, thirteen thousand sword spirits…

Kris Chen felt the astonishing destructive power from it, and even the blade of the bloody sword began to tremble.

“Awesome, really amazing!”

Killing Taoists laughed, “The more powerful you are, the more it shows that the Spirit Weapon is infinitely powerful!”

The long knife in his hand was nothing but a Half-spirit Weapon, which no longer matched his status.

Although the long sword had the potential to break through the Spirit Weapon, it required tons of human blood sacrifices, almost tens of millions of them.

It was not because that the Killing Taoist didn’t have the gut to kill indiscriminately, but because he didn’t want to waste his time.

Now there was a ready made one. Why not take that?

He mobilized one-tenth of the Killing Taoist Strengths and injected it into the blade.


At that moment, the Knife Light rose furiously.

“Soul Absorbing!”

Kris Chen had long been prepared, and this time he promoted his strength by compressing extra three thousand Sword Lights.


The Knife Light offset the Sword Light, and the explosion had razed the entire Wild Killing Sect to the ground.

But the Killing Taoist didn’t care about that at all.

Some disciples didn’t mean anything to him, as long as he the master was there, the Wild Killing Sect wouldn’t collapse.

Besides, they were far not as important as the Spirit Weapon.

“Killing Taoist, let us make a quick fight!”

And the Nine Killing Taoist had been fighting with the two Monster Emperors already. Now he displayed the fourth kind of divine powers, the Beyond Flesh Incarnate!

The Beyond Flesh Incarnate only had seventy percent of his power, and it could only display one of the Taoist Strengths Under the support of the Sea King Halberd, although it was still at an advantage for the time being, it could not last long.

Although the Spirit Weapon was powerful, he hadn’t fully mastered it yet, so after a period of time, it would inevitably show fatigue.

Moreover, these two Monster Emperors were not ordinary monster races: they had strong physical bodies, superb super powers, and a Fulfilled period of Taoist Strength. The Nine Killing Taoist became a bit exhausted.

The Wild Killing Taoist frowned, thinking the situation seemed to be unfavored to them. They must end it as soon as possible.

Then he injected fifty percent of the killing Taoist Strength into knife blade, so that it possessed Spirit Weapon’s partial power in a short time.

Come on, Half-spirit Weapon could only contain half of the Taoist Strength. If it had been a Spirit Weapon, it certainly would be able to exert three hundred percent of the power integrating the strength carried by the knife itself and the strength perceived by himself.

After this battle, he might be able to harvest a true Spiritual Weapon. Thinking of that, the Wild Killing Taoist got excited.

He made all out of his strength in his acupuncture points, and poured them right into the knife.

“Go to hell!”

“Break with One Knife!”

In just one moment, the blade straddled several miles and came to Kris Chen. At this moment, the sword spirit was compressed to the extreme, a total of fifty thousand sword spirits.

Kris Chen was already satisfied.

In addition to the power of Scarlet Blood itself, with this blow, Kris Chen was sixty percent sure that he would be able to kill the Wild Killing Taoist!


Kris Chen shouted, waved the Scarlet Blood. The sword light hit the blade of the knife and directly split it, after that, the aftermath didn’t stop. The sword light kept hitting forward and crushing everything.

What, this was impossible!

The Wild Killing Taoist couldn’t believe his own eyes: how would it turned out like this?

“Yin Yang Upside Down. Diversion!”

That amazing sword light brought a great sense of crisis to the Wild Killing Taoist. He quickly displayed his divine powers, not expecting to block down the sword light, only hoping to change its moving direction.

However, the power of sword light was too terrifying, as it was beyond the control of divine powers.


At the moment, he used diversion and moved to the back side of the Sword Light. He sneered, thinking, though the primal spirit Practitioner with Spirit Weapon had high attacking power, but he couldn’t direct the strong weapon at him, then how to beat him?

He had hardly been proud for two seconds, when the sword light suddenly exploded!


How powerful was the concentration of tens of thousands of sword lights integrated with the mighty power of Scarlet Blood and Sword intent, even Kris Chen didn’t know the answer.

So before slashing the sword light, he told Viper and Spark to set their battlefield at a distance. If they couldn’t do that, just fly farther away from him.

Fortunately, they had already known about Kris Chen’s methods, and set their battlefield a hundred miles away in time.

The moment the explosion sounded, Lord Viper and Spark’s hairs vibrated. What a powerful method was that. The aftermath of the explosion pulled up the surrounding trees within hundreds of miles. They could hardly imagine the force in the center of the explosion.

From the very beginning, Kris Chen didn’t think that Sword Light could hit and kill the Wild Killing Taoist. At first, he thought he might kill him with the explosion.

In about ten seconds, the explosion dissipated, and where the Wild Killing Sect had completely become a sinkhole several hundred meters deep. However, at the center of the explosion, Kris Chen did not find the trace of the Wild Killing Taoist!

Did he break apart and became ashes?

No way.

Wait, he hadn’t been dead!

Kris Chen released his Divine Spiritual Power, which flew deep down a kilometer underground and found that the Wild Killing Taoist was seriously injured. His limbs were almost broken. Fortunately, he used the Life Saving Treasure to avoid the blow.

It was horrible, how could a primal spirit Practitioner make such an explosive power.

The damn Spirit Weapon, his life was almost gone just for that.

At this moment, the alarm bell rang over his head, he perceived that a sword light penetrated through the thick soil and came invincibly at him.

Damn it!


The Wild Killing Taoist used diversion and moved himself hundreds of miles. Then he took out a large amount of panacea from the storage ring and gulped them like eating beans.

His hands and feet grew at a visible speed.

Of course, Kris Chen wouldn’t give him any chance to recover? The Golden Light Earth Escaping came to him in a flash, and the sword light condensed by tens of thousands of sword spirits slashed out.

This time the Wild Killing Taoist knew the trick: he just ran!

A few miles away from the center of the explosion, the Taoist’s new limbs had been growing back!

“I know I shouldn’t look down upon your power before. Now I already know all your attack methods. You have no way hurt me again!”

He believed that it had be better not to hit the rock with toughness, and he would wait until Kris used all of his magical power, then he would give him a deadly blow on his head!

Kris Chen did not say anything, and slashed several sword lights in a row, blocking the way out.

His face gradually turned pale. The battle brought him not only the consumption of the sword spirits in his acupoints, but also the pressure of his physical body. Forcibly using the power beyond his cultivation stage was heavy physical burden.

But it also proved how strong his physical body was. If Kris was just an ordinary magical power cultivator, his body would have collapsed long ago.

There had not much time for Kris. He shouldn’t keep waiting, or he must fail!

The gap between the early stage of the accumulated spirit and the middle period was surprisingly wide. He had used almost all the power he could collect, but still he couldn’t end the Wild Killing Taoist!

Boom, boom, boom!

Several explosions burst out one after another. The Wild Killing Taoist at the center of the explosion was in a dilemma. Although there was not much injury under the support of Tao Strength, he had still got pretty many minor injuries.

But the being in the dilemma was the main problem!

Who would have thought that the prestigious Wild Killing Taoist would be retreated to a tight corner like this by a primal spirit Practitioner!

It was at this time that Kris Chen used Golden Light Earth Escaping to get close to the Taoist less than a mile. At such a close distance, the sword light could hit the Wild Killing Taoist in one hundredth of a second!

But Kris Chen didn’t do this. He knew that there was a slightest chance for the Sword Light to break through the triple defense of the Wild Killing Taoist.


These sword lights were detonated at the same time, and the Wild Killing Taoist at the center of the explosion had to run Taoist Strength to protect his whole body.

How bitter was that!

He as a Middle-period accumulated spirit was chased and beaten, and he could not fight back, but only defend himself passively. He was surprised about the powerful explosion. The sword intent swept through and wore down his sword intent.

He was waiting for Kris Chen to exhaust himself. Wasn’t Kris Chen want to do so to him?

As soon as the explosion sounded, Kris Chen’s Divine Spiritual Power was firmly directed at him.


At this moment, a golden light spit out from Kris Chen’s mouth and rushed forward like a flash of thunder.


Gen Metal Power, Earth sword intent and Thunder sword intent, fused with tens of thousands of sword spirits, repeatedly compressed, attached to the sword pill, and flew away at a speed dozens of times of the supersonic speed!


The Sword pill pierced the triple weak Taoist Strengths without the slightest resistance, and along the way penetrated the body of the Wild Killing Taoist, finally destructive strength just burst out inside his body.

His primal spirit and Divine Spiritual Power were strangled to lifeless.

At that moment, his acupoints collapsed, remaining not a slight dimming spirit!

So far, the Wild Killing Taoist dominating the Sea of Chaos died tragically under the sword of Kris Chen.

In the end, Kris Chen won the fight!

Chapter 488: Annihilation

Kris showed out all his cards in hand, He eventually killed the Wild Killing Taoist with sword pill when he was unprepared.

Wild Killing didn’t even realize until his last breath that Kris was actually a sword cultivator practitioner as well.

Kris was gasping so hard and took out a handful of magic pills, dissolved them with spirit liquid.

It was the most difficult battle he had ever fought.

It was just too hard.

His entire body was tattered with serious wounds, and only one third of the sword energy was left in his acupoints and orifices, which was not a sense of security for Kris.

But fortunately, the Wild Killing died, because of his arrogance.

With a move, Kris captured the treasure ring and spirit weapon, which belonged to Wild Killing.

Jiusha at the side had been completely flustered. Without spirit weapon, the strength of Wild Killing was indeed stronger than him.

But he was killed!

Facing the siege of the two monster emperors, he had already felt he was struggling.

Now allied with Kris, could he really hold on to the siege of the three of them?

At this moment, Jiusha started to think about retreat.

Run, I have to run!

Taoist strength of boundless , Taoist strength of water, Taoist strength of ocean!

The power of the three Taoist strength superposed, and all broke out at once. Viper and Spark joined hands, and could barely resist!

This place was close to the sea, and the Taoist strength of water was abundant, so they were restrained by Jiusha.

In addition to the bonus of spirit weapon, the power increased much stronger.

After recovering for a while, Kris also realized that Jiusha Taoist wanted to turn his heel. The whole operation was about Jiusha, how could he let him escape?

“Brothers, let me help!”

When Kris flew past, his hand was lit up by the spirit sword beam, which immediately blocked the way of Jiusha.

Throughout the battle, Kris became more and more proficient in the use of skills and techniques.

In addition to the harassment of the two monster emperors, Kris was also fermenting his big move. He had only two shots, and would be exhausted if he still failed to kill Jiusha.

The sword energy in the acupoint would also dry up and need at least three hours to be recovered. Although the spirit liquid and magic pills are constantly replenished, he spent 7500 beams of sword energy with just one attack, the speed of recovery could not keep up with the speed of consumption.

Kris was furious, and he had to expand the capacity of sword energy in his acupoints!

Cultivate the body as soon as possible, so that the capacity of his body would grow stronger.

With the high-frequency outbreaks, the flesh of Kris had already appeared chapped. It was amazing that with pill formation, Kris held on for so long after he launched such a strong attack that was even powerful enough to kill the accumulated spirit.

An ordinary body refining practitioner would have collapsed and died.

“Boom, boom!”

The explosion blocked Jiusha’s retreat, and his Taoist strength was also rapidly consumed.

The speed of energy consumption of a middle grade spirit weapon was far greater than his own body’s consumption.

Spirit weapons are powerful, but it costs too much before the owner fully controls it.

“Brothers, please lock the space barriers for me!”


The fire Taoist strength of the Lord of sparks diffused and blocked a thousand kilometers of space. The light Taoist strength of the Lord of sparks overlapped and the Taoist strength of the fire rose sharply.

The Lord of Viper was not idling. The Taoist strength of venom was in the innermost layer, with three layers of blockades, Jiusha would have no way to escape.

As long as Jiusha was restrained into this small space, he would be like a piece of cake for Kris.

Break the boundary!

Kris launched the physical aptitude golden light earth escaping, and flashed in front of Jiusha. At that moment, his speed exceeded the nerve reflex of human beings.

“Go to hell!”

The Red light burst through all three layers of Taoist strength.

“Blow it up!”


At the moment of the explosion, Kris broke the boundary and came outside of the Taoist strength array.

After breaking through the boundary of Taoist strength twice in a row, Kris’s body was exhausted, resulting in a sense of emptiness in his body.

He took another bunch of vitality pills.

In fact, he didn’t have to push himself so hard, but he was trying to surprise Jiusha with a fatal blow.

In the boundary of Taoist strength, the power of the explosion had not been revealed and was all blocked firmly within the boundary.

When the explosion dispersed, Jiusha, who was covered with blood and flesh, spitting blood with the Sea King Halberd in his hand.

Without the protection of the Sea King Halberd, he would have died just after the explosion.

At the moment, Taoist strength was ruined, his mana was exhausted, and his body was wounded. Within the triple Daoist strength boundaries, there was no way to escape.

“Who are you?”

Jiusha was sure that he didn’t know about them.

Kris sneered out the name of a man. Jiusha couldn’t believe what he just heard, “You… Are you his disciple?”

Kris didn’t explain. He raised his hand with sword energy and waved down with no hesitation. Jiusha was killed.

After Jiusha’s death, the two monster emperors destroyed his spirit aura and Jiusha had no chance of Reincarnation.

“Thank you very much, Brothers!”

Kris took the halberd of the sea king in his hand and captured the storage ring of Jiusha. There was no trace of greed in the eyes of the two emperors.

First of all, the spirit weapon did not match their attributes. Secondly, they all have their own spirit weapon.

When the monster race builds up the primal spirit, they usually refine magic weapons for themselves, so they have their own magic weapons, and…all spirit weapons.

Thirdly, they came to assist, and the main attack was made by Kris.

Note that they didn’t even show out their weapons.

The two great emperors of the monster were the strong ones of their race. They had their own inheritance and skills. It was not difficult to just hold back Jiusha.

“Bravo! Brother Diao! It was legendary to fight against the accumulated spirit with the primal spirit. And you killed the accumulated spirit with your own strength. You will surely have a position among the best, very soon..”

The Lord of Viper was in awe.

In fact, it was their investment as well. Getting to know Kris was the smartest thing they had done. Over time, Kris’s involvement in the accumulated spirit will surely protect NaHai Sect.

He may even make himself an “actualized spirit”, it is possible. By then, the reputation of NaHai Sect will be heard throughout the infinite ocean.

Lord of Sparks said, “brother Diao must be exhausted. You’d better start healing right here. We will cover your back.”

Then the two monster lords set up a large array to guard Kris.

Kris did not refuse, and immediately started to heal himself.

Kris has a strong body. Ordinary vitality pills were nowhere near enough . Therefore, Kris simply swallowed a handful of pills. Although this would waste a lot of them, he couldn’t care about that much.

Kris took out ten thousand highest grade spiritual stones and shattered them. The space was filled with the essence of spirit energy and Kris sucked all of them into his body.

The two monster emperors were stunned. Ten thousand high grade spiritual stones for recovery? How big is the acupuncture points’ volume of Kris?

It must be divine grade acupuncture points, which could make Kris contain such an amount of spirit energy.

No wonder Kris was able to fight against the accumulated spirit with primal spirit.

Three hours later, Kris mana was restored by 80%, and his physical damage was also healed by 70%. However his divine spiritual power was also damaged in the battle, that would take more time to recover.

“Thank you very much, brothers!”

Kris divided Jiusha Taoist’s storage ring into two parts and gave it to viper and sparks.

“It’s a little gift from me.”

Surprisingly Viper’s facial expression changed instantly, “Brother Diao are you looking down upon me?”

“Helping my brother with a price?? Don’t embarrass me.”

Lord of sparks said right after, “We owe you a lot, brother Diao. Moreover it was just a delaying tactic, we didn’t contribute that much so we shouldn’t get anything from you.”

Kris was touched and said, “If you guys weren’t here just now, I was pretty much done.”

“Brothers, please accept it. Nahai sect is far from strong and mature. Those kids need resources for practising and training? What’s more, when we recruit the strong and experts, we always need treasures and materials to be placed on the balance.”

The two demons looked at each other, and then bowed down. “Brother Diao, you are thoughtful. I can’t wait to witness our future!”

“Brothers, what are you doing?”

Kris said with a wry smile, “If we want to develop the Nahai sect and succeed, my own power is not enough. In addition to providing materials, I need your help for subsequent recruitment, and I can’t offer much assistance for that.”

Kris clearly knew that he did not have a good reputation, nor did he know a few strong practitioners. He had no idea where to go to attract people.

This task must fall on the hands of two monster emperors.

At this point, the monster emperors did not show affectation. They took the ring, and the materials inside made them admire Kris more.

There were many kinds of natural materials and treasures, including the divine grade spiritual stone. Even they covet many of them.

Obviously Kris did not take a cent out of the ring, but directly divided the material in the ring into two parts, so as to avoid breakdown in their relationship.

When they received it, Kris took out the mace, called out ShaMo and directly erased the soul mark on the mace. “ShaMo , take it, it is now yours.”

ShaMo and shaked his head. “I can’t take it. My mother gave the weapon to you, master. It belongs to you.”

“I guess I do have the right to decide who shall I pass it to.”

“I have a lot of things to do and I can’t take it with me all the time. Just take it and go back to Nahai sect with Master Viper and Sparks and wait for my return. You must take care of them, do you understand your responsibilities.”

ShaMo nodded, “I understand!”

After ShaMo left his own soul mark on the mace, Kris said to Viper and Spark : “Brothers, I’ll leave the early period of preparatory work to you guys.”

“Brother Diao, take your time. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

After the conversation, two monster lords took ShaMo and left.

It was not suitable to stay here for a long time!

Kris did not dare to stay any more. The previous battle was too loud. Who knows if it attracts some powerful practitioners.

After all, it was too common for playing both ends against the middle in the Sea of Chaos region.

Kris launched golden light earth escaping and left the Wild Killing island.

As soon as he left, an old demon appeared at the top of the sinkhole.

“Ha ha, how fast you escaped, I’m late this time.”

Although he said that, he was still surprised. He felt at least four accumulated spirits here.

In other words, there were four accumulated spirits fighting here just now, and blew up the Wild Killing Island like this?

Half of the Wild Killing island had been destroyed and the sea water poured into the huge sinkhole. The remaining Taoist strength had turned it into a magnificent but dangerous place.

It would become another paradise for exploration in the Sea of Chaos region in a few decades.

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