Chapter 488: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 488 Crazy Revenge

“They are really pathetic. Good days are ruined by their daughter.”

“I heard that the man of that family had an accident and his wife is paralyzed in bed. They are good people, how do they end up like this?”

“It’s the daughter who broke up the family. In my opinion, that daughter is clearly a scourge, turning a good life into this.”

The crowd’s chatter was getting louder and louder and Ziying Duan could no longer stand it.

She dragged her luggage, walked away quickly, ran to went to a place where no one was and began to cry bitterly.

She cried until she was so weak that she couldn’t even stand up.

Looking at the distant sky, Ziying seemed to see the loving eyes of her father.

He had always loved Ziying and Ziying also relied on him.

But now, her belief collapsed and she was completely panicked.

“Why do this to me, why!”

The police told her to start over.

The last time her father saw her, he also told her to reflect on herself.

Now, she knew she was wrong and was willing to change, but no one was willing to see her repent.

In that case, she wanted to be as mean as ever.

Let all those who have hurt her and her family die!


Carrying a plate of snacks over, Chuxue Ye looked at the empty seat and asked, “Where is Yulin Xiao?”

“He’s gone.”

“How come he left so early? He hasn’t tasted my newly made dessert yet.”

Anna Xie took a sip of juice and teased, “Rude person like him can’t taste anything, but just fool around.”

Hearing such a comment, Chuxue couldn’t help but laugh and said, “In this world, you’re the only one who dares to say that about him.”

Yiyao Duan stood behind Chuxue, picked up her bag and said, “Well, it’s getting late, let’s go.”

“Don’t go now. These snacks are not eaten yet.”

“I’m losing weight, so I won’t eat.” Saying that, Yiyao looked at Anna and said, “Anna, let me take you back.”

“I won’t bother you, will I?”

“No. It’s not out of my way.”

Seeing that they decided happily like this, Chuxue was speechless.

No one liked her snacks?

Sitting in the car, Anna looked at Yiyao’s side face and suddenly remembered Chuxue’s comment about her.

She pursed her lips and hesitated and then asked, “Yiyao…… you don’t mind me calling you like this, right?”

“Of course not.”

“Do you also think I should make up with Yulin?”

Yiyao just said, “How I think is meaningless. The key is how you think about this kind of thing.”

“But if this kind of thing happens to you, how are you going to handle it?”

“I will make myself stronger. When one day, you can appear where you should be in a dignified manner, then it means that you get the status and fame and you’re a better match for him. At this time, no one will say you are not good enough for him.”

Yiyao’s words gave Anna a vision of the future.

But soon, she came back to reality.

She looked downward and said, “Yiyao, what you said is exactly what I was thinking. But becoming as strong as Yulin seems to be the task that I can never accomplish in my life.”

“I think you misunderstood what I meant.”

Anna was surprised and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“What I mean by getting stronger is not being famous or starting a company that is as good as his. Rather, you realize your dream and no longer have to depend on others to live.”

“You are working hard for that right now and you are doing well. It won’t be long before you become an A-list actress in China. At that time, you have realized your dream and you will be incomparably strong and fulfilling.”

“You will not be defeated by others because the only person who can really defeat you is yourself.”

Hearing Yiyao’s words, Anna was shocked.

Something in her heart was slowly melting and disappearing.

Instead, a hard armor grew and wrapped Anna’s heart firmly.

With a smile, she looked at Yiyao and said, “Yiyao, after listening to your words, I feel that I suddenly have a goal in my life. Moreover, I am not confused anymore and know what I’m working for.”

“I’m happy to help you. I hope that what I said to you was useful.”

“Of course it’s useful. At the very least, I am not at a lost now and I know what I should do.”

“In fact, my words only told you the goal in the future. In fact, after these few days, you have almost figured it out and you just need someone to give you encouragement.”

“No matter what, thank you very much. Chuxue is right, you’re a perfect woman. It’s really a blessing in my life to know you.”

“Perfect?” Yiyao suddenly smiled bitterly and said, “In this world, no one is perfect. Everyone has unspeakable hardships no matter how shiny they look.”

When Yiyao said this, she was a bit sad, which did not match her beauty.

Anna wanted to ask a question but on second thought, she thought it was very rude so she didn’t ask.

The car turned a corner and Yiyao was about to get on the bridge when she noticed a black car that was rushing over quickly.

Yiyao felt that the person was very dangerous. With a tight frown, Yiyao changed her mind and crossed under the bridge and speeded up.

But the car behind her kept following, rushing over recklessly and ramming into Yiyao’s car.

“Be careful!”

Yiyao reached out to protect Anna’s head, take this steering wheel with one hand, calm and collected.

Anna was startled and looked up at the back. Her face turned pale.

The black car behind her was crashed but kept chasing them.

“Is that person crazy, why does she want to hit our car?”

“Of course she is a crazy person even she wants to die!”

Yiyao saw the driver in that car. It was Ziying who had disappeared for some time.

It seemed that the life in prison didn’t make Ziying reflect instead she became more vicious and continued to do crazy things.

People like her really did not deserve pity!

Yiyao was ready to give Ziying a lesson.

Making a sharp turn, Yiyao turned her car around.

But when Yiyao was approaching Ziying’s car, she found that a crying little girl was standing between two cars!

The child was scared and stood on the road, crying.

The child’s mother wanted to rush over to save her but was stopped by passers-by.

In this tense moment, Yiyao could only grit her teeth and turn around.

Ziying seized this opportunity and rushed straight to Yiyao.

This time, there was a thick bridge pile in front of Yiyao.

Her car hit it hard and because of the impact, it turned a corner and slid to the side.

And there was a turquoise sea there……

With a loud sound, the car fell into the sea.

Jumping down from the car, Ziying stared at the sea.

In the chase, she was also injured and had blood on her face.

But as if she did not feel the pain, she just stared at the calm sea and muttered, “It is over. It’s all over.”

The sound of police cars came from far and the passers-by cooperated with the police and subdued Ziying.

During the whole process, Ziying did not resist at all as if she did not care whether she was alive or dead.

She had completed the last mission in life, which was revenge. From now on, they did not owe each other.

As soon as the police heard that a car had fallen into the sea, they immediately called a rescue team to arrange for men and cranes.

As for the people who gathered around the beach, they shook their heads.

They fell into the sea with the car. Maybe they won’t survive. The killer was too ruthless.

Just when the crowd was sighing, Yiyao was underwater and unbuckled herself and Anna’s seat belt.

At the same time, she struggled to swim with the unconscious Anna.

When she became closer and closer to the sea surface, Yiyao knew that victory was in sight.

But she had no strength left.

During the chase, both Yiyao and Anna were injured.

To protect Anna, Yiyao’s injury was more serious.

The blood on her forehead just seeped out and dissolved in the sea without a trace.

The seawater, like a huge sea, was sucking away all of Yiyao’s strength.

Just after Yiyao dragged Anna out of the water, someone found them.

“Those two people are here!”

As soon as the rescue team heard that, they immediately rushed over and reached out to catch Anna first.

However, when they tried to grab Yiyao, she let go of her hand and she slowly sank underwater.

“Quickly, go down and save her ……”


Anna seemed to have had a long dream.

In the dream, she floated as if she was in a sea.

Anna felt fear so she wanted to scream and escape.

But she had no strength so she could only go with the flow, not knowing where to float to.

Until, Anna heard a voice, calling her name.

“Anna, Anna ……”

It was Yulin!

In this moment, Anna found the courage.

She didn’t want to keep floating. She still had her dream and had someone she wanted to love and she couldn’t be stuck here for the rest of her life!

With courage in her heart, Anna struggled to paddle her limbs to break out of this boundless world of chaos.

She tried harder and harder. Finally, there was a light in her world.

Anna opened her eyes and looked around bewilderedly.

Where was this?

The room was quiet and there was the scent of lilies in the air.

Anna looked around and she was a little confused.

What happened, had she lost her memory?

Anna tried to recall but felt a pain in her forehead.

Subconsciously she touched the forehead and Anna found that her forehead was wrapped up in something. She pressed it gently and she felt a little pain.

Anna was even more panicked this time.

Just as she struggled and was about to sit up, someone pushed open the door.

“You’re awake, Miss Xie!”

When the nurse saw Anna awake, she immediately went to her side and helped her to lie down.

Anna was desperate.

She didn’t want to lie down. She wanted to see what it was like around her!

But the nurse didn’t know what Anna was thinking. She turned around and ran out of the ward, looked for the doctor to report the situation.

This time, Anna became alone again.

But such silence didn’t last long. The doctors walked quickly into the room and began a series of examinations on Anna.

“Doctor, how is she?”

Just when Anna was getting impatient, a low male voice came over, making Anna feel at ease.

“Miss Xie is fine. She just needs to recuperate.”

Hearing these words, Yulin was relieved.

Pushing aside the crowd, Yulin walked to Anna’s front with urgent and anxious expression.

Anna looked at him and then looked at the people around, looking a little frightened.

Seeing Anna’s uneasiness, Yulin dismissed the crowd and then sat next to Anna and reached out to hold her hand.

The warmth in his palms made Anna slowly calm down and was able to start thinking.

“What is this all about, why am I in the hospital?”

Yulin said in a gentle voice, “You and Yiyao had a car accident and fell into the sea, do you remember?”

“The car accident ……”

Anna tried to recall and finally thought of that moment when she fell into the water.

When she remembered this terrifying memory, Anna involuntarily held Yulin’s hand and trembled a little, saying, “That crazy woman ran into us!”

Yulin held Anna’s shoulders immediately and said soothingly, “Yes, she did but it is all right now. She is arrested and won’t come back to hurt you. Moreover, I protect you. You are very safe.”

Yulin’s words made Anna slowly calm down.

Tilting her head to look at Yulin, Anna asked, “What about Yiyao? I still remember that after falling into the water, it was Yiyao that kept protecting me, how is she doing now?”

Hearing these words, Yulin was silent.

Seeing that Yulin didn’t say anything, Anna felt uneasy again.

She grabbed the corner of Yulin’s clothes and asked nervously, “Yulin, why don’t you say anything!”

Yulin hesitated for a moment and said, “Yiyao, she is in the next room. She’s still in a coma.”

Anna was stunned instantly, shaking her head in disbelief.

“God, how could this happen ……”

“Don’t be sad, she will definitely get through this.”

Yulin’s comfort did not make Anna feel better.

She lowered her head and kept shaking her head in pain, saying, “If Yiyao hadn’t saved me, she definitely wouldn’t have become like this now. It’s my fault, why am I so useless!”

“The person who is really to blame is that crazy woman, she is the culprit!”

“Do you ……know why did that woman hit our car?”

Yulin frowned tightly and said, “I know. That woman’s name is Ziying, she likes Jingyan Ye and has done a lot of crazy things for him but ended up in jail. I thought that she would start over after she got out of prison. I didn’t expect that she is still so stupid.”

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