Chapter 489 – 490: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 489: Sea King Halberd

After leaving the wild killing Island, Kris came to an uninhabited island thousands of miles away. Kris made a cave, covered the island with arrays and sunk it to the bottom of the sea to make it secure.

While recovering, Kris was refining the divine grade magic pills, the Rejuvenate pill!

He had all the herbs he needed.

With the growth of divine spiritual power, Kris’s alchemy became stabilized like an expert.

The refining spiritual power was used more and more skillfully.

Only three rejuvenation pills were successfully refined from a furnace of them, each of which was marked with nine auspicious clouds.

One of them contains hundreds of times more vitality energy compared to a normal vitality pill. As long as the patient was still breathing, he would be able to live. It was definitely a divine pill which resurrects the dead and restores the wounds.

Having just one of them, with the power of the pill spread all over the body, the physical energy consumed by breaking the boundary was instantly made up.

He was like a balloon, bulging in an instant.

The spreading vitality was still repairing his damaged body, and even the dispirited primal spirit was pumped up.

Incredible magical pills, with the rejuvenation pill, the sequelae of breaking the boundary would be easily solved.

For the damage of divine spiritual power, Kris also came up with a solution.

Divine level middle grade prescription, the Creator Pill!

The first-class elixir for repairing the primal spirit and divine spiritual power.

Kris had been preparing these herbs for a long time, and soon they were put into alchemy.

Pill alchemy, weapon refining , in fact, the divine spiritual power could be refined as well. However, the divine spiritual power of Kris was too powerful. Although the enhancement was not so obvious, it was still growing stronger.

Hundreds of meters under the surface of the sea, thunder was rolling and the electrocution killed countless passing sea monsters

Because of the existence of the array, they didn’t know what was going on. Over time, it became a forbidden area for sea monsters.

It took a long time to refine the Rejuvenate pill, approximately a day and a night. Generally, the effect was just marvelous. It made up for the injury of Divine Spiritual Power​, and even slightly grew stronger.

What surprised Kris the most was that the primal spirit was 30% bigger than before.

And it had become Kris’s biggest concern.

Due to the restriction of the devil land, the primal spirit could not play its original power. He even thought that if the life point promotes the ancestral acupoint, does that mean he would have one more primal spirit?

But what to do with the extra primal spirit?

Just leave it there?

Or, try to refine an external incarnation and store the primal spirit?

But it’s pointless. The essence of the primal spirit remains unchanged.

Forget it. Don’t think much, one would cross the bridge when he gets to it.

Kris decided to raise his combat effectiveness to the limit before he was promoted to the primal spirit.

After spending another half a month at the bottom of the sea, Kris refined a lot of magic pills, always prepared for a rainy day.

It is ok to be timid, as long as you keep yourself alive.

Just like magical practitioners, they set more than ten shields around himself during a fight. There’s nothing wrong about it.

After retrieving the inner alchemy, a long scarlet sword appeared in the hands of Kris. The blade was shining with linear blood decorations. Once he held it, the violent killing intention poured out from the blade.

It was the half spirit weapon, sword of deity blood used by Wild Killing Taoist.

Kris didn’t know how much blood used to be on this blade. It was extremely vicious.

It had been suppressed with red blood, but now it has been released and began to become manic.

These types of weapons have spirits. Now Wild Killing had been killed and the weapon had lost its owner. It was out of control. Violent spirit even wanted to cultivate and transform itself into a human being.

In the devil land, spirit weapons could also practice, and even some practitioners refined their own magic weapons into incarnations of themselves. Although they were not as good as the external incarnations, the combat effectiveness was still considerable.

The most important thing was that they were self conscious and could also play the role of weapons.

The sword of deity blood had been impregnated with Taoist strength all the year round, so they carried a trace of the strength. In fact, it was about to break through the boundary of a half spirit weapon, which was why Kris decided to keep it.

By the time Wild Killing said that red blood was the sword of killing. Kirs thought that Wild Killing cultivated the cruelty Taoist strength so he must be familiar with the cruelty Taoist strength.

So he had a bold guess in his mind that red blood understood and mastered cruelty Taoist strength from meditation.

“I know you have self consciousness, either open up the demon space, accept my soul mark, or you will be destroyed!”


The majestic killing intention spurted out from the sword of deity blood. Fortunately, Kris had the red blood aside. Otherwise, he would already get hurt.

“Never been near death? Wanna have a try?”

Kris sneered and stuck out a finger. After the battle, his body became stronger and could control 1700 beams of sword energy or condense them into 800 beams.

No matter what kind of magic weapon, thunder sword intent was what they feared most and could hurt their spirit.


An arc of sword light shot out.

Kris did not show mercy at all. He thought that swords of deity blood should be quite handy when used. Since the sword itself was resisting, the only way was to destroy and get rid of it.

The next magic weapons would behave better~

The sword light cut through the compressed murderous air around the sword of deity blood. The weak Taoist strength was not enough to protect itself.


The light sword was cut on the body of the deity blood sword and made a gap.

“Wow, pretty hard!”

With a sneer from Kris, 5000 beams of sword energy were condensed and twisted with sword intent.

This time, the deity blood sword was really terrified. Although it was born in killings, it did not mean it wanted to be “killed”.


The blade trembled and let out a sad cry.

“I thought you were a tough guy, you were no exception but afraid of death. It would have been better if you behave like this earlier, you cunt!

After Kris withdrew his hands, divine spirit power entered the demon space of God blood knife easily.

It was a vicious spirit, rebellious, but under the pressure of death, it had to obey.

Kris did not encounter any obstacles and easily left a spirit mark on it.

The way that the weapon’s spirit staring at Kris had also changed. Although it didn’t become gentle right after having a new master, its killing intention had dissipated.

Kris also learned the magical effect of the deity blood sword from the feedback of the spirit.

This sword was essentially similar to the dagger: Kill Qin.

Bloodthirsty, and was able to use blood wash to repair its blade. Its radius of killing intention was also unbelievable. Under the impact of killing intention, it could even contaminate the primal spirit and divine spiritual power.

It was just a pity that it couldn’t step out and couldn’t keep up with Wild Killing Taoists. For most of the time, its old master treated it only as a carrier of his Taoist strength.

Yes, it would be sooner or later that this deity blood sword became a real spirit weapon with the help of Kris.

With deity blood sword, Kris would not have to show out red blood for every single battle. Although it was kind of cool to show off, it did not conform to the habit of Kris.

Half spirit weapons were not as powerful as spirit weapons but not that high-profile.

Red blood would be more valuable as a hidden card in hand!

What’s more, the sword shaped pill in the ancestral acupoint was a combination of sword embryo and with extraordinary lethality. Although itself was not so powerful, with the blessing of sword energy and sword intention, it still managed to knock down the middle period accumulated spirit, Wild Killing,.

In this way, Kris would have another card in hand.

Overlapping of true and false and never letting others know about one’s true ability, in order to play an unexpected effect in the battle.

Putting the deity blood sword aside, Kris took out the sea king halberd.

This was a serious spirit weapon.

What excited Kris was that ShaMo’s mother also told him the method of refining middle grade spirit weapons.

Did she foresee that Kris would look for Jiusha?

It turned out that after ShaMo’s father acquired the spirit weapon, he put a partial part of his spiritual intelligence into the weapon.

Jiusha didn’t know about it, which was why he could not fully control the sea king halberd after a long period of time.

With the method taught by ShaMo’s mother, Kris soon came into the spirit weapon space.

It was a vast ocean, almost boundless.

“True Lord Langxie, would you like some news about RuMo?”

Kris yelled three times in a row. As he started to doubt about the method, a light flashed towards him and transformed into a good looking middle-aged man.

“Who are you? How do you know my wife’s name? “

His eyes were on guard, but he was only a little spiritual intelligence and could not exert the power of spirit weapon.

However, it could be seen that he was very weak, and the illusory human form was fading.

“My name is Kris. I have been asked by RuMo to bring you a few words!”

“First of all, sorry that I may have to leave before you do, and our child will be handed over to Kris as a disciple!”

“Secondly, don’t worry, I didn’t betray you till my death, they drew out my primary spirit, broke my divine spiritual power, and could not make me surrender after all.”

“Lastly, if there is an afterlife, I shall look for you again and I have no regrets of meeting you!”

Langxie’s facial expression was overcast and uncertain, as if he didn’t believe what Kris just said, “are you a lackey from Jiusha?”

Kris didn’t want to explain much. He showed him the story with the image storing stone!

Langxie stayed silent for a long time, and finally bowed down to Kris. “Thank you, brother. I owe you a lot and have nothing to repay. This spirit weapon is useless to me. I shall give it to you, and please take good care of my son.”

After that, he recruited the spirit of the weapon and released the soul contract, his spiritual intelligence disappeared into the space.

“RuMo, it is also my greatest fortune to have you in my life. I swear that I will find you in the after life no matter where you are!”

At the moment of reincarnation, Langxie made an oath. He was afraid that he would forget RuMo. However, due to the influence of a Taoist oath, if he chooses the path of cultivation in the next life, he would certainly find out about the past.

Kris sighed…

Could someone tell what love is? Why do people live for it?And die for it?

They wanted to look for each other even after death, what a beautiful story.

The spirit of the sea king halberd was a sky swallowing whale. It was very behaved and had no intention of killing.

Kris easily concluded a soul contract with it!

Jiusha tried so desperately and ended up helping Kris.

At the moment of mastering the halberd, Kris understood the function of it.

In addition to the three Taoist strengths, it could also control water flow, form tornadoes, and even command sea monsters!

Command the sea monsters, that was just terrifying!

Great fortune for Kris.

Chapter 490: Yin Yang Upside Down

Not only that, the Sea King Halberd actually had a hidden function.

It could maintain Divine Spiritual Power.

This was also the reason why True Lord Langxie, his spiritual intelligence could stay in the Sea King Halberd for a long time.

In other words, if the opponent Kris Chen met would use secreted spiritual methods, that could add a protective cover to his Divine Spiritual Power.

More precisely, a protective cover of the Spirit Weapon.

Nothing else could be more powerful than the Spirit Weapons, and Kris Chen just happily kept the Sea King’s Halberd into the Mud Pill Palace (the Upper Dantian, or called pineal body, an organ in one’s brain).

To Kris Chen’s surprise, after being kept into the Mud Pill Palace, the Sea King Halberd was placed horizontally on the knees by the Little Man of Divine Spiritual Power, and their Qi Function Pulling echoed each other.

This Sea King Halberd was simply tailor-made for Kris.

Just loved it!

Kris Chen rubbed his hands, and now he had another ultimate weapon. At least he wouldn’t be so embarrassed next time against the Middle-period accumulated spirit.

He took out the storage ring that originally belonged to the Wild Killing Taoist.

The divine spirit seal of the Middle-period accumulated spirit was unbreakable, but with the power of Kris Chen’s Divine Spiritual Power, the spirit seal was easily broken.

Kris Chen was once again stunned by the treasures kept inside.

Didn’t have to mention the various cultivation resources, neither the magical powers in it.

What surprised Kris Chen the most was the blood-red spiritual stone.

That was Killing Crystal!

How come the Taoist had so many slaughter crystals?

There were no less than tens of thousands of the Killing crystals.

These were real good stuff. It was said that after the death of a accumulated spirit practitioner, the Taoist Strength in his body would run down and be immersed in the Earth veins, and very likely it might be transformed into a Taoist Strength ore.

Those Taoist Strength stones were rare stuff. If a primal spirit at Fulfilled period obtained the Taoist Strength ore and absorbed it, it was even possible for him to perceive the Taoist Strength from the ore.

Even for the accumulated spirits, this was still true treasure.

Good stuff, these were real good stuff!

In addition to the killing crystals, Kris Chen also discovered two kinds of ores, which were black and white. They must be the Yin Yang Taoist Strength stone.

There were also many of them, at least ten thousands of them.

You couldn’t buy this kind of stuff even with spiritual stones.

In addition, Kris Chen also discovered several books of Divine Power, including the “Yin Yang Upside Down” method performed on Kris Chen by murdering Taoists.

This was also a very powerful divine. To cultivate this divine power, the Yin Yang Taoist Strength stone was necessarily needed.

In other words, Kris Chen had already been qualified to practice “Ying Yang Upside Down”.

Kris Chen practiced Golden Light Earth Escaping, which had greatly improved his combat effectiveness, making him understand that how many benefits he could acquire from cultivating divine powers.

Ying Yang Upside Down, to some extent, was also an extremely powerful attacking technique.

It could help people reverse the Yin Yang of the human body, reverse the Yin Yang of all things in the world, and, if keep practicing to a high level, even change day into night and reverse the rules.

“Yin Yang Upside Down” was easy to learn. But mastering it was difficult, and it was even harder to cultivate to the highest level.

For example, when the Wild Killing Taoist using the Yin Yang Upside Down, Kris Chen used the power of his physical body to suppress all discomforts.

He was surprised that the Taoist had used such a powerful divine power just to do sneak attack.

How stupid.

Still there were some heterodox tricks, and Kris was not very attractive to them.

But he still collected them. He didn’t need it, but it didn’t mean that others needn’t it. That was because Nahai Sect had a weak foundation, and these good things meant a lot to them.

During this short Closing Door (practicing Taoist magic art alone), Kris Chen’s strength had improved again, and his harvest was also very rich.

It was time to set off to find Kun Peng (a giant fish-like bird).

Kun Peng lived in the Beiming Sea, two million miles away from the Sea of Chaos. If Kris traveled at his regular speed, without a rest, he needed to keep running Golden Light Earth Escaping for more than two thousand times.

Just thinking about that, Kris Chen felt exhausted.

Before, depending on the news he heard in the hotel, Kris Chen went to the Flaming Mountain in the middle of the Sea of Chaos.

In fact, there was no spiritual fire at all, just a Lava beast dozing in it.

It was all because of the rumors. Rumors followed the erroneous information, people believing that spiritual fire was found inside the mountain!

Kris Chen was so angry, and he wanted to kick these people’s ass. Shit, they made him believe there really had spiritual fire!

Good mood disappeared like a flash!

In desperation, he found one branch of Seven-treasure House branch at the Sea of Chaos. Showing his top membership token, Kris took a free ride to Beiming Sea.

The conveyor could fly one hundred thousand miles a day, and it took only 20 days to reach Beiming Sea. During the travel, Kris was also enjoying the top services provided by Seven-treasure House.

Locking himself in the senior member Closing Door room, Kris cultivated the Golden Light Earth Escaping to the Fulfilled period.

The cultivation was faster, and the speed of performing divine power was also shortened, but the consumption of magical power was greater.

Not only that, he also started to practice “Yin Yang Upside Down”. To be honest, with the help of the Taoist Strength stones, he got started quickly, but it was only for the very beginning. During the later period, no matter how hard he practiced, he just couldn’t improve himself anymore.

He displayed “Yin Yang Upside Down” on a turkey, and it just turned directly from Yang to Yin, becoming frozen.

As Kris reversed the vigor of the turkey, it changed from life to death.

Even during the conveyor stopped for refueling, Kris caught sea monsters to do experiments. Unfortunately, the power he had could only be enough to kill the Pill formation sea monsters. As for the Supreme Monster level sea monsters, he could just give them a tickle with that divine power.


Good for nothing!

For Kris Chen, the lowest equal opponent was the primal spirit. He despised any one below that level. he didn’t want waster his time.

However, divine powers like this level, couldn’t hurt a hair of the accumulated spirits.

Sure divine powers were not so simple to practice.

If he wanted Yin Yang Upside Down to fully exert its strength, Kris must understand how Taoist Strength worked.

Only based on Yin Yang Taoist Strength, he could satisfyingly make all out the effectiveness of this divine power.

Kris Chen touched his chin, and thought that, did it mean he had to fully grasp Yin Yang Taoist Strength?

Yin and Yang Taoist Strengths were two kinds of first-class Taoist Strengths. The truth was, no matter how powerful that Taoist Strength was, it depended on individual from individual. For he who had a good understanding of that strength, even if it was the lowest-class strength, he could just maximize it power to a incomparable degree.

On the contrary, if he scarcely mastered a bit of the Taoist Strength, even it was the most powerful Space-time Taoist Strength, the cultivator could only be slaughtered by his opponent.

Kris Chen had always believed a saying that, there was such thing as a weak Taoist Strength, but only weak men.

Kris certainly would try all his effort to master Yin and Yang Taoist Strengths.

After all, in all novels, Yin Yang was very powerful. Since he was the hero of this narration, there was no reason that it couldn’t work. Otherwise, it just didn’t make any sense.

So… still work hard and strive to break through the primal spirit as soon as possible. Only the primal spirit is qualified to absorb Taoist Strength stones and learn Taoist Strength.

The time passed quickly. Half a month later, Kris Chen was studying formations, striving to seal the formation patterns on his body as soon as possible.

After all, one acupoint holding only one hundred eighty Sword Energies were really couldn’t work thing out. They could support no more than a few big moves!

How can a man be so fast.

At this moment, Kris felt the Alert formation was touched, and he looked towards the door, “Who?”

“Honorable top member, your reward task had a feedback.”

Overjoyed, Kris Chen waved his hand, and the closed door opened automatically.

A forty-year-old transport cadre from Seven-treasure House walked in, “This is the message.”

Kris Chen took the box. It was also protected by a special formation. It would be self-destroyed after unwrapping it. Just for safety.

Kris Chen took the box and generously threw a hundred spiritual stones to that person.

“Thank you, honorable guest!”

The cadre weighed the spiritual stone in his hand and grinned, “Please ring the bell if you need anything!”

He knew that he shouldn’t disturbed Kris any longer. He just left after speaking, and carefully closed the door.

Kris Chen laid out several layers of major formations and open the box in a hurry.

There was only a parchment scroll, which recorded a route and several clues.

Just for this piece of scroll, it cost Kris Chen millions of spiritual stones!

Fortunately, Kris Chen didn’t care because he was rich.

From the clues, Kris found it recorded the place and the time when Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire would appear.

Then after a large amount of deduction, he finally located the place of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. Still the location was as vague as a round area of a hundred miles. It was Kris’s business whether he could find it.

Before Kris Chen didn’t know how rare spiritual fire was, he knew.

Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, which ranked top 100 Strange Fire on the Devil Land, was a very powerful spiritual fire.

That was because of its special effects. There were even clues said that this was the fire of phoenix nirvana. If someone could understand it thoroughly, he might be able to rebirth from nirvana.

Of course, these were just speculations, even so, the preciousness of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was self-evident.

Among other things, even if Kris Chen did not use Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire to practice the Three Turn Golden Body Tactic, he could also use it fight against the enemy. The millions of spiritual stones was well spent in terms of strengthening combat effectiveness.

Coupled with the characteristics of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, it could help refine alchemy, refine weapons, and exercise his physical body. It was almost omnipotent.

By coincidence, Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was also located in Beiming Sea.

“Luojia Mountain!”

Kris Chen kept the information on the scroll firmly in his mind, and then burned it.

Kill the Kunpeng first. Kris though.

Five days later, the conveyor stopped at Qibao Mountain in Beiming Sea, where there had a branch of Seven-treasure House.

The island was a hundred thousand square miles, and people would rather believe it was a piece of land.

Sure, no one could say no to money. Kris had become the ruler of this island, and no one else dared to grab it.

“Sir, this was my Voice Transmission Stone, as long as you want my service, transmit your message to me at any time.”

Kris Chen took the Voice Transmission Stone, slightly nodded, and then strode away.

Looking at the back of Kris Chen leaving, the man sighed, “Damn, when will I be so rich!”

Deep in Beiming Sea, there lived the Sea Monsters. The hideaway of billions trillions of Sea Monsters!

Except for the accumulated spirits, no one else dared to enter the deep sea cave.

Kun Peng, turned into Kun (giant whale-like creature) when entering the sea; transformed into Peng (an enormous bird) when flying in the sky.

Unlike his close relative, Golden Wing Roc, who liked to eat flood dragons, Kun Peng liked to eat human. When he turned into a Peng, he would open his mouth and suck, millions of people would be swallowed by him.


The higher cultivation-level the Kun Peng had, the more people it would eat.

This was the reason why Wuji Sword Sect would offer a high reward for Kun Peng.

Devil Land had an inexhaustible population, but ordinary people were the biggest source of practitioners.

Although neither the evil monsters nor the advanced Practitioners treated ordinary people as human beings, it was a matter of principle.

Moreover, compared to ordinary people, practitioners were more in line with Kun Peng’s taste.

Many people knew Kun Peng’s lair, but it seemed no one had the courage to kill him.

That creature deliberately exposed his lair and led the practitioners to come and die.

It was better to swallow a primal spirit other than swallowing ten thousand ordinary mortals. This was the gap.

Except for actualized spirits, any accumulated spirit that entered the lair must would die.

However, there was an agreement among actualized spirits that they shouldn’t do solo fight. Once they do, the ancestors of the monster race would certainly come out to its rescue.

This was why Kunpeng was so arrogant.

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