“I do not recognize,”

Of course, Qian Yueying didn’t know her anymore, and she had never been in contact with a murder organization, let alone Black Rose.

“Then how did you know?” Chuck Cannon looked at her.

“When Ouyang Fei sent me a photo, she accidentally sent another one, Mr Chuck, look at it.”

Qian Yueying took out the phone, found the first saved photo, and handed it to Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon took a look, subconsciously feeling weird.

The woman in this photo is actually Black Rose? What’s the situation?

Ouyang Fei is actually with Black Rose?

Is this possible?

Chuck Cannon was a little confused. Ouyang Fei’s method is really clever. He can even take photos of Black Rose. How did she take it?

At the very least, Black Rose will definitely not cooperate with Ouyang Fei, so… Chuck Cannon looked at the photo, is the Black Rose inside hurt?

So, Ouyang Fei seized this opportunity to shoot?

If I show this photo to Logan, Yvette and the others, they would be stunned…

Chuck Cannon was smiling, Black Rose, you are also the number one killer, your photos have been taken like this by a woman like Ouyang Fei.

If you know this Black Rose, will you vomit blood?

Qian Yueying was surprised, why did Chuck Cannon laugh? Seeing a photo of foreign beauty, so laugh? ?

It should not be. How could he not have a foreign woman?

So the reason for the laugh is that Chuck Cannon knows the foreign beauty in this photo?

“Send me this picture,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay,” Qian Yueying picked up the phone and sent it via WeChat.

Chuck Cannon took a look and put the phone away.

“Mr Chuck, can you help me find this Ouyang Fei? Please,” Qian Yueying begged, she had no other way.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to be nosy, after all, he is not a mother bitch, a woman crying in front of her, should he help her? ?

Chuck Cannon couldn’t do it, but Ouyang Fei was able to take a picture of the Black Rose, so there is a problem. If you find Ouyang Fei, then it means you can find the Black Rose!

Chuck Cannon can understand why Black Rose has not appeared recently, she turned out to be injured.

“Please,” Qian Yueying shed tears.

“What are you crying for?” Chuck Cannon frowned.

Qian Yueying wiped her tears, “I’m sorry.”

In Qian Yueying’s heart, Chuck Cannon is someone who can really scare her. What’s more, if Chuck Cannon doesn’t help, she doesn’t know who to look for!

She can’t find anyone to help her, and she can’t spend so much money. In the end, she can only say that her photos will be seen by many people.

“Mr Chuck, I know it is difficult for strong people, but my photos will be seen by others, me, me…”

“I also watched it.” Chuck Cannon was indifferent.

“You, you can see it.”

Qian Yueying felt ashamed, but there was no way. Chuck Cannon watched it. She bit her lip and said, “But other men will watch it too, please, I don’t want this.”

“Okay, don’t cry, wait here!” Chuck Cannon finished speaking and walked to the car.

Qian Yueying nodded aggrievedly and wiped away tears, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

She herself felt incredible, now she is crying in front of a boy who is seven or eight years younger than herself? ?

Chuck Cannon walked over and showed the photo to Logan and Yvette. They saw it.

The two of them were stunned, their expressions were very stunned.

“Husband, where did you get it?” Yvette was dumbfounded, what’s the situation?

This is a photo of Black Rose!

“Chuck, you…” Logan was also stunned, she was surprised, how did he get it? ?

“Oh, Ouyang Fei blackmailed Qian Yueying and sent Qian Yueying’s picture, and accidentally sent the picture of Black Rose.” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette and Logan looked at each other.

Ouyang Fei, they have both met, but the two of them are surprised, how does this Ouyang Fei achieve this?

“Then this Ouyang Fei and Black Rose are together?” Yvette analyzed it.

“It should be, otherwise she can’t take pictures, but how can this girl be like this? The method of taking pictures of women is really… hard to say.” Logan was a little bit dumbfounded.

This she, she definitely can’t do such a thing, everyone is a woman, is it necessary to do this so sly? ?

Logan looks down on such a girl at a young age, so vicious!

Yvette was relatively speechless, “How many pictures of people have Ouyang Fei taken?”

If this happens again by herself, she will definitely teach her a lesson!

As a woman, insulting a woman so much, is this a thing done by a man?

“I don’t know this, anyway, be careful, especially you two,” Chuck Cannon is serious!

If Ouyang Fei took pictures of Yvette and Logan, Chuck Cannon would not hack her to death!

Logan smiled softly. She is not stupid. She is caring, but she won’t have it for anyone. How could someone take a photo? ?

Most people can’t get close to her. Unless Chuck Cannon wants to shoot, this…impossible, Logan is not such a person, nor is Chuck Cannon.

Yvette may have been confused before, but now it is impossible. As long as a woman like Ouyang Fei appears now, Yvette will be vigilant!

“But women like Black Rose have been filmed, Ouyang Fei still has this method!” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, we will be careful.” Logan smiled.

Yvette nodded, “What do you mean now, husband?”

“Ouyang Fei blackmailed Qian Yueying, so there is a way to show her, she has appeared, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find Black Rose.”

Yvette, Logan was quiet for a few seconds, Logan nodded, “Well, Chuck, you can think about it, let Qian Yueying give me the phone, and I will check the location of Ouyang Fei.”

She returned her phone to Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon was thinking, what would she think if Black Rose saw this photo and it was in her own hands?

Chuck Cannon walked over, Qian Yueying was nervous, her lips were about to be bitten, and she said, “Mr Chuck.”

The voice was particularly aggrieved and restrained.

“Give me the phone, and I will ask Aunt Logan to locate Ouyang Fei for you.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Thank you, Mr. Chuck,” Qian Yueying was pleasantly surprised, and she hurriedly took out her mobile phone.

Chuck Cannon stopped, “Don’t thank me, I am not helping you.”

To be honest, Chuck Cannon would not help Qian Yueying at all without the photos of Black Rose.

“Is it because of the foreign woman just now?” Qian Yueying was right in her own analysis, and Chuck Cannon really knew the foreign beauty in the photo.

Chuck Cannon nodded.

“Thank you, Mr Chuck, especially.” Qian Yueying lowered her head, feeling lucky that she saved this photo, fortunately.

“What can you thank me for? Thank you all day long,” Chuck Cannon looked at her blankly.


Qian Yueying bit her lip, feeling ashamed and speechless, “Mr Chuck, I still said that. I am willing to listen to Mr Chuck, and I really want to listen.”

“No need.” Chuck Cannon shrugged and gave the phone to Logan. He didn’t need this. Qian Yueying was beautiful, good-bodied, obedient, and sometimes pitiful. This is good, but Chuck Cannon doesn’t need it.

Qian Yueying bowed her head, she sighed, Chuck Cannon was too oppressive, Qian Yueying couldn’t help it, how could she be thankful? He lacks nothing.

In fact, Qian Yueying knew what Chuck Cannon didn’t want to do to herself. She meant to work for Chuck Cannon.

Logan opened WeChat and saw Qian Yueying’s photo. She sighed. This Ouyang Fei is hateful. She did so while others were asleep.

She sent Ouyang Fei’s WeChat account to a person and said, “Find out where this person is!!”

“Chuck, all right, you return the phone to Qian Yueying.” Logan gave the phone out with a smile.

Chuck Cannon took it and walked over to Qian Yueying.

“Thank you,” Qian Yueying accepted the phone, and she was nervous, “Ouyang Fei said to give me one day to think about it.”

“I see,” Chuck Cannon said. How could Logan’s strength still fail to locate Ouyang Fei’s position using WeChat?

“You go back and wait for the news,” Chuck Cannon was about to get into the car.

Qian Yueying bit her lip, “Wait.”

Chuck Cannon frowned.

“I mean, I am willing to work for you, Mr Chuck,” Qian Yueying said. She thought it was nothing before, but this time Chuck Cannon gave hope to despair. This must be thanked.

“Work for me?” Chuck Cannon touched his nose. Qian Yueying’s strength is still good. If she works for him, he can still work, but Aunt Logan will definitely not agree.

“Yes, just as Mr Chuck ordered. I am willing to do everything. Thank you Mr Chuck for this help.” Qian Yueying knew that Du Peixin was the same, so you can do it yourself!

“No, I don’t want you to contact me more, I don’t want to be unlucky,” Chuck Cannon said bluntly.

Qian Yueying’s body trembled. This gram man was the biggest pain in her life. When others said this, she would turn her face, but Chuck Cannon said that her tears came out all at once. Qian Yueying bit her lips and eyes. There were tears inside, and she was really pitiful.

“I, if I don’t marry someone, I won’t be able to deny men. You don’t believe me at all. You don’t believe me, me,” Qian Yueying swallowed as she was on the verge of an outbreak. “Mr Chuck, I really don’t deny men…”

Chuck Cannon was speechless. He made a mistake just now. He shouldn’t say that. It’s too much. Chuck Cannon can only take comfort, “Okay, don’t cry,”

“En,” Qian Yueying twitched, “Mr Chuck can call me if he needs anything. Then I’ll go back and wait for the news.”

Regardless of whether Chuck Cannon uses herself or not, Qian Yueying has made this plan to repay this gratitude.

“All right,” Chuck Cannon really couldn’t stand it anymore, and suddenly felt that this woman is really so pitiful. After all, she is married, and she has been single to the present, raising a daughter by herself. How does she spend this time? She must be stressful.


Qian Yueying got in the car and was aggrieved. Her sad tears couldn’t stop. She cried in the car, and she cried so hard in front of him.

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