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Chapter 489: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 489 The Inescapable Topic

Anna Xie was not interested in Ziying Duan’s grudge. She only cared about Yiyao Duan’s situation.

Looking up at Yulin Xiao, Anna said in a pleading tone, “I want to see Yiyao.”

Anna’s eager eyes made Yulin unable to refuse. He nodded his head and said, “Well, I’ll go find the wheelchair, you wait a moment.”

Yiyao was right next door to Anna. At this moment, she was lying quietly on the hospital bed with a pale face.

Her dashing face did not move. The calm eyes were tightly closed so no one could see the light in them.

Seeing Yiyao like this, Anna felt devastated.

They just came out of the dessert store and talked about life philosophy but now maybe she would never see Yiyao again.

Anna could not hold back her tears and choked up as she called out, “Yiyao……”

Jingyan Ye had been with her for several nights with red blood in his eyes.

He looked at Yiyao and there was a glint of pain in his eyes.

Patting Jingyan’s shoulder, Yulin said, “Anna stays with her. Come out and take a break.”

Jingyan did not say anything and turned to follow Yulin to the rooftop.

Yulin handed a cigarette to Jingyan.

They lit the cigarettes and exhaled smoke. Jingyan’s eyes were filled with fatigue and worry.

“Think about how to deal with Ziying?”

“In the past, I remembered our previous relationship so I didn’t let her die. But now, she dares to hurt Yiyao, I will never allow her do that again.”

He said calmly but Yulin knew that Ziying did the last thing that Jingyan could stand. This time, she was never going to come to a good end.

“I still think that if you don’t do anything, I will think of a solution. Since you handle it, there is no need for me to worry about it.”

She made Anna injured. Yulin certainly could not stand by and do nothing.

But compared to Jingyan, he was still lucky.

After all, Anna was already out of danger and she was awake.

But Yiyao ……

Looking in the direction of the ward, Yulin sighed.

Reaching out and patting Jingyan’s shoulder, Yulin said, “Don’t worry. Yiyao will definitely wake up.”

“She has gone through so much hardship. This is naturally not difficult for her. It’s just that…… I said I would protect her, but what have I done when she encounters danger again and again? I am really bad!”

Jingyan raised his hand and viciously smashed it on the railing and he was so sad.

“Things are unpredictable, don’t blame yourself too much. I think Yiyao doesn’t want to see you depressed like this either.”

Jingyan took a deep breath and controlled his emotions.

By the time he looked up again, he had become calm and wise again.

“Well, let’s go back.”

Back to the ward, they saw Anna sit by the bed with teardrops still hanging under her eyes.

Obviously, she had just cried.

Seeing someone coming back, Anna was busy wiping the corners of her eyes.

Yulin put his arm around Anna’s shoulder and gave her silent comfort.

Anna raised her head and said, “I think you guys must have to deal with a lot of things so let me take care of Yiyao during the time you are not in the hospital. That will be my amends.”

“But you’re also injured and you haven’t healed yet.”

“My injury is not serious. I’m fine. And the doctor also said that moving around more is good for recovery.”

Yulin was tempted to refuse this offer. But he knew that Anna wanted to do something for Yiyao so that she could feel better.

After glancing at Jingyan and seeing that Jingyan did not object, Yulin nodded his head and said somewhat helplessly, “Alright then.”

After getting permission, Anna smiled.

Next, when Anna had nothing to do, she would run over to Yiyao’s ward and chat with her.

Although Yiyao couldn’t hear, Anna kept talking to her.

On this day, Anna took her medicine and was ready to go to Yiyao’s ward.

As soon as she opened the door, Anna saw a familiar figure.

“Chuxue Ye?”

Hearing the voice, Chuxue turned back with red eyes.

“I’ve wanted to come and see you guys for a long time but Zhao Nangong said that I was too emotional and would affect your recovery so he wouldn’t let me come. Today, he finally allows me to come and see you guys.”

She tilted her head to look at Yiyao and her eyes turned red again.

“How could this happen? Ziying really deserves to die!”

Anna could understand Chuxue’s feelings very well.

When she just woke up, she also blamed others.

But at this moment, she didn’t want to waste her precious time on irrelevant people.

Anna put the flowers in a vase and said, “It’s useless to blame others now. Now I only hope that Yiyao will wake up sooner. The doctor said that Yiyao has gore in her head and she will wake up when it is almost absorbed. We have to be strong. We can’t let Yiyao wake up and see us crying.”

Hearing these words, Chuxue stopped crying and said, “Anna, you are so strong.”

With frustration in her eyes, Anna said, “It’s useless to be weak. It will only make your opponents think you can be bullied and then they bully you even more.”

“Anna, what have you been through in the past?”

Anna was stunned for a moment, smiled and said, “Nothing. I just said what I thought.”

“You are all so strong. I can’t be vulnerable either.” Rubbing her eyes, Chuxue patted her cheeks and said, “Since tomorrow, I’ll come to the hospital and we’ll take care of Yiyao together.”


Chuxue had just been crying but now that she had calmed down, she realized that there was a white book in Anna’s hand.

“What’s that?”

“This,” Anna held it up and shook it, saying, “is the script. My agent said that he arranged a play for me in the second half of the year. I just study it while I am there.”

“Anna, you’re still a patient. You don’t have to work so hard.”

“No matter I am sick or not, I need to work hard. As long as I want to do something, no matter where I am, I can do that.”

Looking at Anna’s smile, Chuxue said, “I feel like that you seem to become different somewhere.”

Looking at Yiyao on the hospital bed, Anna said, “After so much experience, if I am still hesitant, Yiyao shouldn’t have saved me.”

Reaching out to hold Anna’s slightly cold hand, Chuxue said, “We will all get better.”

“Well, definitely!”

Anna and Chuxue looked at each other and smiled, giving each other strength.

At this moment, someone came over and knocked on the door.

“Miss Xie, someone is looking for you and is waiting in your ward.”

“Looking for me?”

Anna thought for a moment and thought that it could be Qiqi.

However, when Anna saw the woman in the ward, she was stunned.


The middle-aged woman standing in the ward was calm and gentle and dressed plainly.

Although she was a little old, through the eyebrows, she still had glimpses of her youthful beauty.

When Anna’s mother saw Anna, she was slightly surprised.

“Anna, how did you get hurt?”

Anna subconsciously covered her forehead and said, “That, I …… got injured while filming, but it’s no longer a big problem now. It won’t take long to heal.”

Anna’s mother nodded her head and said as normal.

“Anna, mom came to look for you this time because I read the previous report about your aunt and cousin ……”

Anna knew her mother was sure to talk about it.

Anna suddenly felt a little cold.

It used to be the same way. No matter what happened to Anna, whether it was good or bad, her mother would not pay much attention.

On the contrary, no matter what happened, as long as it got involved with aunt and cousin, her mother would be very worried.

Just like now.

She was injured but her mother did not care about her and started talking about her aunt.

She bowed her head and her long and slender eyelashes covered her sadness.

Her mother hadn’t realized how her behaviors had affected Anna.

She bowed her head slightly and said, “I know that they are very offensive but they are relatives after all, we can’t be too cruel.”

“Then, mom, what do you want me to do?”

“Your aunt and cousin have been in jail. It’s not honorable to be in prison and it will have an effect on the future. Otherwise, you think of a way to get them out?”

Anna laughed lightly and asked, “And then what, let them continue to harm me? Mom, do you even know what they have done to me?”

“What can they do to you? You must have misunderstood.”

“Misunderstanding? Just because of the misunderstanding, I almost died and almost never saw you again! You won’t feel regret even if you don’t have me anymore?”

The more Anna said, the more excited she became, which in turn made Anna’s mother somewhat overwhelmed.

“Anna, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“What I said is all true. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. It was all because my aunt and cousin were insatiable and kept forcing me step by step.”

“So you won’t help them?”

Anna clenched her fists and said, “Letting my aunt and cousin get the lesson they deserve will also allow them to be good people.”

“But they are your relatives!”

“Then when they framed me, why didn’t they think that I was their family too? When they can use me, they come to me and ask me for help. When they can’t use me, they start to harm me. I do not want have such relatives!”

“You ……”

Anna’s mother was not an articulate person and her daughter who had always thoughtful suddenly became stubborn and she did not know what to say.

Just as they were standing face to face, someone pushed the door and walked in.

“Anna, what are you arguing about?”

Yulin walked in and immediately the atmosphere changed.

Seeing this man who was very well dressed, her mother was surprised.

Yulin naturally saw her mother as well.

Judging from her and Anna’s demeanor, he thought they must know each other and moreover they should know each other well.

“Who are you?”

“Hello, I am Anna’s boyfriend, Yulin.”

Anna’s mother was stunned for a moment with a little embarrassed.

“I’m Anna’s mother.”

“Hello, aunt.” Yulin greeted her mother politely and looked at Anna and said, “Anna, since aunt is here to see you, why are you still letting aunt stand.”

When Yulin said this, he was also observing Anna’s reaction.

Anna just bowed her head and didn’t say anything.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Yulin also saw that they had problems that needed to be solved so he said, “Aunt, you sit down first, you guys talk. I’ll get you two glasses of water.”

After saying that, Yulin nodded to Anna’s mother and left the room.

As soon as Yulin left, her mother said, “Anna, I see this gentleman speaks and behaves decently. He doesn’t look like an ordinary person.”

Anna just smiled and asked, “Mom, you only focus on the news of my aunt and cousin, don’t you know who my boyfriend is?”

Anna’s mother was a little ashamed and said, “Mom is very busy, you know that.”

Anna didn’t want to argue with her mother anymore and said, “His name is Yulin. He’s the president of the Xiao’s Group and he’s very famous in the capital city.”

“So he’s rich? Will rich people be serious about their feelings?”

Seeing her mother’s rare concern for herself, Anna said in a gentle tone, “No, he treats me very well and is very considerate of me.”

“Then would it be easier for you to ask him to help you with your aunt’s matter?”

Hearing this, Anna was stunned and then lowered her head and smiled bitterly.

“So it’s still for them.”

“Anna, I know you’ve grown up and don’t want to listen to your mother’s nagging but sometimes, you can’t be too selfish. You can’t just enjoy yourself and leave all your poor relatives to one side.”

Her mother said but Anna still didn’t want to help them.

Seeing Anna’s attitude, her mother was helpless.

The door was opened again and Yulin walked in with water.

“Aunt, please drink water.”

“Thank you.” Anna’s mother held the water cup and spoke, “Mr. Xiao, I have an unrequited request.”

“What kind of request?”

“Can you help get Anna’s aunt and cousin out of jail?”

Anna got angry, frowned at her mother and raised her voice.


Although Anna stopped her mother, Anna’s mother was still pleading bitterly, “They are living a very hard life in prison. Anna and I are both heartbroken and try to help them get out of jail. Even if they have done something wrong, we can remind them not to do things they shouldn’t so why let them suffer there, right?”

Anna pursed her lips tightly and there was anger in her eyes.

Seeing Anna like this, Yulin understood what she meant.

Yulin coughed and said, “You are very kind. But some people don’t deserve to be treated well. Before I help them get out of prison, Anna had to agree to it. After all, she’s the victim.”

“The victim?”

“Yes. In order to get money from Anna, her aunt and cousin framed Anna with outsiders and ruined her reputation, keeping her from being an actress.”

“If I hadn’t experienced it, it’s really hard to imagine that there would be such relatives who would frame young people. Anna was sad because of them so it’s justifiable that she didn’t want to help them.”

“I can’t believe these things happened……”

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