Chapter 49 – 50: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 49: Introduce Me A Rich Dude

Coming out of the corner, Venus Mu quickly walked to the gate of Nanhua University. Only a few steps later, she heard someone calling her.

“Venus! Venus Mu!” Xinyou Qiao quickly waved.

Venus turned her head and saw Xinyou. She was very surprised. “Xinyou, I didn’t expect to meet you at the school gate. Come om, let’s go to the classroom. We’re going to be late.”

Xinyou paused with some hesitation, subconsciously looked to the corner from which Venus came, the white Ferrari had drove away.

She just saw clearly that Venus came out of the car, and the driver was Hao Nangong . Although he was a famous Playboy in the Sky City, he was also handsome, wealthy and powerful. He often appeared in the news.

It was lucky to know such a man in life. Even without Kerry Ye in the picture, it was good to have Hao.

“Veve, did you come here alone?” Xinyou couldn’t help asking, “Wasn’t anyone driving you?”

Venus went blank and also subconsciously looked over the corner. Seeing that Hao had left, she answered back reassuringly, “Well, I came by bus.”

Although the family background of the Mu family was not shabby, it was her wedding ceremony with Kerry that made her famous overnight in the school. Venus really did not want to cause any attention again.

Xinyou was not very happy to hear that. Clearly she saw it with her own eyes, but Venus was still denying it. Shouldn’t you introduce a rich dude to your friend?

“Oh, the Young Master Ye didn’t send you here?”

Venus shook her head and thought of the dreadful behavior of that man, “No, he was working.”

“Work is not as important as you, isn’t it, Young Madam!” Xinyou sounded a bit of sourness.

Venus pursed her lower lip. For Kerry, let alone work, everything was more important than her. She was a property bought by him! Perhaps she was not treated better than a servant!

What a failure her marriage was!

Venus sighed in the bottom of her heart, but she didn’t want to worry Xinyou, so she said, “let’s go, it’s going to be late!”

Xinyou was upset too, thinking that Venus had Kerry already, and still hooked up with Hao. She was jealous to death.

Why was God so unfair. Why couldn’t God divide one to her?

“Veve, you are the Young Madam Ye now. You will know a lot of rich and powerful people in the future. Don’t forget introducing a good one to me!” Xinyou finally let it out.

Venus was stunned. She just thought that rich people like Kerry didn’t mix with the civil world, but she still nodded, “No problem!”

Xinyou suddenly got happy and hugged her intimately. She nearly kiss her, “Veve, remember what you said. I rely on you now! If you don’t introduce me a good mate in the future, I’m going to be mad at you! “

Venus nodded helplessly.

Xinyou was in a good mood and naturally started to care about Venus. “By the way, Veve, is your design picture ready? Don’t involve in plagiarism, otherwise, we won’t be able to graduate.”

Venus nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ve already solved it.”

Xinyou laughed. “I knew that my Veve was a smart girl. Two design drawings, even ten of them is a piece of cake. Let’s go to class and then have a big lunch on my treat.”

In the school, time passed pretty fast. Venus felt enriched, even a little busy.

Because she left on leave for half a month, the courses were all left behind. She listened to every class very carefully and took all the notes. After class, she went to the teachers to study more on key points, so as to quickly make up for the missing courses.

In this way, the afternoon school time flashed by. All the students have left. Venus was still immersed in reviewing the courses.

Buzz…all of a sudden, she heard the sound of her phone ringing, and hurriedly looked for it.

It took a long time to find the phone pressed under a pile of books. Venus looked at the caller ID, which was an unknown number, and immediately hung up.

After a few seconds, the unknown number called again, Venus felt strange and picked up.

Before she could even opened her mouth, she was shocked out of peace by the roar of the man on the other end of the phone.

“Venus, who give your courage to hang up my call?” Kerry growled over the line.

Venus was stunned, and immediately took the phone away from her ear in fear of damaging her ears. Then she explained, “I don’t know it’s you. I thought it was someone else’s wrong number!”

It turned out that Kerry was upset that she didn’t save his number in her phone, “You dare not to save my number, you want more punishment from me?”

Venus, “…”

This man was really a pain in the ass!

“I save it now, immediately!” Venus quickly changed the topic, “By the way, why are you calling me?”

Chapter 50: Tonight, You Sleep In the Garden

Hearing this, Kerry got more angry, “Venus Mu, do you dare to ask me why I’m calling? What time is it now? Why haven’t you come home yet? Are you with Zihang Lu? Are you forcing me to make you drop out of school?”

Venus’s brain almost exploded in an instant. She looked at her watch. My God, it was almost half past ten. No wonder Kerry would call himself and shouted at her angrily.

“I’m not with Zihang. I’m reviewing my notes in the classroom now. Because I left for a long time, many courses have fallen behind. I don’t know it’s half past ten already. I go home now. Please don’t make me drop out of school!”

Venus begged with almost unclear words. She was really afraid of Kerry coming to school for her drop-out, in that way, her dream of becoming an excellent fashion designer would be shattered.

“I’ll give you half an hour. If I haven’t seen you then, you’ll sleep in the garden tonight!” Kerry said coldly and hung up immediately.

When Venus heard the disconnected sound from her mobile phone, she didn’t care much more about study. She rapidly packed up her things and ran to the school gate.

How could it be enough to go home in half an hour?

Leaving school, Venus ran all the way to the bus stop, there she met Xinyou who happened to go shopping in the supermarket nearby.

“Veve, what are you doing? Why not go back to your bedroom, it’s so late now.” Xinyou looked at Venus’s fiery face and asked curiously. They had special dormitories to rest and sleep at school.

“No, I’m going home!” Venus caught up her breath and kept going without turning her head, “Xinyou, talk to you later, I’m running out of time!”

Venus arrived at the bus stop soon. She looked at the stop sign and waited for the bus to Ye’s villa. At this point, a black Maybach stopped in front of her.

Venus was surprised. The person in the car rolled down the window. It was Uncle Li, a driver of the Ye family.

“Young Madam, please get in the car.”

Venus quickly opened the door and sat in it.

Not far away, Xinyou witnessed this scene, making her eyes filled with jealous envy. It was great to be a rich Young Madam. There were dedicated driver and luxury car pick-up for even going to school. Let alone having a husband like Kerry, who dazzled women with his glamorous appearance.

Thinking about this, Xinyou clenched her fist secretly, and the fire of jealousy in her heart became more and more intense.

Venus in the car had no idea. She said to the driver gratefully, “Uncle Li, thank you for picking me up, or I don’t know what to do!”

Uncle Li said with a smile, “Don’t be silly. The housekeeper thought you might need a car, so he sent me to pick you up.”

Venus nodded, more grateful in the bottom of her heart. Hopefully, they could get home in time. Otherwise, Kerry, that hateful man would let her sleep in the garden.

Nanhua University was a long way from Ye’s villa. Although the driver drove fast, it was still 35 minutes passed after arriving at Ye’s villa.

When the car arrived at the courtyard of Ye’s villa, the driver went to park the car, and Venus picked up all the things and got off the car in a panic. After a few hurried steps, she saw Kerry standing at the door with a grim face.

“Ke…Kerry…” Venus uneasily and lightly called him. Seeing his grim face made her more nervous.

Kerry just glanced at her and cried out, “John, close the door.”

John stepped forward and took a look at Venus and Kerry. After that, he nodded and began to order the servants to close the door of the villa.

Venus terrified, hastily explained, “Kerry, I tried very hard to rush back, I really did not mean to!”

Looking at her with a bitter sneer, Kerry twitched his lips with disdain, “You should be taught with a lesson!”

Then he turned and entered the villa.

Venus was about to follow in. Instead, she heard the sound of “Bang”. The door of the villa in front of her was shut and she remained in the same place. Closely, there was another “Bang” behind her, which was the sound of the shutting of the gate outside.

Couldn’t get into the villa and couldn’t get out of the garden, she was really trapped here?

Venus was short of breath. Although it was summer now, it was very cold at night. What was worse, she was wearing a school uniform and skirt. She would be frozen to death at night.

“Kerry, please let me in. Why do you keep me in the garden? I have human rights! You let me in…”

No matter how hard she yelled, no one inside responded to her.

The temperature was getting lower and colder. Venus regretted to the utmost and rubbed her arm back and forth. She began to change her attitude and soften her words, “Kerry, I’m begging you. Please let me in. I know I’m wrong. I will come back earlier next time…”

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