Chapter 49 – 50: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 49: Not really

After a while, the saleswoman came back, had already swiped his card, and packaged two sets of jewelry.

“Mr. Ward, this is your card, please put it away.”

The man and the woman froze again.

Was that card really a bank card?

The set of aquamarine jewelry and the emerald necklace were worth almost four hundred thousand dollars!

Colin took back the card, took the jewelries, ignored the two people, and took Doris out.

The woman was not happy that the jewelry she was interested in was taken away, “Wait! Don’t go!”

Colin said to Doris, “Leave them alone.”

Doris nodded. She didn’t want to waste her time on such a person.

“Hey, are you deaf?” The woman’s voice became shrill again, “Don’t go! That aquamarine jewelry is mine! Stop right there!”

Her voice attracted the people who were around the counter.

Colin and Doris still ignored her, and kept heading forward.

At this moment, the man next to the woman suddenly snapped, “Shut up!”

The man cast a stern glance at the woman, and then stepped forward alone.

Just now he thought Colin and Doris were familiar, and didn’t think of who they were. Later, when the salesperson called “Mr. Ward”, he suddenly remembered that he met them at the anniversary celebration of the Martin Group before. At that time, he was standing far away, so he didn’t see them clearly.

Damn it, that man was the general manager of the Marquis Group, and that woman was Doris who was from Lishi Company

The attitude of his woman just now had completely offended Colin and Doris. There was no telling what would happen then.

“Mr. Ward, Miss Lee, wait.”

Colin and Doris stopped at the same time, turning around in confusion.

“Mr. Ward, Miss Lee, I’m really sorry. I didn’t recognize you just now. I apologize to both of you. I hope you don’t take what Jiaojiao said to heart.”

Colin and Doris looked at each other and understood.

Behind him, the woman named Jiaojiao was dumbfounded.

Mr. Ward? Miss Lee?

Did she offend some kind of bigshots?

With that in mind, the woman was scared, trembling slightly.

The people around were also stunned when they saw this. What was going on?

Colin glanced at the man, then at the woman, and said lightly, “We are just hillbillies. How dare we do that?”

The man sweated, wiped his forehead, then turned to the woman and shouted, “Come over and apologize to Mr. Ward and Miss Lee!”

The woman finally came back to her senses at his words, trembling with fear.

“Apologize to them!”

The woman looked up at Colin and Doris upon hearing this, and said with a shaking voice: “Mr. Ward, Miss Lee, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it…”

But Colin and Doris completely ignored them and left directly.

In the car, Doris suddenly regretted it, mainly because what happened just now was too irritating. On the spur of the moment, she let Colin buy them. In retrospect, it was completely unnecessary!

“Colin, maybe we should refund this set of jewelry?”

Colin was driving. He turned to look at Doris and said, “We’ve already bought them. How can we refund them? What’s more, you look good on them.”

“But we spent so much money for no reason…”

Colin smiled, “Doris, don’t mind that money. I can earn it back. The most important thing is, this is the first time I bought you jewelry. I’ll be sad if you refuse to accept them.”

With that, Doris didn’t refute him anymore.

In the past two years, they were at most acquaintances, or friends. Colin was in the trough period, so naturally he never sent Doris jewelry.

Doris was a woman after all. Which woman would dislike her husband buying her jewelry?

When they got home, it was already dark.

When Eva saw Colin, her face was overcast, “You still have the nerve to come back? You were pretty cocky last night, weren’t you? You didn’t even look me in the eye!”

Colin paused, and smiled bitterly. He didn’t dare to talk back.

Doris took Eva by the arm and said, “Mom, we’d better stop talking about what happened yesterday.”

Baker said, “Just be quiet!”

Eva snorted and didn’t say much for Doris’s sake. She couldn’t help but say, “I don’t know what is so good about this moron. You have to be partial to him!”

Doris looked at Colin apologetically.

Colin shook his head, smiled, walked over and said, “Mom, it was my fault yesterday. I apologize to you.”

After saying that, Colin handed the gift box of the emerald necklace that he bought to Eva.

Eva took the gift and opened it as she said suspiciously, “What can you get me as a gift?”

As soon as the gift box was opened, the emerald green square gemstone with small diamonds reflected a dazzling brilliance under the light, which made Eva’s hand pause.

“This is…”

Doris quickly said: “This is an emerald necklace. Although it is only two carats, it is very valuable. This necklace cost eighteen hundred thousand dollars!”

“Eighteen hundred thousand dollars?” Eva was stunned.

She had been married to Baker for so long, and the jewelry she bought was no more than fifty thousand dollars at the most. This one directly cost eighteen hundred thousand dollars!

Baker was also shocked, “It’s so expensive?”

Colin smiled and said, “Not really.”

Doris cast a stern glance at Colin, and then said: “He also bought me a set of aquamarine jewelry, which cost two hundred thousand dollars.”

Chapter 50: Why are you here

Doris opened the other one directly, and the light of the sea-blue jewel and the flashing glory of the small diamonds blended together, almost blinding Eva.

But after coming back to herself, Eva doubted: “Are these really emeralds and aquamarine?”

“Sure, mom, look at this logo. This is Tiffany’s. We bought them at the counter.” Doris explained.

Eva bowed her head and indeed saw the Tiffany’s logo. Then she really believed it.


Eva overjoyed and asked Doris to put it on her quickly.

After she put it on, all of them complimented Eva. Eva completely forgot about the unpleasant thing yesterday, and even asked Colin to eat at the t able.

At the table, Baker suddenly said, “Do you want a drink?”

“Seriously?” Eva disagreed.

Colin said, “It’s okay. Let me drink with Dad!”

Baker nodded and brought the red wine.

Doris didn’t say anything. Eva also ignored them and just let them drink.

The family had a rare and harmonious meal.

However, Colin’s drinking capacity was not very good, and he was drunk after drinking only a few glasses of red wine.

Eva couldn’t help but frowned upon him, “With so little drinking capacity, you have the nerve to drink!”

Doris took Colin back home with great difficulty and threw him onto the bed.

Looking at Colin who was drunk and unconscious, Doris was in a daze for a moment.

Colin was neither handsome nor ugly. He had the lingering charm. The more she looked at him, the more she thought he was good-looking.

Somehow, Doris walked closer to Colin and kissed on Colin’s lips. Then, she quickly stepped back, holding her burning cheek, and her heart was beating fast.

Excitement, tension, joy, expectation, several moods were intertwined.

She waited for a while and saw that Colin didn’t respond. He was probably asleep, then her mood was gone. She suddenly felt disappointed, and wondered why. After figuring it out, she spurned herself. What she did just now made herself look like she had a hunger for sex.

Doris calmed herself down, and cleaned Colin up. She was also tired, so she simply laid down on the side and slept.

In the morning, Colin moved and frowned.

He moved again, what?

Colin opened his eyes suddenly, and Doris was sleeping soundly in his arms.

At this moment, Colin’s heartbeat speeded up, and his breathing quickened.

He seemed to be drunk last night, but he couldn’t remember what happened afterwards. He didn’t do anything to her, did he?

He felt himself naked, but Doris was dressed neatly. Colin knew that nothing happened between them last night.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel a little regretful.

Colin lowered his head and felt satisfied when he saw Doris lovable appearance.

Looking at her, Colin thought that Doris was still asleep, and she wouldn’t wake up after a kiss, so he slowly lowered his head and moved closer to her.

Just when he almost kissed her, Doris woke up suddenly.

Doris saw Colin in front of her and was taken aback. She pushed Colin away and got out of bed immediately.

Colin was caught off guard and pushed away. He was a little dazed.

At the thought of what he was going to do just now, Doris was shy. She said at random, “I’m going to make breakfast”, and then ran out.

When Doris went out, Colin came back to himself.

However, Doris had kissed him last night, but he didn’t know it.

After breakfast, Doris went to the company.

Colin was also going to the Marquis Group. However, Flora called him.

“Hey, Colin, are you ready? Do you want me to pick you up?”

After that, Colin suddenly remembered that yesterday he seemed to have promised her to pretend to be her boyfriend.

“Oh, yes, I’m almost ready.”

After the two met, Flora took him to a hidden corner outside the door.

Flora exhorted: “My mother and the other party’s family are here. I will go in later, and you will show up a while later. Then you’ll tell them that you are my boyfriend and you are going to take me away!”

Colin nodded helplessly, “I see. Go ahead!”

“Okay! Don’t mess it up!” Flora hurried in after finishing speaking.

Colin said okay and stood outside the door for a while before he walked in.

Flora was sitting with her mother. A middle-aged woman and a young man were sitting opposite them.

However, he was shocked.

Wasn’t that Xiao Rongtao?

It was really that enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road!

But wasn’t Xiao Rongtao dating Belle? Why did he come to a blind date? He remembered it. They seemed to have broken up.

Flora had seen Colin. She winked at him and continued chatting.

Xiao Rongtao on the opposite side hadn’t seen Colin because of the angle. He was asking with a smile: “What do you usually like to do?”

“Nothing much, read book, listen to songs, and exercise occasionally…” Flora smiled softly.

Seeing Flora like this, Colin felt a little uncomfortable. Normally, Flora had a carefree personality. How could she be so gentle? Read books and listen to music?

Tut, she should be an actress!

With that, Mrs. Xiao said with a smile, “Flora, you are a good girl. Rongtao just like a girl who is highly cultured and steeped in propriety like you. I also like you.”

“Our family runs a company, and Rongtao is the general manager of the company. He works hard…”

Flora kept smiling, and didn’t look impatient at all.

After hearing this, Mrs. Lewis smiled: “Your boy is so capable! He is the general manager at such a young age…”

The two mothers praised their children and had a very harmonious chat.

Flora kept winking at Colin on the side.

Colin shook his head when he saw this, pointed at Xiao Rongtao, turned around and left.

Xiao Rongtao knew that he had a wife, so the drama cannot go on.

Flora almost yelled when she saw this. Mrs. Lewis noticed it and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Uh, nothing, I’ll go to the bathroom.” With that, she got up and walked away.

Outside the cafe, Flora grabbed Colin who was about to leave, “What are you doing? Didn’t you promise to help me? Why are you leaving?”

“Xiao Rongtao was my college classmate, and he knows I’m married.”

Flora was in a pickle for a moment, and then said indifferently: “I don’t care. You promised to help me. You can’t go back on your words. Are you still a man or not?”

“I’m not a man?” Colin retorted subconsciously.

Flora smiled, “If you are a man, you must help me! Otherwise, I will tell Doris that you bully me!”

Colin was helpless, irritably kicking the glass door next to him. He gritted his teeth, turned around and went back into it.

He would tell Doris about this tonight. Taking the initiative to tell her was better than others told her, otherwise, Doris would misunderstand. Moreover, Flora could explain it for him, it should be okay.

After Colin entered, he saw that they were still chatting very happily. He calmed down and walked over.

“Flora, why are you here?”

With that, the four people all looked at him.

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