Chapter 490: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 490 It’s Their S*x-traps (1)

“There is much more that you don’t know. She also suffered a lot to earn a living, but she never told you.” said Yulin Xiao. “She has suffered as much as you did to get to where she is today. I know you must be very worried about her.”

After Yulin said so much, Anna’s mother had no reason to retort. “I’m sorry. I’m poorly thought out.”

“And this matter has already been reported by the media. If we help Anna’s aunt and cousin get out of jail at this time, this will definitely cause disgruntled public opinion, which will be bad for them instead.”

Anna’s mother was still a little anxious. “Then what should we do? We can’t let them stay inside the jail.”

“Maybe it’s good for them. They should learn to keep their temper and quit their vices. It’s also a small punishment for what they did before.”

“But ……”

“I know what you’re worried about. I will have someone take care of them inside. At the very least, they won’t be bullied by the people inside.”

Yulin addressed all of Anna’s mother’s worries.

Anna’s mother sighed helplessly. “Mr. Xiao, no matter what, I still have to thank you.”

“We’ll all be a family soon.” Yulin said gently. “This is what I should do.”

“Yulin. Uh, what are you talking?” Anna frowned in dissatisfaction.

Yulin naturally lifted his hand and put it on Anna’s shoulder. “What, did I say something wrong?”

“Mr. Xiao, I do think you are a very good person. But I still have to think about your marriage with Anna.” Anna’s mother said quietly.

Yulin nodded his head. “I understand. After all, this is the first time we met. It is really abrupt for me to ask you to agree to Anna’s marriage with me now.”

Anna’s mother smiled and nodded, then looked at Anna. “Take good care of yourself. I should go now. I’ll see you when I’m free next time.”

Anna bit her lower lip. “If you’re busy, you don’t have to come over.”

“It’s okay, I’m used to it,” said Anna’s mother quietly. “I’m leaving.” She turned around and was about to leave.

Walking Anna’s mother to the door, Yulin turned around and looked at Anna.

Anna was slightly despondent. Her mother’s departure was as sudden as her appearance, just as it had been before.

Yulin waved his hand in front of her. “Are you okay? What’s on your mind?”

Anna blinked her eyes and met Yulin’s gaze.

“You are really persuasive and argumentative. I really believe you have the talent to turn matters upside down.” Anna teased.

“I’m flattered. I’m obviously speaking for you, and you’re teasing me instead?” said Yulin. “But you and your mother don’t seem to get along well, do you?”

Anna was in a trance for an instant. “Uh, we are not so close. I don’t remember since when our relationship became like this.”

At the moment, Anna was like a child who craved someone’s pampering. She was a little frustrated because she had been disappointed too many times by trying to get her mother’s love. Looking at Anna, Yulin felt sad for her. But he knew that Anna did not like other people’s pity.

“Your mother must very love you. It’s just that you’re so good that she thinks you don’t need her help. Maybe that makes you misunderstand that she doesn’t care about you.” Yulin said in a joking tone. “From now on, with me taking care of you, she won’t definitely have to worry about you.”

Sure enough, his comforting words made Anna relieve. She raised her eyebrows and looked at him. “You are a little narcissistic, I guess.”

“What I said is not right?”

Anna smiled and knew that Yulin was comforting her, so she didn’t let herself continue to dwell in a bad mood.

She took a deep breath. “Anyway, you don’t need to take care of my aunt. Actually, you don’t have to make a promise to my mom to take care of her.”

“I hadn’t planned on it. I’m not meant to be a benign and uncontentious guy without principle. The person who offends me has to pay the price, no matter who he is.”

“Yulin, I’m sorry.” Anna said suddenly.

Yulin wanted to say something else, but he heard her apology.

“Huh?” Yulin was confused.

She looked at Yulin seriously. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you like that before.”

This was the first time Anna apologized to Yulin, which in turn made Yulin a little uncomfortable.

“You hit your head and suddenly you become smart?” Yulin said jokingly.

“I am sincere.”

“I know. I’m listening carefully.”

Anna hesitated for a moment before saying. “I like you, really, really like you. But I’m not confident either, never have been. I feel that I do not deserve you. So before I agree to marry you, can you give me some time to become good enough to match you?”



Looking at the surprised Anna, Yulin found her very cute. He rubbed her hair. “I mean yes.”

“But, shouldn’t you reject me first? Then call me stupid and say I think too much or something like that?”

“Uh, yeah, you are overthinking. But I like this kind of you.”

Yulin looked at her dotingly. And his love made Anna feel apprehensive and sweet like sugar.

“How do you feel? Are you very touched? Come on, you can kiss me now to express your inner excitement.”

After three seconds, Yulin suddenly opened his arms and pretended to hug her.

Anna bent down and avoided his hug. “Be normal. I’m very serious.”

“I’m also serious. Don’t be shy. We haven’t kissed for a long time, don’t you want to?”

With a stretch of his arm, he wrapped his arms around Anna and took her into his embrace. Just as the two were about to kiss, someone pushed the door open.

“Anna …… uh ……” Chuxue Ye was full of excitement, but froze when she saw the two people in the room.

“Now in the hospital, can you two control yourselves?” Chuxue teased.

Anna was busy breaking away from Yulin’s arm, while Yulin was discontented, feeling that they were interrupted.

“Hey, don’t you even know to knock when you enter the room?” said Yulin.

“I also don’t want to see you guys making out,” Chuxue spat out her tongue at Yulin. “I just come to tell you that Yiyao is awake.”

“Oh god, really?”

Anna was full of excitement and immediately rushed to the next ward.

Yulin just ended his passionate kiss with Anna and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Walking inside the ward, Anna immediately sat down at Yiyao’s bedside and her eyes misted a little. “Yiyao, you’ve finally woken up.”

“You are all here.” Yiyao, who had just awakened, said in a hoarse voice. “Anna, you’re injured too?”

“This is just a small injury. It’s almost healed. But you were in a coma for so many days. I’m so worried about you. You were injured to save me, and if you don’t wake up …I can’t forgive myself for the rest of my life.” said Anna. Her eyes were moist again.

Yiyao was calm. “You sit on my car, I have to protect you. This is my code of being a human being.”

Holding Yiyao’s hand, Jingyan Ye was a little angry. “You really have a lot of codes. You can disregard your own life for others. What about your promise to me? We agreed to grow old together. If you are no longer in the world, I will die with you.”

“I don’t want to get hurt either, it’s because ……” she paused suddenly. Thinking of that woman, Yiyao’s look flashed a hint of helplessness.

Jingyan grabbed Yiyao’s hand tightly. “Don’t worry. I’ve already taken care of things. I will never let that woman have the chance to appear in front of you again.”

Yiyao closed her eyes quietly. “I’m really tired.”

“Then take a good rest. I’ll stay here with you.” said Jingyan softly.

Looking at Yiyao’s painful look, Anna was a little sad inside.

Chuxue took Anna’s hand and then looked at Yiyao. “Then, Yiyao, you take a rest. We will come back to see you another day.”

After leaving the ward, Chuxue suddenly had a stomachache and went to the restroom.

Yulin and Anna went back to her own ward, while Anna was still a bit uneasy.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you feeling well?”

Anna shook her head. “It’s the first time I’ve seen Yiyao show such a tired look.”

“This time maybe it’s something that is sad to her.”

Anna looked at Yulin in confusion. “What sad stuff?”

“Ziying Duan caused Yiyao to lose her child.”

“Ah?” Anna was really shocked.

Yulin didn’t want Anna to be burdened by these sad things, so he didn’t want to go deeper into this topic. “Forget it. It’s all in the past. Let’s not mention it again.”

Anna frowned tightly. “But Yiyao really shouldn’t have suffered all this torture.”

“Those things have already happened. It’s useless to think about it more. We’d better think about the future. Since everyone is fine, let’s leave the hospital quickly.”

“These days you always come to the hospital to take care of me. I know it’s hard.” Anna looked up at Yulin and said with some guilt. “Thank you.”

Yulin smiled and put his arm around her shoulders. “Since you know it’s hard, you should treat me when you are healed.”

“Yulin, I’m talking seriously.”

“I am also very serious, don’t you see it?” Yulin said, and then came up to Anna’s eyes, making her look at his sincere eyes.

But Anna shook her head. “I don’t see it.”

“Then let me lean closer to you so you can take a good look.”

After saying that, Yulin leaned down to kiss Anna on the lips, while his arm tightly wrapped around Anna’s waist, as if he wanted to integrate her into his own body.

He kissed so hard that Anna could not breathe, but she did not resist. She enjoyed the kiss with him.


It should be a very easy thing to go home from the hospital. But Anna felt much stressed. It was because Qiqi protected her as if she was guarding a precious animal. She didn’t let her do anything or touch anything. Even washing an apple was not allowed by Qiqi.

Anna looked at Qiqi and sighed. “Qiqi, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me so much.”

“Last time I was hospitalized for so long after I was injured and still haven’t fully recovered. You’ve only been hospitalized for a few days and you’re back, I really don’t know what those doctors are thinking.”

“Our situations are different. You were critically ill, while I only had a flesh wound.”

“Then you have to take good care of it too. You are a star. If you get a scar on your head, you won’t be able to do movies.”

Qiqi was usually careless, but she was incredibly attentive in taking care of people. Anna really felt lucky to have such a good friend.

Chapter 490 It’s Their S*x-traps (2)

Qiqi’s concern for her made Anna feel warm. She smiled and looked at Qiqi.

“Seriously, we’ve been really unlucky lately. Both of us are injured. I can’t even take a break.”Qiqi crossed her arms in front of her chest and let out a sigh.

Indeed what had happened over the past few months was incredible they had ever experienced in their lives until now.

“But we’ve also had our lucky moments. You see, I got a lot of shooting opportunities and have the chance to do magazine covers and commercials. And you got a good part-time job, and lived in a nice apartment, and did well with your exam review.”

Anna’s words made Qiqi feel better. She smiled and patted Anna’s shoulder. “The most important thing is that you have found your true love.”

With a smile on the corner of her mouth, Anna lowered her head.

Seeing that she was shy, Qiqi laughed. “You and Mr. Xiao have made up, have you?”

Anna nodded her head.

“Hey, it seems I have to be the third wheel again.” Qiqi said deliberately, but she was happy for her. She knew Anna’s feelings for Yulin Xiao. Now she was really happy to see the two can get back together.

Anna raised her hand and put it on Qiqi’s shoulder. “So far, you haven’t had the chance to be the third wheel.”

Qiqi didn’t react for a moment and was puzzled. “Why?”

“Xiao Group wants to expand its overseas business, so Yulin will be very busy lately. He will have to go abroad a lot.”

“Ah. Then won’t you two be unable to see each other often?”

“Probably. I’ve been very busy lately too. When my injury heals, I’m going to shoot a movie. I have more parts in this movie.”

“You two are really busy people. But Anna, even if you are busy, you still need to spend more time to contact him. Otherwise, be careful your boyfriend is snatched by others.” Qiqi advised.

But Anna did not care about it. “If he can be snatched away, then it proves that he is not my type. Then I don’t have to waste my time for him.”

“I’m serious.”

“Fine, I know.” said Anna. “Thank you.”

“Take it to heart, there are many such examples. Foreign girls are open and passionate about people. They easily attract the attention of boys.”

But Anna did not take her words to heart.

Suddenly the phone rang. Anna picked it up and then smiled.

Looking at her like that, Qiqi knew it was Yulin calling, and then she left Anna’s room.

Picking up the phone, Anna asked tenderly. “Where are you now?”

“I just arrived in England. I’ll have a meeting later.”

“So what are you calling me for now?”

“I just want to hear your voice.”

Yulin’s words made Anna smile more happily.

“Did you miss me?”

“No.” Anna deliberately said the opposite.

“Well, that means you miss me.”

Anna couldn’t help laughing. “Well, maybe you’re wrong.”

“No, I know you very well. Girls never say what they mean.”

Anna wanted to talk with him for a while longer. However, when she thought of his tiring journey, she didn’t say more. “You better rest for a while so that you don’t fall asleep during the meeting.”

“Even if I fall asleep, no one would dare to complain.” said Yulin.

“Yeah, who are you, the big boss.” Anna teased.

“Okay, I’m going to hang up now. Take care of yourself.” said Yulin.

Hanging up the phone, Yulin still wore a smile.

Sitting opposite him, Yuqi was not happy. He propped up his chin with one hand. “I’m tired as a dog working abroad, but you’re at home with a beautiful woman.”

“Are you jealous of me? Then you should find a girlfriend too.” Yulin said with a smile.

“You said girlfriend instead of female companion. It seems like you are serious this time.” Yuqi said playfully.

“I’ve always treated love seriously, unlike you who always play with other people’s feelings.”

“I’m also very serious about my feelings.” Yuqi retorted.

“I am very curious about your girlfriend. I want to know what means she used to make you like her so much. Maybe you can let her come to England. This will not only relieve you of the pain of longing for her, but also allow me to get to know her.” Yuqi continued.

He was full of interest, but Yulin refused him without even thinking about it.

“Then you just keep on being curious.”

“Hey, can’t I even meet her once?”

Yulin looked at him with dissatisfaction. “You playboy, I’m worried that Anna will think that I’m the same kind of person as you.”

It can be seen that Yulin really liked this woman. Otherwise he would not be so protective of her. But Yuqi was also curious if he had really forgotten about Wei Yu. So he leaned forward slightly and asked in a small voice, “Have you already forgotten about Wei?”

Yulin shrugged indifferently. “Yes, or what? What do you want me to do? Beg her not to marry other guy? I’m not that bored.”

When Yulin said this, he was calm. It was evident that he really planned to move on. This also made Yuqi relieved.

“But I still remember when someone broke up with her, he got drunk.” Leaning back in his chair, Yuqi teased Yulin.

“You also talked back to our parents for a model, turned against me for some girl, and for ……”

“Okay, fine. I know you have a good memory. Please don’t say anymore, can you?” Yuqi hurried to interrupt him.

“As long as you do not mess with me, I naturally will not say your old story.”

“Yulin, this is a personal attack and it’s illegal.”

“I’m telling the truth, okay?”

“Forget it. I won’t get into it with you.” Yuqi pretended not to bother himself arguing with the likes of him. “Seriously, I’ll leave it to you to handle this matter, are you oaky with that, right?”

“I can handle that.”

“They have the power of the underworld to support them. It’s better for you to beware of them.”

Faced with Yuqi’s warning, Yulin did not take it seriously. “No matter what forces they have as backers, they are working with us to make money. Nobody has a grudge against money, I guess.”

After a few months without seeing Yulin, Yuqi felt that his brother had changed a lot. He became calm and confident.

And was this all taught to him by that woman? She was just an unknown star. Did she really have the ability to change him? Yuqi thought.

Seeing Yuqi staring at himself, Yulin threw the pen in his hand over. “What are you planning again?”

“I’m just curious about your change.”

“Then put away your curiosity.” Yulin stood up, straightened down his suit, and walked towards the conference room.

Looking at Yulin’s back, Yuqi smiled. Now he was very interested in Anna, and he believed that their parents were also interested in getting to know her.


The meeting went well and they signed contracts for several projects.

Just these few hours of meeting really made people exhausted. Yulin pulled his tie loose. After the meeting, he wanted to go back to the hotel to take a shower and relax.

“Mr. Xiao, I see you are very tired? I should give you time to rest and make another appointment to come to the meeting.” The president of the other party blamed himself and turned his head to look at the female secretary beside him. “Lucy, go arrange for the best masseuse for Mr. Xiao.”

“Yes, sir.” said the female secretary.

The secretary named Lucy frequently made eyes at Yulin, but Yulin didn’t even pay attention to her.

“Next, we have a celebration party. Would Mr. Xiao and your brother like to attend it?” The president hurriedly said again.

“Well, thanks for your invitation. But I have to check my schedules.”

Yulin nodded to him and turned to leave.

Back at the hotel, Yulin was trying to take a shower and rest. However, when he saw Yuqi, he knew he couldn’t get a rest.

“You’re not meeting with your group. Why did you come here?” asked Yulin.

“I’m worried about you.” said Yuqi. “I want to see if you have fallen for their s*x-traps.”

“Well, I’m fine. They invite you and me to a celebration party.”

A celebration party? Yuqi thought for a moment before saying. “I see that their purpose is to pull you in.”

Yulin shook his head frequently. “It’s really stupid. After this project is finished, I’m going back. And you are the main person in charge here. They should spend time on you instead of me.”

“They are playing the long game.” Yuqi smiled. “As far as I know this company also wants to conduct foreign business. Although they own a big company, in the new environment, they may not be able to play to their advantage.”

“So they want to find a reliable partner. And you are their target. They are now using the s*x-traps to pull you in.”

“You mean they are using Lucy to lure me? That kind of woman is not a beauty at all. Her breasts are big like a cow’s. She’s too plump.” Yulin showed an expression of disgust. “And her eyes are always on me. I’m not interested in her.”

Hearing Yulin’s description, Yuqi was dumbfounded. “You think Lucy is not pretty? Are you deliberately showing off that there is such a beautiful girl who likes you?”

“I am telling the truth. If you like her, you just date her and not let her keep making eyes at me.”

“You are getting really weird.” Yuqi snorted coldly.

“Weird? I’m pretty normal.”

“I think you just accept her affection for you. It is also good for getting support for our business in the country.”

However, Yulin was full of disdain. “I, Yulin Xiao, need to please her to get support?”

“Listen it or not, it’s up to you. I just give you a suggestion. I know, you only have your girlfriend in your eyes now.”

At the mention of his girlfriend, Yulin wore a smile on his face. Yuqi shook his head helplessly and then he left the room. He decided to go find a beautiful woman to appease his depressed mood.


Although Yulin did not want to go to the celebration party, he still had to attend it out of courtesy.

In the past, Yulin was also a regular guest at such parties. And now he disliked attending such parties.

At this moment, Yulin just wanted to leave this place quickly and called Anna. Unfortunately, such a simple wish also failed to materialize.

Hearing that he attended the party, many business celebrities came to talk with him. Even though Yulin looked indifferent, others were still very enthusiastic about him.

Most of the people present were Europeans, but they were also well versed in the Chinese drinking culture. They raised their glasses to toast Yulin, so Yulin drank a few glasses. Then he realized that things were not quite right. If this continued, he would be drunk before the party was halfway through.

He did not want to continue drinking with these people, so he put down his glass and prepared to leave. But before he could say anything, Lucy said something for him.

“Mr. Xiao has not been jet-lagged for the past two days, so he is not fit to drink. If any of you want to drink with him, I can drink for him.” Lucy smiled brightly. She had a beauty that was a mixture of elegance and sexiness.

Everyone could see that Lucy was interested in Yulin. So the crowd deliberately joked.

“Mr. Xiao and Miss Lucy are really a good match.”

“I haven’t seen Lucy care so much about a man. Could it be that Miss Lucy like Mr. Xiao ……”

The group of people discussed happily. And Lucy secretly glanced at Yulin.

“Mr. Xiao and I are only business partner.” said Lucy.

“You are both unmarried. Even if you have a one-night affair, there is nothing wrong with it.” said one man deliberately.

“I know you’re joking, but if my girlfriend hears about it, she’ll lose her temper.” Yulin said with some anger.

Hearing this, Lucy’s face darkened. How could she not hear Yulin’s overtones?

Lucy did not expect that Yulin would reject her even before she made a move. Her face was downcast.

“Oh, Mr. Xiao has a girlfriend? May I ask which noble family she is from?” Someone asked.

“She’s an actress.”

“An actress ……” the man deliberately trailed off, while revealing a disapproving gaze.

“You can’t take a relationship with a star seriously. If one wants to find a wife, a woman of your social rank or a capable woman like Lucy is the best choice.”

“I don’t need to rely on women to help me succeed.” Yulin said disdainfully.

His words made the other party awkward, and then he only nodded.

When Yulin was talking, Lucy was watching him from right next to him. She was very good at socializing. She can always be the focus of conversation. Such a woman can also always attract the attention of men. Although Lucy was rejected by Yulin, Yulin aroused her interest.

Now she drank too much wine. Her face was red and she staggered a bit.

She wanted to hold Yulin’s hand, but Yulin always avoided her when her hand was about to touch him. Obviously, he did not want to get involved with her. But Lucy wanted to conquer this man.

Just as Lucy was secretly planning how to attract Yulin’s attention, her boss came over. Seeing her drunk like this, the boss was stunned. “Lucy, are you okay?”

Lucy shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine.”

“You’d better come home for a rest.” said her boss.

“No, I can still drink.”

“You’ve never been this drunken before.” said her boss.

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