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Chapter 491 – 492: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 491: The Roc’s Curse

The roc’s nest was huge because the whole island in the distance was occupied by it.

That’s true. Its huge body stretched ten thousand feet, covering the whole island.


It was so arrogant!

It just napped in the nest and paid no attention to the outside world.

Kris didn’t want to startle the roc right away because it flew 90,000 miles away when flapped the wings which was so fast that he couldn’t catch up with it even he tried his best.

How could he fight with the roc when he failed to catch up with it?

So he must set up the Space-Forbidden Array in advance, covering all the space including sea, land, and sky.

He only knew superb arrays which could only gain little time for him in the battle against Monster Emperor, which meant that he just had two opportunities.

Thanks to his magic weapons which made himself invisible, the roc kept napping and didn’t discover his actions in such a close distance of 100 miles.

Every time the roc breathed, the wind and clouds changed, and the Fairy Aura in the space within a hundred miles was absorbed by it.

That exactly showed the power of the rare monster roc.

It was powerful. According to the sectarian record, it was in the initial stage of Monster Emperor.

However, its aggressive appearance was not inferior to that of Wild Killing Taoist.

Monster beasts cultivated magic and physique. Therefore, though they cultivated slowly compared to human Practitioners, they were powerful than human Practitioners of the same stage.

You might say that Kris had the power to fight against the accumulated spirit, but what had happened to Kris was just an exception. His cultivation system had been a total mess since the initial stage.

It wasn’t a magic system, a physical system, or a sword system but a nondescript complex!

However, Kris was satisfied with his system because the power was the only thing he cared about.

He thought for a while and took out prepared arrays. Considering that the Fairy Aura might alert the roc, he didn’t use Golden Light Earth Escaping.

He wrapped himself with Divine Spiritual Power and flew away slowly. After he flew 500 miles, the nest of the roc was totally invisible.

He suddenly used Divine Spiritual Power and took out Sea King Halberd to see whether it could command sea monsters.

Although Kris was under the fulfilled period of Pill-Condensation Field, a quarter of his magic power was consumed when he operated the Sea King Halberd, which astonished Kris a lot.

The problems came to the quality of his magic power.

He swallowed magical pills to restore himself, and the Sea King Halberd began to emit a magical wave. At that moment, Kris suddenly realized that the sea monsters within 100 miles seemed to feel the magical wave and had an urge to respond to it.

While Kris was using Divine Spiritual Power, numerous sea monsters rushed up to him, including supreme sea monsters.

Considering that Supreme Monsters would attack him when they saw him, Kris wanted to reduce the allurement of Sea King Halberd, and the Sea King Halberd followed his thought.

A few sea monsters which were thousands of kilometers under the sea looked confused. They found something strange and then retreated crazily.

Sea King Halberd was good at alluring and misleading. With its help, Kris’ identity was completely covered and sea monsters influenced by its power were eager to approach Kris.

Kris sighed, “The Spirit Weapon is really awesome.”

Those sea monsters were enough for him to set up the arrays.

Kris asked them to swallow array base and released them after he had finished a dozen or so blockade arrays.

Under the command of Sea King Halberd, sea monsters slowly moved to the roc’s nest.

The roc was accustomed to the existence of those sea monsters. After all, a sleeping elephant wouldn’t care about the ants at all.

And the nest was covered with the roc’s spirit which contained some favorable elements to sea monsters.

It was a weird and special ecological environment.

Kris discovered this, and that’s why he summoned the sea monsters.

Some sea monsters even burrowed into the mud.

When they arrived at the specific place, Kris regained his magic power and snapped his fingers.

Dozens of light curtains blocked the nest at the very moment.

The sudden change deeply stunned the snapping roc.

The blockade arrays! There must be another Human Practitioner who overestimated his own strength and sought his doom.

The roc was burning with wrath.

Screaming, it pecked at the defensive arrays with the huge pointed beak.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Three superb blockade arrays were destroyed by its attack.

“Bang! Bang!”

The arrays base put in the sea monsters exploded, and a surge of monster blood seethed in the sea, reddening the sea.

Under normal circumstances, a large number of sea monsters would be attracted by the blood, but at this moment, even the sea insects without intelligence retreated to their caves.

Kris focused 120,000 flashes of Sword Energy on the Red Blood Sword and compressed 50,000 flashes of Sword Energy. He used Thunder Sword Intents and Earth Sword Intents to launch the strongest attack.

Golden Light Earth Escaping!

Using magic power, Kris suddenly appeared in the arrays. The arrays were set up by him, so he could enter the array easily.

Although the roc was strong, its powerful body was a target at the moment.

The sword light shined in all directions, and the instant light illuminated the whole sky.


The sword light directly cut the roc’s flesh but was hindered by…the Taoist Strength!

There were two flashes of Taoist Strength!


But for the Thunder Sword Intent and Earth Sword Intent, Kris would have no chance to wound it.

Thunder Sword Intent, even not in its fulfilled period, was one of the most powerful Sword Intents on killing.

The Earth Sword Intents not only exerted heavy pressure on the roc but also hardened the earth.

The weight of 120,000 flashes of Sword Energy exceeded 30 million, and the kinetic energy they contained exceeded 100 million.

After a short time, a small hole appeared on a flash of Taoist Strength which was protecting the roc.


The sword light penetrated the first flash of Taoist Strength and soon penetrated the second one with irresistible power.

The roc’s body was so huge that even the most powerful Taoist Strength couldn’t protect it for a long time.

Two flashes of Taoist Strength were destroyed and the sword light cut the roc’s body.


Their clash caused a sound of clashing of steel!

What a strong body!

Spreading his fingers, Kris hurriedly added ten sword lights to the hole on the Taoist Strength.


A bang came and Kris fled to the periphery of the town.

The Taoist Strength of the roc shattered in the explosion. At the same time, the deadly sword light cut through its body and the sword intents kept torturing its skin with the help of Red Blood Sword which could corrode the skin.

Half Sword Energy was consumed, however, Kris’ trump card was the compressed Sword Energy!

When the roc was roaring furiously Kris murmured, “Explode!”


As the violent explosion mounted to the sky, threatens of death surged through the roc.

The blockade arrays were also shaking and crumbling under the impact of the explosion.

However, Kris kept attacking the roc. Those Monster Emperors were so powerful that Kris must treat it with care.

Swish! Swish!

Two sword lights flew into the blockade arrays.

Boom! Boom!

With an explosion, the roc directly breached the blockade arrays.

At the moment when the blockade arrays were destroyed, a large bird with only one wing flew out.

The roc! It was still alive!

However, its appearance was miserable and terrifying.

There was a big hole on its belly, and all of its internal organs were directly roasted by the heat of the explosion, and all of its furs were burned.

The shattered Taoist Strength filled up the hole, keeping it alive.

Kris was stunned by the fact that the roc could still fly after three attacks. Its vitality was so amazing!

Kris changed his eyes and launched an attack with the Sword of Divine Spiritual Power. With the support of the Sea King Halberd, Kris was able to launch attacks at random as he liked.

Powerful Divine Spiritual Power was sent to the Mud Pill Palace of the roc. However, the Divine Spiritual Power of the rare monster which was born naturally was so powerful that Kris felt that his sword suddenly became a dull knife.

Damn it! The invincible Divine Spiritual Power didn’t work this time! Kris failed to cut through the Divine Spiritual Power of the roc.

The roc tried to escape, eyes filled with anger and fear.

It was severely wounded and had little power to continue the fight. So it must escape right now!

The mere cipher made it feel dangerous.


The roc flapped, causing a gale and then it quickly flew to the sky and the only thing Kris could see was a shadow that disappeared in a twinkle.

Surprised, Kris hurriedly followed after it by using Golden Light Earth Escaping.

It was said that the roc could fly 90,000 miles with a flap. Under normal conditions, the roc could have such speed and no one could even see its shadow.

However, it was seriously injured. With one wing and injured body, the roc could only manage to fly 30,000 miles with a flap.

After three instant movements, Kris failed to track down the roc.

Where was it?

Kris looked down at the boundless sea, thinking that the roc must have escaped into the sea and changed its body to fish.

Kris used to avoid fights in the sea considering unknown monsters, but now he had the Sea King Halberd which could command the sea monsters!

The Sea King Halberd released its invisible power and sea monsters within 100 miles sent information back. Soon, Kris found the right direction.

There was no place for it to flee now!

Although Kris couldn’t use the water escape technique, and Golden Light Earth Escaping didn’t work well in water, he who was wrapped by the Blue Sea Taoist Strength instantly moved 100 miles with the help of Sea King Halberd.

Kris was satisfied with the speed, though it consumed a lot of magic power in a short time.

Middle-grade Spirit Weapons were difficult for Kris to handle and he never played the Divine Power of Red Blood Sword every time he used it.

Swallowing pills and spiritual liquid, Kris soon caught up with the exhausted roc.

Perceiving his existence, the roc became angry and desperate.

In the past, only it had the power to chase after humans, but today, it was chased by a human Practitioner. The roc didn’t want to be chased and killed by a human!

Water Prison!

The roc made a huge prison to confine Kris by using magic power. However, its magic power was weak compared to the Blue Sea Taoist Strength.

Kris broke away from the prison in a breath.

Squinting his eyes, Kris paid all his attention to the roc’s movements.

Go to hell!

The sword light spread a hundred miles, directly splitting the roc into two!

Its Monster Soul, Body, and Divine Spiritual Power vanished except the last true spirit.

“Human Practitioner, I curse you. You will never become an immortal!”

Giving up the Samsara, the spirit directly rushed at Kris after it uttered the curse.

Kris failed to dodge it, and the spirit directly hit his chest, providing a scalding feeling that made him scream.

He immediately took off his clothes, and an evil mark of roc appeared on his chest.

Something was changed in the unseen world and Kris had a presentiment that he would suffer a lot in future cultivation.

Damn it! The curse wouldn’t come true, would it?

His heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley. He dashed to collect its corpse and flew to its nest again!

Chapter 492: The Luojia Mountain

“How dared you curse at me!”

Kris thought, “I am not satisfied with your death and I will expropriate all your treasures.”

The roc’s nest had been a ruin.

By using Divine Spiritual Power, Kris found faint life a hundred meters below the nest.

There was life underground!

But what was it?

When he removed the ruins by a sword light, Kris was surprised to see a huge egg.

Could it be an egg that had been laid by the roc?

Putting his hand on the egg, Kris felt its amazing spirit which was the same as the dead roc.

It was the roc’s egg!

Suddenly Kris realized why the roc would rather endure three deadly attacks instead of changing its body into a human body and attacking back.

It was afraid that its egg buried underground would be affected.

Kris was wrapped with mixed feelings. The roc was hated by the world for eating humans, but what it did today showed its love to its baby was the same as what Ru Mo did to protect Sha Mo.

Kris didn’t think that he had done anything wrong. He didn’t feel guilty to kill such a devil who had eaten a lot of people.

He just couldn’t believe the fact that some people in the world were more heartless than monsters.

Captured by Kris, the unborn roc had no choice but to become Kris’ pet.

Kris was so lucky to own a roc, one of the rare monsters.

Kris sent a few magic tactics to the egg and then cut his palm and dripped the blood on the egg.

Then his blood was absorbed by the egg. When Kris succeeded in establishing a preliminary connection, a faint feeling surged up to him.

Generally speaking, it was almost impossible to tame a pet monster, especially a vicious and ferocious rare monster like a roc.

How lucky was Kris to come across the roc egg and get an opportunity to tame a roc.

He made a pet pouch and put the egg in it. Then he put thousands of superb spiritual stones in it to support its growth.

He dug deep and finally found a spiritual stone ore 500 meters underground.

It was a superb spiritual stone ore. Kris laughed, “No wonder the roc chose this place as its nest.”

Once Spirit Gathering Array was set, when the roc lay on the spiritual stones, it could practice and brood the egg at the same time.

A superb spiritual stone ore was rare and Kris was eager to possess it. Fortunately, Kris had seen the method to possess one in the Scripture Pavilion of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion.

Kris sealed the ore vein first with special magic tactics, and then completely stripped out the spiritual stone ore.

Then, the spiritual stone ore which was tens of miles long and dozens of meters wide was completely stripped out.

Such a huge spiritual stone ore could only be put into a Space Storing Ring.

Kris counted and found that there might be millions of superb spiritual stones, tens of millions of superior spiritual stones, hundreds of millions of medium spiritual stones here,

And numerous dregs of used spiritual stones.

In the center of the ore, Kris found three one-aperture divine stones and took them away.

He loved spiritual stone ore. He planned to collect dozens of spiritual stone ores to transform a secluded mountain into an immortal mountain after the family reunion.

The only pity was that roc didn’t have other treasures such as its inherent magic weapon or anything else.

What a greedy man! He not only borrowed the roc’s nest deep but also wanted to take away all its magic weapons and treasures.

However, Kris didn’t think so. He called this Recycling!

Then Kris left the roc’s nest, flew ten thousand miles, and finally found an isolated island for himself to recover and analyze his problems.

He had few attack techniques!

For example, he didn’t know how to skip in the water and if it weren’t for the Sea King Halberd, the roc would have escaped.

If anyone knew what Kris Chen was thinking, they would be very jealous.

With the help of a middle-grade spirit weapon, a practitioner of Fulfilled Pill-Condensation Field could use many attack techniques.

How could he be so insatiable!

However, every aspiring practitioner would like to have numerous trump cards.

Kris was such an aspiring practitioner.

Although Golden Light Earth Escaping was a good technique, it had obvious disadvantages.

Although it enabled Kris to move a thousand miles in an instant, using it required a powerful body. And it took one or two breaths of time to move a thousand miles even he could master it perfectly. What’s more, it couldn’t support a long-time move.

When using Golden Light Earth Escaping, magic power was consumed quickly. Well, maybe this problem was caused by himself.

All in all, he didn’t have enough power.

He would have thought that Golden Light Earth Escaping could compensate his deadliest shortcoming.

However, the speed of the injured roc demoralized him. The roc with one wing flew three thousand miles with a flap.

When he returned this time, he wanted to know whether there was a kind of divine power that could help a person move a hundred and eighty thousand miles in a second.

Although this kind of divine power might be useless, it could help him to escape.

He almost had forgotten that he could practice the Five Thunders Magic first before he found the Almighty Spirit Fire.

The vapors from the ocean became clouds and after a series of reactions, there would be rains and thunders above the sea. So why not follow the moving thunderclouds?

With the help of thunderclouds, Kris could not only practice Five Thunders Magic but also make his body stronger!

As for the practice of Thunder sword intent, Kris understood that practicing it required chance and opportunity. And at present, he could only comprehend 70%.

Maybe Kris could find surprising changes when he reached the primal spirit field.

Plenty of Sword Energy Grass would make his practice easier.

However, Kris still worried about the roc mark on his chest.

Luckily, it didn’t make any trouble at present. He prepared to ask the Lord of Heavenly Sword Pavilion.

When Kris regained all his magic power, he took out the roc egg and he found that all of the spiritual stones had become dregs.

All of the power was absorbed by the roc!

Kris put thousands of superb spiritual stones in the pouch and added several magic tactics again. He dripped the blood on the egg and waited for the roc egg to absorb it. Kris knew that the roc wouldn’t be his pet until they were able to understand each other and became kindred spirits.

Kris got up and followed the thunderclouds.

Boom! Boom!

As the lightning was flashing, Kris continuously drew lightning against himself like a lightning rod.

Thunders consisted of different elements including Eastern Wood Thunder, Southern Fire Thunder, Western Mountain Thunder, Northern Water Thunder, and Central Earth Thunder which respectively belonged to the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, and spleen.

The endless sea was covered by the Water Thunder. Thanks to the Thunder Sword Intent, Kris was familiar with thunders.

Kris was numb when the thunder entered his body.

Even his thoughts were frozen by the sudden pain.

It was different from the Thunder Test in which the practitioner regarded the thunder as his opponent. Kris welcomed the thunders and wanted to master the thunders.

One could start the practice of Five Thunders Magic from any kind of thunder magic. Individual magic had amazing power and when one comprehended Five Thunders Magic, the power of thunder would change in quality.

The Thunder Magic was considered as the most powerful magic among the five magics. Kris Chen couldn’t agree more.

Practicing required everyone including practitioners, monsters, Buddhists, and demons to fight against heaven. Why did heaven prevent them by the Thunder Test instead of the Sword Test?

Because it knew that the thunders had the most powerful strength.

Although the Five Thunders Magic was powerful, the process of practicing it was painful.

It even surpassed the pain that Kris suffered when he practiced “Hacked in Pieces”.

Luckily, Kris wasn’t an ordinary practitioner, he had been used to suffering pains in practice and it was his way to gain powerful strength.

The water thunders belonged to the kidneys and the numbness they caused spread over half of his body from the kidneys.

However, he suffered the pains silently as well as practiced the Five Thunders Magic. After the attack of thousands of water thunders, Kris comprehended the magic of water thunders.

His body was so strong that enabled him to take a risk. Ordinary practitioners would never draw thunders against themselves to practice.

The most amazing thing was that he had consumed up the power of water thunders stored in the huge cloud.

The coming rainstorm didn’t come as it would have come. Only a few thunders had been seen before the sky was clear again.

The attack of the water thunders refined Kris’ body and made it more resistant to thunders.

Kris headed towards the Luojia Mountain while he was searching for thunderclouds to practice the Five Thunders Magic.

When he was tired, he would find an isolated island and have a rest. The first thing he did when he woke up was to feed the unborn roc with spiritual stones and drip his blood on the egg.

A month passed, Kris finally achieved the first level of the Five Thunders Magic, Water Thunder!

Although the magic had a simple name, it could kill the Supreme Monster easily. Kris was satisfied with its power and he wondered how powerful the magic would be when he perfectly mastered five thunders.

Kris’ body wasn’t greatly changed, but of course, it was stronger than before.

What’s more, the change of the roc egg was inspiring. Recently, Kris could feel a stronger and stronger connection with the roc egg when he dripped blood on it.

It wouldn’t be long before the unborn roc was completely tamed.

Although he was pleased with the egg’s change, it wasn’t easy for him to accept the fact that it had used up tens of thousands of superb spiritual stones. It must be a taotie(a ferocious legendary animal that eats a lot) instead of a roc.

He even wickedly wondered if the little thing was a hybrid of roc and taotie.

Two days later, Kris arrived at Luojiashan.

Luojiashan was a big island that covered an area of 10,000 acres and the most famous place on the island was the Luojia Mountain.

However, it was a forbidden place. Practitioners of the actualized spirit had fought over the mountain in the past and finally died.

For thousands of years, countless practitioners had died in the mountain. And practitioners with more power would suffer more violent attacks.

The mortals wouldn’t be attacked. However, they wouldn’t survive because the environment of the mountain was so vicious that mortals couldn’t survive.

Gradually, the place became a battlefield for junior practitioners of the Infinite Sea to cultivate their abilities.

The forbidden place was monopolized by three top sects——the Secluded Immortal Palace, the Bright Sacred Land, and the Pure Yang Sect.

Afraid to be condemned by other sects, the top sects would give three entrance tickets at most to practitioners of one sect, and they only allowed practitioners below the primal spirit field to enter the mountain. Small sects didn’t want to go because they knew the dangers in the mountain, however, they had to take a risk under the oppression of the top sects.

They understood that their disciples only served as companions to disciples of the three great sects.

But there were profits still. For example, they could make friends with the disciples of the three great sects, and sometimes they could find treasures there.

Having realized the present situation, Kris touched his nose and wondered if he could get a ticket. He must have been allowed to enter the forbidden place, after all, he was the present senior male fellow student of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion of the Wuji Sword Sect.

Kris happened to arrive at the right time. The sects were going to open the array in two days and send their disciples in.

Because the Secluded Immortal Palace had an intimate relationship with Penglai Holy Sect and the Bright Sacred Land was led by Moke Sect, Kris directly went to the territory of the Pure Yang Sect.

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