Chapter 491: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 491 I Bring a Gift to You (1)

Then Lucy gazed affectionately at Yulin Xiao.

The other men would definitely be attracted by her affectionate gaze. Even if they knew there was a trap that she had set for them, they would willingly jump into it.

“It’s probably because Miss Lucy likes drinking more.” Yulin said in a joking tone.

Hearing this, Lucy was a little embarrassed.

“She is already drunk. Mr. Xiao, can you send her home?” Her boss asked deliberately.

Yulin didn’t expect Lucy’s boss to directly ask him to send her home. He raised his eyebrows. “Yes, it’s my pleasure.”

Then he took Lucy’s waist with one hand and led her out of the party.

When people saw Lucy being taken away by Yulin, they all had strange looks.

After sitting in the car, Lucy narrowed her eyes slightly. She stared at Yulin.

Leaning back on the seat, Lucy asked in a begging tone. “I don’t want to go home.”

“Then where do you want to go?”

“Anywhere is fine as long as I can be with you.”

“But you are drunk now.”

“I’m fine. A cold shower will clear my head.”

Lucy’s hint was obvious, and Yulin already had an idea in his mind. “Okay, I’ll take you to the place where I live.”

Lucy thought that she had finally got Yulin on the hook, but she didn’t know that she was the prey in Yulin’s eyes.

The two of them went back to the hotel. Lucy went to take a shower first.

Hearing the sound of water inside, Yulin took off his suit jacket.

“How long do you want to hide before you come out?” Yulin suddenly said.

Then Yuqi walked out of the room.

Leaning against the wall, Yuqi Mu’s arm was around his chest. “Yesterday you told me that you and your girlfriend are in love, but today you brought another woman back?”

“No, you misunderstand me.” said Yulin

“Although I am angry that you let me go to the party alone today, I still bring a gift to you.”

“A gift?” Yuqi was puzzled.

Yulin pointed in the direction of the bathroom. “Weren’t you interested in Lucy before? I brought her back.”

Yuqi whistled and laughed. “Brother, I just can’t believe you’re suddenly so nice to me.”

“We are twins. Of course I have to be nice to you. And I thought you might feel lonely when you watch me and Anna in a relationship. So I bring a girl for you.”

Yuqi tilted his head to look at his brother. “I’m afraid that it’s an excuse, trying to get rid of Lucy is the real thing.”

“Isn’t it good that you can have one-night stand with the beauty and know what tricks she is playing at the same time?”

“But I’m being used by you. It’s weird. I need to think about it.”

Yulin laughed lightly. “Oh, that woman has big boobs.”

At once Yuqi’s eyes brightened.

“You hurry to my room to rest. I promised I would satisfy your guest and not disappoint her.”

“Remember don’t make too much noise.” Yulin said with a smile. Then he left the room.

After the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, Lucy wrapped a bath towel and came out.

“Was there someone you were talking to just now?” Lucy looked at Yuqi and asked.

“Uh, I’m just talking on the phone.” He glanced down at Lucy’s breasts and then walked over to her.

Then he put his arm around her shoulders and took a deep breath, “Honey, you smell so good.”

Lucy giggled. “You smell good too. Only you didn’t just put on perfume.”

Lucy felt that something was wrong and was about to ask something when Yuqi suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Just for the vibe. Do you like it?”

Yuqi was better at flattering girls than Yulin. He diverted Lucy’s attention successfully.

“Of course I like it.”

Yuqi blew into Lucy’s ear and then took her up.

“You haven’t showered yet.”

“Can you take a bath with me?”

“But I’ve just washed.”

“Then take a bath again.”

Once again, the sound of water came from the bathroom. But this time, there was a woman’s moan mixed in it.

Meanwhile, in the next room, Yulin was on the phone with Anna. “Why are you still awake?”

Anna was sitting on a chair with the script in her hand. “I have a night scene today. I may have to stay up late.”

“Don’t work too hard. I’ll be worried about you.”

Anna smiled. “You seem to be very tired.”

Leaning on the sofa, Yulin pulled loose his tie. “I’m not tired. I’m just tired of dealing with all kinds of hypocritical guys.”

Listening to Yulin’s sexy voice, Anna felt her heart beat faster. She licked her lips.

“Did you miss me?” He suddenly asked.


“How much do you miss me?”

“I’m missing you a lot.”

Hearing Anna’s words, Yulin was very happy.

“In about three days, I will be able to go back. By then, you can tell me how much you miss me with your body.” Yulin deliberately trailed her voice with a flirtatious meaning.

Although she and Yulin were far apart, Anna still blushed. “We’re just talking. Don’t say those erotic words.”

“I didn’t say those things, Anna. Do I not satisfy you to make you think too much?”

Yulin said immodest words in a serious manner, which made Anna speechless.

She pretended to be angry, but Yulin dissolved her anger with his own way.

“As long as I can chat with you, even if you are angry with me, I am also very happy. Anna, I can’t get away from you more and more, what should I do?”


“Anna, it’s your turn.”

Before Anna could finish her words, someone behind her was calling her name.

“Oh, I’m coming.” said Anna.

Then Anna said to the phone. “Sorry, I have to hang up the phone.”

“Okay, just go to work.”

Hanging up the phone, Yulin leaned back against the wall with a smile on his face.


The next day, Yulin sat in the dining room, enjoying a wonderful breakfast.

After a while, Yuqi walked into the dining room and sat across from him.

He was exhausted. It was obvious that he had not rested well last night.

Yulin smiled and took out a glass bottle with brown liquid inside. Then he handed it to Yuqi.

“I know you must be very tired, so I had someone prepare tonic for you.”

“There is no use for any tonic now. I just want to get some sleep. Yulin, this woman is really unusual.”

“How is she unusual?”

“She exhausted me.” Yuqi slumped on the table and said tiredly.

Yulin slowly ate a piece of toast. “Haven’t you ever thought that she might use aphrodisiacs on you?”

“When you say so, it seems to be true. But I guess I’m not the only one who used the aphrodisiac, she must have taken this drug as well.”

Instead of being worried, Yuqi was even a little smug.

Yulin raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “It seems that you are still happy.”

“Yeah, but being set up by a woman make me a little unbearable.” Yuqi said.

“You better go have a rest. Leave the rest to me.” Yulin looked at him with some sympathy.

Then Yuqi slowly stood up. “Next time if you need me to help you do this, just tell me. I will definitely help you.”

“Don’t always have a one-night stand with women.”

“Why not? You know, so many interesting women are waiting for me. I’m not going to find a girlfriend to tie myself down like you guys.”

“You will regret it sooner or later, really.”

“Then I’ll regret it then. At least I don’t regret what I’ve done now.” said Yuqi. Then he left the restaurant and prepared to go back to his room to sleep.

Looking at his back, Yulin shook his head. “Brother, you really make my head hurt.”

The new project was going well, and Yulin was finally able to relax a bit. He thought he would soon be able to return to his country.

Whenever he thought of Anna, a smile played on his lips.

When Yulin was preparing to book a flight back to China, two unexpected guests, Lucy and her boss, came to his office.

Seeing Lucy looking at him with affection, Yulin was expressionless, as if nothing had ever happened between him and Lucy. In fact, the two of them did not happen anything.

Only his coldness made Lucy puzzled. Obviously he was very enthusiastic that night, how come he was so cold today. Lucy was uneasy.

“May I ask what you want to do here?” Yulin asked coldly.

Lucy’s boss smiled and went straight to the point. “I have business to discuss with Mr. Xiao.”

“Aren’t we all done with our business?”

“No, there is still one more business. I’m sure Mr. Xiao will be interested in it.”

“Then you need to register it first, prepare a document, and then we can talk about it.” Yulin said seriously.

Chapter 491 How Could He Have S*x with Her? (2)

Yulin Xiao was just about to call his assistant, but he was stopped by the man.

“This business can’t be known by others”

“Why?” Yulin muttered.

“There are some conflicts within my family. I need to take control of the company to have an advantage. And this business with Mr. Xiao is my advantage.”

He gave Lucy a look. Then she handed the document to Yulin.

Yulin took it and roughly flipped through it, then tossed it back to the table.

“You’re laundering money. My family never does illegal business.” said Yulin. He was a little shocked.

“But you’re in England now. I will take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry. I’m just using your company’s name.”

“You don’t need to do anything and you can get a share of 30% of the huge profits.” He said. “That’s a great offer.”

“Some money can be earned, but some money I won’t even touch.”Yulin firmly refused.

The man was stiff. “Mr. Xiao, I have already shown my sincerity to cooperate with you. You can think about it. There is no need for you to reject my proposal right away.”

“This is a matter of principle. No matter who comes to talk to me about this matter, my answer will be the same.” said Yulin.

The man suddenly smiled a little grimly. “Don’t forget that you are now in England. You’d better cooperate with me and not let me use some illegal means against you.”

“So you’re intimidating me.”

He raised his jaw and walked in front of Yulin.”I’m happy to work with you. I don’t want things to come to this point either. But Mr. Xiao also needs to show your sincerity in cooperating.”

“You’re asking me to be willingly used by you. That’s impossible. You’re just underestimating Xiao Group and me.”

Seeing that Yulin didn’t agree, he got angry.

“So you’re not going to agree to it anyway?” asked he.

“I have already expressed my thought. I don’t want to say anything more.”

“Haven’t you thought about the price of annoying me?”

“I don’t have to take care of everyone’s emotions. If we agree, we’ll talk, and if we don’t, then we’ll go our separate ways.”

He gave a cold laugh. “If you dare to stand in my way, I won’t let you off easily.”

After saying that, he and Lucy left in a rage.

Just as they left, Yuqi walked into the office. In order to avoid them to see him, Yuqi did not meet with those two people head-on. But he could feel the anger of those two.

“Hey, what’s going on? He gave you a beauty two days ago, why suddenly become aggressive?” asked Yuqi.

“This guy wants to use our company’s name to do money laundering.”

Yuqi laughed when he heard this. “He is really stupid. He is actually calculating this matter.”

“No, he’s not stupid. Maybe his coming to me to talk about cooperation is just his first step. I guess he has also expected that I would reject him.”

Yuqi raised his eyebrows. “You mean he just did it on purpose?”

“Yeah, otherwise how could his articulate female assistant not say a word?”

“Maybe she was so completely attracted to you that she didn’t even know what to say.”

Yulin looked at Yuqi, his eyebrows slightly knitted.

“Alright, I’m just kidding.” He reached out and gently slammed his fist on Yulin’s shoulder. “I heard that their family has conflicts recently. It’s normal that he would think of working with our company to help him get through it. However, their infighting has nothing to do with us.”

“No, we are partners. If he loses, all the rest of the benefits will go to me.” said Yulin casually, but there was greed under his eyes.

“So you’re calculating this. You’re quite greedy.” said Yuqi.

“If it weren’t for getting the most out of it, I wouldn’t stay here. It’s so boring up there.” Yulin stretched his back.

“You can go on a date with Lucy. I’m sure she’ll do everything she can to make you stop being bored.”

However, Yulin shook his head straight.” Maybe Lucy’s boss has given her orders to kill one of us.”

“I didn’t know you were even afraid of a woman.”

“It’s social experience. There’s a good chance she’s the killer.”

Yuqi looked shocked as if he had just swallowed a fly. “Since she’s dangerous, why did you bring her back and let me have a one-night stand with her?”

Yulin shrugged his shoulders. “It’s because you like her that I just helped you out.”

Hearing his reasoning, Yuqi snorted. “No matter what, let’s be careful of them lately.”

“You should be the one to be careful, because I’m going back to China soon.”

Hearing that he was leaving, Yuqi looked at him in surprise. “You’ll leave me here alone?”

Yulin looked at him with a smile. “How can you be alone? Don’t you still have Lucy?” He teased.

Yuqi stood up suddenly. “Brother, you can’t just leave now.”

“When you bring down Lucy and her boss, remember to mail me a bottle of good wine as a celebration.” said Yulin. He was happy to go home, while Yuqi gritted his teeth. At that moment, Yulin’s assistant pushed in the door.

“Mr. Xiao, there are no more tickets for tomorrow’s return to China.”

Yulin was stunned. “All of them?”

“Yes, sir.”

Hearing this, Yuqi was happy instead. He patted Yulin’s shoulder. “See? The other side’s counterattack has only begun. So don’t think you can go back by yourself. We can only work together to go through it.”

Yulin raised his eyebrows and looked at him. “You didn’t do this?”

“I wish I had done it, but unfortunately it really wasn’t me.” Yuqi said smugly.

Yulin narrowed his eyes. “They tricked me.”

“We now have to think about how to protect ourselves. I told you they have the support from the underworld. We must use brains and not force if we want to be safe.”

“Then have you thought of a way?” asked Yulin

Yuqi shrugged. “You obviously already have an idea.”

Yulin did have an idea, but he didn’t expect to be discovered by Yuqi so quickly.

“You guessed it. It’s really no fun.”

“We are twins. It’s super telepathy. Just like…” Yuqi paused, and then his gaze fell on Yulin’s phone. “Your phone will ring soon.” said he.

Things were really like what Yuqi said, Yulin’s phone really rang. And it was still the one he missed calling. The look on his face immediately became tender. He walked to the side and picked up the phone.

Anna already knew that Yulin was coming back to China and she was excited. “When are you coming back? I’ll go pick up you at the airport. “

Yulin scratched his head with some hesitation. “The situation may have changed, I will return a little later.”

Anna suddenly had some bad premonition. “When is that?”

“I’ll tell you when the time is confirmed.”


“I’m sorry. But I bought you a gift. I hope you will like it.” said Yulin.


The two people on the phone didn’t even know how sweet their tone was. This made Yuqi, who was sitting next to him, couldn’t stand it anymore. He knocked on the table. “Hey, hey, just hang up when you’re done. We have business to talk.”

Suddenly hearing a sound on the other side of the phone, Anna asked curiously, “Who’s talking?”

“An annoying guy.”

Hearing Yulin comment on himself like that, Yuqi was unhappy. “Why did I become an annoying guy? Yulin, your words are hurting me.”

“Well, he’s too noisy. I’ll call you later.”

Yulin knew that Yuqi was talkative, so he hung up the phone so that Yuqi would not talk nonsense again later.

“Now you have a girlfriend, so you don’t care your brother’s life. I’m so sad.” said Yuqi deliberately.

Putting away the phone, Yulin looked at him. “In this regard, you are not qualified to talk about others.”

Yuqi was worried that Yulin would talk about his previous stories, so he hurriedly changed the topic.

“Okay, fine. Let’s just talk about the business first. What are your plans at the moment?”

“I’ll help you take care of those annoying guys first.”

His words made Yuqi laugh. He patted Yulin’s shoulder. “You finally say something that sounds nice. Then let’s join hands and fight them.”


When Lucy and her boss got into the car, Lucy wrapped herself around her boss’s body like a snake. Her fingers kept touching her boss’s chest.

She looked up at him adoringly. But her boss’s face was darkened. He clenched his fist tightly.

“Yulin Xiao is really ungrateful.”

Lucy laughed. “He would have refused as you expected. If he had agreed, that’s what would have made us doubt his sincerity.”

“These two brothers are indeed not easy to deal with. We need to be careful of them.”

“But we have something on him now.”

Her boss looked at her sideways and reached out to cup her chin. “Thanks to your advice, we can control the situation.”

“Now we’re waiting for Yulin Xiao to beg us.”

“I really hope that he won’t let us down.”

Then he leaned in and kissed Lucy.


Yulin promised to return to China in two days, but he delayed the return date again, which made Anna uneasy.

Anna told herself not to worry too much about him. But her heart was not under her control at all. Once she was quiet, she couldn’t stop thinking about why he hadn’t returned yet. She knew it was bad to go on like this, so she tried to distract herself with work. She thought if she got busy, she wouldn’t have time to think about him.

She became busier and busier. She almost forgot the day she went back to school for her exams. Luckily Qiqi reminded her. Only then did she remember that there were still exams. She still had two days to prepare for the exam.

She took her leave and went to the library with Qiqi.

But now Anna was already famous. She was always surrounded by people in the library.

In order not to disturb other students studying, Anna could only take the books and go back to the dormitory. On the way back to the dormitory, some fans came up and asked to take pictures with her. At the beginning, Anna could smile and fulfill her fan’s wish. But there were more and more people around. Anna could only take a shortcut back with Qiqi.

Finally they took great effort to get back to the dormitory.

Qiqi was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling. “When you weren’t popular, I wished you would become famous so everyone would know about you. But now that you’re popular, I wish we could go to eat snacks without people’s notice.” she murmured

“People always lose some when they gain some.”

“You’re so right.” said Qiqi , then she sat up from the bed. “But don’t think about it, hurry up and read your book. I’ll go get some food. The way things are going, I guess you won’t even be able to go to the cafeteria. I’d better get ready in advance.”

Looking at Qiqi, Anna was sorry. “Qiqi, I’m sorry for making you suffer along with me.”

“How can it be suffering? You know, there are many people who envy me for being able to come together with you, a star.”

Hearing her words, Anna just smiled.

“I’m going to get some buns.”

After Qiqi left, Anna took out her book and read it.

But this did not last long. Her cell phone suddenly rang. It was not a phone call, just a message.

She took out her phone and looked at it. She found that a stranger wanted to add her as a friend. When faced with such a situation, Anna usually did not accept a stranger’s invitation. But the other party’s friend invitation said: If you want to know why Yulin Xiao is not returning to China, just agree to my friend request.

Her senses told her it was most likely a trick. But Anna’s finger clicked it uncontrollably.

After accepting it, Anna regretted. As she planned to delete the person, the other party soon sent a photo. And that photo shocked Anna. Her phone also fell to the ground.

When Qiqi went back to the dormitory, she saw Anna sitting there as if she was a statue.

Qiqi was shocked to see her like this. She sat beside her and asked, “Anna, what’s wrong?”

Anna heard her talking, but didn’t hear what she said. She just dumbly turned her head and looked at Qiqi beside her.

“Qiqi, it seems like you really guessed something.”

Qiqi was confused by her words. “What are you talking about?”

Anna stared at the phone on the ground, as if she was looking at a monster that would eat people. She didn’t say anything.

Qiqi licked her lips, and then reached for the phone. She saw a photo of a man and a woman lying half-naked together on the phone.

The woman was a blonde, blue-eyed beauty. But the man in the photo was no other than Yulin Xiao.

At this moment Qiqi understood why Anna panicked.

Clenching her fists, Qiqi said angrily. “Yulin Xiao is really going too far. Even if that woman has a great body, he can’t have sex with her.”

Anna buried her face in her hands, somewhat desperate. “Qiqi, what should I do?”

“Call him and see what else he has to say.”

Anna took the phone and immediately dialed Yulin. The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered.

“He’s not answering the phone.”

“Then keep calling!”

Anna called one after another, but the phone was never answered. This time Anna had become worried. “Why does he keep not answering the phone? Could something have happened to him?”

“It must be that bitch who used Yulin’s phone to send you photos. She is really hateful!”

Anna panicked even more when she heard Qiqi’s words. She never thought that there would be the other woman between her and Yulin.

Qiqi originally wanted to curse Yulin, but when she looked at Anna’s painful look, she swallowed all the words back.

She patted Anna’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. Yulin will definitely contact you. I think he can give you an explaination.”

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