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Chapter 492: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 492 Explain to Me (1)

“So, what can I do then?”

“You have to listen to his explanation first and then make a decision.”

Hearing this, Anna was depressed and then turned to left.

“Anna where are you going?”

“I’ll come back soon!”

Qiqi called Anna’s name from behind, but Anna just ignored her and walked faster as if she didn’t hear it.

Then, she took a taxi to the dessert shop, before walking in, she saw Chuxue. Then, she pursed her mouth and walked in.

Hearing the sound, Chuxue looked up, after seeing Anna, she was a bit stunned.

“Anna, you seem to be unhappy, what happened?”

Anna walked directly to her and asked seriously, “Chuxue, I have something to ask you.”

Hearing her serious voice, Chuexue felt something was wrong and nodded, “Well, just say it.”

“You know Yulin Xiao is in England right?”


“Then do you know the people he contacted in England?”

“I’m not sure about this, but it’s all related to work. Anna, why do you ask?”

Anna thought for a moment and said, “I I want to go to England.”


Chuexue felt surprised when hearing this.

“What happened?”

She could tell from Anna’s expression that something must happened.

But Anna didn’t answer her and sad, “Time is urgent, I only have two days and I have to come back to take the exam.”

“Does Yulin Xiao know this?”

“He doesn’t know, and I don’t want him to know.”

“So, you want me to keep it a secret?”

Anna nodded and said, “Besides, I want your help. Please tell him that I’m still here. Chuxue, I trust you, you will help me, right?”

Chuxue couldn’t refuse Anna for she saw fear and indifference in Anna’s eyes.

After taking a deep breath, Chuxue asked, “Can you tell me the reason?”

“Seeing is believing, I have to convince myself with the facts.” Anna said in a desperate manner.

Chuxue knew she was a positive girl. There must be something wrong, or she couldn’t act so negative. However, Anna told her nothing, which made her very worried.

After taking a deep breath, Chuxue nodded her head and said, “Well, I promise you.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, I have something to exchange.”

Hearing this, Anna was stunned and asked, “What do you want?”

“I want to go with you.”


Seeing that Anna was hesitating, Chuxue persuaded, “I know I can’t stop you nor can I tell Yulin Xiao, I’m really worried about you, so this is the only way.”

“Moreover, I can also help you, I promise Yulin Xiao will never know the truth.”

After frowning and thinking for a while, Anna finally nodded and said, “Fine, Chuxue, it’s very important, please.”

Seeing that Anna agreed, Chuxue sighed with relief. She patted Anna’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I will arrange it. Just go back and pack your luggage, I’ll ask someone to pick you up after I buy the tickets.”

“Thanks a lot.”

After making the decision, Anna felt tired and went back to the dorm where Qiqi was waiting for her.

When seeing Anna, Qiqi quickly hugged her and soaked, “Where did you go? I’m really very worried, I thought you….” Then Qiqi cried, seeing this, Anna cried as well.

After taking a deep breath, Qiqi regained her thought and asked, “Where did you go?”

“I went to find Miss Ye.”


“Because I need her help, I want to go to England.”


Unsurprisingly, Qiqi was shocked. However, Anna was calm.

“I want to see it myself, I’ve already prepared for it.”

Seeing this, Qiqi felt sorrow and said, “Anna, take it easy.”

“Well, don’t worry, I just want to know the truth, I’m tired.”

“But can you go alone?”

“Don’t worry, Chuxue is going with me.”

“Miss Ye?” Qiqi looked surprised, but she didn’t say more, and just nodded and said, “Well, take care of yourself.”

“I know. Help me to ask for leave, I’ll come back soon.”

“Well, leave it to me.”

Anna nodded and then continued packing her clothes.

After a while, Chuxue called her. She wanted to accompany Anna alone, however, Zhao determined to follow her, she had no other choices but to take him, or he would tell Yulin Xiao.

Chuxue looked at Anna apologetically and said, “Just ignore him.”

Although Chuxue said this, Anna felt guilty, “It’s all because of me! I’m sorry to let you in a hurry.”

“Don’t say this, it’s our own choices. Relax, maybe everything is fine.”

Hearing this, Zhao quickly came over and asked, “What happened?”

Chuxue just pushed him away and said, “I don’t know either.”

“Chuxue, don’t lie to me.”

“I really don’t know. I can comfort her if I know the truth.”

While saying, Chuxue looked at Anna, she wanted her to say more.

However, Anna just kept quiet, as if she was thinking about something.

Seeing this, Chuxue sighed, she knew that Anna didn’t like to share her feelings.

Since she acted very anxious this time, it must be a big thing related to Yulin Xiao.

Then they boarded the plane and Chuxue was sitting beside Anna.

The night was dark, but Anna was sleepless. Her eyes were as big as copper bells but looked depressed.

Chuxue had already woken up from a short nap, seeing that Anna was till awake, she said, “Anna, sleep for a while, it’s better to have a rest now.”

“I’m sleepless.” Anna sighed, “I don’t know whether the decision I made is right or wrong.”

“Don’t think like that, just take it as a travel, even if something bad happens, I’ll be on your side.”

Anna looked at Chuxue with appreciation and said, “Thank you, Chuxue.”

“If you really want to thank me, then sleep now, it’s an order.”

Anna had no choice but to close her eyes.

At this moment, Yulin Xiao was sitting in his office, he didn’t know that the one he loved was about to come.

It was only when he wanted to call Anna that he found his phone was missing.

After looking for a while, he frowned.

Seeing this, Yuqi Mu asked, “What are you doing?”

“My phone is missing.”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu raised his eyebrows and said, “It seems that Lucy gets action.”

“Is is not that simple, what else had they done?”

“They’ve arranged a group of killers, they are coming for us now, it seems that you are their target. “

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao was dissatisfied and asked, “Why can’t it be you?”

However, Yuqi Mu sat on the table casually and replied, “All they want is you, there’s nothing to do with me.”

“It’s late for you to say this.”

“Well, stop. Both of us are useful for them.”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao grew sullen and said seriously, “They are just dreaming.”

Yulin Xiao’s words made Yuqi Mu feel excited. Then he rubbed his hands and said, “Let’s fight back and play with them.”

“Toss a coin to decide the gamer.”


Yulin Xiao took out a coin and said, “You are the front and I’m the rear.” As soon as he said this, he tossed the coin.

Yuqi Mu grabbed the coin and opened his hand.

“Yulin Xiao, you’ve been the winner since we were young. You are not cheating, right?”

Yuqi Mu got angry and threw the coin on the table.

Yulin Xiao knew the answer and smiled, “Cheating without being discovered is also a kind of skill. I will worship you if you can do this.”

“Don’t talking nonsense.”

After saying this, Yuqi Mu left in anger.

Yulin Xiao just smiled and asked his assistant to get a new phone card for him, Then he continued working.

However, he was a bit distracted. Would Anna worry about him? Thinking like this, he borrowed a phone and called Anna.

But Anna’s phone was off, so he called Qiqi.

Qiqi was sleeping, and when she received Yulin Xiao’s call, she immediately woke up.

“Where’s Anna, is she with you?”

“You are really shameless. How dare you to ask her?”

Qiqi was very angry, Yulin Xiao was stunned and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Just as she wanted to say more, she suddenly stopped.

She had to keep it a secret, or what Anna done was all in vain.

After thinking for a while, Qiqi said, “What else could it be? Anna is angry for you didn’t answer the call.”

“I lost my phone and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

What a bad excuse!

Qiqi mocked Yulin Xiao in her heart and looked disdainfully.

“What is Anna?”

“She’s probably filming the movie, I’m not sure.”

“Well, tell her to call back if you see her. I’ll explain to her later.”

“I know.”

After hanging up the phone, Qiqi grimaced at the phone.

“I won’t speak for you, just say it to Anna yourself.”

Yulin Xiao felt Qiqi’s attitude was weird. Could it be that he interrupted her sleep?

Yulin Xiao shook his head and didn’t think more.

Chapter 492 Explain to Me (2)

The next day, Anna didn’t call him back.

The more Yulin Xiao thought about it, the more anxious he was, so asked Dongzi to have a see. Besides, he asked Dongzi to tell him once there were news.

After hanging up the phone, Yulin Xiao’s assistant came in and said someone wanted to visit him.

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao narrowed his eyes, who would come at this moment?

As soon as the person walked in, the fragrance of perfume filled the room, it smelled really disgusted.

Yulin Xiao frowned, he remembered that Anna didn’t like perfumes, he could only smell the fragrance of shampoo from her, which made him feel comfortable.

What did Anna doing now?

Lucy stood in front of Yulin Xiao and smiled perfectly.

However, he just ignored her which made her a bit embarrassed.

After taking a deep breath, Lucy said, “Yulin.”

Yulin Xiao just raised his head and asked faintly, “What’s wrong?”

Then Lucy sat opposite him and said in a shy manner, “Don’t be indifferent since we’ve already slept with each other.”

“Since we are in different positions, we’d better keep distance.”

Lucy stared at Yulin Xiao, she wanted to know more but was all in vain.

So she looked down and tried other ways. When she raised her head up again, her attitude was changed and she sighed, “Actually, I don’t agree with my boss’s behavior, since you’ve already compromised, how could he force you?”

“Don’t worry, I will try to convince him to cooperate with you.”

“Thanks then.”

“Well, that’s not enough.”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao knew her trick and asked with a smile, “Then what else do you want?”

Seeing that Yulin Xiao believed her, Lucy was happy, however, she pretended to be calm and said, “Just treat me for dinner.”

“That’s reasonable.”

“So you agree?”

“There’s no reason for me to refuse.”

Hearing this, Lucy was extremely happy and said, “Great, I’ll arrange it, see you then.”


Then Lucy stood up and kissed Yulin Xiao on his face and left.

As soon as she left, Yulin Xiao grew sullen, he wiped his face with the handkerchief, as if he was licked by a dog.

A few days later, Yulin Xiao went for Lucy’s appointment. He was so smart that her appearance had attracted people’s attention.

Seeing this, Lucy sighed in her heart, “What a pity! He could live longer if he accept boss’s request. He is really a stubborn man.”

After thinking for a while, she regained her thought and waved to Yulin Xiao.


After siting down and looking around, Yulin Xiao said, “I thought that you would find a luxurious place, but didn’t expect to come to an Izakaya.”

“Well, don’t look down at here, it’s pretty famous in England. I paid ten times more to book here. No one will disturb us.”


“Don’t be polite.”

However, Yulin Xiao ignored her wink and looked down at the menu and then asked, “What would you like to eat?”

Lucy just held her head with the hands and said, “Whatever, everything is delicious since you are here.”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao said indifferently, “You are really sweat, no wonder your boss trusts you so much.”

However, Lucy felt a sense of danger when hearing this, she just pursed her mouth and replied, “Well, I’m very loyal.”

“It’s rare to have a loyal subordinate like you.”

Yulin Xiao’s words were strange, which made Lucy a bit anxious. So she didn’t want to be nervous and quickly changed a topic and said, “You’ll come back to China right?”


“I’ll miss you, you make me feel happy on the bed.”

Lucy said shyly and even stretched out her feet to touch Yulin Xiao, which made him disgusted, he wanted to cut her feet.

Fortunately, Lucy sensed this and stopped luring him.

Yulin Xiao lowered his head and hid his emotion, then he said, “Don’t say this, you must have many suitors for you are so attractive.”

Lucy laughed awkwardly and said, “Well, it seems that I’m experienced.”

However, hearing this, Yulin Xiao looked at her and said, “Isn’t it?”

The gaze made Lucy a bit anxious and she pretended to be calm and replied, “Of course not, I’ll definitely miss you.”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao smiled playfully, which made Lucy even more anxious.

She had to stop such conversations for Yulin Xiao was playing tricks with her. Thus she frowned a moment and then poured a cup of wine for Yulin Xiao and said, “If you agree to cooperate with my boss, then we are friends and maybe I can come back with you if you want.”

“Well, I have a girlfriend, you will only bring me trouble.”

Hearing this, Lucy said shyly, “You are really indifferent, of course I’m better than your girlfriend.”

However, Yulin Xiao answered directly, “No, my girlfriend is much better.”

Lucy was angry when hearing this, she was very confident, no man could resist her charm.

Thinking like this, she sat straightly and said, “I know your girlfriend is skinny, of course I’m in a better shape.”

“Well, I just like her, you know sometimes plump woman will make me feel disgusted.”

Yulin Xiao said seriously, however, Lucy grew sullen. She was humiliated by him! How could he say this? She was very furious so that she didn’t want to flirt with him and said directly to the point.

She snorted and said, “You’re right, you will be more dangerous if I come back with you. At that time, not only our relationship, but those bad things of your company will be exposed.”

“Bad things?” Yulin Xiao raised his eyebrows and smiled brighter, “Are you framing me up?”

Although he was smiling, he said in an indifferent manner. People who were familiar with him know that this was a dangerous signal.

Unfortunately, Lucy did not know it, she thought she had the evidence. Then she looked at Yulin Xiao and said slowly, “Well, I don’t mean to do that, I can show you the evidence.”

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao smiled and said, “It seems that you are busy handling such evidences right?”

“What are you talking about?”

Lucy pretended to be innocent, even Anna would respect her performance.

Thinking of Anna, Yulin Xiao felt better, however, the face of Lucy made him disgusted.

He quickly withdrew his gaze and said, “It’s just a little trick, do you think they will believe this?”

“Maybe they won’t, but what if they see the photos?”


Lucy smiled and took out her own phone and handed it to Yulin Xiao.

After taking a glimpse, Yulin Xiao didn’t want to continue.

Yuqi Mu was really careless, besides, he looked really ugly on these photos.

Just when Yulin Xiao was judging the photos, Lucy looked at him smugly and said, “Records and data are not enough to convince them, but I believe if they know our relationship, their attitude will change.”

Then Yulin Xiao looked at her again and thought she looked better after putting on the clothes.

Then he gave her the phone and said, “It seems that you are really mean.”

However, Lucy said casually, “It’s just a one night stand. We are destined to have that night.”

“You are really very confident.”

Lucy caressed her hair and smiled brightly.

However, the next moment, she was frightened.

“What if the person in the photo is not me?”

Hearing this, Lucy was stunned and sneered, “It’s really a low excuse.”

Lucy didn’t believe him, however, Yulin Xiao said slowly, “I don’t want to waste time, I guess you know that I have a twin brother.”

As soon as she heard this, she knew his thought.

She was not that stupid, he was so reckless to fabric such a low excuse.

Yulin Xiao slowly explained under her disdainful gaze, “As we all know, my surname is Xiao, his surname is Mu. I am in charge of Xiao’s Group while he is the leader of Mu’s Group. Although he has some shares of Xiao’s Group, I’m the only leader. Since he is a playboy, these photos mean nothing.”

Hearing this, Lucy grew sullen and yelled, “That’s not the truth, I’ve seen him, I can distinguish you!”

However, Yulin Xiao continued, “We pretend to be each other since we were young, and so far no one knows our identity.”

Lucy slapped the table and said angrily, “It’s impossible, it’s just an excuse.”

Seeing that Lucy was furious, Yulin Xiao said slowly, “Since you say you can distinguish us, then do you know that I get no scares on my shoulder?”

The word made Lucy feel depressed. Yulin Xiao just looked at Lucy and continued, “Lucy, you have to accept the fact, you are the loser.”

“Loser? Don’t look down at me.” Lucy raised her eyebrows and smiled dangerously, “I’ve already give you the chance, since you intend to irritate me, don’t blame me!”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao felt ridiculous and said, “It’s been a long time since I hear such arrogant words, although you are stupid, I admire your courage.”

“Don’t talking nonsense.” After saying this, she left.

She was very furious that she couldn’t pretend to be elegant. Yulin Xiao was still sitting in the Izakaya and enjoyed the wine served by the waitress.

As soon as Lucy walked out, a few man come to her, she was very angry with her eyes filled with hatred, then she said indifferently, “Yulin Xiao is really a reckless man. Kill him right now.”


Upon receiving the order, the men in suits prepared to sneak into the Izakaya.

But just as they entered, the sound of the gunshot was heard.

Such changes made them feel surprised. Then people in the Izakaya started screaming.

“Lucy, what should we do?”

Lucy gritted her teeth and said, “Just hide yourself and see what happens.”

About five minutes later, an ambulance arrived and Yulin Xiao was carried out on the stretcher.

What was going on here!

Lucy frowned tightly, feeling that the situation was a bit strange. She could only go back and asked her boss.

However, her boss already knew this and he praised Lucy.

“You are awesome, great job!”

However, Lucy looked serious and said, “I didn’t do this.”


Lucy bit her lips and said, “I didn’t hurt him.”

Hearing this, the boss frowned and asked, “Then who was it?”

“I’m not sure, I was outside the Izakaya and was about to do something when I heard the gunshot.”

“So, it’s not your helper?”


Then the smile on his face disappeared, he frowned and muttered, “Could it be that Yulin Xiao has other enemies? It’s too much of a coincidence, or….”

Before the boss finished his words, his assistant rushed to his office quickly. Seeing that his assistant acted so reckless, the boss was angry and blamed, “Why don’t you knock the door?”

The assistant had no time to explain and said, “Boss, Yulin Xiao is here!”


Both the boss and Lucy were shocked.

The boss was strolling in the room, wondering why Yulin Xiao was here.

“Boss, what can we do now?”

The boss hesitated for a while and gritted his teeth, “I’ll meet him now!”

As soon as he walked to the meeting room, he saw Yulin Xiao who looked energetic and healthy.

Although he still felt confused, he just pretended to be calm and walked to him.

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