Chapter 493 – 494: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 493: Initial Entry Into Forbidden Land

The three top sects had branches in Luojia Mountain. Kris Chen came to the station of Pure Yang Sect. The doorkeeper was a sleepy old man. Seeing Kris Chen, he suddenly woke up, “Who are you?”

“I am the chief disciple of the Tianjian Pavilion of Wuji Sword Sect, Diao…”

Just before Kris finished his words, the old man’s eyes lit up and he looked up and down Kris, “Are you a master of Wuji Sword Sect? Do you have any proof ?”

Kris thought for a while, then took out a token. The old man took it over and look it, “You really are a disciple of the Holy Sect, please go inside.” he hurriedly said.

Pure Yang Sect and Wuji Sword Sect had a deep connection. To put it bluntly, it was such an obvious fact that like the lice on the bald head.

“I am Jian Yangzi, what is your Daoist name?”

“My name is Diao Zhatian, you can just call me a Diao!”


“What a special name.” Jian Zhenzi laughed.

Kris said nothing but smiled. Under the leadership of Jian Yangzi, Kris met the resident manager, the true Liejian Monarch in the early days of accumulated spirit!

As the chief disciple of the Tianjian Pavilion of the Supreme Sect, Kris was the disciple of Lingyuan Monarch. Thus His status was extraordinary.

After hitting a chief inspector, Liejian Monarch said: “what are you coming for, my friend?”

Kris did not conceal, but directly explained his intentions and wanted to enter the forbidden area to experience.

He could feel that Huitian Spirit Fire should be in the forbidden area. True Lord Lie Sword frowned, why did Wuji Sword Sect come here to experience?

What did he want?

He could perceive the cultivation base of Kris revealed at this time, but the cultivation base of Pill formation was completed.

Liejian Monarch didn’t think that Kris Chen was really in the stage of Pill formation, so he said, “My friend,maybe you don’t know that this forbidden area must be entered below the stage of primal spirit. If the cultivation base is hidden, there will be a disaster.”

It was better to explain it; if the Saint Sect disciple died here, then there would be trouble.

God knew that whether he came alone, or led the team to experience.

Kris Chen smiled, “Thanks for reminding me, but I have known it.” “I just cultivate Pill formation to Fulfilled period, and it’s a little far from the primal spirit. It should be fine.”

Pill formation?

Liejian Monarch stroked his beard,seemed didn’t believe that the Pill formation of chief disciple of the Tianjian Pavilion fulfilled the period?

This was unreasonable, while this token indeed belong to Tianjian Pavilion. Could it be that Diao is the newest generation of the supreme disciple of Tianjian Pavilion?

It was also possible that I heard that Wuji Sword Sect was currently engaged in a genius movement, bringing together all the sword cultivators who were young, and let them compete with each other.

The holy sect was unlike other people who always hid all the geniuses they had for fear of hurting themselves.

After figuring it out, Liejian Monarch handed the token back to Kris, “Never mind, in that case, please rest here for three days. The forbidden land will be opened after three days. Then the children will follow me. The disciples of Chunyang Sect enter together.”

“Thank you, my Lord!” Then Kris left.

Jian Zhenzi took Kris to the resting place. Along the way, he ran into many disciples of the Pure Sun Sword Sect. Most of them were cultivated in the Pill-Condensation Stage.

Looking for a quiet courtyard for Kris Chen, Jian Zhenzi said: “If you have any problem, my friend, you can come to me at any time!”

After knowing that Kris was Pill-Condensation Stage, he called Kris friend. Although Kris was a disciple of the upper sect, he has been a member of the primal spirit in the Middle period.

It was still respectable !

“Thank you!”

Kris said.

Kris went into the courtyard and spent three days peacefully. It was so happy to enjoy.

If there was a game console, maybe he can stay here for another month.

Three days later, Jian Zhenzi knocked on Kris door, “My friend, it’s time to go to the forbidden area.”

Kris Chen opened the door and changed into a nice Taoist robe.

With dashing eyebrows and blazing eyes, Kris looked so handsome. There was like Sword Energy body guarding around him. Of course, these were deliberately pretended by Kris.

After all he was a sword cultivator.

There was also a sword on his back, not Scarlet Blood, but a spirit weapon that he randomly found from the storage ring.

After a little sacrifice, it was used by him to decorate himself.

” You look really extraordinary, my friend!” Jian Zhenzi complimented.

“Thank you.”

Kris saluted modestly.

After a short while, hundreds of disciples had already arrived in front of the door at this time, all of which were newly promoted disciples of the Pure Yang Sect.

Unlike the three holy sects, their disciples can enter the inner gate when they reach the Pill formation. This is the difference!

Hundreds of people were very dissatisfied as Kris came out with Jian Zhengzi.

“Who is he? Such a big air.”

“I heard that he is a disciple of Wuji Sword Sect!”

“Oh, it turned out to be a disciple of the upper sect, I don’t think his cultivation base is much higher than us!”

Hearing what they said, Jian Zhenzi’s widened his eyes, and the disciples became quiet.

“Sorry, my friend, they…”

“Senior, it’s my fault to make everyone wait for me here.”

Kris Chen smiled and explained. It was not a big deal. They had been waiting here for a long time and naturally would be impatient.

The phenomenon of xenophobia is everywhere.

When he just entered the Tianjian Pavilion, he also kick their ass violently, so they would shut up.

Jian Zhenzi smiled. He was very satisfied with Kris.

After all the people arrived, Liejian Monarch took out the treasure ship and threw it into the air. The treasure ship skyrocketed hundreds of times and stopped steadily in the air.

The flying spacecraft, with a speed of 15,000 kilometers a day, was also a high-grade Daoist-level spacecraft.Naturally, the first to board the ship was Liejian Monarch, and then Jian Zhenzi, Kris. At last, these disciples followed.

The location of the forbidden area was actually three thousand miles southeast of the island.

Few person dare to stay for long for the Taoist Strength rules that remain there, even the accumulated spirit, so within three thousand miles, there were few creatures, and even if there are, they were some ordinary animals.

About fifteen minutes later, the flying spacecraft stopped, along with the Escape Immortal Palace and the Little Bright Holy Land.

There were even more people standing below. Those were all disciples of the minor sects, and when counted down, there were actually one or two thousand people.

In the Sun Moon Baosuo, Changliu Monarch of the Escape Immortal Palace gently twisted his beard, and said with a smile: “Liejian Monarch, my friend, I hope that you are well!”

Liejian Monarch glanced at him, without speaking, because he hated this old man very much.

Inside the golden cymbal shrouded in the light of the Buddha, Dharma Zang Bodhisattva looked compassionate and sorrowful, “Amitabha, two fellow Taoists, I haven’t seen you for a year, and your Taoism is better than before.”

“You bastard!”

Liejian and Changliu grunted.

Whether it was Little Bright Holy Land or Moke Sect, their practice system was different from others, novice monks, bhikkhus, vajra, monks, kalan, arhats, bodhisattvas, buddhas!

The bodhisattva corresponds to the accumulated spirit.

A palace, a sect, and one holy land, slowly landed in the huge open space in the middle of the forbidden land.

These were reserved, as if all this has been rehearsed hundreds of times.

In fact, it was true. This forbidden area was formed thousands of years ago. Five hundred years ago, not to mention accumulated spirits, even actualized spirits were difficult to enter.

Luojia Mountain was forbidden within thousands of miles.

It was also the latter three sects that sent a large number of masters to ban the forbidden area with a formation method.

The experience of these thousands of miles was enough for them.

Without much communication, the three people took out their tokens and combined them into a jade pendant. A crack opened in the void and a whirlpool appeared.

Enter it, no matter whether you live or die, the things you get, even if it was a Spirit Weapon, will not be plundered.

The trial time would last one month, and they must stay in it for one month!

The first to enter were the disciples of the three holy sects.

“My friend, if you can, please help my disciples of the Pure Sun Sect!”

Liejian Monarch said.

Kris looked at Liejian, smiled, nodded slightly, and agreed.

The people in Pure Yang sect were not bad, so it didn’t hurt to save more of their disciples.

It was the turn of those second-rate and third-rate sects after the three saintly sect disciples entered.

The original noisy atmosphere instantly quieted down.


Dark clouds covered, lightning and thunder.

Liejian looked up at the sky, “It’s going to rain!”


Entering the forbidden ground, there was unlike Kris imagined. The sky was dim, black clouds rolled, lightning and thunder.

Instead, it seemed to have entered a fairyland.

Birds and flowers, mountains and running water, breeze blowing, was this forbidden place?

“Wow, it’s so beautiful here!”

“This is the terrible place that the teacher said? It’s not like it!”

The two female disciples held hands and picked a flower, look like they were here for a walk.

The various disciples would not be together, but sent to other places on the island randomly.

Kris thought that maybe they were lucky, for they went to a fairyland.

At this moment, his temples protruded, a chill of anger from the soles of his feet, a whim, and the alarm bell sounded loudly.


Suddenly, a scream came, and a tentacle rolled up a disciple, then quickly pulled him into the forest. Soon there was no sound.

Everyone was frightened by this.

“Come on, everyone gather quickly, don’t run around!”

The disciple who led the team this time was named Xiu Xu, who was the most prestigious of them in the Middle period of Pill formation.

Hearing Xiu’s words, they hurried back.

On the way back, two more disciples were swept away, were they live or die?

Damn, where did these tentacles come from?

Something were wrong!

Kris felt something weird. It was really comfortable with freeze on his face, but why didn’t the surrounding leaves move? The flowing water seemed to have no sound at all.

After a while, he thought of a possibility!

Illusion, they got illusion!

“Senior Brother, Shaoyang was taken away, should we save them?”

Xiu gritted his teeth, “Of course I have to save. Ten people come for me and the others stay here.”

As the saying goes,“fledglings were not afraid of tigers”, these young people were quite courageous, even dozens of people stand up.

“Don’t go, we are caught in illusion!” Kris stopped them.

Illusion? Xiu frowned, “What a nonsense, don’t we know the difference between reality and illusion?”

“We have so many people here, how powerful illusions can confuse us!”

Kris frowned and told the details of what he had observed. Xu Xiu grunted: “I used to think how powerful the disciple of Wuji Sword Sect is, it turned out to be a silly person! “

“Now the wind is violent, the leaves are rustling, and the spring water in the creek is even tinkering, these all not like what you said!”

Chapter 494: The Illusion Array

Kris turned a really serious look at the situation. He now realized that the so-called illusion tricks was a trick in which the victim would be distracted by series of illusions emitted by his enemies. With sufficient spiritual power, one could nearly dumb his opponent thorough the trick.

In addition to the trick, there are also illusions arrays, which could strengthen the trick and make it more unpredictable. When one combined the arrays and real attack together, he could really be a hard nut to crack for his enemies.

Though Kris was a master of array, he was trapped by the mysterious array for he didn’t have enough knowledge about that. However, he saw through the trick and shouted to his fellowmen, ”Now come back here or die! ” He had to keep his promise to the Lord of Liejian to keep these disciples safe.

However, Xiu Xu’s looked terribly angry about the order of Kris and said, “A coward you are, how dare you to stop us to save our men?”

In the urgent situation, Kris had no time to deal with the nonsense from such asshole. Then he waved a sword light and cut off a tentacle from behind. The blue mucus splashed from the tentacle and corrosion the earth in a second.

This tentacle was probably from some kind of monster beast. Perhaps it was a monster beast who took the illusion array as its home. That was a really interesting speculation.

“You guys wait here, I’ll come back soon!” Said Kris. Then he rushed into the forest by himself.

“A really rude guy he is, and he has nothing special than us but for his identity- a disciple from the three holy sects.”

Xiu always took himself as the leader of his men, he couldn’t bear the fact that they had to obey the orders from Kris. However, at the time, an amazing noise came with a strong power wave, which hurt some low-level disciples.

“Show you sword array!”

Xiu waved out hundreds of flying swords to protect his men in a circle. When they were all draw their swords, a really impressive scene came to their sight that the surroundings around fell into piece like a broke mirror through a huge sword. Now the illusion trick was totally smashed, the real surroundings horrified them that they were standing on a huge dead octopus who was at the stage of Monster Emperor. And they were curious where the sword light came from.

At this point, Kris came to the sight of them and said to Xiu, “The trapped disciples are done. They must be swallowed by this demon!” Flying in a powerful sword, Kris’s figure was such a disgrace for them, even though some of them were not willing to say so.

Then Kris took away the body of the monster into his ring as a trophy to help Tu Guan with his practition. This, however, dissatisfied Xiu greatly and he asked, ”I don’t think you can kill the monster.”

“So you mean it is killed by itself, or by you, a little practitoner?” Kris sneered and replied.

“You…” Xiu’s face turned red, and finally he said, “don’t treat us as fools, you must have atrump card which you get from your sect, you that’s the secret why you can kill the monster, right?”

Kris didn’t say anything more. It was good for them to think so. However, at this time, a sharp voice in the crowd called out, “It is all of us who kill the monster, so you must share the material from it.”

When Kris saw their greedy eyes, he released hundreds of huge sword lights without hesitation, which shocked all of them into a silence.

“I don’t want your gratitude at all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to take your lives away, come close and I will show you who I am!” Said Kris. His awesome air almost dumb these young disciples in a second. He took them as nothing but little ants which he could wiped out at his will.

“No!” Xiu was shocked about Kris’s anger. However, Kris retreated his sword lights and left for the deep forest. He chose to ignore these naïve and ungrateful guys.

Although some of them still craved the rare materials from the monster, they dared not to take Kris as their prey since they knew for sure that Kris could eliminate them within a stroke of his sword light. To comfort his men, Xiu turned around and said, ”Keep calm and forget him, we have to unite together to survive here, even a strong single fighter like him may die from a united group.” In fact, Xiu held it in his heart that disciples from other sects could kill Kris for him.

As for Kris, he was happy to left these ungrateful guys alone. Now he was in his searching trip with his divine spiritual power. Though he had been protected by the Sea King ‘s Trident, he had to take care the master in the period of actualized spirit and numberless Beast Kings and Beast Kings here. He had a fruitful gain in this trip where he found a lot of rare herbs and materials.

All of a sudden, a fighting call came to him. It seemed a small battle where dozens of practitioners was against each other for a rare herb. They weren’t aware that Kris was not their enemy and directly involved him in the fight. Kris waved out his terrifying sword light again and wiped them out within a stroke. And the survivors were all shocked by his strength.

“You are taking trouble, little practitioners.” Said Kris, who showed no interest in these weak guys at all. So he left took away the rare herb directly.

“Jesus! Who the hell is him, a really amazing guy!”

“I have seen him on the air vehicle of the Pure Yang Sect, and I think we should retreat whenever we meet him, he is too dangerous!”

This place was really a land of treasure. Kris had gained plenty of rare herbs and natural materials herein. But actually, it was also a battle land for the master in the period of actualized spirit, their unbelievable energy reshaped the land and formed many mines. These mines were also the precious thing which was full of the energy of Taoist Strength. After painstaking searches, Kris had gained two full mines which could serve him sufficient Taoist Strength Energy Stone and Supreme Spiritual Stone. However, he was still disappointed that he didn’t have any clues about the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire in the three days. He had to be quick because the area of the land would be sealed after a month.

As for the disciples from other sects, they were still fighting against each other for the precious herbs or materials.

“My senior fellow apprentice, bad luck, the whole we get these days are three eighty-year-old herbs.” A disciple from Escape Immortal Palace said to Hegui, the elder senior fellow apprentice of young generation. It seemed weird that they didn’t meet any dangerous situation as told by their masters.

“Maybe there is something difference this time here, I think good luck will come to us if we keep our goal ahead. Let’s move!” Said Hegui.

Meanwhile, the disciples from the Little Bright Holy Land were sighing about their bad luck, too. They were sent to a dangerous swamp which was home to a huge crocodile in the period of Supreme Monster. Besides that, the poisonous methane therein was also a really emergency for them. After these three days, half of them died yet few of them had gained anything precious in this treasure land.

Guangfa, the elder senior fellow apprentice of them was worried about the situation they were in, and now he fully understood the warning from his master, ”Guangfa, you will really know what does friend and enemy mean in the training land.”

At the point, a second-level sect-the Divine Arrow Sect encountered them directly, they dodged the long-distance attack from the disciples from the sect. When Guangfa caught the sight that the gains of the sect was really fruitful, his eyes brightened and gave a seemingly warm greeting to them, ” My alms giver , I think we can make friend between each other!”


As for the disciples of the Pure Yang Sect, Xiu and his fellowmen were tired of the horrifying situation they were in. And it seemed that they were overly terrified because of the monster emperor they had met. However, when they found it a really unfruitful journey, they began to complain against each other.

“The training trip is nothing but a total shit, we have get nothing even a fucking monster.”

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