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Chapter 493: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 493 Being Kidnapped (1)

“Mr. Xiao, what can I do for you?”

Compared to the boss’s pleasant face, Yulin Xiao looked slightly more serious, with pursed lips and a taut jaw.

He seriously scanned the boss and Lucy, who were a little nervous, and then heard Yulin say in a deep and slow tone, “Miss Lucy, please explain why did you hurt my brother!”

Lucy’s face turned pale at once and questioned, “What nonsense!”

“Really? You asked my brother to dinner and then you were fine while he had an accident at an izakaya, does that have nothing to do with you!”

After hearing this, Lucy finally understood. It turned out that Yulin was playing the identity swap trick again, he was trying to escape first by himself and then let her take the blame!

No, she couldn’t let Yulin cheat like this anymore!

Lucy turned her head to look at her boss and said in a harsh tone, “Boss, the person I’m having dinner with is Yu …”

“Shut up!”

However, before Lucy could finish her sentence, the boss had already reprimanded her.

“Lucy, I trusted you so much, I never thought you would hurt Mr. Xiao for personal grudges!”


Hearing this, Lucy first froze, and then slowly came back to her senses.

It seemed that the boss was going to take her as a sacrifice. Lucy’s face slowly became pale, feeling that she was finished.

She stared at Yulin with a look of bitter hatred in her eyes.

However, Yulin was not very satisfied with this reaction.

“You two just stop acting in front of me, you’re obviously colluding together, don’t pretend to be innocent.”

“Mr. Xiao, it’s not like that, I really didn’t know. Lucy has always been a good assistant to me. That’s why I was negligent. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Yulin sneered and said, “Do you think that I will still believe what you say?”

“Mr. Xiao, I really don’t know anything, Lucy, tell Mr. Xiao that you did it all by yourself!”

Under the boss’s fierce glare, Lucy slowly dropped her head, as if accepting an order.

Lucy spoke in a heavy tone and said, “Yes, everything is done by me, it has nothing to do with my boss.”

“Then why did you harm Yuqi Mu?”

“Because I liked him, but he didn’t take me seriously. I wanted to disclose our relationship, and he wouldn’t allow it, so when he got angry, I tried to kill him.”

“Miss Lucy, do you know what will happen if you say that?” Yulin looked at Lucy with a smile, but his voice was like a devil, “You will go to jail, and then you will have nothing. Look at your pretty face, I think you know very well what will happen to you in jail.”

Lucy’s body jolted and she tilted her head and pleaded, “Mr. Xiao, please give me a way out.”

Yulin hooked his lips and said, “A way out? Humph, when you harmed Yuqi, why didn’t you think of giving him a way out?”

“You …”

“Well, Mr. Xiao is right, Lucy, you should be punished as you deserve!”

The boss reprimanded Lucy, so that she did not dare to say another word, but only silently aggrieved.

Turning his head to look at Yulin, the boss smiled ingratiatingly, “Mr. Xiao, I will definitely punish Lucy and give you an explanation.”

“You don’t need to do anything about this, just give her to me directly and send her to the police station.”

“But …”

“What? Is it because Lucy followed you for years and you sympathize with her? Or is it because you’re in cahoots?”

The boss immediately refused sternly, saying, “No, I would never condone my employees doing such things.”

“Then let me take Lucy away, and the truth will be known as soon as we find out.”

With that, Yulin winked to his men and yanked Lucy up.

Lucy fought back and yelled, “Boss, I can’t fall into Yulin’s hands, he’ll torture me to death!”

But her boss was indifferent to her pleas and only focused on discussing something with Yulin.

The blood in Lucy’s body became a little colder, she knew that the boss had given her up.

Biting her lip, Lucy was pushed away.

Before leaving the parlor, she kept her eyes fixed on her boss, hoping he would speak up and retain her.

But in the end, he let her down.

Without Lucy, the boss was more reckless and put all the blame on Lucy, hoped Yulin would not take it out on him and continue the cooperation.

Now, it’s a critical moment of his power struggle, and he could not afford to make any mistakes. So, even if he groveled, he still had to please Yulin first. When the important event was completed, it’s not too late to settle the score with him.

Yulin, of course, knew the boss’s little scheme, he did not move on the surface, but had already made a decision in heart.

He did not agree and did not oppose, the boss had no idea what he was thinking and was anxious like an ant on a hot pot.

Yulin was waiting for the other side to confuse themselves, and then, he could execute the next plan.

After listening to the boss ramble on for nearly an hour, Yulin made an excuse to leave.

Even before left, Yulin did not make his position clear.

Originally, the boss thought he was sure to win, but did not expect the situation to take a sharp turn, he not only lost an ace, but also a great assistant, and his position was already in jeopardy.

Sitting on the sofa, the boss was full of anger and called his assistant.

“Yulin is trying to take advantage of the issue, we must not give him this opportunity!”

“So what are we going to do?”

The boss’s eyes narrowed and his tone was gloomy: “Find someone to finish Lucy!”

The assistant froze and looked up at his boss, seemingly in disbelief.

The boss squinted at the assistant and questioned in a cold voice, “Didn’t you hear me!”

The assistant was busy lowering her head and said, “Yes, I know.”

The boss waved his hand in annoyance and said, “All right, leave me!”

After Lucy was taken away by Yulin, she was arranged to be in the room next to his own, so that he would be the first to know if there was any thing happened.

So when he heard a noise next door, he walked straight to it, opened the door, and caught Lucy who was trying to escape.

The last chance was blocked by Yulin, Lucy looked gloomy and shouted with resentment, “Yulin, I won’t let you go even if I die!”

“No, I don’t want you die yet, as long as you don’t kill yourself.”

“Aren’t you hurting me to death by counting me out like this! I know what you’re thinking, don’t even think about asking me to help you testify against my boss, I won’t let you make it!”

“Don’t answer me so fast, lest you regret it later.”

With those words, Yulin went out, leaving Luxi screaming in the room.

Yulin walked to the end of the corridor, pushed the door and walked into another room.

There was a man lying in bed, who looked terrible.

Hearing the door open, Yuqi glanced at it, then began to complain.

“It’s unfair that on such a nice day, I can only lie in bed and waste my time!”

Yulin sat down in a chair, poured himself a glass of water, and ignored Yuqi.

Seeing that Yulin did not say anything, Yuqi simply sat up straight and questioned with resentment, “Hey, how long do I have to lie here?”

“It depends on how long Lucy and her bosses can put up with it.”

Heck, bullshit!

Yuqi went back on the bed, and grunted, “I’ll never bet with you again, I lose every time, it’s no fun.”

“Haven’t you heard a word? The path you choose for yourself, you have to finish it even if you cry.”

“Hmm. Really mean.” Yuqi lifted a leg and said, “Come here, my leg hurts, massage it for me.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“It’s a patient benefit, what, you can’t do it? Then I’ll get out of bed and walk around for a little relief.”

“I can, but remember, don’t scream.”

Yulin walked over to Yuqi, raised hand, and was about to give him a leg massage.

However, Yulin’s fingers had not touched Yuqi yet, a scream came.


Yuqi waved his hand at Yulin and said, “Not me.”

“I know.” Yulin smiled wryly and said, “It seems that some people can’t wait to make their move so soon.”

“Come on, I’m going to be crazy if I keep pretending.”

“Don’t worry, these guys won’t let you down.”

Yulin got up and left the room, went to Lucy’s room.

He only to see several more black-clad men in the room, all subdued on the ground.

And Lucy cowered in the corner of the bed, with her face full of fear.

A man walked up to Yulin, bowed his head and said, “Mr. Xiao, these people are all under control.”

“Is this woman injured?”

“Just a shock, not an injury.”

“Very well, take the men out, I want to talk to Miss Lucy alone.”

The others leave, and Lucy looked stunned, glared warily at Yulin.

Yulin took a few steps forward, moved closer to Lucy, leaned down, and said, “I guess you know better than I do who sent these people, don’t you?”

Lucy didn’t say anything, she was just shaking all over and her face was pale.

“See, in your boss’s eyes, you are just a pawn. When you are useful, you are used, and when you are useless, you are thrown away. Is such a person worth your life for him? Now, the person who wants you to die the most is your boss.”

The anger in Lucy’s eyes gathered little by little, and eventually, ignited a monstrous fire.

“If I work for you, I’ll die just the same. Yulin Xiao, you don’t have to pretend to be a good person, I’m in this state today, all because of you!”

“That’s wrong, I just want you to tell the truth about something, I never wanted you to die. It’s your boss who wants you dead, and I, on the other hand, want you alive. When things are over here, I’ll send you out of England, to a place where no one knows you, to start over.”

“Would you be so kind?”

“Whether I’m kind or selfish, you can only trust me now, I’m the one who can save you.”

Although Lucy was so angry that she wanted to kill someone, she knew that Yulin was right.

Lucy stared at Yulin and said angrily, “Yulin, you’re a devil!”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Yulin said with a smile.

Although Yulin was evil, but she must admit that he was also full of masculinity. To conquer such a man must be very fulfilling.

Unfortunately, he’s a devil, he wouldn’t be obsessed with any woman.

Lucy silently lowered her head and thought for a while, then finally made a decision.

Lucy was not stupid, she knew that things had been finalized, there was no need to continue to struggle, the most important thing was to find a new partner.

And this man who set her up in front of her was the one who could save her.

At this moment, the only way to get back to life was to work with Yulin.

She’s really not resigned to it.

Just one step away, as soon as Yulin died, she could get the company’s equity and a large amount of cash, and she had no longer to live off men.

But now, she was still a pawn in someone else’s hand, and even unable to control her own life.

Lucy clenched her fist and said in a hoarse voice, “What do you want me to do?”

Looking at Lucy’s attitude, Yulin knew it was a done deal.

Yulin smiled proudly and smugly.


The boss was angry because the assassin he sent out was captured.

It seemed that Yulin was more difficult to deal with than he thought.

Originally, he wanted to exterminate Yulin to strengthen his own power.

But now, he was instead threatened by Yulin and could lose everything at any time.

That’s a lot to lose.

In order to avoid it, he must get rid of Yulin and Lucy.

Yulin was not a fool to wait to be beaten, but he didn’t know how to take actions.

Just as the boss was pondering, someone brought good news.

“Boss, Yulin’s girlfriend is coming to England!”

Yulin’s girlfriend …

The boss pondered for a moment, then gave a sinister smile.

Yulin finished his business, and finally had some time spare.

Chapter 493 Being Kidnapped (2)

Yulin Xiao checked the time, Anna Xie should have had breakfast by now, why hadn’t she contacted him? Could it be that Qiqi didn’t tell her?

Yulin narrowed his eyes and called Anna again.

But her phone was still off.

At that moment, Dongzi called Yulin.

“Have you heard from Anna yet?”

Dongzi hesitated for a moment and said, “I just got the news that Anna … has gone to England to look for you.”

“What!?” Yulin frowned and was no longer calm, “Why didn’t she tell me? This is too dangerous!”

“However, Miss Ye and Mr. Nangong accompanied Anna, so it can be better.”

Yulin frowned more tightly and shook his head, “You don’t understand the situation in British, they won’t be of much help, but will get each other in trouble.”

“So what should we do, or I go to England now!”

“It’s too late even if you come over. Never mind, I’ll deal with it.”

Hanging up the phone, Yulin immediately contacted Chuxue Ye.

Luckily, Chuxue’s cell phone got through.

At this time, Chuxue and the others had just gotten off the plane and were looking for a place to rest.

Chuxue saw Yulin’s cell phone number, glanced at Anna next to her, then stepped aside.

“Hello, I …”

“I don’t care what’s your purpose to England, now, get on the return flight back immediately!”

Chuxue was inexplicably yelled at and instantly got angry and said, “What are you yelling about, do we have to listen to your arrangements? You must have done something unspeakable!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, listen to me and go back!”

“No, we still have to … Hey, who are you? What do you want!”

Chuxue had not finished speaking, a shouting suddenly came.

Yulin became nervous all of a sudden and asked, “Chuxue, what’s happening?”

At this point Yulin could only hear the radio wave tone on the phone.

The call was hung up.

Yulin clutched his phone and he looked very terrible.

Yulin immediately got up and ordered his men, said, “Send someone to the airport, make sure to bring Anna, Chuxue and Zhao Nangong here.”


Yulin’s people rushed to the airport, while at the moment Anna and Chuxue were in unprecedented danger.


Zhao Nangong went to pick up their luggage. Chuxue and Anna were stopped by some strong men at the corner and shoved into an elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, someone pointed a gun at them and forbade them to shout.

Looking at the situation, Chuxue knew that they had been kidnapped.

Chuxue licked her lips to calm herself down, then asked, “Who are you? Why do you arrest us?”

However, the men did not answer Chuxue, just stared at the changing numbers without any reaction.

“Are you dumb, why don’t you speak?”

Chuxue wanted to say something else, Anna tugged her sleeve and whispered, “Chuxue, they must be following orders and won’t say anything.”

Chuxue frowned slightly and felt a little uneasy.

But she didn’t show it and turned her head to Anna and said, “Don’t worry, Zhao Nangong and Yulin will definitely come to us, now we have to buy more time.”


Then the elevator stopped at the underground parking lot.

The men pushed the two into the parking lot and stood in front of a black commercial vehicle.

“You two, who’s Anna?”

Once she heard that they were coming for Anna, Chuxue subconsciously blocked Anna and asked, “What do you want?”

Seeing Chuxue’s behavior, they knew which one of them was Anna.

The man in the lead pointed at Chuxue and said to the others, “Get rid of this woman.”

His words startled both Anna and Chuxue.

Anna tightly tugged on Chuxue’s lapel and rebuked, “How dare you!”

“Hmph, why do we dare not do? From now on, you are no longer any noble ladies, whether you live or die, it’s all up to us!”

“You’re just a little rascal, what qualifications do you have to elevate yourself like that? You should let your employer listen to what you said!”

The man did not expect Anna, who looked thin and small, to be vicious and intimidating.

When the man heard this, his face only became a little more fierce and didn’t say anything else.

Anna was worried that they would hurt Chuxue, so she voluntarily admitted her identity.

“I am Anna, and I will cooperate with whatever you ask me to do. But if you dare to touch Chuxue, I won’t let you get away with it even if I die.”

The man got a little impatient and said, “We won’t touch her, come with us.”

“What about Chuxue?”

“She is of no use to us, just stay here.”

It sounded as if they were ensuring Chuxue’s safety. However, Anna saw the guns in their hands.

If Chuxue was left here, she would be …

Anna pursed her lips slightly, she didn’t want to see that happen and said, “She’s coming with me too, otherwise, how do I know if you’ll keep your word.”

“You’re asking for too much!”

“You may not listen, but you know what the consequence is.”

Anna was uncompromising, and the man had no choice but to beckon and said, “Well, take them both away together.”

Someone took out strips of black cloth and covered Anna and Chuxue’s eyes, then bound their limbs and finally threw them into the trunk of the car.

The car swayed and they were off.

Chuxue pressed close with Anna and whispered, “It seems that they are coming for you.”

“I’m sorry for getting you involved.”

“Don’t say that, we’re friends. And it’s not your fault, it’s those guys who have evil intentions. Let’s see what kind of tricks they are going to play first!”

Anna was scared to death, but Chuxue seemed to have little change, even became somewhat excited.

“Chuxue, aren’t you afraid?”

“What’s the use of being afraid, they can’t let us go just because we’re afraid. The main task now is to stall for time and leave a secret message for Yulin and Zhao Nangong to find us.”

Chuxue made a good point.

But Anna was confused and asked, “Don’t forget, our hands and feet are trapped, how can we leave a secret message?”

Chuxue smiled smugly, then pressed her waist against Anna’s hand and said, “Feel what’s in my pocket.”

Anna reached out and touched it and said, “A glass bottle with a rounded curve, it seems to be perfume.”

“That’s right, it’s a perfume. This perfume smells unique, it’s specially blended for me by my perfumer friend. As soon as Zhao Nangong finds the police dog to smell the scent on my clothes, he can catch up!”

Anna’s eyes lit up and she murmured, “Good idea.”

Although she was praised, Chuxue was not very happy.

“No wonder just now Yulin asked me to take you back quickly, so there is danger here, if I had known that I would have listened to him.”

“Yulin… called you?”

“Well, just as we were getting off the plane, Yulin called and asked me to take you away. At the time, I thought it was because Yulin was afraid that we would find out his secret, but now it seems that he is trying to protect us.”

Thinking of Yulin, Anna’s expression was a bit gloomy.

“I really want to meet him now and ask him what happened. But, I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance again.”

“Don’t be so pessimistic, we’ll definitely see Yulin.”

“Hope so.”

“Here, now unscrew the cap of the perfume first and pour it out along the seam of the car.”

Anna came out of her slouch and started to cooperate with Chuxue leaving coded messages.

The other side …

As soon as Yulin learned that Anna and Chuxue had been kidnapped, he went to Lucy’s boss.

When he saw Yulin, the boss looked calm, unlike the groveling he had just done.

The boss leaned back in his chair and asked knowingly, “Why is Mr. Xiao here again, could it be that you have taken a fancy to someone beside me again?”

Yulin did not talk much with him and ordered with a grim expression, “Hand over Anna and Chuxue.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I know you want Lucy, I can give her to you.”

The boss smiled smugly and said, “Lucy? You can take her away if you like, I give her to you. If you don’t like her, just get rid of her and don’t let her come back and get in my way.”

“So what do you want?”

“You know it.”

Yulin narrowed his eyes and hummed, “Hmph, your appetite is pretty big.”

“It’s a good deal to use that money for the lives of two beloved people.”

“Give it to me.”

They threw a few documents to Yulin.

“Sign the papers, I’ll have the two women sent to you now.”

Yulin looked at it casually and his expression became serious.

These are all evidence of Yulin’s secret kickbacks.

As long as he signed, he admitted the fact that he took kickbacks, and if they made things difficult for him at that time, he could not refute it and could only withdraw from the cooperation project and hand over the profits.

But for Anna and Chuxue, Yulin had no other choices.

Eventually, Yulin took a pen and wrote down his name.

The scheme worked, the boss showed a smug smile.

“Yulin, can you imagine that the one who wins in the end is still me!”

“Cut the crap, send them back to me!”

“Don’t worry, although our cooperation is full of ups and downs, I always keep my promises.”

The boss said and gave a hint to his man.

The man got the order and went to the phone.

But two minutes later, the man came back with a pale face.

The man whispered a few words in the boss’s ear, and the boss was instantly on fire.

The boss looked sideways at Yulin, gritting his teeth as if he wanted to eat someone.

Seeing his reaction, Yulin was reassured.

He stood up, slowly walked to his boss’s side, and leaned down to draw over the papers.

The boss was tempted to stop. But after thinking about it, he gave up.

Yulin tore several documents into pieces in front of the boss and threw them to the ground.

“There are many people who want to reckon with me. But none of them have succeeded yet. You dare to touch my people, this time, you are dead!”

After saying that, Yulin left, while the boss sat down in his chair, looked terrified.

Yulin went back to his car and received a call from Zhao Nangong.

Yulin smiled and said, “Where are you? I’m going to pick you up now.”

“What, they aren’t found yet, where can I go?”

That made Yulin’s expression stiffen and he asked, “Weren’t they rescued by you?”


“Not you?”

“It wasn’t me. When I found the car, the men had been killed and Chuxue and Anna were gone.”

Yulin didn’t expect things to take a sharp turn for the worse, and his lips pursed.

After a long time, he said, “It seems that there is another group involved in this matter.”

“Could it be that another business partner is trying to take advantage of the opportunity to extort us?”

“They wouldn’t dare to count both of us at the same time.”

Hearing this answer, Zhao Nangong frowned, he didn’t know what to do.

However, Zhao Nangong’s eyes soon lit up and said, “By the way, can you get me a police dog with a super sensitive sense of smell.”

“Helpful in saving?”


Yulin didn’t hesitate and said, “When I find it, I’ll send it to you immediately.”

Soon, Yulin came to Zhao Nangong with a trained police dog.

After taking over the police dog, Zhao Nangong began to lead it around the black car in a circle.

Just as the police dog was getting used to the smell, Yulin asked, “What are you doing?”

“Just when I found this car, I found a very strong smell of perfume in this car. That smell is Chuxue’s favorite perfume, and, I also found ab empty perfume bottle.”

“Normally, they could not have knocked over the perfume bottle in the trunk, it should a hint Chuxue left.”

“So, you’re going to use a police dog to track this scent?”

Zhao Nangong nodded and said, “That’s right.”

“OK, let’s begin now.”

The two cooperated, they used the police dog to track on the one hand, on the other hand, sent people to access the nearby surveillance, checked all suspicious vehicles.

Soon, they targeted a gray pickup truck.

At this moment Anna and Chuxue had been moved to another hiding place.

And the environment was much better than the trunk of the car, at least it’s a room, and there was a faint smell of ink.

The two girls were still bound hands and foot, but the blindfolds had been removed.

Anna surveyed the surroundings, she felt that the decorative style looked familiar.

But she couldn’t recall exactly where she had seen this similar decorative style.

While Chuxue became more nervous.

She felt that things were getting a little weird. The opponents weren’t the dumb ones anymore.

Chuxue just wanted to get up and look around, but she body was out of control.

Chuxue frowned and said, “Anna, my legs are a little numb.”

“Let me help you.”

“Not just my legs, my arms are numb too.”

“Could it be that they have been tied up for too long.”

“I don’t know, I’m not feeling well all over.”

Anna saw Chuxue sitting there stiffly, as if a wooden man, then began to get anxious.

“Take it easy, I’ll go call someone.”

Anna rushed to the door and roared with all her might, “Help, help!”

Her voice echoed outside, but no one responded to her at all.

And Chuxue looked more and more terrible.

Anna could only slowly untie the ropes on Chuxue to make she feel better.

Anna took a lot of effort to finally untie the rope.

But Chuxue fell into a complete coma.

“Chuxue, Chuxue!”

Anna called her name helplessly, hoped that someone could show up to help Chuxue.

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