Logan had noticed when Black Rose threw the bomb out, so she reacted instantly and ran to the side looking for shelter.


The bomb exploded and it was all dust. Black Rose didn’t seem to have killed Logan. She was angrily preparing to leave here. She is now injured. Knowing the gap with Logan, she continues to leave!

However, Logan’s beautiful eyes shot out cold, and she rushed over and was a flying kick.

The perfect long legs kicked out, and Black Rose frowned and raised her long legs to greet them. The two extreme beauties were fighting like this!

If there are men at this time, then they will definitely be attracted by the pictures at this time, which is too charming.


“Aunt Logan…” This was Chuck Cannon’s voice.

Full of anxiety and panic!

“Chuck,” Logan was stunned. Why did Chuck Cannon come up? ?

With less than a second of hesitation, Black Rose seized the opportunity and kicked Logan!

This kick was the full strength of the first female killer. Logan was kicked and hit the wall, coughing and spitting out a mouthful of blood, her beautiful eyes lost a little glamour.

Logan was originally shot, but now she was kicked and was naturally seriously injured.

Black Rose sneered, “Huh when fighting, you are most taboo and distracted. You are a taboo!!”

Logan got up, she reached out and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. Her beautiful eyes were turning and she used her strength, “Chuck, I’m fine, don’t come up! Cough…”

Black Rose hit Logan’s heart with such a kick, and she couldn’t kick her a little, the kick was too heavy.

Black Rose swayed her beautiful long legs and walked over. Her big blue eyes were cold. “I will give you another chance. It is not easy to meet an opponent like you. If you say you don’t care about him now, I will let you go.”

Yes, people like Black Rose have reached the pinnacle of the world’s killer. In her life, apart from being suffered a loss with the same person over and over again, Karen Lee, this Logan barely managed to achieve this. .

The masters are sympathetic to each other.

Black Rose cherishes Logan, a master!

Logan was unmoved, “Is it too early for you to say that? You just kicked me.”

“Then you are looking for death!” Black Rose’s long legs have already kicked out.

She is also a master of fighting, proficient in fighting kills with one hit!

Logan immediately counterattacked, and the two beauties fought again. What a beautiful picture. Suddenly, there was the sound of pulling the trigger, and a bullet shot from a dark corner.


Logan turned around, the bullet hit her body, booming. Logan slammed into the wall, her pretty face turned pale as snow and blood flowed from Logan.

Black Rose frowned, and the shooter came out, excited Ouyang Fei!!

She went down just now, attacked Chuck Cannon and Yvette, and fled. Seeing Logan who was fighting Black Rose, of course, she shot out with a cold gun. She had no impression of this woman but came with Chuck Cannon. Of course, people are going to die!

Ouyang Fei walked over with a sneer, “Are you very good? Can you be more powerful than a bullet?”

Logan held her bloody muzzle with her hand, her body was already numb by pain.

The cold muzzle was facing Logan, Logan showed no fear and expressionless.

“Who told you to shoot?” Black Rose said coldly.

“Sister, of course, you have to use a gun for this kind of silly pen. What age is it, it’s best to kill her with a single shot!”

Black Rose has a hint of irritation! She is one as a killer. Although she kills everyone, she enjoys this process when fighting, which is not understandable by the fledgeling Ouyang Fei.

For the killer, enjoy this process!

While enjoying the black rose just now, it was interrupted by Ouyang Fei.

“Sister, looking at her like this, it’s really embarrassing. Just now I have already beaten her to waste. I don’t have to do it myself. Let me solve her.” Ouyang Fei pointed the gun at Logan, her face smug!

Now as long as it is someone Chuck Cannon knows, then if she meets it, she will kill!

“Fight, why didn’t you fight?” Ouyang Fei mocked.

Logan stared at her, Ouyang Fei laughed, “Look at your beautiful face, why are you so beautiful?”

The cold muzzle slid on Logan’s face, “This shot can make your head bloom and make you ugly, do you know?”

Logan coughed and blood kept coming out. If she hadn’t reacted to this shot just now, she would have been shot to death just now.

Ouyang Fei has only been in contact with the gun for two days, and she can hit Logan with a single shot. She is indeed too talented as a killer!

Logan had no fear, but a little regret. It was not that she had died in the hands of a girl, but that she had not told Chuck Cannon how she felt about him.

“Please, please, I can make you die happy and keep your beautiful face.” Ouyang Fei was happy in her heart, she should be a killer sooner, and trample all these people under your feet!

“Stupid, you are too close to her!” Black Rose scolded! !

How could the first-class fighters not fight back? Yes, Logan was going to do this just now, only Ouyang Fei needs to go one step further.

Ouyang Fei was angry and slapped Logan on the face.


A palm print appeared on Logan’s beautiful face. For the first time in her life, Logan was beaten.

“Do you still want her to attack me, right? see!” Ouyang Fei ferocious!

Logan didn’t have any expression, “I will kill you!!”

“You can still kill me? Haha! Go to hell you! Shabi! The old lady broke your head with one shot, making you ugly after death!” Ouyang Fei laughed, full of mockery.

She decided to give Logan the biggest insult and let Chuck Cannon know that it was wrong to be so to herself at the beginning!

Ouyang Fei moved her finger and pulled the trigger.

Logan closed her beautiful eyes and died, she was not afraid, but regretful.

Logan sighed…

“Crack, click!”

Ouyang Fei wanted to continue pulling the trigger to kill Logan, but there were no bullets. Ouyang Fei slapped Logan’s face in anger, but Logan opened her beautiful eyes instantly and punched her with all her strength!

Ouyang Fei screamed and fell to the ground.

She got up in anger and said, “you!!! My old lady will beat you to death!”

Ouyang Fei trained and was not Logan’s usual opponent, but Logan was shot twice. She didn’t have much strength and was kicked to the ground by Ouyang Fei. She vomited blood again.

But without fear, he still got up.

Logan knew that she couldn’t be afraid, even if she was not afraid of death, she was afraid of being beaten?

Ouyang Fei snorted coldly, using what Black Rose taught during this period of time, he attacked one by one. The Black Rose watching next to her was a little surprised. Ouyang Fei seemed to be more talented than herself, and given time, she could really surpass herself!

Black Rose herself thinks she can kill anyone, but she also has a little bottom line to be a killer. For example, when she was fighting just now, she never thought about using a gun. But Ouyang Fei is different. She has no bottom line. As long as she can kill, what she can do is everything, this woman is terrible!

The current Black Rose, give Ouyang Fei such an evaluation!


Ouyang Fei kicked Logan against the wound. The blood on Logan’s muzzle was increasing. Her face was pale as paper. Ouyang Fei laughed and kicked again. Logan’s beautiful eyes looked sad.

Ouyang Fei proudly, stepping on such a woman under her feet is the best!!

“Please, my old lady asked you to beg me, did you hear me?” Ouyang Fei laughed wildly. She was also pretty at first, but such a cold smile made her particularly hideous.


A slap on Logan’s face, Logan was lying on the ground, she had no strength, her vision was blurred and she lost too much blood.

“Haha,” Ouyang Fei grabbed Logan by the neck, and said, “Beauty, you are so beautiful, you should be a little famous, in China? I think you should be more famous than Qian Yueying, she, do you know I take a picture of her, and I’ll let people all over the world appreciate it later, you, I think I should take a few too, haha, that should be interesting!”

Logan has cold eyes, “What are you talking about?”

“Haha, scared? Haha. I said to take your photos. I am a professional photographer. After I kill you, I will take your photos to your family and ask your family to give me all your money. , Are you okay?” Ouyang Fei smiled triumphantly, this is a good idea!

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