With Ouyang Fei’s ridicule, Logan’s sad eyes were cold.

“Are you afraid? Haha, what a shame you are dead? Let me take a few photos… and resist? Then after I kill you, I will take the shots, don’t worry, definitely put your figure out for everyone to enjoy!” Ouyang Fei laughed.

She knows women very well. The last time she met Qian Yueying, she saw that Qian Yueying is absolutely super-rich. Even though Logan has no decorations, she has noble temperament. Ouyang Fei can see it. In terms of money, not too much money than Yueying.

Take a picture and then go to blackmail, the money should not come too easily.

The more she thought about it, Ouyang Fei felt excited.

Black Rose frowned when she heard, “Ouyang Fei, do you want to do this again? Interesting?”

“Sister, this woman is too cheap. You don’t have to be afraid when you look at her like this. I have to make her scared. When I said to shoot her, her eyes are full of anger. Isn’t it more interesting?” Ouyang Fei said.

Black Rose stared at Ouyang Fei coldly, this 18-year-old girl is too sinister! !

She is ashamed. She has never thought of doing such a thing since she has been a killer for so long. Everyone is a woman. There is no need to do this. It is too insulting.

But Ouyang Fei doesn’t have a bottom line. It may be normal for a man to do this, but if a woman does this, Black Rose thinks it doesn’t make any sense. Even if she is blackmailed, she can use other methods.

This Ouyang Fei has no bottom line, forgetting that she is also a woman herself.

Logan was not afraid, she felt a little sad.

She will die when she got to die. But she felt sorry coz after she died, she would to take off her clothes and take her pictures. This was the reason for Logan’s sorrow.

She sighed, struggling hard, Ouyang Fei laughed loudly, “Beauty, you cooperate with me, take a few poses, let me take pictures, I will let your fate, okay??”

Logan stared at her beautifully, “I won’t let you go as a ghost!”

“Then you be a ghost first!!” Ouyang Fei was angry, and a dagger was about to be inserted into Logan’s heart!


“Ouyang Fei, are you looking for death!” A voice came from a person who was extremely angry, and the figure rushed over, Chuck Cannon! Here comes the angry Chuck Cannon!!

He came up just now, listening to the voice coming up, seeing Logan hurt like this, he was filled with anger.


This is Chuck Cannon’s angry punch. He wants to kill Ouyang Fei who hurt his Aunt Logan!


A warm current appeared in Logan’s heart, and her eyes were blurred. She was tortured by Ouyang Fei just now. She didn’t even snort or was afraid. But when Chuck Cannon appeared, she was afraid, afraid that Black Rose would seize this opportunity and kill Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon is her negative scale and the only thing she is afraid of now.

Black Rose sneered, did he finally appear? Then I will solve you!

Black Rose rushed to Chuck Cannon, and she attacked. Chuck Cannon was surrounded by anger. He had trained for such a long time and could not defeat Black Rose. However, Black Rose was seriously injured.


Chuck Cannon met Black Rose’s attack. Black Rose was surprised, how fast he grew up? ?

Yes, this is the result of Logan teaching Chuck Cannon day and night. It can be said that Chuck Cannon is very different from when he first met Black Rose!

Black Rose felt a pain in her body, Chuck Cannon went crazy, Logan’s scars seemed to ignite Chuck Cannon, but Logan was so good to herself, she was actually injured like this by these two people.

Chuck Cannon was angry as death!


Chuck Cannon’s moves and moves were all trained by Logan. He learned Logan’s attack methods accurately. He attacked like a leopard. The shot Black Rose retreats with a blow, and the Black Rose is beaten back by Chuck Cannon!

The black rose vomited blood, and the big blue eyes were full of irritation. She was actually hit by such a rookie?

This was impossible before, even if she was shot by herself!

“You go to die!!” Chuck Cannon furiously attacked!

His fists became hardened because of anger, and his legs became strong because of anger. At this time, Chuck Cannon had only one thought in his mind, that is, to kill Black Rose and Ouyang Fei!!

Black Rose frowned and jumped up. How could she lose to such trash?

Two people fight fiercely, Chuck Cannon fights more and more bravely, slap! Chuck Cannon’s steel-like palm hit Black Rose’s face!

Black Rose was shocked, herself… Was beaten? An eye-catching slap print appeared on the beautiful face of Black Rose. If there are other assassins at this time, they will definitely be shocked. You must know that Black Rose is the number one female assassin!

Actually, slapped by a man??

Others would think it was an illusion, but the numb pain on her face told Black Rose that she was really beaten!


Chuck Cannon kicked Black Rose’s heart, she flew out like garbage, wow, Black Rose vomited blood, and her big blue eyes were not only angry and cold but also because of this foot, her eyes were dim and her expression was not so many.

Chuck Cannon rushed over, ready to punch Black Rose to death!


“Chuck Cannon, don’t move. My mother told you to stop. Did you hear me!!” Ouyang Fei used a dagger at Logan’s neck.

Pain, fear of losing Logan, made Chuck Cannon recover from his anger, and he stopped.


Black Rose got up and kicked Chuck Cannon’s stomach. Chuck Cannon flew out and hit the ground. This kick made Chuck Cannon bleeding.

“No.” Logan was in pain, and her tears flowed out, which was caused by Chuck Cannon.

“Stand up, I want you to stand up!” Ouyang Fei sneered, she was so cool, seeing Chuck Cannon like this, she would laugh wildly with excitement!

Chuck Cannon, do you regret it? At that time, you obediently admitted that you liked me and let me kick you off. Why didn’t you do that?

When I begged you for mercy and asked you to help me say a good thing to Qian Yueying, why didn’t you say it??

This is your fate, then was my fate, the fate of Ouyang Fei!

Chuck Cannon stood up, Logan was in anguish, “Hurry up.”

“Auntie Logan, don’t worry, I will rescue you, just like you saved me last time, I will return your good to you.” Chuck Cannon said gently.

Yes, the last time Chuck Cannon was caught by Yvette’s grandfather and was so tortured, it was Logan who suddenly appeared, stabbed herself with a dagger, and then saved herself. Chuck Cannon will do the same today.

Because the person in front of him was Aunt Logan who is so good to him!!

“No, I beg you to leave,” Logan burst into tears, her heartbreaking, Chuck Cannon must be very painful to be injured like this.

“Haha, can he leave? Get out of here! Hurry up!!” Ouyang Fei proudly, Chuck Cannon walked over calmly, his body was in pain, but he wanted to save Logan.

“Sister, give him a few slaps in the past!” Ouyang Fei said triumphantly. Black Rose looked back at Ouyang Fei. She also wanted to torture Chuck Cannon. This is a great opportunity!


Such a slap on Chuck Cannon’s face, Chuck Cannon’s face was numb, Black Rose slapped out again coldly, Chuck Cannon stood up straight without fighting back.

Logan told Chuck Cannon not to be afraid of anything, to be strong, and to die strong, Chuck Cannon remembered.

“Haha, elder sister, good fight, Chuck Cannon, do you regret it? Regret to me like that!” Ouyang Fei was so proud, she saw Chuck Cannon’s embarrassing appearance, she couldn’t wait for her to be the one who must beat Chuck Cannon.

“Let me, Aunt Logan!!” Chuck Cannon’s eyes were bloody!

“Let it go, I haven’t tortured you well yet, you let me let it go? So, first kneel down and kowtow to me. If you kowtow, I will let your Aunt Logan go. How am I to you? Haha!!!”

Ouyang Fei had already forgotten, her hatred for Chuck Cannon broke out perfectly at this moment.

Grasping Logan is just pinching Chuck Cannon by the neck, Chuck Cannon, let him be at her mercy! !

How interesting is this?

“No, Chuck, don’t kneel,” Logan Meimu appeared firmly, she was already very moved, Chuck Cannon’s appearance made her feel protected by a man for the first time, this was Chuck Cannon giving her.

But Chuck Cannon is a man Logan likes. How could she make this man kneel? Logan wouldn’t do this even in death, so she chose to end her life by herself and not let Chuck Cannon be controlled!

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