Chapter 494: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 494 The Intricate Truth

Anna Xie heard a sound of footsteps outside the door while she was becoming more and more desperate.

Anna Xie ran past immediately, and then saw two women came in.

There were two blonde beauties, but they speak fluent Chinese.

“Did you shouted just now?”

Anna Xie ignored the impatience in their eyes and said eagerly, “Someone fainted here. Please help her!”

But they ignored Chuxue on the ground and did not even look at it.

“Hey, I said someone fainted, don’t you hear? If the hostage died, how can you find someone to negotiate? “

The two seemed impatient, they frowned and said: “Don’t worry, she won’t die. Just tell her to behave herself, so that nothing else will happen.”

It sounded like that the two were familiar with Chuxue Ye.

The woman looked Anna Xie up and down and warned her, “If you don’t want to faint, you’d better be honest.”

“So, Chuxue was not sick but fainted by anesthetic, right?”


Anna Xie was relieved hearing such an answer.

But the two women in front of her lifted her up and was about to go out.

Anna Xie was frightened and asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“Another room.”

“Why are you separating us?”

“You talk too much!”

“If you don’t answer, I won’t leave, and I won’t do anything with you.”

Saying that, Anna Xie tried to push her body downward to resist.

Seeing her doing this, the woman snorted and asked, “Do you think I will be afraid of you?”

“Then wait and see, anyway, I have nothing to lose!”

Anna Xie looked fearless and that made these two women began to think about killing her.

But they didn’t dare to hurt Anna Xie in the end. They just looked at each other and then one of them spoke.

“It’s OK to tell you the truth, anyway, you can’t change anything. That woman is useful to us, but you are nothing. We could let you go first if everything is OK. “

Anna Xie was dumbfounded when she heard these words.

“What, didn’t you come to catch me?”

The two really lost patience. They frowned and said, “There must be something wrong with your brain and your ears, you woman! I have explained it just now, now shut up and leave here with me! “

After saying that, the woman pushed Anna Xie out of the room.

Anna Xie can’t resist on her own, so she can only look at fainted Chuxue Ye and got farther and farther away from her.

Anna Xie and Chuxue Ye heard gunshots in the trunk just now.

They had thought that Yulin Xiao sent people to rescue them.

However, they found that they came from the den of tigers to the den of wolves after getting here.

Strangely, they changed their target from Anna Xie to Chuxue Ye.

And this time, the kidnappers’ IQ was much higher. They numbed Chuxue Ye and threw them into prisons separately.

Although things became complicated, there were still some clues left.

One thing was certain at least: they must knew Chuxue Ye a lot.

Chuxue Ye was just an ordinary girl, and she’ll never have a grudge against others.

Most likely, they were enemies of Ye family, so they intended to against Ye family by kidnapping Chuxue Ye.

Ye family’s enemies …

Anna Xie closed her eyes and felt headache.

It was impossible for her to know who were the enemies of Ye family.

All inferences seemed to come to an end here.

She can only stay here waiting to be rescued.

It was unpleasant to lose control of her fate.

In another room, Anna Xie buried her head in her palm and tightly frowned.


A crowd appeared in the wilderness surrounding a car with their eyebrows frowned.

Suddenly, they heard a sound of the engine. They looked back and immediately stretched their brows.

It was Yulin Xiao.

Yulin Xiao and Zhao Nangong rushed here as soon as they received the message from the fellows.

Yulin Xiao squinted at the car in front of him and asked: “Is this the car?”


“Go and see if there are any clues!”

Yulin Xiao’s fellowman checked the car carefully but found nothing.

But Yulin Xiao felt that the appearance of the car itself was a very important clue.

Yulin Xiao walked to the car and said slowly, “They should be hiding nearby if the car was abandoned here.”

“But we are in the wilderness, there is no hiding place. Would it be possible for them to change a car here? “

“There is no trace of wheels around here, it is impossible to change cars.”

Zhao Nangong stood with arms akimbo and looked around. He was anxious and said angrily, “There are neither trace of wheels nor footprints. How come it seems to disappear out of thin air!”

Disappear out of thin air …

These words stirred Yulin Xiao from his reverie and ordered: “Dig down around the car, quickly!”

Although people didn’t understand what Yulin Xiao meant, they still followed his order and started digging with tools.

After a while, someone looked up and shouted: “Here is an entrance to the cellar!”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao’s eyes brightened. He ordered: “Open the door and go in and have a look.”

“It is too dangerous, let us do this.”

“My woman is inside here, I must go in to save her! Open the door! !”

Seeing Yulin Xiao insisted doing this, his fellowmen can do nothing but to follow his order and open the door.

The underground tunnel was dark, so Yulin Xiao and his accompanies can only use flashlights to illuminate and move forward carefully.

When they walked through the tunnel, the road ahead suddenly became clear.

The lights were bright here just like the sunshine. The facilities were complete with a great sense of life, and the field of vision was wide and the room was clean and tidy.

Apparently, the owner here did not simply regard it as a dark prison, but a warm living place.

Yulin Xiao searched the room one by one and finally found fainted Anna Xie in the corner room.

Yulin Xiao’s eyebrows frowned and he bent over immediately. He scooped up Anna and called her name gently.

“Anna, Anna! ?”

A familiar sound came from a far.

Anna Xie moved her eyelashes trying to open her eyes.

She opened her eyes only to see Yulin Xiao looked at her nervously with his eyes full of love.

“Yulin Xiao? Am I dreaming? “

Seeing that Anna Xie was OK, Yulin Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. He held her in his arms and said softly: “It’s okay, it’s okay now.”

Anna Xie felt relieved when she felt the temperature of Yulin Xiao.

Her eyes turned red and she leaned against Yulin Xiao’s arms and began to cry.

“I thought I’d never see you again.”

Yulin Xiao patted Anna Xie’s shoulder and said softly, “It’s my fault for not protect you. Don’t cry, you are safe now, no one will hurt you again. “

The two people on this side snuggled up to each other, while Zhao Nangong on the other side was already furious.

“Anna, where’s Chuxue?”

Anna Xie came to her sense immediately hearing Chuxue Ye’s name. She said, “She is in the room on the right side of the corridor. Hurry up, she was taken medicine! “

Zhao Nangong narrowed his eyes and rushed out immediately.

But after a while, Zhao Nangong came back with red eyes.

“Chuxue is not there, are you sure you are right?”

Not there?

Anna Xie frowned and asked, “Have you seen anyone else here?”

“No, no one except you.”

“Damn it, they took Chuxue away!”

Zhao Nangong was about to rush out hearing this, but he was stopped by Yulin Xiao.

“Don’t worry, you have to figure things out first.” Yulin Xiao turned to Anna Xie and asked, “Do you know why they took her away?”

“This group of people is not the former enemy. Their goal is Chuxue. I heard it with my own ears!”

“Chuxue! ?”

Anna Xie nodded and said, “Yes, they said I’m useless and will let me go. Now it seems that they left me and took Chuxue away. “

Anna Xie thought again and asked: “Who is the biggest enemy of Ye family?”

“Why do you say so?”

Anna Xie said: “Because they knew Chuxue a lot, and they knew her temperament. Apparently, they are well prepared. They followed us from the Capital City and took action here. “

“Since Ye family is powerful in the Capital City, so they can’t take action. Therefore, they planed all the way, and took action in taking advantage of me being kidnapped.”

After hearing Anna Xie’s words, Yulin Xiao pondered for a moment and said, “It’s reasonable for such a powerful family like Ye family to have enemies. But it is difficult to find them out just depend on this point alone. “

“Oh, also, I find the environment here very familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere. But I can’t remember it. “

“It seems that they not only has a grudge against Ye family, but also has something to do with you …”

Zhao Nangong was going crazy. He can’t wait any longer, he wanted to find Chuxue Ye now!

Since they left here, we must be able to find clues here.

Zhao Nangong narrowed his eyes and began to search around the underground passage. Finally, he found another exit.

“Go out and see from here!”

Yulin Xiao stopped Zhao Nangong as soon as he was about to go out.

“I’ll leave my men to you. I’ll send Anna back first, and then I’ll meet you.”


The two acted separately, Zhao Nangong continued to find Chuxue Ye’s whereabouts while Yulin Xiao took Anna Xie back to his residence.

Anna Xe was wrapped in Yulin Xiao’s clothes sitting in the car, and she was still dumbfounded.

It seemed that she just left the Capital City to confront with Yulin Xiao, and then these unpredictable things happened.


Anna Xie turned her head sideways and looked at Yulin Xiao when hearing him calling her.

“Well, why you came to England?”

Anna Xie bit her lips gently and seemed difficult to tell him the truth.

But Yulin Xiao was still waiting for her answer. Evasion was useless.

Anna Xie closed her eyes softly. She took a deep breath and asked, “Yulin Xiao, I once told you that if you don’t like me anymore, please tell me yourself instead of asking others to tell me.”

“Why do you say so?”

Anna Xie looked at Yulin Xiao with her bright eyes. She got up her courage and said, “I came to England to ask you one thing. No matter what you think, please don’t lie to me. “


“Do you … have another woman?”

Yulin Xiao shook his head and denied it, “How could it be possible? I like you and you are the only one.”

“So why did you had sex with a foreign woman? And … and you sent photos to me! “

Anna Xie was deeply grieved in thinking of that photo.

She will know the truth now, but Anna Xie was a little afraid. She wanted to hide herself and never knew the truth for the rest of her life.

But Anna Xie also knew that it was useless to evade. She should face the truth sooner or later.

Anna Xie pinched her palm and plucked up. She looked at Yulin Xiao and listened with respectful attention.

After hearing Anna Xie’s words,an odd expression appeared on Yulin Xiao’s face. He asked, “Did you see that photo?”

These words made Anna Xie heart-broken.

Just now she told herself to deal with it calmly and should never let Yulin Xiao look down on her.

However, after hearing Yulin Xiao’s words, she stumbled.

Anna Xie was in low spirits for a while and murmured: “As I’ve expected, there is such a thing …”

Seeing Anna Xie misunderstood him deeper, Yulin Xiao said quickly: “Anna, things are not like that.”

Yulin Xiao wanted to hold Anna Xie’s shoulder, but Anna Xie threw off his hand and choked out: “Not like that? You already admitted that there are photos! “

“There are photos, but the things are not true.”

“Ha, Yulin Xia , do you think I’m stupid? Who are you kidding?”

“It is not I think you are stupid, you are indeed stupid.”

Yulin Xiao said these words solemnly, which made Anna Xie felt that he deliberately humiliated her IQ.

Although Anna Xie had no IQ now.

But being humiliated in public by the man she admired still made her felt terrible.

“Yulin Xiao!”

Seeing that no matter what he say or do were both wrong, Yulin Xiao simply stopped defending but said: “OK, I won’t say anything. You will know it later.”

“What do you mean?”

“The two are there. Everything will be clear if you see it yourself.”

“That two women are in your place?”


Anna Xie trembled with anger. She pointed at Yulin Xiao and said, “God, Yulin Xiao!”

Well, it was useless to say too much. Let Anna Xie see it herself.

Anna Xie was about to go as soon as she back to Yulin Xiao’s residence.

Yulin Xiao grabbed her and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I want to be alone.”

“Find out the answer first, then you can be alone.”

Anna Xie sneered and asked: “Why, should I do whatever you want me to do?”

“Go and see the people inside, then you can scold me.”

“Well, I’ll do it. Let’s see how can you explain it!”

Anna Xi didn’t want to be looked down upon by Yulin Xiao, so sh pushed the door open heavily.

Just when Anna Xie thought that she would see something terrible, she was stunned by the scene in sight.

Yuqi Mu was lying on bed eating fried chicken. His mouth and hands were full of oil with a satisfied look on his face.

Suddenly, someone opened the door and the huge sound made he almost lost his chicken nuggets.

Yuqi Mu looked at the door discontentedly. As soon as he was about to open his mouth to scold, he saw a beautiful woman staring at herself as if she had seen a ghost.

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