Chapter 495 – 496: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 495: Chen Was a Man of No Use?

The resentment of the group of disciples grew deeper. They thought they were here to practice, not to travel. But the demons they killed along the way weren’t enough for them to cultivate. What was even stranger was that they hadn’t encountered any evil demons or people along the way

They didn’t know that Kris Chen had wiped out all the dangers along the road. He killed some of the disobedient ones, and others fled.

“All shut up.” Xiu Xu glared, “If you think I’m hindering your cultivation, you guys just leave. I won’t stop you!”

Many people lowered their heads after hearing that. But there were also some who held their heads high, “In that case, I’ll leave. We are Sword cultivators, and we can’t always rely on you to protect us. Even if I die because of this, that’s still my path!”

This person who spoke was Chen Ye. He usually kept a low profile, barely uttering a word, and no one expected him to say this.

“That’s right, if we don’t have the courage to follow our hearts, the sword is useless in our hands.” someone echoed.

“If you want to go, you just leave. Don’t encourage others to go with you.” Xiu Xu gritted his teeth.

Chen’s face was cold, “They know it in their mind. There’s no need for me to encourage them to leave, and some of them will go to catch demons finally.”

Afterwards, he left straight away, walking in the opposite direction. He didn’t want to walk with these people.

“Are you guys going to leave too?” Xiu asked

“I’m sorry. We’d better leave.” some people said.

They knew that if they followed so many people to catch demons, they would gain little. Xiu, as the leader, naturally gained the most, but other people could get nothing.

Xiu clenched his fist, his nails almost embedded into his flesh.

“Chen Ye, I hate you. Just wait.”


Half a month later, Kris had searched almost every place in the 7,000-mile forbidden zone. But he hadn’t found the Back-to-Heaven Spiritual Fire.

“Is the Spiritual Fire in those dangerous forbidden areas?” He thought.

It wasn’t impossible, but there were at least eight hundred of those dangerous forbidden places. He couldn’t find it one by one.

“Seven-treasure House gave me the wrong parchment roll? Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire isn’t in Luojia Mountain?” Kris said to himself.

If that was the case, he really would go and destroy Seven-treasure House.

Just then, a figure appeared suddenly.

He arranged several magical formations. He even hid his own form. Even though he was only using ordinary low level magical formations, Kris was still intrigued by how quickly he was able to set up these formations.

His Divine Spiritual Power was between the early and middle period of Accumulated Spirit, so people would not be able to detect him when a trace of his Divine Spiritual Power penetrated through the formation.

“Mr. Gu, you can show up now.” the man said softly. Then the ring on his thumb flashed brightly, and then a ghost flied out from within.

The ghost was like a high immortal, but it looked a little weak.

“Chen, do you prepare all the materials?” asked he.

Chen nodded and took out dozens of three-hundred-year spirit herbs.

“Good job. Their quality is extremely good.” Mr. Gu nodded, “You’ve just stepped into Pill Formation, but your flesh body is still at the Back-to-Self stage, so today I’ll teach you to refine third-grade pills, namely the Blood Quenching Pill.”

“There is one more thing I want to ask you.”

“What is it?” said Mr. Gu.

“Can you tell me what happened here fifteen hundred years ago?” Chen asked.

Mr. Gu was hesitated. He sighed and shook his head, “I won’t say it, nor can I say. Your cultivation is too low, knowing this won’t do you any good.”

“With your teachings, I can reach a higher stage than now.”

“You’d better find the forbidden place where I was destroyed, then retrieve my Back-to-Heaven Spiritual Fire first.” Mr. Gu said. “Unfortunately, I’m only in the early stages of primal spirit, so I can’t help you.”

“I’ll find a way to gather the treasures you want to help you reshape your body.”

“Thank you. Now I’ll teach you how to make magic pills.”

Then Kris took back his Divine Spiritual Power and was shocked to the core.

Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, reshaping the flesh. These key words were in Kris Chen’s mind.

“Oh, shit, did I run into the Son of the World?” Kris said to himself.

Although the two of them didn’t talk much, Kris had already gotten important clues from their conversation.

This ghost called ‘Mr. Gu’ was probably one of the main characters in the Actualized Spirit War in the past.

Kris was lucky that Mr. Gu was only at the cultivation level of primal spirit now, otherwise he would have discovered Kris just now.

Within the formation, Chen was concentrating on refining pills, but his cultivation was still not enough to refine the third grade magical pills.

“Mr. Gu, please help me with this!”

Chen’s mana was insufficient. Mr. Gu used his finger to touch him. Then Chen suddenly felt he vast spiritual energy flowing into his body.

This was the ancient mastery, The Spiritual Finger. It was a divine ability. But even the lowest-level divine ability needs people to reach primal spirit stage when they cultivate it.

Chen was only at the Pill formation stage and still had a long way to go. His talent was poor. He was dumped by his fiancee. If he didn’t running into Mr. Gu, he might only be an ordinary person in a remote mountain town.

Half an hour later, Mr. Gu opened his eyes, ordered, “Open the furnace!”

Chen lifted the fireplace and dozens of magical pills flew out from it.

“Not bad, they are all top quality magical pills.” Mr. Gu nodded in delight.

Chen, on the other hand, looked embarrassed, “If it wasn’t for your help, I’m afraid I can’t success.”

Mr. Gu waved his hand to interrupt him, “Your root bone is poor, but I have the elixir that can help you cleanse the marrow and strengthen the tendons. Although you only have the lower third-class acupuncture points, but after taking the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, this weakness will no longer exist.”

“Can Back-to-Heaven Spiritual Fire increase the mana capacity of my acupuncture points?”

“No!” said Mr. Gu.

Chen looked glum.

“But it can help you transform the acupuncture points!” Mr. Gu said, “As long as you can endure the pain of the spirit fire calcination, it can also help you reach divine-grade acupuncture points.”

“It’s amazing.” Chen was shocked by this news. Kris was also amazed

“But this process is very painful and Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire can only help one person, and at most it can only help you have divine-grade acupuncture points.”

Chen was excited. “I’m not afraid of pain. It’s better to die than to live humbly.” he said determinedly.

Mr. Gu nodded, appreciating his words. “You eat the magical pills first. The flesh is the cornerstone of everything, and even if you want to transform the acupuncture tips, you have to make your foundation stable. Only then will you be able to improve the effectiveness of your acupuncture points when you transform them.”

Upon hearing that, Kris sighed slightly. It turned out that at most, he could only transform divine-grade acupuncture points. He was now holding 180 Sword Energy in one acupuncture point, which had long exceeded the divine-grade acupuncture points.

If there was still grading above divine-grade, it would at least be a holy-grade acupuncture point.

“If I had valued my physical body back then, maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.” Mr. Gu looked remorseful, “Cultivating immortal techniques without cultivating the body is a waste in the end.”

Chen nodded and then ate a Blood Quenching Pill. After the medicinal power melted, he felt like his muscles were being run over by a carriage.

“Hold back, you can’t scream out. The medicinal effect will weaken if you let out a breath.” said Mr.Gu.

Then Chen closed his mouth and sat cross-legged on the ground. The veins on his forehead were bulging and his expression was distorted by the pain.

Then some black mucus flowed out from his pores.

“If the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire can’t help your transform the acupuncture points well, then it’s far better for you to take the path of physical cultivation than magic cultivation. If one day you break through the accumulated spirit, you will be able to cross the void and roam the vast universe in search of treasures even more precious than Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.”

The cultivation of the flesh was also another way that Mr. Gu had left for him. Chen also knew that he was not highly talented, but he couldn’t give up. With every step he gave up, his future cultivation would be more difficult. One day, he would have to let Ruolan Shangguan see him become strong. He would make her regret that she had abandoned him.

“Chen Ye is truly determined. Judging from the way he’s suffering, his cultivation seems to be as painful as my cultivation of Hacked in Pieces and Wuming Sword Techniques.” Kris thought.

After half an hour, the pain diminished and his physical strength increased. Chen’s body trembled, shaking away all the dirt in his body. When he squeezed his fist, the air exploded suddenly.

“What a powerful force. I feel like I can kill Pill formation in one punch!” Chen said excitedly.

“This is just an illusion created by the surge in strength. The subsequent increase in physical strength will become increasingly difficult.” said Mr. Gu.

Mr. Gu twirled his beard, “I guess you are able to break through the later period of Pill formation now, perhaps you can defeat the Pill formation in the Fulfilled period now.”

Kris recalled his Divine Spiritual Power and pondered how to get to make friend with Chen.

Suddenly he thought that there was a black bear 100 miles away from the forbidden area. That black bear was at the early stage of primal spirit. “If we can lure it here, maybe it can help me.”

Then Kris flew silently towards the black bear.

It was at this moment that Chen couldn’t help but sneeze. Suddenly he had a bad feeling in his heart.

After leaving the Pure Yang Sect, he had taken many of their treasures. These herbs of making Blood Quenching Pill were also taken from the sect.

“I still need to add an extra magic formation so that I can be safe,” Chen thought.

Chapter 496: The Evil Black Bear

Not long after he set up the formation, he began to refine and cultivate the Flying Sword.

The Flying Sword, which he obtained from a forbidden place, was only an Inferior Taoist Weapon, but he was satisfied with it; Even though Mr. Gu didn’t like it, it was the most suitable for Chen Ye.

While he was concentrating on cultivating his Flying Sword, a frenzied Evil Black Bear chased after a person crazily.

That man was levitating and moving ahead, and whenever the evil black bear was about to catch up, he could manage to avoid it.

“Damn it, stop chasing! If you keep chasing, I’ll make you a dead body!” Kris Chen said and sent out a sword light to strike at the Evil Black Bear, but didn’t even cut off a single hair.

The Evil Black Bear was a creature cooped by the Three Sects, except for a few predators, there were no any other creatures could annoy it, so it had lived here well with a comparably pleasure life for hundreds of years.

Today, it was annoyed by a little stupid human-being, so it wanted to take that human as a meal.

Kris could see the contempt in its eyes that seemed to covey, “Is that all you got? Then how you can hurt me? You even can’t break the defense cover on me”.

That was right because that was what Kris wanted to make the Black Bear furious.

He lured the Black Bear to the place where Chen was improving himself.

Just fifty meters closer, Chen opened his eyes.

“Someone’s coming!”

Mr. Gu also got back into the ring and said, “Watch out!”

“Got it!”

Chen stood up and took out the supreme Spirit Weapon he used before, to get him prepared for the unexpected danger, but he was a bit nervous as well.

“Only a little fucking honey was eaten by me. Are you so much as hunting me down to hundred miles?” Kris said with an indignant face.


The Evil Black Bear growled as if saying, “That’s my favorite honey, and how dare you steal it, you stupid human being? I must make you pay for that!”

Chen noted that the Evil Black Bear was the Supreme Monster with a glance!

“Hey, you, don’t come this way! Don’t come this way, or you’ll get into the formation!”

Chen shouted with eyes wide-opened, but Just seeing that Kris was about to crash into it, Kris suddenly made a U-turn.

The Evil Black Bear had no clue that Kris would make a U-turn and crashed right into Chen’s formation.


The Evil Black bear was stunned as if something had been broken by it.

A body like a tank crashed through a low-level protective formation and broke it was easy as a pie.

Just then, Chen came to the Evil Black Bear’s sight.

Kris was going to escape but returned when he saw Chen, and then he shouted, “Be careful, buddy!”

The Evil Black Bear thought that Kris had an accomplice and became furious.

It roared and pounced towards Chen.

Chen made a dodge and avoided the attack.

“Hey, buddy, are you alright!”

Kris seemed to look worried a lot.

Chen gave a cautious look at Kris and asked himself, “Is this coincidental or intentional? Does he know there’s someone here?”, then he thought, “ No, this place is so secluded, and if someone being pursued by bears, she or he would definitely get in here subconsciously.”

“I’m OK.” Chen shook his head, and his look gradually got better, but he consciously kept a distance from Kris.

“This kid is weird. Be careful!”

Mr. Gu reminded.

“I see that!”

Chen had a little distraction, and Kris knew he was communicating with the Senior Master in the ring.

“I can’t expose.” Kris thought; fortunately, he had camouflaged himself when he came.

“It’s good for nothing happened.”

Kris relieved and said, “I didn’t know that you were practicing here, so please forgive me.”

Seeing Kris was sincere, Chen lowered the guard again.

“Let’s cut the gossip and knock down the Evil Black Bear first.”

Under such heavy pressure, Chen was also nervous because it was the first time he had faced a Supreme Monster.

Kris also nodded his head, taking out his Extreme Spirit Sword and fought; He didn’t conceal his power of the Stage, and he knew that the Senior Master in Chen’s ring would definitely tell him the information.

“Hey, buddy, I have a set of Sword Formations given by my elders that can coop this beast, so help distract it while I go set up the formation!” Kris sent a message to Chen, and not waited for Chen to reply, Kris took out a set of Sword Formations to set up.

Chen was speechless to this, and he was going to say he didn’t want to get involved in this matter, and Kris was so cheeky to force him to intervene in the situation.

Chen had no clue what Kris had done to provoke this black bear and made the Evil Black Bear furious like this as well.

“Take the Immortal Flowing Steps to distract the Evil Black Bear because the Evil Black Bear just got to the level of Supreme Monster, and with an unsteady spirit, it can’t be too fast.” Mr. GU told Chen.

Mr. Gu was knowledgeable, and he knew that even though Kris’s Sword Formation was simple, it was deadly.

“He should be a disciple of the Pure Yang Sect, and he must be the kind of core disciple that was loved by the elders of the sect.”

As Mr. Gu told Chen his assumptions, Chen took the Immortal Flowing Steps, which the speed was as fast as lightning, and so fast that people could hardly see his figure.

The Evil Black Bear was neither a species from the times of great antiquity, nor did it have any inheritance from ancient experts; being in the forbidden land, even the Heavenly Havoc was weak! The Evil Black Bear was feral, but it was just barely enough to catch up with him.

That was lucky!

“Hurry up, Dude. I could last a quarter of an hour at most!”

Chen was actually speechless because although the Immortal Flowing Step was awesome, it was too consuming of power; what’s more, he got barren power, and now it was even harder to sustain.

“Uh! it seems like it is quite difficult for Chen to hold on for a long time.” Kris thought, and he speeded up setting up the formation.

This kind of intermediate Sword Formation, he can set it up quickly, but that would disclose himself, and as an actualized spirit Mr. Gu was, he could definitely reveal Kris’ trick, so he could not take this risk.

A quarter later, Kris laid out all the foundations of the formation.

“Get out of the way!” Kris shouted.

Chen optimally operated the Immortal Flowing Step, and in just in a split second, he appeared twenty meters away.

In the next second, the Sword Formation activated, and hundreds of sword lights crisscrossed to trap the Evil Black Bear inside.

“Buddy, you and I will jointly display our most powerful means!”

To make it look real, Kris even used magic power to force sweat out from his forehead.

Chen nodded and pull out his Flying Sword and uttered, “Driving Sword Tactic! The sword light divides to dozens of rays!”

“Uh? is that all Chen got?” Kris got a glimpse of Chen, not expecting he would take such a regular tactic.

Although the Driving Sword Tactic was powerful, it was not enough to hurt the Evil Black Bear.

“Sword Breaking The Sky!”

Although Kris hadn’t learned any sword techniques, he had seen all those sword techniques from the Heavenly Sword Pavilion, and all of them were very similar.

The Sword Breaking The Sky Tactic sounds very powerful by the name, but actually, it was just a compression of Sword Energy shooting through a Flying Sword, and it’s probably three to four times powerful than the Sword Energy itself!


An earthy sword light rushed out from Kris’ Flying Sword.

The Earth Attribute Sword Light increased the power of the sword by three times, but at best, it was only the power of half of the Primal Spirit.

Under the attack of the Sword Light, the Sword Formation, and the Driving Sword Tactic, the Evil Black Bear cried out in pain.

It turned out that it was Kris’ Sword Light that had pierced through the Evil Black Bear’s skin.

“You have completely enraged me!”

The Evil Black Bear spouted human words and soared, which was a natural skill that every Monster Race had—the Intensifying Technique, which would also increase the Defense Strength.

The Flying Sword slashed at the Evil Black Bear’s body, making crashing sounds of iron and gold.

Son of a bitch, this guy’s meat was really thick.

“Dude, now it is not the time to hide your power. Kill the Evil Black Bear with me, and you and I will share the benefit equally. I promise.”

After Kris said that, Chen became interested.

Chen was such a person who would not show his real power before he saw the benefits.

He didn’t say anything, and Mr. Gu conveyed, “This Evil Black Bear’s skin is thick and fleshy, and the only weakness is its Seven Apertures.”

Chen instantly understood.

His fingers manipulated the Flying Sword, and the divided Sword Light converged again.

“Little! Little! Little!”

The Flying Sword that was originally arm-length became finger-length in an instant.

The Sword Spirit condensed.

“Unyielding Sword Intent!”

Kris was amazed that Chen had learned the Sword Intent at the Pill-Condensation Stage, and what a disguiser he was! Kris didn’t know to which Sect this Practitioner belonged.

The Sword Intent had been being a very high-level symbol since ancient times, and the power of a person at the Fulfilled period was no less than Taoist Strength or, in other words, the Sword Intent in the Fulfilled period was equal to Taoist Strength.

That was also a revealing of the Taoist and the reason why the Sword Cultivators had been being in a superior position since ancient times.

Of course, it didn’t mean by understanding the Sword Intent you were capable of fighting against the Accumulated Spirits. It was just that the probability of advancing to the Accumulated Spirit was greater than that of an ordinary person.

Although Chen’s Sword Intent was only a mere 10%, it was full of unyielding charm.

Kris also knew that it was time to show his real power, too; Otherwise, people like Chen wouldn’t even look at him squarely in the eye!

Earth Sword Intent!

The moment the Sword Intent wrapped around, Mr. Gu realized, “This kid has also comprehended the Sword Intent, and it’s 20%!”

Chen gave a glance at Kris, not expecting that this fellow who was chased deadly by the black bear was also a Sword Cultivator and had some comprehension in the Daoist of the Sword.

Twenty percent of the Sword Intent, which was the same as his; although the Earth Sword Intent wasn’t as strong as the Unyielding Sword Intent, it was also strengthful.


Each Flying Sword turned into a stream of light that rushed towards the Evil Black Bear’s eyes; surprisingly, and Kris was playing the same technique as Chen.

Great minds think alive!

For the next, the two cooperated very well in the battle.

The Evil Black Bear was not a dummy and knew its weaknesses, so slapped away Chen’s Flying Sword and sneezed disdainfully.

Just at this moment, Kris’ Flying Sword came one after another and was about to pierce the Evil Black Bear, but Chen sighed slightly and thought, “The Evil Black Bear has already taken precautions, so, is it going to help? “

Then the next scene literally blew his mind, as the Flying Sword made a turn and flew directly behind the Evil Black Bear, pointing the Seven Apertures and stabbing hard!


The Sword Light stabbed into the its body, which the Evil Black Bear didn’t believe yet and with his eyes wide opened.

“Exploding Sword Technique!” Kris shouted, followed by a muffled sound that came from the Evil Black Bear’s stomach.

Fiery light erupted from the inside out and directly churned the Evil Black Bear’s internal organs!

The explosion of the Flying Sword directly cut off the life of the Evil Black Bear, and most deadly of all was the Sword Intent, which wounded its Monster Soul directly!

The unstable Monster Soul was now even more on the verge of extinction.

“Don’t let its Monster Soul escape!” Kris said anxiously.

Chen paused, then took out a large black bowl and threw it out to cover and inhale the Monster Soul.

Seeing this, Kris let out a long breath and sat on the ground and breathed heavily without caring whether it was dirty or not.

“Damn it, I’m exhausted!”

Chen also shook his head slightly and thought, “This man was true to form, but I kind of like him!”

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