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Chapter 495: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 495 My Twin Brother

This woman looked very familiar … Yuqi thought for a sec, he patted his palm and smiled: “She is Anna!”

Anna didn’t realize what was going on until she heard him calling her name.

Anna looked at Yuqi and Yulin, she felt herself was mirroring the two people inside and out.

“He … you …”

Anna can’t say a whole sentence. Yulin kindly explained: “He is the hero of the photo and my brother, Yuqi.”

What! ?

Anna was shocked by this answer.

Yuqi looked at Anna with a smile. He wiped her hands with a tissue, then got up and laughed: “You must be Anna, nice to meet you.”

Looking at Yuqi’s outstretched hand, Anna hesitated.

She didn’t know whether she should shake hands with him or refuse him.

Yulin took the opportunity to come over and blocked Anna behind him. He asked, “Have you forgotten that I have a twin brother?”

It seemed that Yulin Mu was talking to Anna, but in fact, he had been staring at Yuqi, suggesting that he should be careful and not to make trouble for him.

Yuqi gave Yulin a hint, and then explained to Anna: “I went abroad to expand my career recently, so I didn’t get to know you well. If I have the honor today, we should have dinner. “

“No, thanks.”

“Never mind, it’s just a meal, and you’ll be hungry, too.”

Now, Anna had no time to think about eating, she finally understood that Yulin was teasing her deliberately!

Anna turned to Yulin and asked: “Why didn’t you tell me the truth just now?”

“If I tell you the truth in advance, how can you know how wrong you are?” Yulin thought himself sounded reasonable, and he said firmly, “you don’t believe in our relationship, so when others make mischief, you’ll believe it without any doubt. Say, should you be punished? “

Anna also knew that she had made a mistake.

But she was also very innocent, so she defended: “There is a reason. After all, the person in that photo is so similar to you, you are exactly the same.”

“Twins are similar.”

Anna panicked for a while,then she calmed down and began to defend herself.

“Why did you sent me the photo that made me misunderstood? I called you and you switched off. It is difficult for me to not misunderstand you. “

Hearing this, Yulin’s face darkened slightly.

“This matter is worthy of investigation.”

“What do you mean?” Anna thought for a moment and asked, “Did someone sent me that photo on purpose?”

“That’s right.”

Anna was confused and murmured: “What’s the good for them to show me the photo?”

“What’s the good? Well, haven’t you seen it now? “

Yulin snorted, and Anna understood what he meant.

Anna lowered her head in remorse and said: “My willfulness made Chuxue disappeared. She must be safe, otherwise, I will never forgive myself.”

After hearing this, Yuqi, who had been ignored for a long time, asked quickly: “What happened to Chuxue?”

“She came to Britain with Anna and was taken away.”

“Ah? !”

“It is not simple this time. Obviously, someone is targeting at us.”

After removing the bandage for pretending to be injured, Yuqi said, “What are you waiting for? Find her quickly!”

“Zhao Nangong has gone. If he get news, he will definitely tell us.”

“After all, Zhao Nangong had just came to Britain, so he is not as familiar with here as I do. I will take my fellowmen to look for her. “

Saying that, Yuqi began to gather his fellowmen.

But before he set out, Zhao Nangong came back.

Looking at the expression on Zhao Nangong’s face, Yulin knew that something must be wrong.

Yulin walked in front of Zhao Nangong and asked: “Is there any news?”

Sure enough, Zhao Nangong shook his head.

Yulin patted Zhao Nangong on his shoulder, he turned around and said to others, “Go talk to Lucy.”

“Why should we talk to her?”

“She stole my phone, so only she can explain it clearly. “

After saying that, the several people all went to Lucy’s room.

Lucy immediately became alert when she heard a jumble of footsteps.

When she saw the door opened and a group of people entered, Lucy moved back quickly and asked, “What do you want?”

The moment when Anna saw Lucy, she recognized that she was the woman in the photo.

Although she was wearing clothes, she still couldn’t hide her beautiful figure.

Then she looked down at herself …

Anna suddenly felt that there existed a huge gap between them two.

Yulin sat opposite to Lucy and said, “Don’t be nervous, we just come here to ask you some questions.”

“What question?”

“You stole my phone, right?”


“Why did you do so?”

“If I want to forge an evidence of your kickback, I must steal your phone to commit perjury.”

“Why did you send a photo if you just want to commit perjury?”

Lucy’s eyes twinkled when she heard this question.

Yulin knew, Lucy must know something.

He didn’t urge her but said slowly: “At this moment, no one will protect you. Only by cooperating with us can you save your life.”

Lucy knew that Yulin was right. Now she had nothing to do but to follow Yulin.

Lucy bit her lower lip and said, “Someone contacted me and said that if I could do them a little favor, they can help me get rid of my competitors.”

“In the beginning, I didn’t believe it. However, a vice president who had always opposed me suddenly had a car accident and quit the management of the company, that’s when I started to believe his words. “

“I believed in their strength, and I wanted him to help me more, so I decided to cooperate with him. However, his request was very strange. I should simply use your phone to send a photo. “

“I thought such a little thing can be done by any thief, and there was no need for me to do it myself. But we were cooperative, I didn’t need to explain anything to them, so I said nothing else. “

“Then how did you contact each other, a phone?”

“No, we sent letter.”


This answer dumbfounded everyone in present.

There were less and less people who were still writing letters in this era.

Was it their personal taste or they had another purpose for them to do so?

Lucy continued to speak under the questioning of them.

“In fact, I also felt ridiculous. But they seemed to know what I cared the most in my heart, and I was satisfied with their offer. Moreover, this will do me no harm. It was just a lift of a finger, so I agreed. “

“Where did you sent the letters?”

“234, Philip Road. I didn’t write my name. They told me that some one will receive it as soon as I sent it there. “

Everyone plucked up when they get this clue.

“Let’s go there and have a look.”

Before Anna left, Lucy suddenly called out.

“Miss Anna!”

Anna stopped and looked back at her.

Seeing this, Yulin stood by her side, as if Lucy would use some tricks.

It was her …

Lucy looked at petite Anna, who was well protected by Yulin, and suddenly felt sorrowful.

It turned out that he can also be considerate and care for a person sincerely.

Unfortunately, that person can’t be her.

Until now, Lucy realized that she had lost badly.

Lucy had a self-deprecating smile on her face and said faintly, “Nice to meet you.”

Anna felt a little puzzling.

But before she asked, she was taken away by Yulin.

The place they were going was full of uncertainties, so Yulin did not take Anna with him.

Anna worried a lot, but she also knew that the road ahead was dangerous. She might not be able to solve any problems, but became a burden to them, so she stayed.

When they arrived at the place Lucy told them, they found that the house was unoccupied.

Yuqi looked around and said: “It seems that no one has lived here for a long time.”

“But recently, someone has been here.” Yulin pointed ahead and said, “See, the sofa and bed are all dusty. Only the table is clean. Obviously, someone has been here, and as long as someone is there, there will be clues. “

Yulin thought for a while and ordered: “Look around and find out if there is any garbage.”


Yulin’s people were all well trained. Soon, they found a card, which obviously didn’t belong here.

Yulin squinted when he looked at the business card handed by his fellowman.

Yuqi leaned in to see it and let out a little cry.

“This is a famous bar. I go there often.”

A business card of the bar …

Yulin took it in his hand and looked at it carefully, “This business card is a bit old. It seems that it has been in the pocket for some time.”

“This shows that he may be a frequenter to that bar, and he has to call in advance to order or something.”

Yuqi suddenly laughed and said confidently: “I am also a frequenter to that bar. I know the bartender there. Maybe I can ask him something.”

“No time to wait, let’s go now.”

At this point, the bar had just opened, there were no guests, and it was not as noisy as it used to be.

The bartender smiled and greeted Yuqi as soon as he saw him.

“Mr. Mu, why are you here so early today?”

“I’m not here to drink today, I have something to ask you.”


“You are here every day, so you must have impressions about the frequenters.”

“Of course, I am the bartender here, so I need to know the taste of the guests. If you are a frequenter, I’ll remember more clear. “

“Then, who is left-handed?”

Just when Yuqi was thinking to ask him something, Yulin opened his mouth first.

However, his question made people felt puzzled.


Yulin nodded, he took out the business card and said: “The left side of this business card was polished. So the man should take the business card with his right hand and dialed the number with his left hand.”

Well, that made sense.

The bartender saw the business card in Yulin’s hand, he couldn’t help but say: “Hey, this business card was in the format two years ago, and we have changed the format now.”

Yulin’s eyes brightened after hearing this. He asked: “That is to say, the owner of this business card is at least a guest two years ago, right?”


“Left-handed, a guest two years ago, who do you think it should be if we narrow it down?”

The bartender began to meditate carefully and finally gave an answer.

“It may be the muscular man with the beard.”

“Do you have his number?”

The bartender shook his head and said, “No, besides, he hasn’t been here for a while, at least for two months.”

“Does he have other characteristics, such as what wine he likes to drink and what hobbies he has?”

The bartender recalled it carefully and said, “He is a big man with calluses on his hands, and he likes to drink laurel vodka. Oh, this vodka is only available in one liquor store in the East Side. If he doesn’t come to the bar, he will go there to buy it. “

Everyone was shocked when they got this important clue.

Yuqi patted the bartender on his shoulder and smiled, “Thanks a lot, I’ll bring some people here another day.”

After saying that, Yuqi left the bar with others and rushed to the liquor store.

The liquor store was easy to find. The owner was a young man with glasses and acted gently.

Seeing the store was suddenly full so many Asian people with a murderous look in their eyes, the owner was dumbfounded.

“You’d better not make troubles, otherwise I will call the police! !”

The owner secretly picked up his phone, but before he dialed the number, he was subdued by Yulin’s fellowmen .

Seeing that they can practice kung fu, the owner looked even more pale.

Yuqi patted those people and asked them to go away. Then he walked beside the manager with a smile.

“Don’t be afraid, we are not here to smash your store, we just want to ask you about someone.”

The owner will definitely tell them everything he knew seeing that scene before, so he nodded his head constantly.

“Do you know a muscular man with a beard who likes to buy vodka here?”

“A beard …” The owner thought for a while and nodded his head, “The person you said should be the guest who just bought wine here.”

“Just …”

“Yes, he just left for five minutes.”

Hearing this, Yulin and them rushed out again.

The owner was dumbfounded in the face of people who came and went away in a hurry.

He still held his phone, but he didn’t know whether he should call the police or not.

The owner thought about it and finally gave up the idea of calling the police.

Yulin and the people were searching for the bearded man everywhere, and they finally went to a wooden hut under the guidance of passers-by.

Zhao Nangong was very anxious in thinking that the key figure was inside, but he was stopped every time he was about to rush in.

This figure was too important, and if he died, this clue will be broken again.

They didn’t know how long it will take to collect evidence, and it was also extremely unfavorable for Chuxue Ye.

Yuqi can do nothing about it but to keep an eye on Zhao Nangong to forbid him to make a bold move.

It was not until Yulin made a gesture that they rushed into the house in front and in rear.

But the room was empty, no one was here.

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