Chapter 496: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 496 Track the Trace

It was impossible, the passers-by said that Beard had just come back and didn’t leave.

The road was narrow here, he had no chance to escape unless ……

Just when Yulin Xiao was pondering, someone attacked him from behind.

Fortunately, Yulin Xiao’s helper protected him and then started the fight.

Beard’s figure was as huge as a mountain, making people feel very oppressed. However, at the same time, his body was so soft and sensitive.

It was hard to capture him. He could easily slip away.

Yulin Xiao found the terrain was complex here, once he ran away, it was harder to capture him.

Beard seemed to have the plan for he tried to rush to the door.

Although he was powerful, he couldn’t get rid of so many people.

In another dash toward the door, he was hit by Yulin Xiao’s helper and fell to the ground.

Seeing that he was surrounded, instead of being anxious, Beard smiled disdainfully, “I won’t say anything, don’t waste your time!”

“Well, everything is possible.”

Then Yulin Xiao made a gesture to his men, and Beard was arrested. However, he noticed the weird smile of Beard, which made him frown.

Anna was waiting anxiously, and finally she saw Yulin Xiao’s figure. So she rushed to him and checked his wound.

“How did you get hurt?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.”

Yulin Xiao said lightly, he didn’t want to scare Anna.

“Really? Is there any news from Chuxue?”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao frowned and said, “It’s just a helper, I have ways to make him talk.”

Yulin Xiao was confident, but Beard was really a brave man, he said nothing even under such tortures.

Thus Yulin Xiao wanted to see him alone.

Seeing that Beard was weak, Yulin Xiao frowned.

If he kept silent, then the mastermind would probably know this and transfer Chuxue to another place, then it would be harder to find her.

Just at this moment, Yulin Xiao’s helper came over with a stack of materials.

“How is the investigation going?”

“This is all we can find about him.”

After taking a glimpse of those materials, Yulin Xiao smiled.

He handed the materials to his helper and squatted beside Beard, “You are brave, I would respect you if you didn’t hurt my friend. Unfortunately, you had done the wrong thing, I’ll try my best to force you to speak.”

However, Beard still closed his eyes and smiled disdainfully.

“Don’t taking nonsense, you won’t wait until now if you have any idea.”

“I just try to persuade you, I know that you’ve earned a lot these years. But you haven’t enjoyed yourself and send the money to a woman who has born a child for you.”

After hearing this, Beard suddenly opened his eyes and glared at Yulin Xiao.

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao acted more casual.

“The woman and your employer, which one is more important?”

Bead couldn’t act calm and he struggled violently, as if he was going to hit Yulin Xiao.

“Bastard, if you dare to touch her, I will definitely kill you!”

The smell of blood from Beard made Yulin Xiao frowned.

He took two steps backward and sneered, “I don’t want to that, but you have to tell me something about Chuxue.”

“Don’t waste time, even if I say, you can’t defeat him.”

“Who is he?”

“He is omnipotent, you are not qualified to defeat him!”

“It’s not depends on you. Just tell me.”

After thinking for a while, Beard said, “Give me a phone.”

“Give him the phone.” Then he called someone.

As soon as the phone was connected, Yuqi Mu grabbed the phone before Bear finish his words.

However, the mastermind had already hung up the phone.

Yuqi Mu dialed again, but the phone had turned off. He was furious and asked, “Are you teasing us?”

“Well, I’m not that bored, since things are arranged, of course he would hang up the phone.”

“What did you say?”

“He want to have a conversation with Jingyan.”

Hearing this, people felt sullen, which made Beard very satisfied.

Yuqi Mu was irritated and he directly hit Beard and asked, “I ask you to tell us his background, what are you doing!”

Beard covered his belly and his face turned pale, and after a while, he said, “I’m just a sidekick, I know nothing. I’m just a middleman.”

“You mean your boss know we would find you?” Hearing this, Yuqi Mu was anxious.

But Yulin Xiao knew it was a lie and said, “Don’t listen to him, if his boss is really powerful, he can come to Jingyan himself. Why did he do this?”

Then, Yulin Xiao looked at him indifferently and said, “Since you are not sincere, then I’ll ask someone to kill your woman!”

“Bastard, how dare you!”

“Just wait, I can even film the process and show you.”


“Remember, it is you who hurt her, as long as you can work with us, she can be alive.”

Beard acted more serious and said, “That’s all I can do.”

“No, you are useful, at least you can be the middleman.”

After seeing Yulin Xiao’s eyes, Beard knew his plan and shook his head, “You want me to lie to my boss? It’s impossible!”

“Well, don’t worry, tell me about the characteristics of the man. Gender, nationality or anything you know.”

Since Yulin Xiao wanted to kill his woman, Beard answered seriously, “Every time we met, he sat in the dark, I could not see his face clearly. But he looks like a tall Asian man.”

“And what else?”

“His eyes seem to be a little different.”

“Where is difference?”

“I can’t say it clearly, his eyes looked terrifying.”

After hearing these, Yulin Xiao began to speculate the mastermind.

Seeing that Yulin Xiao frowned, Beard said, “Why don’t you ask Jingyan? Just let them have a talk.”

However, Yulin Xiao snorted, “We are not that stupid to fall in your traps.”

“Do you have other ways?”

Yuqi Mu hit Beard’s head and warned, “You are now a prisoner, be respectful!”

Hearing this, Beard kept silent.

Yulin Xiao turned around and told his helped, “Monitoring him carefully, nobody is allowed to hit him without my permission. I’ll let the mastermind see who is more powerful.”


Then Yulin Xiao left, followed by Yuqi Mu and Zhao.

Then, Yuqi Mu asked, “Can we trust him?”

“He didn’t dare to cheat us for we get his weakness. Besides, he is tippler, of course he is just a sidekick.”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu nodded his head, and seeing that Zhao was silent, he asked, “Zhao, why aren’t you talking?”

“I am thinking whether to call Jingyan and tell him about this.”

“Chuxue is his sister, we have to tell him.” Yuqi Mu patted his shoulder and continued, “I know you are afraid that they would be amused, But an old saying goes, he who would catch fish must not mind getting wet. Only when you know the weakness of our enemy can we defeat them.”

“But I’m worried that his target is not them.”

Zhao’s words made them quiet.

After a while, Yulin Xiao said, “Well, we have to tell them first and then discuss together.”

“Right, we can work together and find the mastermind. Don’t be depressed.”

Zhao took a deep breath and said, “That’s right.”

Then they drove back, all of them looked serious.

Anna had been waiting for Yulin Xiao, and when she heard the sound, she immediately walked out. After seeing him, Anna felt relieved.

Then she poured glasses of water for them and asked, “How is the situation?”

“They want to talk to Jingyan.”

Hearing this, Anna put down the cup and frowned, “It looks like a feud. Do we need to inform Mr. Ye?”

“Of course, it’s their business, there must be something we can’t deal.”

“But, we’ll fall in their traps. That’s what they want.”

“Chuxue is still in their hands, she would be dangerous if we don’t do this. Besides, Jingyan is a shrew man, we would act better under his help.”

After hearing this, Anna nodded.

“Anna, I’ll send you back.”

The words of Yulin Xiao made Anna stunned.

After making sure that Yulin Xiao wasn’t joking, Anna immediately shook her head and refused, “It’s all because of me, how can I leave?”

“But you are dangerous here.”

“I haven’t thought of that familiar sight yet, I may help you to find the mastermind if I remember that.”

Anna stared at Yulin Xiao eagerly. Then she held Yulin Xiao’s hand and begged, “Let me stay, or I’ll be anxious. I promise I’ll listen to your words, okay?”

Yulin Xiao was a bit helpless, after hesitating for a while, he said, “Fine, but you have to promise me that you won’t act alone and I’ll protect you.”

Seeing that Yulin Xiao agreed, Anna smiled happily.

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed. You are really a nice woman.”

However, Anna still felt sad and said, “Don’t say that, it’s all because of me. Chuxue would still be safe if she didn’t come with me.”

“If that’s the case, I’m the one that need to be blamed. I’m too careless. Don’t blame yourself and fight against the enemy together.”

Before seeing Yuqi Mu, she had heard of him. He was a playboy who was not similar to Yulin Xiao.

But now it seemed that he was brave and knew what he want.

Rumors were false, she was struck into rumors as well.

Then she looked at Yuqi Mu and smiled.


Hearing the news, Jingyan and Yiyao rushed to England.

Anna was surprised to see Yiyao.

“Yiyao, why are you here?”

Yiyao’s face was still a little pale, but her eyes were bright.

“Of course I’m here to save Chuxue, how dare they to kidnap her?”

“But, you……”

“Well, it’s just small injuries, don’t worry.”

Yiyao acted casually, however, Jingyan frowned.

“Doctor told you to have a rest.”

“I know my body.” Yiyao said and then looked at Yulin Xiao, “Tell me about the situation.”

The appearance of Yiyao suddenly inspired the crowd.

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