“I will train you,” Black Rose’s big blue eyes suddenly felt a little cold.

“Thank you sister,” Ouyang Fei rejoiced and went to the U.S., so she can become better and see more things. She hasn’t been abroad yet!

It’s just Ouyang Fei’s chagrin that her mobile phone actually dropped and there were Qian Yueying’s photos and also Black Rose photos inside, but they were gone. So, should she find a way to take a new photo?

But where is there such a good opportunity??

“But you have to change it,” Black Rose said coldly.

“Change? Sister, what do you want me to change? I’m up to you,” Ouyang Fei said obediently.

“We are killers. It’s normal to kill people. Others’ employers can pay money, but there is a bottom line, you know?” Black Rose is indifferent.

Just now, Black Rose had already “changed” Ouyang Fei so much. How could this girl under twenty years old be full of shameless insidiousness?

Take photos for blackmail? Is this kind of thing a killer can do?

Black Rose disdains to do so.

Yes, the killer is notorious, and Black Rose admits it, but because of this kind of photo shooting, she feels that this is a shame to the killer!!

A killer is a murderer, not doing something shameless without a bottom line!

“Sister, you say,” Ouyang Fei is cute.

“You are not allowed to take pictures of other people’s women, have you heard? There is no bottom line at all! Understand?” Black Rose reprimanded!

“En, I will listen to what my sister says, and I will never shoot again.”

Ouyang Fei said, thinking in her heart: not to shoot? You say I can’t shoot coz you don’t? Do you think you’re my mother if you taught me?

I will shoot, and I will shoot you!!

“Sister, what is your bottom line?” Ouyang Fei asked.

“No matter how low my bottom line is, I won’t do something like you.” Black Rose said coldly.

Black Rose is the number one female killer, but she doesn’t know her bottom line. It can be said that it has a lot to do with her mood. If others give money, she will kill!

But she also refunded her money because she didn’t want to kill!

This happens when she is not in a good mood.

“Well, I know, sister, I will learn from you,” Ouyang Fei said.

Black Rose’s face became cold again, “Get up, let’s go to America.”

Ouyang Fei got up, and she asked in a low voice, “Sister, do you have a boyfriend in the U.S.? You are so beautiful and have such a good body.”

Ouyang Fei is telling the truth, especially when she personally took off the black rose clothes that day, she saw it very clearly and she envied it.

Originally the figure of American beauties is bumpy, which is more obvious than that of Chinese women. Ouyang Fei knows that especially Black Rose, this figure is better than that of stars in American movies. Ouyang Fei was thinking that if Black Rose would have been a star. How good is it? Why she became a killer?

Can’t figure it out!

“Why should I have?” Black Rose does not have a boyfriend. Many killers and bosses pursue her. She refuses, and always has been.

No man has ever let Black Rose take another look.

Not interested.

“But sister, you are so beautiful.” Ouyang Fei didn’t understand it at all.

If Ouyang Fei had this kind of figure, this kind of temperament, and this kind of looks, she would have played with all the men in the United States a long time ago!

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have, Ouyang Fei felt envy and hate.

Black Rose stared at Ouyang Fei coldly, “Women have to rely on themselves, but this is not based on the figure, not on looks, but on their own strength!!”

Black Rose has never relied on her looks and figure. Once there was a big boss in the United States. Seeing Black Rose, she was shocked!

The beloved bid of 50 million US dollars, let Black Rose accompany him for three days.

Black Rose coldly refused. In the end, the boss stepped back and said that it would be fine for a day and a half, and that he could earn $50 million on that day. There is no woman who can refuse!

Black Rose finally refused!

He also warned the boss, if he mentioned this matter next time, she will kill his whole family! !

Ouyang Fei catered to it on the surface, despised and pretended to be forced!

Rely on one’s own ability? ? If one can rely on one’s own figure and appearance, then why should one rely on one’s own ability?

Black Rose didn’t want to say too much, so she took Ouyang Fei to the United States, and she thought in her heart that since the phone was dropped, she must find a way to take photos of Black Rose.

Otherwise, when the time comes to turn her face with Black Rose, she can still use the photo to threaten and let Black Rose hand over all the money, Ouyang Fei’s thoughts are getting deeper and deeper.

Of course, she didn’t know that Black Rose would know one day…

“Husband, Aunt Logan will be fine,” Yvette felt distressed.

Since entering the hospital, Chuck Cannon has been dull, and he has been muttering to himself as talking to Aunt Logan.

Logan has now been sent in for first aid. It has been five hours, and Yvette has been watching Chuck Cannon become haggard.

“Aunt Logan.” Chuck Cannon couldn’t listen to other people’s words.

He can only swear in his heart that he will never let Logan hurt herself in this life!

Absolutely not!

Yvette sighed.

At this time, the door of the emergency room finally opened, and Chuck Cannon was the first to rush up. The best female doctor came out from the inside, took off her mask, and looked tired.

“How is she?” Chuck Cannon was nervous.

“Ms Logan has lost too much blood, it’s all right, but you can go in and have a look before she wakes up,” the female doctor said.

Chuck Cannon was overjoyed and rushed in.

Yvette felt relieved and was about to go in, but when the phone rang, she took it out to look and was silent.

She went to the side to answer the phone.

“Blood Leopard, how is it? The day after tomorrow is the deadline! Don’t tell me, you haven’t started doing it yet! The killer organization said indifferently.

“It takes time!” Yvette will definitely not kill Chuck Cannon, she will delay time now!

“Blood Leopard, I remind you again, after you take this order if you can’t do it, or even if you are suspected of covering up, then our killer organization will maintain the reputation of the killer and pursue you globally! You will die ugly! !!!”

“I know.”

Yvette sighed, she knew when she took this task.

Compared with Chuck Cannon’s danger, Yvette made a choice.

“Know that you have to act quickly! The last time is almost here.” The killer organization said coldly.


After the phone was hung up, Yvette sighed and walked to the door of the ward. After hesitating, he just pushed through a gap and saw Chuck Cannon talking to Logan. She didn’t go in and sat in the corridor waiting.

How should she do it? Yvette was thinking about this issue. If she was pursued and killed by the killer organization, then she would definitely be unable to escape.

“Aunt Logan, how are you feeling?” Chuck Cannon saw Logan open her eyes. These eyes were so beautiful and gentle, but they looked sad, and they were seriously injured.

Chuck Cannon wanted to cry.

“I’m fine,” Logan didn’t feel anything on her body. When the injury was heavier than this, she was able to resist. This is nothing in front of that.

When she was following Karen Lee at that time, her heart stopped beating from the grief at Amazon, but Logan still resisted.

“Aunt Logan, I thought you were dead just now,” Chuck Cannon cried, and he couldn’t stop crying. At that time, when he saw Logan closed his eyes, Chuck Cannon felt his eyes were dark.

What if Logan dies? Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to think that way, so he desperately gave Logan artificial and breathing. He didn’t have any distractions, just wanted to save Logan.

Logan smiled softly, so affectionate, Logan’s face was pale, but when she smiled, she was still so gentle.

“I don’t want to die.” Logan was not afraid of death before, but after this time, she was a little bit reluctant to die. In this life, she finally had a person she liked, and she was reluctant to die.

“Don’t cry,” Logan stretched out her hand to wipe Chuck Cannon’s tears, and Chuck Cannon took her hand. “Auntie Logan, from today on, I will protect you and won’t hurt you.”

Chuck Cannon swears. Logan has been seriously injured twice for him and Chuck Cannon will absolutely not allow a third time. If there is, then Chuck Cannon will go crazy and kill the whole family!!

“Okay,” Logan’s eyes were moist. She didn’t need protection from a man before, but now it’s different. She feels that this kind of protection is very secure. She likes this feeling very much, and she likes it very much. She looks at Chuck Cannon tenderly. From today on, the big boy wants to protect herself.

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