Chapter 497 – 498: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 497: The Henggu Holy Sect

After a short rest, Kris raised up and said, “My name is Aotian Long, can I have your name please?” The name he made for convenience was suitable enough for him to show his character.

“Chen Ye!” Said him.

Kris nodded for his honesty and sent him a storage ring.

Chen frowned and asked, “Aotian, what do you mean?”

“As what I have promised you before, I will pay you a half of what I get as your tip!”Replied Kris, “As the disciple of Henggu Holy Sect, I never eat my word!”

“Wait a minute, be careful of his gift!” Said Mr. Gu. Then he carefully cheek the ring with his soul energy.

After a while, Mr. Gu said, “There is no wrong in the ring!”

As Chen found, there were more than 20 kinds of miraculous herbs in the ring, in which the two precious medicines- Soul Lingering Grass and Yingyang Harmony Flower, were the main materials of Soul Forming Pill. Thanks to these herbs, Chen could made magic pills to help Mr. Gu to restore his soul energy.

Besides the herbs, there were also thousands of superior spiritual stone.

“Aotian, thanks so much, I…” Said Chen with gratitude.

“It’s no big deal since you have saved my life.” Kris shook his head and said, “And this is the spirit of the black bear, I think it is useful for you. As for the body of the supreme monster… I will take it as my souvenir for this hunting trip.”

“The ring in his hand is at least a senior storage ring.” Said Mr. Gu, “He must be a practitioner with a profound heritage. However, I’ve never heard the name of Henggu Holy Sect. I think you can talk about it and ask him where the site of it. “

Chen was also curious about Kris and his background and he said, but he didn’t know how to start the topic, so he should wait and see.

“You are so generous, Aotian.” Said Chen.

“Ha ha!”Kris nodded with a playful smile on his face and took out a hundred catties of black bear meat. Then what he did surprised both Chen and Mr. Gu.

He took out the grill and said, “Wait a moment, I got some more to share with you.”

What did he mean? A barbecue? Chen was dumbfound to see that the grill he showed was a superior spirit weapon!

How extravagant he was!

After that, Kris took out spices and a brush. The brush, to Chen’s surprise, seemed to be also a good magic weapon.

“Ok, I know you are curious about it, let me tell you, this is a inferior Taoist weapon, in which the soul of a pig emperor is imprisoned!” Said Kris with a big smile on his face.

The curiosity of Mr. Gu was much stronger than ever for he couldn’t believe the luxurious life Kris led.

The meal was a good meal, and Chen found himself dumb when he saw that Kris took out the bowls and chopsticks, which were, no doubt, the magic weapons.

Kris cut several pieces of black bear meat and put it on Chen’s plate and said, “Come on, my friend, have a try!”

Kris was really the person that he couldn’t reject. Although Chen was a prudent practitioner, he knew Kris had no reason to set traps on him, a poor boy who came to the Infinite Sea from a poor village, so he took a bite casually.

Jesus! The meat was really a great delicacy which also served as the energy drive for Chen. The meat of Supreme Beast was beneficial for the practition of Chen, indeed.

However, for Kris, this was no more than an simple appetite, and he was a man have a good taste in his life.

“Now all we lack is a cup of good wine.”

When Kris’s voice fell, Chen took out his wine gourd and poured a cup of wine for Kris.

“My good friend, this is the cold bone wine made by myself, I hope you will like it.” Said Chen.

Kris drank it without hesitation. The wine tasted like a burning fire which, however, turned into a chilling one when it came to the stomach. But the unique feeling lasted only two seconds and disappeared.

This must the medicinal wine that Chen made to strengthen his physical energy.

“Good wine it is! The cold bone wine must have a magical effect of refining bones, and one cup of it is invaluable.” Said Kris with surprise.

Chen smiled and said, “Good wine, good meat for good friends!”

Gradually, the topic of their conversation became more wide.

During the conversation, Chen learned that the Henggu Holy Sect was where Kris came from, though he had never heard about it at all. But what Chen knew is the sect must be a super strong one.

Kris continued to say, “Actually, I came here secretly. The site of my sect is not in the Infinite Sea, it is in the remote Eastern Divine Land. And why I came here this time was becasue my senior brother sent me here to make a investigation.”

“Investigation about what?”Chen frowned and still felt puzzled about what he said.

“To tell you the truth, I am here to check whether there is a suitable island to be used as the basis for the division of my sect.” Said Kris.

“Mr. Gu, what do you think about it?” Asked Chen.

” I’ve never heard about the sect, ” Said Mr. Gu, “ but as far as I am concerned, as the center of the Devil Land, the Eastern Divine Land has a vast territory hundreds of times as large as the infinite sea. And the three saints’ sects of the Infinite Sea are no big deal anymore if they were in the Eastern Divine Land.”

” Jesus! Are you serious?” Said Chen.

“Yes, of course. The Eastern Divine Land is the center of the world. There are many powerful practitioner, much more powerful than you can expect, and there are many hermit sects, each of which is an absolute giant undoubtedly. This is all what I know.” Said Mr. Gu.

After the basic introduction from Mr. Gu, Chen came to understand the confidence Kris had showed.

“You can observe then keep your good relation with him if he is a kind person.” Said Mr. Gu, “And you should know that the area where human race take control of in the Infinite Sea was only a small part, and most areas of the Infinite Sea were under the control of sea monster. If you want to be stronger, you must go to learn more in Eastern Divine Land, which is the center of genius, indeed.” Said Mr. Gu.

Kris laughed secretly as he knew Chen was having personal talk with the old man in his ring.

“My friend, if you have any good suggestion for me, I will reward you to your content!” Said Kris.

Chen said, “Alright, do you have any requirements for the island?”

Kris thought about it and said, “it should be better than the Island of the three saints’ sects! And I am sure that the division of my sect here will become the strongest one here.”

Jesus! Chen was dumbfound again by what Kris said, but he kept reminding himself that all Kris had said was a commonplace since the sect he was in was strong enough to say so.

“But, Aotian, aren’t you afraid that the secret will be leaked?” Said Chen.

“Of course not, because no one here dares to put a finger at my sect.” Replied Kris with a smile on his face.

“How about the three saints’ sect?” Asked Chen.

“Then we will cut off their dirty fingers and send them to the hell!” Kris said with a larger smile.

Chen almost felt his bone chilled about what Kris said. He must be crazy, rather than confident.

“Chen, do you want to join my sect?” Asked Kris.

What the fuck? He never Kris would ask him such a question for he was only a small practitioner in the Pill formation period.

Chen was always a honest boy, and he said, “Yes, I’d love to, but I have joined Pure Yang Sect.”

“Capable men choose the right leader to serve. If you come to join my sect, you can enjoy more excellent resource and fighting skills than that Pure Yang Sect can give you. “Said Kris.

However, Chen was still confused that why Kris would choose him, a small practitioner from a poor village, as the new disciple of his sect. He should have better choice.

Or maybe Kris was totally a liar?

“Thanks so much, but I, I think there are numberless person here who are more talented than me Why do you choose me…”

Kris raised his hand to interrupt him and said with a smile, “because I think you are a good boy.”

A good boy? It was a confusing answer again. What on earth did he mean?

At this point, Mr. Gu sighed in the ring and said, “Trust him, he must be from a unexpectedly strong sect, and what his sect is going to do will break the silence of the Infinite Sea. “

Maybe the position of the largest three ones in the Infinite Sea would be shook.

Chen was persuaded by Mr. Gu and nodded his head.

“You don’t have to worry about your natural endowment. We can turn everyone into a genius if needed!” Said Kris.

After that, Kris took out a pill with nine auspicious clouds on it.

The moment when the pills were taken out, Mr. Gu exclaimed, ”Jesus, it must be the third-level pill-the Endowment Improvement Pill, and the nine auspicious clouds on it means the benefit of the pills in his hands will equal that of the first-level one. I am sure that the pills must be made by the Divine-level alchemist.”

Chapter 498: Chen Ye Became A Junior

“Chen Ye, say yes, join the Eternal Sect.” Mr. Gu said.

“But, Mr. Gu, is it okay to leave Pure Yang Sect?”

Chen Ye still hasn’t decided yet. According to his thoughts, it was okay for him to stay in the Pure Yang Sect, and coupled with Mr. Gu’s help, it was not necessary to join the Eternal Sect.

“Stupid! You are so stupid!”

Mr. Gu said without hesitation: “I know what you think. But do you know the difference between the first-class sect and the top-class sect?”

“From resources to the supply of practicing methods, it is difficult for those first-class sects to possess. Why do the top geniuses continue to appear in those top-class sects? That is because they have a full inheritance and perfect talent training model.”

Mr. Gu also entered Danzong School when he was young. Danzong School was ranked among the top ten sects in North Luzhou so that he could break through the actualized spirit.

Success is 1% hard work and 99% resources!

Chen Ye stopped talking. In fact, in the beginning, his goal was also the three holy sects, but it was a pity that they refused him at that time.

He had no choice but to join the Pure Yang Sect.

But he still felt sorry in his heart for asking him to leave the Pure Yang Sect and join the Eternal Sect.

Seeing Chen Ye’s complexion, Kris Chen was also confused in his heart. He couldn’t believe he was so determined to stay in the Pure Yang Sect.

Well, Mr. Gu was also an alchemist during his lifetime, so the temptation of magical pills didn’t work for him.

Just at this time, Kris Chen had a thought, and there were various treasures and various techniques in front of Chen Ye. After a glance, they were all god-level techniques!

Damn it!

Chen Ye’s eyes brightened.

When he joined the Pure Yang Sect, he only got intermediate-grade swordsmanship.

Now, as soon as he entered the Eternal Sect, he could get a god-level practicing method. How could he refuse it?

“Quickly! Say yes, and join him!”

Mr. Gu roared: “If you miss this opportunity, you will regret it. Joining the Eternal Sect will at least save your time for practicing for ten years!”

Hearing these words, Chen Ye was stunned because he needed time to practice now. One year later, it would be the time he had to fight against Ruolan Shangguan.

When she came out, she was already in the middle period of Pill formation. She would become a primal spirit in two years!

The most important thing was that she had opened up the first level acupunctures.

With the cultivation of the Universe Sect, she would improve faster than him!

Ye Chen took a deep breath, “Okay, I am in!”

“Well, from today, you will be my junior!”

Kris Chen laughed loudly, “You can take this marrow pill as the meeting gift, and you can choose two of these treasures and exercises at will!”

Get high-level magical pills, high-level treasures, and god-level exercises when he just joined the sect. The Eternal Sect deserved its reputations.

Even the disciples of pill formation have so many treasures, Chen Ye speculated that Kris Chen must be the core disciple of the Eternal Sect.

“Mr. Chen!”

Chen Ye respectfully made a bow.


Kris Chen smiled and helped Chen Ye up, “We are a family now and don’t be so polite. Our Eternal Sect has only one rule, that is, respect the old and love the young, and love each other!”

Respect the old, love the young, and love each other?

Chen Ye was dumbfounded, what kind of rule was it?

Kris Chen gave him a token, “This is your identity card. It contains the life-saving means left by the big brother, and you can kill anyone under the accumulated spirit!”

The token was just an ordinary token, but it was quite hard. Kris Chen melted three sword energies in it, which could save Chen Ye three times.

After receiving the token, Chen Ye’s spirit sank into it, and he felt an enormous power in it.

This thing could be used as an ace!

“Thank you, Mr. Chen.”

“Don’t be so polite, I’ll introduce you to the big brother later.”

Chen Ye nodded, he was very interested in these people he had never met before, and he felt a strong sense of belonging in his heart.

He didn’t feel this way even after he entered the Pure Yang Sect for a few months.

What the hell.

It seemed that he had made an excellent choice to join the Eternal Sect.

“Chen Ye, you should take that star meteorite, dragon blood scorpion stone, and copper of the first yang. These are all good things, and even those with accumulated spirits may not have them.”

Chen Ye was a little embarrassed and pointed to those three things, “Mr. Chen, can I take these three treasures?”

Kris Chen smiled and nodded. For him, these things were nothing!

“And I will choose Ten Thousand Swordsmanship and Soul Containing Method.”

After receiving magical pills, taking the treasures, and choosing the god-level technique, Chen Ye felt he was on the right path.

Kris Chen didn’t care about those things, and he just wanted the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!

After receiving those things, Kris Chen said, “Chen Ye, to tell you the truth. I came here this time for the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!”

What? The Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire?

Chen Ye was stunned in his heart. Why did he have the same purpose as him for coming here?

Mr. Gu in the ring also frowned, “How did he know the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire is here?”

“Mr. Chen, the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire is a different fire from heaven and earth, how could there be heaven and earth spirit fire in this forbidden place?”

Chen Ye remained calm and asked.

“It was calculated by the elders in the sect.”

Kris Chen continued to lie, “However, they can only calculate the approximate direction of the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. I walked all the way, and Luojia Mountain is most likely to have it!”

“Oh? Why?”

Chen Ye was puzzled.

“This is the battlefield of actualized spirit. It is said that several actualized spirits have fallen here. It is not surprising that some of them have the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. I suspect that the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was left behind when they fell. The place is forbidden, so it is hard for others to find it.”

Kris Chen’s words were well-founded. He said there was an influential elder in the sect, which further raised the Eternal Sect’s grade and lowered his suspicion.

“Mr. Gu, can anyone find it out?”


Mr. Gu said: “The Fortune Telling Sect and the Guanxing Pavilion are good at divination!”

“It seems that he came here according to the guidance of the elders in the sect. What a coincidence!”

Chen Ye thought so too.

“You can ask him why he wants the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.”

“Why do you want the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire?” Chen Ye asked.

Kris Chen touched his nose and smiled: “For cultivating!”

“I practiced a god-level technique, and I need the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!”

If you want to persuade someone, you need to believe in your words first.

It turned out to be cultivation.

“Can’t other spirit fire replace it?”


Kris Chen sighed and said: “There are Red Lotus Fire, Tianxin Fire, Sanshengdao Fire, and Yin-Yang Fire, which of these spiritual fires are more advanced than the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. If they are useful, why should I try so hard and sneak in here secretly?”

“Mr. Gu, have you heard of these fires before?”

Mr. Gu said: “The Red Lotus Fire ranked 3rd, Tianxin Fire ranked 10th, Sanshengdao Fire ranked 12th, and Yin-Yang Fire ranked 15th!”

“If you have one in your sects, you will have the strength to become a top sect!”

Mr. Gu said it seriously. For example, the Red Lotus Fire could burn one’s bad karma, and the practitioners were full of bad karma because they needed to fight all year round. But what if that bad karma were gone?

At the time of promotion, even the heart devil would disappear!

Another example is the Tianxin Fire. As long as you could endure the pain of burning, you could enhance the Divine Spiritual Power!

How strong was the Eternal Sect?

It must be the top hidden sect!

Chen Ye took a deep breath and had a more intuitive impression of the Eternal Sect.

However, the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire could cleanse the acupuncture points; he couldn’t give up.

“Chen Ye, I am leaving first. If you have news of the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire, let me know by voice message!”

Kris Chen smiled and stood up and gave him his sound transmission stone, “If there is any danger, tell me, I will come to rescue you as soon as possible.”

“Mr. Chen, are you leaving?”

Chen Ye looked at him in surprise.

“Well, if you can’t find that spirit fire, it’s better to give up as soon as possible and change other methods!”

Kris Chen patted Chen Ye on the shoulder. Somehow, Chen Ye suddenly felt guilty.

He knew where the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was, but he couldn’t tell Kris Chen, making him feel very uncomfortable.

Kris Chen treated him sincerely, but he had to lie to him.

“I’m leaving, pay attention to your safety and remember to call me if you are in danger!”

After speaking, Kris Chen left with a flying sword.

“Mr. Gu, did he leave?”

Mr. Gu nodded, “Yes!”

“Do you feel guilty?”

“Yes, a little bit!”

“Stupid, you are a practitioner. If you lose this opportunity, you would feel regret.”

Mr. Gu scolded fiercely.

Chen Ye nodded and said yes.

“Alas, it was nothing. I can’t persuade you.”

Mr. Gu sighed, and he knew Chen Ye’s character quite well.

Chen Ye smiled, “Mr. Gu, you know me well!”

“The marrow pill can improve your physique, hurry up and eat it.”

Ye Chen nodded and ate the marrow pill in one gulp, and the efficacy of this medicine was quite potent.

“Hold it, the process of marrow washing is painful, hold on.”

Mr. Gu thought that Chen Ye would become a god in the future.

It was great. Although the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was better to clean the acupuncture points, the process was no different from suicide. The success rate was less than 20%. If one was not careful, he might be burned into ashes by the fire.

After three hours, Chen Ye completely absorbed the marrow pill’s medicinal power, and he felt he was reborn.

Although his strength hasn’t become stronger, he felt that his physical body revolved more auras, and his sensitivity to aura has increased several levels.

“Try to absorb the aura!” Mr. Gu said.

Chen Ye nodded, the air within a thousand meters was faintly affected, and Chen Ye felt that the speed at which he absorbed the spiritual energy was more than twice than before.

He was stunned.

This marrow pill was too powerful.

Divine Spiritual Power also observed Chen Ye, and he was good at body refining. Maybe Eternal Sect could help him achieve something in the future.

What he was studying now was subversive. Even if Chen Ye’s acupuncture point was not the best, he could also help him through the formation pattern.

Chen Ye’s body was strong. Although not as good as him, it was good material for the experiment.

Thinking of this, Kris Chen smiled.

Chen Ye, who was cultivating, couldn’t help but shudder as if being stared at by someone.

At this moment, a slight noise caught Chen Ye’s attention, “Who is there?”

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