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Chapter 497: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 497 I Have to Face Him Now That There Is No Escape

Jingyan Ye, however, did not like seeing Yiyao Duan be like that. She was so strong that it made him feel heartbreaking.

“You should at least take a rest, I can do all these things.”

“There’s no need to take a rest after simply taking a plane? Don’t waste time, now that those people are still behind the curtain, we must discuss a reasonable countermeasure to deal with them.”

Only after seeing Jingyan nod did Yulin Xiao tell Jingyan and Yiyao all the information he knew.

Yiyao listened carefully, then looked up and said, “Take us to meet the bearded man.”

Yulin then led the way, taking them to the secret room.

The bearded man was still lying on the bed with wounds on his body, whose eyes were closed.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of the door opening.

Gently lifting his eyelids, the bearded man looked over.

Then he saw an oriental woman walking slowly over to him.

She was so beautiful that she looked like an elf.

But the expression in her eyes was very harsh, like a knife that could scrape flesh and pick bone.

Unconsciously shivering, the bearded man tried to prop up his body and sit up.

But he was so badly injured that he lied down again.

Yiyao then squatted down beside him and ordered him succinctly, “Tell your master that Jingyan has arrived in England, and we need to speak to Chuxue Ye to make sure that she is safe before we agree to meet your master.”

Yiyao’s voice was straightforward and decisive, making people want to be absolutely disobedient after hearing it.

Then the bearded man thought: This woman gives me a feeling unlike any I’ve ever felt before, who is she?

Seeing the bearded man staring at herself, Yiyao ran out of patience and raised her hand to pinch the bearded man’s wound, reproaching, “What are you thinking about? Call your master now!”

The bearded man really didn’t expect that one moment she was like an elf, and the next moment, she turned into a demon.

So he dared not think much, and he crouched on the ground, wailing.

The scene was so bloody that Anna Xie immediately looked away, and Yulin hurriedly patted her arm gently to give her reassurance.

The bearded man gradually stopped screaming, whose face turned pale and body stated to tremble.

Looking down, the bearded man reached out to pick the mobile phone up after seeing that it had been thrown to his feet, then he reluctantly dialed the number.

With Yiyao around, the bearded man didn’t have the energy to swagger around, who was properly subdued, just like a eggplant withered with frost.

Seeing the bearded man be like this, Yuqi Mu grunted smugly and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t rob your phone this time, you can take your time to make the call.”

After the call was answered, the bearded man spoke briefly. Then he held the phone forward and asked, “Which one of you wants to speak to Chuxue?”

Zhao Nangong and Jingyan both wanted to take the phone, but after the two men looked at each other, Zhao took a step backwards.

Yuqi patted him on the shoulder and looked at him to encourage him.

Taking the phone, Jingyan called out in a low voice, “Chuxue?”

“Brother, where are you? Come and save me!”

Hearing Chuxue’s cries, Jingyan felt a little relieved.

“Chuxue, don’t cry, we are all in England now and will definitely pick you up and bring you home. Are you okay now? Did they bully you?”

“No,but they shut me up in a small room, just like a prison. It’s annoying that there’s always a nasty smell of horse manure. Brother, come and pick me up, and agree to whatever they ask. I really can’t stand being in here.”

Jingyan clenched his fist and said, “Okay, I know, you ……”

Before he could finish his words, Jingyan heard the scream of Chuxue, coming through the other side of the phone.

The shrill voice slowly became distant, and soon, another grim voice came through the receiver.

“Jingyan, long time no see!”

It was a strange voice, but the person on the phone seemed to be incredibly familiar to Jingyan.

“Bastard, don’t touch my sister!”

The person on the phone then smiled smugly and said slowly, “What I will do with your sister depends entirely on your performance. Jingyan, do you have the guts to meet me alone?”

Jingyan snorted disdainfully and said, “Tell me the time and place.”

“Tomorrow morning at 8:30, I will see you at Hengshui Pier. Remember, you must come alone, otherwise I’ll kill your sister!”

“I can meet you, but how do I know if you will let my sister go?”

“Don’t worry, my target is only you, and after meeting with you, I will send your sister back.”

“I can’t believe your promise without guarantee.”

Then the person on the phone laughed coldly, whose voice was hoarse and cruel, “You are not qualified to negotiate with me, Jingyan, you are destined to lose from the moment you arrived in England, and now, you are just dragging out your feeble existence!”

After saying this, the person on the phone hung up.

Damn it!

Throwing the phone aside, the expression in Jingyan’s eyes was fierce.

Seeing Jingyan throw away his phone, the people next to him immediately gathered around and asked, “How’s that, what did the person say?”

At this moment, Jingyan’s pupils were slightly shrunken, and he had a imposing manner all over his body.

Anyone who was familiar with him knew that he was angry.

And they also knew that to annoy Jingyan was a very scary thing.

But at this moment, Jingyan tried his best to restrain himself, who turned back to say to the others, “Send someone to investigate all the stud farms in London.”

“Stud farms?”

“Yes,” Jingyan said coldly as he calmed himself down, “Chuxue gave a hint when we called. She said that there was the smell of horse manure around her, so it was clear that she was being imprisoned in a stud farm, which can’t be too far from Hengshui Pier.”

Hearing these words, Yuqi immediately said, “I am more familiar with England, so leave the matter of finding the stud farm to me.”

“Remember, you only have one night to find the stud farm. And after you find it, don’t act rashly and alert anyone, wait for the reinforcements to arrive and then make your move.”

Yuqi nodded and said, “This time, I will definitely save Chuxue. It’s just a pity that we can not catch the man behind the curtain.”

“Why not?”

Jingyan’s confidence made Yuqi be stunned and said, “If we save Chuxue, the other party will definitely get the news, then of course they will not go to meet with you.”

“Hum, do you think that person will really let the real Chuxue to meet with me? It’s just a trap!”


Recalling the voice on the phone just now, Jingyan said, “That man’s voice was unfamiliar, but I could tell that his voice was full of hatred. Since he hates me, how can he aid me in doing a good deed?”

“What deep hatred does this man have for you, now that he even racks his brains in scheming!”

“When we catch him, we will interrogate him with torture. After you rescue Chuxue, kill all the people on the spot immediately, not leaving them the possibility of passing on information.”

Yuqi nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I know how to do.”

“Then let’s take action separately. Zhao will lead people to ambush around the pier, and Yulin and Yuqi are responsible for rescuing Chuxue.”

Yiyao did not agree to Jingyan because she was not among Jingyan’s arrangement.

“I’m going to the pier too.”

“No, we don’t even know what the enemy is like, it’s too dangerous.”

Being not afraid at all, Yiyao said, “We have to make all-round preparations because we don’t know the strength of the other party. I’ve just taken a look at your firepower preparation, and it’s simply not enough to fight against the other party.”

As she said, Yiyao opened her suitcase, which was dark and filled with all kinds of heavy weapons.

Yuqi smacked his lips after seeing that, thinking that no wonder he felt the suitcase was so heavy that it almost broke his back when he helped carry the luggage just now, it turned out that so many heavy weapons were inside the suitcase.

Jingyan felt helpless after seeing these heavy weapons.

“When did you prepare these?”

“Before I left home.”

Well, Yiyao was indeed very well prepared now that she could put all the various types of those heavy weapons in the suitcase so quickly.

But these weapons were very unfamiliar to Anna, who had only saw the props of those heavy weapons when she filmed the play.

But now these weapons were much more realistic than the props, which were even emitting an eerie glow.

Swallowing the saliva, Anna asked, “Sister Yiyao, are these all real?”

“Of course, they are all good stuff, which definitely can help you gain more fighting capacity!”

Taking a glance at the weapons, Jingyan said, “I’ll take the weapons, but you must stay here.”

“Jingyan, if you don’t let me go, you won’t be able to touch these weapons either!”

The two were diametrically opposed to each other, and neither of whom was willing to back down.

In the end, Yulin said to ease the conflict between them:

“Even if you don’t agree for Yiyao to join the action, I’m afraid she will still follow us in her own way. That would, in turn, be more dangerous to her. So it’s better to agree to her joining us.”

After hearing his words, Jingyan pondered for a moment and finally agreed.

“Alright, but you are not allowed to act without permission, I cannot bear the pain of losing the people I love again.”

There was a surprisingly pleading tone in Jingyan’s voice.

Yiyao was in a trance for an instant and nodded solemnly after hearing his words, “I see, I won’t act rashly.”

The next day–

At the time for action, everyone got ready and was about to leave.

Anna, as the only one that stayed in position, watched them leave with a vague bad feeling in her heart.

Yiyao strapped weapons to her body, then looked at Anna and said, “Anna, you stay here and don’t go anywhere.”

“Okay, I will prepare the wine and food, and wait for you to come back victorious.”


Turning around to see Anna standing there quietly, Yulin was suddenly heartbroken.

Originally, he had wanted to give this girl a peaceful life.

But what awaited her was one ordeal after another.

Yulin blamed himself and reached out to hug Anna, then he leaned down and kissed her on the lips, regardless of other people present.

Before Anna came back to her senses, Yulin had already stared at her with a meaningful expression.

“Trust me, everything will be fine.”

Anna knew that Yulin was comforting herself because he had noticed her unease.

Trying to smile, Anna said, “I believe in you.”

“Good girl.”

Yulin then rubbed the tip of Anna’s nose again, looking at her dottingly.

Yuqi couldn’t stand their look anymore and said helplessly, “That’s enough, please pay attention to the rest of us, okay?”

After hearing his words, Anna blushed and took two steps back.

While Yulin said, “You talk the most.”

“I just can’t stand you often showing affection in public. No, someday I will also find a girlfriend and show affection in front of you everyday, and I will wait and see if you can stand me.”

“Fine, let’s go.”

Seeing them leaving, Anna suddenly said to Yulin:

“Yulin, make sure to be careful.”

Yulin turned around, waved his hand at Anna and said “Yes”.

The man in front of her then walked further and further away, slowly disappearing before her eyes.

And as he left, a certain place in Anna’s heart was empty.

Then Anna thought: No, I can’t feel self-pity anymore.

The room suddenly became quiet after they all left. Anna wanted to do something to make herself feel better, but she didn’t know what to do.

When she took a book to read, she could not focus on the book at all. And when she took out her mobile phone, she just stared at it and did nothing. When she turned on the TV, she could not listen to a word on the TV, as if she had been doing an English listening test that she could not understand at all.

She just felt extremely annoying!

Anna then turned off the TV and lied down on her bed, trying to rest with her eyes closed.

She hadn’t slept well last night and was always awake, resulting in a headache now.

Therefore, she thought she might as well catch up on her sleep while she had nothing else to do.

It was a nice thought, but Anna felt that she wouldn’t be able to sleep. After all, something big would happen today.

But it actually didn’t take long for her to fall asleep after she lied down.

As soon as she fell asleep, Anna began to dream.

She dreamed that she returned to the Capital City and was getting ready to go back to school after coming out of the film set.

It was dark and there were not many people on the road, and the sky was drizzling with rain.

Anna wrapped her clothes tightly and quickened her pace, hoping to get back to school sooner.

But as she walked, she suddenly noticed a shadow behind her, which was following her closely.

She was too scared to look back, so she walked faster and faster, hoping to get to a place where there were lots of people and lights to get rid of the guy behind her.

Unfortunately, the thing was not what it seemed. The road was getting narrower and narrower, and the lights were getting less and less, and it was so quiet that she could even hear her own heartbeat.

Faster, faster!

Anna ran as fast as she could, but what lay ahead of her was a dead end.

In an instant, her surroundings changed dramatically, and it should become a cellar that imprisoned her.

That was strange, how did she end up here?

With nowhere to run, Anna turned around in horror, staring at the approaching figure behind her.

She held her backpack, not even daring to breathe aloud.

The man who had been chasing her slowly stepped out of the backlight, revealing his true face.

His face, his face ……

After seeing his face, Anna’s pupils shrank in terror at once and she was about to call out a name!


At the critical moment, Anna suddenly woke up, breathing heavily and looking around in confusion.

It turned out to be a dream ……

She closed her eyes, and beads of sweat were still seeping out of her forehead.

Although it was only a dream, Anna recalled a very important thing through it.

She finally knew where that familiar-looking place was!

For it was such an urgent thing, Anna hurriedly found her mobile phone and intended to call Yulin.

“Who are you going to call?”

A cold voice came from behind her, and Anna felt as if she had fallen into an ice cellar.

Anna did not dare to turn around and she squeezed the phone tightly, trembling from her head to toe.

But the person behind her was smiling and walking towards her step by step.

“Long time no see. That’s how you welcome me?”

Her body trembled more and more, and Anna wished this had also been a dream.

Her fingertips pinched into her palm, leaving deep marks and making her feel quite painful. She then knew that this was not a dream.

Then she thought: I have to face him now that there is no escape!

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