Chapter 498: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 498 Anna Xie Is Missing

Anna Xie took a deep breath, and when she turned around, in front of her eyes, she saw a pair of eyes glowing evil lights.


Before Anna finished, she felt being surrounded by darkness and passed out.

On the Hengshui Wharf…

Time passed by fast. Not getting any news from Yulin Xiao, Jingyan Ye started to get worried.

Zhao Nangong had been hiding in the corner. He used the walkie-talkie to communicate with Jingyan.

“It’s about that time. Why hasn’t that bastard shown up yet? And what happened to Yulin? Did something go wrong?”

Jingyan squinted and said, “Let’s wait longer. You two hide well. Don’t expose yourselves.”


It was already five past eight, but there’s nothing strange on the busy wharf.

Jingyan and his party started to get impatient.

Finally, Jingyan’s phone rang.

It was from Yulin.

Jingyan asked, “Why are you calling now? Did you find Chuxue?”

It was noisy on the other side of the phone. Yulin sounded anxious.

He said to Jingyan loudly, “Chuxue’s fine! Get out of the wharf, now! Chuxue said that she overheard their conversation, saying that they have hidden bombs there on the wharf. You will all be bombed into pieces!”

Jingyan immediately got alerted and rushed to Yiyao Duan. At the same time, he talked to Zhao with the walkie-talkie, “Run!”

“What happened?”

“Explosives here! It’s dangerous!”

By now Jingyan had already reached Yiyao. Hearing Jingyan’s words, Yiyao frowned right away.

“Explosives? What about these unarmed citizens?”

“Leave them! Let’s get out of here!”

Jingyan took Yiyao’s hand and pulled her to run with him.

But Yiyao couldn’t stay indifferent.

She just couldn’t let so many innocent people die for them.

Yiyao showed a serious look and the next second, she raised her gun and shot the bullet up in the air.

“A terror attack, run!”

Yiyao roared. And when the people on the wharf heard her words, they all ran madly towards the exit of the wharf.

Watching this tough woman beside him, Jingyan was speechless. But he was quite proud because she’s so smart and courageous.

Yiyao released the news without delaying so the people on the wharf got to escape in time. Soon the wharf went empty. And right at this moment, the bombs exploded.

They had no chance to see the mysterious man, but they got Chuxue out, which was a success.

Sitting in the car, Jingyan called Yulin to asked the details of what had happened.

Yulin sounded tired, “Chuxue was indeed in a racecourse nearby. It took us some effort to finally found her.”

Yulin left out the details but Jingyan knew what Yulin had been through in the process of saving Chuxue.

They could talk about the details when they should meet.

“Where’s Chuxue? How’s she?”

“She’s fine. But she’s startled and now she’s asleep.”

“Good to hear she’s fine.”

“What about you? How is it going?”

Jingyan squinted and hummed, “We are fine. We didn’t see that guy either.”

“What a bastard, doing such a filthy thing!”

“Anyway, let’s talk about it when we go back.”

They drove to Yulin’s house. And Yulin’s car arrived at the same time.

Jingyan had wanted to give Chuxue a warm hug but Chuxue went directly into Zhao’s arms and started to cry.

Zhao hugged Chuxue tightly like hugging a long lost baby.

Yiyao patted Jingyan gently and showed a warm smile.

Jingyan was a bit awkward. His little sister no longer belonged to him.

When Chuxue finally calmed herself down, she suddenly realized she had a brother.

She looked up and walked to Jingyan. With her red eyes, she said, “Brother1”

Jingyan patted her on the shoulder and said, “You’ve done a good job and I found you. You are fine now.”

“I thought I could never see you again!”

Chuxue started to weep again.

Yiyao put her arm around Chuxue’s shoulder and patted her gently.

Chuxue wiped her tears and asked, “Did you get the bastard! How dare he kidnap me! I’ll kick his ass!”

“He got away. Did you find any clue when you were kept there?”

Chuxue thought for a while and said, “ I was locked in a small wodden house. There were two women who brought me food and clean clothes everyday.”

“Did you eat well there?” Yuqi said.

Chuxue frowned, “Why are you asking this?”

“I noticed you have put on weight!”

Chuxue was awkward and defended herself, “It’s because I cried too much! My face swelled!”

“Ah, it’s okay. Someone people just eat a lot when under a lot of pressure.”

“I did not eat much!”

Seeing that Chuxue was being teased, Zhao said, “At least that guy did not make you suffer. He treated you nicely, didn’t he?”

Well, it seemed like so.

Yuqi crossed his arms and he looked confused, “I don’t get it. This guy seems to have a special feelinf for you Ye Family.”

“Whatever it is, he needs to pay the price! How dare he hurt the Ye Family!”

Jingyan looked so serious and angry, as if he was about to tear the enemies into pieces.

“Not only you. Yulin hates him to death, too. By the way, Yulin…”

Yuqi was about to say something to Yulin but when he turned around, Yulin was already gone.


Soon Yulin walked out.

Unlike the others, Yulin looked anxious.

“Yulin, what’s going on?”

“Anna’s gone!”


As soon as Yulin came back, he had been looking for Anna to tell her the wonderful news.

But Anna was nowhere to be found, which got Yulin so concerned.

“Maybe she felt bored and took a walk nearby.”

Yulin shook his head, “Her everything is here – her passport and purse. Where mcan she go?”

They went to Anna’s room and saw her room remained tidy. No one seemed to have broken in.

Yiyao squinted, “She had no chance to fight back at all…”

“Were they tough?”

Jingyan got Yiyao’s meaning and said, “No. We have a mole here.”

“A mole?”

It shocked everyone.

Yulin looked so pale.

“Damn! He ignored us and played us fool!”

Yulin waved his fist at the wall and it made a huge sound.

They understood how Yulin felt at the moment. But they knew it’s no use saying nice words. It’s better to find clues first.

Yuqi squinted and said, “He’s a good one. He knows about our schedule and our habits. It’s just that I don’t get him. He kidnapped Chuxue to threaten Jingyan, but why did he take Anna? If Anna is really important to him, why did he even let her go in the first place?”

Jingyan continued, “That’s why I would say he’s smart.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s called the interlocked stratagems. He planned to get rid of me and take Anna at the same time. There must be something going on between Anna and him.”

Chuxue said with disbelief, “Anna is just a student. How can she know such a man of complicated backgrounds?”

Yulin paused and said, “Well, she did mess with a man of complicated backgrounds.”

“Who’s that?”

“Brother Six.”

Yiyao frowned, “The man you mentioned last time?”


Chuxue was confused, “What are you talking about? What brother Six?”

“Anna was once sold by her cousin to a man, from whose hands I saved Anna. The man who bought Anna, people call him brother Six.”

On hearing it, Chuxue felt so angry and clenched her fists.

“what a poor girl Anna is! I should have taught her cousin a lesson!”

Yulin was quite upset. He had no more attention to pay to Anna’s cousin. He said, “If it’s really brother Six, things will get a bit tough to handle. Brother Six has power in the underground world and it’s easy for him to make someone disappear.”

Chuxue panicked, “We can’t let Anna fall into his hands! Brother, do you know how to deal with him?”

Jingyan remained silent for a while then he said, “He will come back to me because he failed to kill me this time. And when he approaches me again, we will deal with him.”

“It’ll be too late!” Yulin said.

Everyone turned around and looked at Yulin. Yulin looked so mad and fearless.

Yuqi was quite worried to see Yulin like this.

But he just could not urge Yulin to calm down because he was couldn’t feel what Yulin was suffering inside.

Yuqi hesitated for a while then asked, “What do you want to do?”

“He’s not the only one who has underground power. I can deal with violence with violence. Let’s see who’s tougher!”

As everyone could see, there’s madness in Yulin’s eyes.

Fearing that Yulin would go to extremes, Yuqi hurriedly said, “Let me handle this, what do you think?”

“Are you worrying about me? There’s no need to. I will catch that bastard and make him regret for living as a human in this world!”

“What do you need us to do?”

“I will talk to the Big beard first. Then I’ll come to you when I need help.”

Then Yulin left, leaving everyone standing there feeling puzzled.

When Yulinwent far enough, Chuxue grabbed Yuqi’s arm and asked, “Why did brother Six take Anna?”

“I’ve no idea!”

“Aren’t you twins with Yulin? You are supposed to know whatever happens to him!”

Yuqi was so speechless, “Come on! Who told you that twins should feel what each other thinks? How would I know what happens between him and his girlfriend?”

Chuxue still wanted to ask something but Zhao stopped her, “Come on Chuxue, Yuqi had been in the UK when it happened. He wouldn’t have known.”

Yuqi nodded hurriedly.

Zhao’s words make sense but Chuxue felt even more confused.

She sat in the couch and pouted her lips, “It’s making me crazy! What kind of thing did we Ye Family mess with?”

“Chuxue, mom and dad should not know about this, at least for now.”

Jingyan seemed to have sensed what Chuxue was thinking, so he warned her.

Chuxue was stunned, “Are you sure?”

“Yes. We don’t even have a clue bow. We shouldn’t make them worry.”

Chuxue was a bit awkward, “But mom and dad ate having a vacation in Europe. I hope they don’t suddenly miss us and come to see us.”

Everyone got silent when hearing this.

Seeing that everyone was discouraged, Yiyao clapped her hands, “Think something good. Yulin knows this brother Six better than any of us. Maybe he has already had a way to deal with brother Six by now. Let’s not be upset. We might discourage him. From tomorrow, let’s use all the connections we have to find this brother Six!”

Being encouraged by Yiyao, everyone felt hopeful again. “Yes, let’s do it!”

While everyone was talking about their plan here, Yulin walked into the secret room.

The Big Beard was half awake. Hearing the door being opened, he looked up.

His eyes met with Yulin’s eyes.

With coldness in his eyes, Yulin walked to the Big Beard, squatted and said, “surprised to see us again, aren’t you?”

The Big Beard turned away and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Stop pretending! I already know that someone has been keeping in touch with you, promising that he could give you freedom. But it seems that he did keep his word.”

There’s suspicion in the eyes of the Big Beard.

And Yulin saw it.

“Your boss has come and taken away the person he wants, leaving you here waiting for death.”

Yulin then added, “You devoted your life to him, but he just treats you as something useless. Your life is worthless, but your family will die for your carelessness. Are you really okay with that?”

The Big Beard stared to get panicked. He frowned, “They haven been transferred to somewhere safe already. In no way will you find them!”

“Really?” Yulin took out his phone and show the pictures to the Big Beard.

The pictures were sent to him long ago, but Yulin still used it as a bait. He bet that the Big Beard would collapse on seeing this. Because the Big beard had nothing more to lose except his family.

Seeing the reaction of the Big Beard, Yulin knew that he won.

Hard as the Big Beard tried to control his feelings, he beard that had been trembling exposed his inner thoughts.

“Where did you get the pictures!”

“What do you think? Your daughter is cute! She has a pretty face! I am sure she will grow into a beauty in the future, I mean, if she can grown up safely.”

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