Chapter 499 – 500: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 499: I Need Your Help

The answer to Chen was a sharp flying sword!

Chen dodged the flying sword and shouted, “Show up now, or be a coward.”

The man who hid in the darkness stood out as asked and said, “Alright, now I got you here, I have no need to hide myself!”

Within a second, dozens of men rushed out, all of whom were the disciples of the Secluded Immortal Palace in the lotus robes. Xun Zhao, the leader of them, was the second senior fighter of the young generation of his sect. Being at middle period of the pill formation, Xun was proud of his thunder magic.

“You are just like a ghost.” Said Chen. He snorted coldly with his flying sword hanging on his side. Compared with the flying sword, his physical strength was his proudest weapon.

Xun said coldly, “Hand over the ghost flower then I will let you go!”

“Save your words now, I can’t wait a good fight.”Chen smiled as his eyes fixed on his enemies, he would showed them no mercy now.

“Damn you! How dare you say such words.” A disciple at the early stage of Pill formation couldn’t help but rush up and sang his magic spell to Chen.

“Cold ice stab!” Several ice spikes shot like javelins toward Chen as the spell was done.

Although the power of this ice stab was good, its casting speed was too slow to hit the target.

“You are too slow, here I am!”Chen approached the man like a bullet.


His fist was like a dragon blow, which broke his protective cover and shattered his internal organs. With one stroke, Chen killed the disciple directly.

” Brother Li!” Xun exclaimed for he didn’t expect this.

“Come on, kill him!” Said him. Then his men hurriedly took out their weapons. Compared with Chen, they are still young and naïve.

Chen was born with the acquired stage and had experienced numberless fierce battles all the way to the Infinite Sea. He was much experienced than those young disciples.

“Sure enough, there’s no better than fight by fist for me!”Said Chen. He grinned like a fighter, and he was born to fight. Only a real fighter would feel excited about the uneven challenge he faced now.

“Taste my fist now!”He suddenly rose, and waved out his fist toward one of his enemies. The fist, combined with the Unyielding Word Intent, smashed the flying sword and scattered the man’s body into a blood mist. Chen kept his smile and took the storage ring in his hand, which scared Xun a lot.

All of a sudden, they showed out their best fighting skill-a series of sword array, which could even end a master in the Later period in Pill formation.

“Dead man!” Xun shouted and gave the attack order.

There were 30 flying swords in this set of sword array and each of them was a spirit weapon. The flying swords cut through Chen’s body, which caused sparks yet still could not break his defensive cover.

“Painful!” Chen shouted and his muscle power soared at this moment, he turned to a secret skill to improve his defense ability, which could only support him for a while. He had to finish the fight as soon as possible.

“Mr. Gu, how can I break the sword array?”Asked Chen.

“If you can destroy three flying swords, the array will be stopped!” Replied Mr. Gu.

“Good!” Chen took out his inferior Taoist weapon from the storage ring and equipped the Unyielding Sword Intent on it, which directly smashed in a violent way.

Xun was dumbfound when he found the array was broke by Chen. And he felt helpless for he had no way to be against a body refining practicer like Chen.

After a while, only five of his men stayed alive.

“Son of a bitch.” Xun cried. He was surprised to the fact that the Pure Yang Sect could train a invincible body refining practicer like Chen.

” Sword light differentiation!”

Chen turned to a strong sword skill, which nearly emptied his energy in one strike.

After several minutes, there were only three of his enemies left, and Chen had ran out of 2/3 of secret skill time.

Obviously, the three men headed by Xun were all smart fighters, who kept a distance with Chen and launch deadly attack against him.

Chen was now in a passive situation.

“Break the rhythm of their movements and blow them away within one stroke!” Said Mr. Gu.

Chen nodded and began to gather all his strength. Within a blink, he was turned into a titan through his another secret skill-Acupoint Blocking, which could improve his physical strength by five times yet his body would suffered heavier loads than ever before. And now, he could rival a master in the Later period of Pill formation.

Xun found his situation dangerous and he was unable to fight back anymore. He must run away from this fight.


Next second, Chen appeared in front of him, with a bomb-like fist punching ahead. His weapon, the shield of the earth, was broke in a second and he could do nothing but endured the powerful punch of Chen.

Then, his body was smashed into pieces, and his men was also shut down.

It was, of course, a proud fight for Chen, in which he had defeated dozens of practicers who were in the same stage of him.

From this battle, he had learned that he must stick to the way of body training practice and kept studying hard on his sword skills.

After swallowing some medical pills, Chen flew away right away before the force of the Secluded Immortal Palace arrived.

“Chen, we will get you one day.” Hegui, the great brother of the Secluded Immortal Palace shouted as he found all his men were taken down by Chen. He took out a turtle shell from the storage ring and dropped blood on the it, which showed him the direction of his enemy in an arrow sign. Then the turtle shell was cracked.

“He’s going southwest, let’s go after him!”Said Hegui.

However, Kris knew all of this through his divine spiritual power. He would keep observing the hunt game.

“Hurry up, they’re catching up.” Said Mr. Gu.

Chen gnawed and said, “These assholes do bully me in a extreme way.”

He ran fast like bullet and got his physical strength recovered with magic pills. Mountain Tian was a place full of gust, which meant it was dangerous to be on a flying sword.

“Mr. Gu, can we find somewhere to avoid them?”Asked Chen.

“No, it’s too late!” Said Mr. Gu, “they are ten miles from us, and they are much faster than us because they chase us by their flying swords.”

“God damn it, they must know how to avoid the dangerous gusts here!” Said Chen.

“You can find a valley entrance and burry some detonators as a trap there, I think this may work well at the mountain area.” Said Mr. Gu.

“Good idea!” Chen nodded and did as suggested. He was patient enough to wait Hegui to be trapped here.

Half of minutes later, hundred of practicers arrived, with the lead of Hegui, a master in later period of pill formation.

“Chen, if you exhausted your strength, let me take control of your body!”Said Mr. Gu.

“But this will damage your spirit power!”Said Chen.

“That’s ok if we can get out of here!” Said Mr. Gu.

The spirit power of Mr. Gu was equivalent to that of master in primal spirit stage, who might scare them away by killing some of them.

“Chen, how dare you killing my men?” Asked Hegui.

Chen wore a cold smile on his face and said, “bang!”

As his words fell, the detonators exploded and caused huge stone falling from the top of the mountain!

“Protect yourselves by your defensive cover!” Shouted Hegui.

At that moment, huge crushed stone was smashed downward and injured one quarter of them.

“Sword light differentiation!” Chen shouted and reaped the life of the wounded practicers one by one.

“God, damn it!”Hegui was in rage when he saw Chen kill his fellowmen with no mercy.

“Let’s pool our efforts and target at that boy!” Said him.

Dozens of deadly punches were targeting at him at the moment.

Within a blink, Chen’s body soared again, with sword light divided into hundreds pieces and endured the attacks for him.


He was blew away like a kite losing its line. Chen was badly wounded this time.

Mr. Gu shouted in despair, “Chen, let me take control of your body!”

Thanks to Mr. Gu, he ensured the safety of Chen at the cost of his spirit energy. But it seemed Chen was not in a good situation for he was terribly hurt and couldn’t even move at all.

“He’s still alive!” Said Hegui, who was shocked by Chen’s strong will.

“Mr. Gu, are you ok?” Said Chen.

“Yes, but the spirit energy of mine is only enough for one protective cover for you.”Said Mr. Gu.

Without hesitation, Chen took out the voice transmission stone and sent a message to Kris,” My friend, I need your help now!”

Chapter 500: Aced

“Mr. Gu, is it too late to send a message to Bro Long now?”

Chen Ye was worried, and Kris Chen was only at the Fulfilled period of Pill formation; besides, there were so many opponents, it would hardly help even if he came!

“Whatever, we have no choice but to fight!”

Mr. Gu retreated quickly and said, “Didn’t that boy give you a token to save your life? Why isn’t it in the storage ring?”

“I keep it close to my body!”

A life-preserving object, of course, should be kept close to the body.

Gui He and the others rushed out with their Flying Swords, and Mr. Gu used his soul to forcefully drive Chen’s body, resisting hundreds of people’s Magic Power attacks, and almost tired out; at last, Mr. Gu took out a token and inspiring it with his Magic Power.

The token vibrated, and Mr. Gu felt his hand hot then saw Sword Lights burst out from it.


That Sword Light almost illuminated the canyon, and the sharp sword covered with powerful Sword Aura, sweeping over with an invulnerable power, which sent a chill down Gui’s spine and made the alarm bells rang. Fortunately, Gui had managed to avoid the attack by using his secret magic power.

However, those companies behind him were not so lucky. They had built their shields, but those shields were like bubbles could be pierced by finger touch. Suddenly, their shields were split by the blade, which resulted in both human and magic weapons were shattered away.

The sword light then remained unabated, splitting on the mountain.


This not-so-high mountain directly collapsed in half.

Gui and his companies were all stunned by the scene.

Chen, who curled up in the consciousness zone, was also dumbfounded, killing half of the opponent in one strike and collapsing a mountain along with it?

What level of attack power was this?

Just as Chen was shocked, Mr. Gu transmitted, “Chen, I’ll leave it to you next. My soul is injured, and I require a period of deep sleep. There are still two Sword Energy remained in the token, and you use them when you are at a crucial time. hold them back and wait for bro Long to come!”

With that, Mr. Gun’s soul body returned to the Soul Storage Ring, and Chen regained control of his body.

With his body exhausted and his magic power used up, he was now barely able to run the most basic of manipulating the Flying Swords.

But Chen didn’t dare to show a hint of decay in front of these people, and he said, “Do you want to die or live?”

Gui showed a miserable look, and that sword light must have been a life-preserving means given to a disciple by the Pure Yang Sect.

How could such a means be in the hands of an ordinary disciple?

So he guessed that the token in Chen’s hand might be a Daoist Weapon or even a Spirit Weapon.

If such a mighty power could be mine, wouldn’t it be a high probability for me to win?

“Chen, don’t fool me. You are now at the end of your leather; depending on the token in your hand,how many more attacks can you send out?”

Gui uttered with a cold smile and gathered his fellows, and the people from the Escape Immortal Palace were best at all kinds of magic tactics.

“Space Isolation Tactic!”

As he incanted, he brought tips of his thumb and middle finger together; suddenly, he slapped his hand on his chest, spitting out blood, which condensed into a mysterious rune hanging on the air, blocking all the aura within a mile radius.

That was the most powerful Boundary Technique of Gui, and it could not be broken unless the experts at the Fulfilled period of the Pill Formation.

But the price was a thirty percent reduction in combat power.

“Don’t fight him in close quarters, and use your most powerful techniques to blast him to death to avenge the deaths of your brothers and sisters!”

Gui then pulled out a bunch of Spirit Fire Runes from the ring, forming a grand Rune Formation, and the spirit fire turned into a long dragon and flew towards Chen.

Before the roaring fire dragon even approached, Chen’s hair was already slightly curled because of the heat.

Along with it came all kinds of splendid magic tactics.

Chen felt speechless and drove the token with his magic power, and the second Sword Energy shot out.

The powerful Sword Energy split the fire dragon apart, cutting down all the magic tactics they launched.

The magic tactics at the Pill-Condensation Stage were vulnerable to the Sword Light from the token, and the escaping Sword Energy cut the ground with a deep sword scar.


That was impossible!

Gui was taken aback by the scene, seeing the Sword Light towards him, and now there was no way to dodge it even if he operated his secret technique.

With gritted teeth, he took out a three-inch-long Flying Sword, which was a life-preserving device given to him by his ancestor from Changliu when he came here, and could emit two Sword Lights.

He had wanted to swallow this Flying Sword and use it at last, but he had to use it now in a life and death situation. “Got to hell!”

The three-inch long sword also released a Sword Light, and the two Sword Lights clashed together in a stalemate before finally exploding together, the aftermath of the explosion directly breaking the restrictions of the Space Isolation Tactic.


Gui spat out a large mouthful of blood, and the fellows behind him were bounced away!

Chen was already in a bad state and was now even more injured, and he was unable to control the Flying Sword, which made him directly fell to the ground from a height of dozens of meters.

Fortunately, his flesh was strong enough, and if he were an ordinary Spirit Practitioner, he would cripple or even die.

Still, he was in a terrible condition because his internal organs were shaken, and he was injured badly.

“My dear Bro, if you don’t come now, I’m afraid you’ll never see me again!”

Chen regretted that he didn’t use this token early, and if he did so, maybe he didn’t have to be so defeated!

While Gui, who was covered in blood and helped up by his two fellows, was painful and wretched.

He was still much better than Chen; after all, he still had half of his magic power and was able to push out Sword Light.

Chen, on the other hand, didn’t even have the power to drive the token.

“Chen, I won, after all. Look at you now. You can’t even stand up.”

Gui got on his feet but was afraid of Chen’s trick, so he put the three-inch long sword above Chen’s head. To Gui, the three-inch sword was good, but Chen’s token was better!

He thought that if he could get the token, he’d be unstoppable!

With that thought, Gui drove the small sword, and the Sword Energy shot up from the short sword, then instantly, the three-inch-long sword crumbled.

“Bro Long!”

Chen stared at the attack and took out the remains of the shield; although it was only a fragment, it had divine runes on it, and apparently, it was a broken defensive Spirit Weapon.

It was unknown how long this Spirit Weapon fragment existed, and all Chen knew was that the shield was about to crumble after blocking at most one attack.


The Sword Light bombarded the broken Spirit Weapon, directly cutting it to pieces, and the powerful impact hit Chen, which blew him hundreds of meters away.

It was too brutal, and he was almost beaten to death.

Blood and flesh tumbled all over his body; besides, his skin and flesh were cut by the Sword Energy, exposing the fluorescent white bones and beating muscles!

Gui was stunned, and he didn’t expect Chen to be alive under his attack.

Chen was so miserable at the moment, and Gui was pretty sure that there would be no way for Chen to fight again.

He rode his Flying Sword and stopped in front of Chen, looking at him proudly, with his Flying Sword resting on Chen’s neck.

“You have killed so many of my fellows, and you are the most ferocious opponent I have ever met in my life. If you don’t die, you can be my enemy for the rest of my life. Unfortunately …, You’re going to die now. BTW, I’m going to extract your soul and make you a puppet so that you can’t be reborn forever!”

Gui laughed out loud and was about to kill Chen.

Observing in the dark, Kris knew that it was time to help Chen.


The smile on Gui’s face disappeared, as he was split by the Sword Light of Kris.

After he blew the second Sword Light, the remaining disciples of the Escape Immortal Palace were all killed by the Sword Light.

“Bro Long!”

A majestic figure appeared in front of Chen, and he could no longer support himself and fainted!

With the detection of the Divine Spiritual Power, Kris realized how badly Chen had injured.

The veins and bones in his body were broken; his power in the Aperture was depleted; the Golden Pill was barely functioning and covered with cracks; his Spiritual power was so weak that it almost disappeared.

It was difficult for others to heal, but for a divine alchemist as Kris, it was nothing.

After a Magical Pill was put into Chen’s mouth, the injuries on Chen’s body reversed and recovered at a rate visible to the naked eyes.

Kris put Chen on his Flying Sword and gathered all the loot scattered in the canyon, and although the loots had no use to him, at least, Chen could use it!

Not knowing how long had passed before Chen woke up slowly.

“I… Where am I?”

Chen sat up with a bit of confusion, looking at the bright cave, and suddenly he recalled that miserable night.

“Bro Long!”

Just then, Kris walked in and said, “You are awake?”

Seeing Kris, Chen hurriedly got out of bed and said, “Thank you for saving my life!”

Kris was satisfied but pretended to be angry, “Do you still consider me as your brother? Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you were hunted?”

Chen knew that Kris was concerned about him and scratched his head, “I thought I could handle it myself!”

“Handle it by your self? like getting beaten up like shit?”

Kris stared at Chen and said, “Didn’t I give you the means to save your life? Why didn’t you use it? Do you think you can beat up more than a hundred Practitioners at the Pill Formations Stage by yourself?”

Chen was scolded and didn’t dare to speak, but kept his head down.

“Sorry, Bro. I know I was wrong!”

“Do you remember what the rules of Gengu No.1 Sect are?”

“Love each other like a family!”

“I am so glad you remember that. Those who dared to offend my Ancient Sect’s disciples will die!” Kris said this with a murderous aura, “Remember that Escape Immortal Palace. When you’re successful in your cultivation in the future, you are to take revenge. The disciples of my Ancient One Sect won’t take this shit!”Kris insisted.

“If you can’t do that, I’ll help you!”

“Bro Long!”

This kind of being cared for and loved feelings, Chen had only felt it on Mr. Gu before.

“I will remember that!”

“Alright, I won’t say anything more, and those disciples from the Escape Immortal Palace have all been killed by me.”

Kris piled a large pile of storage rings he had collected on the bed, “See, these are all yours, and make good use of the resources inside them!”

Chen was shocked again, “Bro Long, this… most of them should belong to you, so how could I possess them all!”

“Uh, never mind. What valuable things could be in the Pill-Condensation Stage Storage Rings? They’re nothing to me!” Kris waved his hand casually.

Chen understood that was only an excuse; what great resource these rings were, and Kris gave them to him without hesitation.

How could he, Chen, to receive such grace?

Besides, he was heavily injured before he fell unconscious, but he woke up full of energy.

Driving the magic power, he found that his internal injuries were all healed, and even his Golden Pill was three points more rounded than before.

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