Chapter 499: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 499 To Find My Love

Suddenly, Beard rushed to Yulin Xiao like a frenzied beast.

However, Yulin Xiao stepped on him and stopped him easily.

Beard was very furious and he yelled in anger, “Bastard!”

“You and your boss are real bastards. You could choose to cooperate with me or die yourself.”

Hearing Yulin Xiao’s words, Beard kept silent.

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao snorted and then turn to leave.

“Wait!” Beard suddenly asked him.

“Have you made the decision?”

“Even if I tell you the truth you can’t help my family.”

Obviously, he was lured.

“Of course I can, I’m as powerful as Sixth Brother.”

Hearing this, Beard struck in thought. After pondering for a while, he answered, “Well, I’ll tell you, but remember to keep your promise, or I’ll definitely kill you.”

“Don’t talking nonsense and tell me what you’ve known.”

After taking a deep breath, Beard said slowly, “The person that connect me is the cook.”

That ordinary woman?

Yulin Xiao frowned and said, “It’s really a surprise.”

“She is not our member and did that only for the money.”

“Do you think I am a fool? How could an ordinary woman do that? Tell me the truth.”

However, Beard didn’t want to say more and just lowered his head, “That’s all I know.”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao didn’t ask more and left.

Yuqi Mu was waiting outside, and when he saw Yulin Xiao, he quickly asked, “What did he say?”

Yulin Xiao told what he had heard, then Yuqi Mu looked serious.

“Do you trust him?”

“Well, a little.”

“We can just kill him for he doesn’t tell us the truth till now.”

“Don’t waste our time, we should find the cook first. It’s the only trace about the mastermind.”

“Fine, I’ll do that.”

The next day.

Lucy’s boss was in an awkward condition now for he had lost Lucy’s help and his investments were failed. Now, a new problem appeared.

Looking at the man in front of him, the boss frowned.

“Why are you here?”

Yulin Xiao was sitting there elegantly with his legs crossed, then he said with a smile, “The previous matter is still unsolved, of course I come to chat with you.”

Hearing this, the boss grew sullen and yelled, “I’ve already given up the project and now you are the only winner, what else do you want?”

However, Yulin Xiao just smiled and said, “If you can do me a favour then I can give you the money and help you to be the controller of the company.”

Although this was luring, the boss was alert and asked, “Well, it must be an important thing right?”

“It’s easy for you, I just want you to help me find a woman.”



The boss held his face and asked, “She’s been kidnapped?”


“Who’s the mastermind?”

“The Sixth Brother.”

“Sixth Brother ……”

Hearing this, the boss felt confused, he didn’t heard of him before.

“His eyes are purple.”

Hearing this, the boss felt nervous and waved his hand immediately, “I won’t help you.”

Then Yulin Xiao was anxious and asked, “Are you afraid?”

“I know that man, he is really cruel and perverse. Nobody dares to offend him. I don’t want to irritate him as well.”

“Your family are powerful in the underground world in England, why do you afraid a new comer? This is too incredible.”

“To be honest, my family are not as powerful as before. Those new forces improve very fast now. Don’t look down at them.”

“What’s more, I’ve already made a mistake, how dare I to cause trouble again?”

Hearing this, Yulin Xiao smiled playfully and then said, “In China, there is an old saying goes one should stay prepared for adversities in time of peace. Although you will be safe if you keep the current life, you’ll gain reputation if you kill Sixth Brother.”

Yulin Xiao was good at persuading people, now the boss was a bit lured.

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao continued, “Besides, I’ll be your helper, what else are you afraid of?”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course, he caught my woman, I’ll definitely defeat him.”

After pondering for a while, the boss clenched his teeth and said, “Fine, I agree!”

Seeing this, Yulin Xiao smiled. But he looked quite indifferent.


After waking up, Anna looked around in confusion.

“You’re awake?”

The voice was cold which made Anna tremble.

She slowly raised her head and looked at the door, and then, she saw a man.

Sure enough, it was him, it wasn’t a dream. Then she was scared and trembled even harder.

Seeing this, Sixth Brother felt very interesting. He stood up and approached Anna with an evil smile on his face.

“Are you scared?”

Of course, no one could be calm under such circumstance.

Anna tried to calm down and asked flatly, “Why do you do this?”

However, Sixth Brother just stared at Anna, as if she was a prey. Then he wanted to caress Anna’s face, but was pulled away.

Seeing this, he sneered, “You really hurt me. How could you say that since I like you so much.”

Anna frowned slightly and said, “It’s not the first time we’ve met, don’t be so hypocritical.”

After looking at Anna for a while, the man mocked, “Is it the power of love? You look totally different.”

Anna didn’t allow him to humiliate her love, so she rebutted, “Well, that’s only your thought, I think I’m better now.”

“It’s because you are shallow. Don’t talking nonsense.”

“You are not me, how do you know my thought? You are too arrogant.”

Anna’s words made Sixth Brother very angry and he narrowed his eyes and said, “Good, you dare to rebut me now.”

After saying this, he walked to Anna.

Seeing this, Anna kept retreating and gazed him, then she asked, “What do you want?”

“I just want you to know the result of rebutting me.”

“Don’t touch me!”

He directly held Anna’s hands and pressed them on the handles of the chair, then he said, “You are not qualified to let me do that.”

Sixth Brother looked grim, as if he had no desire at all.

But why did he do this? Their poses looked really awkward.

Anna looked at him warily and asked, “So …… what are you doing now?”

“I’m wondering whether to kill you or not!” Sixth Brother said coldly.

At that moment, Anna knew that he dared to do that.

However, after a while, she calmed down and said firmly, “You won’t kill me.”


“That’s not what you want. You have other plans.”

Hearing this, Sixth Brother sat up and looked at Anna playfully, he gradually calmed down and said, “You are smart.”

After thinking about the whole thing, Anna grew calmer. She was not afraid of Sixth Brother anymore.

“Since you want to take me as a bait, you’d better treat me better. If I don’t cooperate with you, you’ll have troubles.”

“You seem to be stupid again.” Sixth Brother smiled evilly, like a snake, “Even if I kill you, Yulin Xiao won’t know.”

“You’re the stupid guy, do you think that Yulin Xiao will trust you if he doesn’t see me? We’d better keep distance now, you can go to find him and I’ll stay here quietly, that’s the only way.”

Hearing this, Sixth Brother was surprised, Anna really acted calm.

“I’m interested in you now, what a pity to take you as the bait.”

However, Anna just felt disgusted and said, “I’d rather be the bait.”

“You’ll regret one day. What an arrogant woman!” After saying this, Sixth Brother left.

As soon as he left, Anna felt tired and fell on the bed.

She stared at the ceiling, and thought it was like a dream.

She really changed a lot and she couldn’t believe that she had the courage to rebut Sixth Brother.

Although it meant nothing, she felt better and calmer now.

Then Anna closed her eyes and sighed, her missing must make Yulin Xiao very anxious.

But did he know the mastermind? Even if he knew, how would he help her?

Anna was anxious, she didn’t know about her future.

Meanwhile, Yulin Xiao was trying to find Anna. Other people also tried their best to help him.

Only Yuqi Mu was sitting in the restaurant calmly and enjoyed his meal.

While eating, Yuqi Mu looked at the woman and said with a smile, “Auntie, the dishes taste good today, I want to eat more.”

The woman was very enthusiastic and said with a smile, “Well, I’ll serve it to you.”

Then, Yuqi Mu just stared at her with his hands crossed, then he said playfully, “Auntie, since you are so good at cooking, there must be many people who want to hire you.”

“No, you are my only employer.”

“So, I treat you nice right?”


“If that’s the case, why did you betray us?”

While saying, Yuqi Mu still looked relaxed, as if he was joking.

But the woman was stunned. Then she quickly calmed down and said with a smile, “Mr. Mu, don’t joking.”

“Do you think I’m joking? I treat you nice, if you still don’t tell me the truth, then don’t blame me.”

Yuqi Mu still said playfully, and people didn’t know his intention.

But the woman knew that he was serious.

Under his gaze, the woman lowered her head and said, “Mr. Mu, I ……”

Yuqi Mu interrupted the her directly for he had no time to hear her lies. Then he said indifferently, “Tell me the truth or your family will be in danger.”

Yuqi Mu was warning her about the cost of lying.

Hearing this, the woman’s face turned white and she looked desperate.

“I didn’t betray you, someone ask me to do him a favour.”

Of course Yuqi Mu knew who asked her to do that, he sneered and said, “You knew that Beard is our enemy, why did you help him? You almost kill us all.”

Hearing this, the woman was stunned, “Could it be that serious?”

“Don’t pretend to be unknown.”

The woman was very anxious and quickly waved her hands, “I really don’t know, when I sent meals to Beard, he begged me to bring a letter to his wife. He looked so poor, thus I helped him. How could he do that?”

However, Yuqi Mu just stared at the woman coldly and said, “You perform well, I almost trust you.”

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