Yvette’s eyes were cold, and this Master Zeng was too disgusting for her.

So it is obvious that he is interested in her. Yvette has always been disgusted with this kind of thing now. She always felt that with Chuck Cannon, she would hate other men to show her hospitality.

Yvette’s bones are particularly single.

Hearing this Master Zeng invited her to dinner, she felt sick!!

“I said, don’t mess with me,” Yvette played the ultimatum.

She is being chased by the killer organization now, and she doesn’t want to delay every minute.

“Hehe, beautiful, you are angry, but your angry look is beautiful and charming.” Master Zeng smiled slightly.

Especially interesting, this is Shaoye’s impression of Yvette.

Because no woman had ever given him this feeling, his desire to conquer was already obvious.

In his eyes, the woman just took it, this woman is actually unwilling, this is special.


Yvette took out a dagger, “I’ll say it again, get out!!”

Master Zeng’s bodyguards all came around at once, with a cold look and full of mockery!

A woman who dares to shoot in front of so many men? Not afraid of death!

I wonder if Master Zeng learns to fight?

Master Zeng remained unmoved and smiled deeper, “Beauty, you are really interesting!”

“Interesting? I really hate that other than my husband, someone says this to me!” Yvette’s eyes were cold.


Yvette attacked. She became a killer and had a lot more murderous aura. This man touched her bottom line. She felt that talking to this man for so long, she would be sorry Chuck Cannon, this made Yvette feel cheating.

She must end!!

Master Zeng still smiles, that’s how it is! This beauty knows how to fight a little bit, but unfortunately, the fighting style doesn’t seem very good.

It is the same level as an amateur, but I have been taught by the most famous fighting teacher. It is easy to beat a woman!

The ridicule on Master Zeng’s face made Yvette’s eyes chill. Of course, she could see that Master Zeng could fight.

However, after Yvette has been fighting for so long, her fighting method has long been not the kind of fixed moves. She adapts to changes and kills the opponent in the simplest way, which is unpredictable.


Yvette threw the dagger out, and Master Zeng sneered to avoid him. When he was about to subdue Yvette with a blow, Yvette’s beautiful long legs had already kicked over.


Master Zeng was shocked, his chest pained, and he was kicked!

After Yvette squatted on the ground and rolled, he picked up the dagger on the ground. With such a simple one, a dagger was facing Master Zeng’s chest!!

The calmness on Young Master Zeng’s face disappeared, and there was a big cold sweat on his forehead!

He has never recovered, but he is the apprentice of a master fighter, so he is subdued by such a trick?

The cold dagger was facing his chest, and Master Zeng suddenly realized that he was angry!

“What! Master, how is this possible!”

“Quickly let go of my young master!”

“Asshole, do you know who our young master is? If you hurt our young master, your family will die!”

Several bodyguards glared at Yvette.

They were shocked, but they clearly knew the strength of their young master. There was no problem at all when playing more than ten, but now? Was he actually killed by a spike?

And she is still a hot woman!

This is simply incredible!

If it wasn’t this time, Master Zeng’s eyes would turn cold, otherwise, they would have thought they were dreaming!

Yvette was expressionless, joking, how could she be frightened by a few bodyguards now? ?

Even if there are a hundred or a thousand more, Yvette will not change her face, because the boss of these bodyguards, Master Zeng is in her own hands, what is Yvette afraid of?

“Beauty, do you know what you are doing?” Master Zeng said coldly.

This is an insult to him!

He was subdued by a woman!

“Yes, but you don’t know what you are doing!” Yvette said coldly.

“Beauty, I advise you to let me go, otherwise you can’t bear my anger!” Young Master Zeng calmly, joking, he is the young master of the Zeng family of the four major families. Does this woman dare to hurt his own hair?

Give you the guts of ambition, you dare not!!

“You did this, playing with fire!” Master Zeng continued.

“I like to play?”

“Beauty, your skilful methods have been attracting my attention. You are lustful and play well, but now, you have played with fire!” Zeng Shaoye sneered.

Yvette’s eyes are cold, is this Master Zeng so narcissistic? When did you play lust and indulge?

Would he like to play with you? Will also “play” with Chuck Cannon.

“What are you? I play with you?” Yvette snorted coldly. She really didn’t understand what these men were thinking.

“It seems you are still pretending, don’t you know who I am?” Young Master Zeng was indifferent.

“What! Pretend, don’t you know Master Zeng?”

“She just got water in her head!”

These bodyguards scolded!

How many women attract the attention of Master Zeng in various ways?

You didn’t admit it when you did this??

Master Zeng is angry, what is it? It’s really the first time anyone dares to speak to himself like this!

It’s just looking for death!

“Beauty, let me tell you who I am, I am the young master of the Zeng family!” Master Zeng said, “And you, you lied to me from start to finish! You said you have a husband?? Haha, you are too shabby to talk about this panic.”

“Are you talking about my husband right?” Yvette’s eyes chilled.

“Your husband? Haha!” Young Master Zeng sneered, “Is that your husband? Your panic talk made me even more interested in you!”

Yes, from the way Yvette walks, Master Zeng can see that Yvette is intact. Is this a lie?

The key is that such a top-quality woman as Yvette is still intact, and Master Zeng himself was surprised!!

“I hate if people call that to my husband!” Yvette daggers at his heart!

“No! He is not your husband, you made up a lie and deliberately attracted me, do you think I can’t tell that you are still intact?” Zeng Shaoye sneered.

“What? You!” Yvette’s eyes turned blood red, and her pretty face was full of anger and indifference, “What did you say?”

“Haha, am I right! You are still intact, then what is your husband?” Young Master Zeng laughed.

Several bodyguards look at him, then they looked at her, what! Such a superb woman has never had a boyfriend?

What an incredible thing!

“How can you say?” Yvette said coldly, her voice calm, like a god of death.

“When you walk. I can see… I didn’t expect you to be so conservative. This is the biggest reason why I am interested in you. You have done this, but you have overplayed it now because I hate others taking it. Pointing the knife at me!” Master Zeng said coldly.

It is an insult that someone pointed a knife at a young master!

“Now let me go, I can assume that nothing happened, cooperate with you, huh, you are not honest if I pierced through? If the man is still your husband, it can only show that he is incompetent,…Ah!!!”

Master Zeng sneered and said, suddenly widening his eyes, incredible, because Yvette had already inserted the cold dagger into his body.

Pain changed the expression on his face, sarcasm turned into shock, and then fear after pain.

Several bodyguards were stunned!

What did she do?

“You, you…” Master Zeng trembled.

“Don’t say that to my husband, he respects me, so he didn’t touch me. He is not incompetent. He is many times better than you, don’t you know? I hate people saying that to my husband. Just now I might let you go. But you just said my husband, then you have to pay the price!!” Yvette said coldly, and the dagger was deeply inserted!


Master Zeng is screaming!


Yvette kicked this Young Master Zeng away, and several bodyguards were shocked. This blood, a lot of blood, what did this woman do!

“You, you’re done, your whole family is dead, they all have to die!”

“Shabi, he is the young master of the Zeng family, the four big families, how dare you do it?”

A few bodyguards glared with horror, is this an illusion? How dare someone do something to Master Zeng?

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