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Chapter 5 – 6: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 5: Colin deserves to be a member of our Lee family?

“Do you know the boss here?” At this moment, Flora didn’t look down upon Colin.

Colin changed the topic, “Keep the car secret. Do not tell Doris.”

Flora pouted, “don’t worry.”

Colin smile,” Tonight I invite you to dinner to express my thanks. “

Flora’s eyes turned and said, “Instead of eating, I like a necklace recently. Would you buy it for me? It’s not expensive. It’s only a few thousand dollars. “

This was much more expensive than a meal. Anyway, Colin was rich now. He can afford it!

Colin understood. He nodded with a smile, “OK. Where is that shop? We go now.”

Flora smiled happily and stopped a taxi. She went to the jewelry store with Colin.

When they arrived at the jewelry store, the salesclerk let them in politely. They went to the counter.

The sales clerk on the counter smiled. But when she saw Colin and Flora, the smile on her face was a little fake, and the dislike was in her eyes.”What do you want, sir and madam?”

Flora pointed to the necklace on the counter directly, “this one.”

The shop assistant was not very happy to take it out. Flora took it and tried. She was very satisfied, “buy it.”

Colin nodded and took out emperor card, “use this card.”

The clerk looked at it suspiciously and took it.

Flora said with a smile, “thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Colin looked at Flora and smiled.

Flora had a good figure. Especially the clavicle, it was attractive. With this necklace, she was more charming.

But Colin loved Doris in his heart, so he just took a look and turned his head.

When the clerk came back, the smile on her face was more sincere and flattering. She was a little anxious. Fortunately, her attitude was not too bad.

“Here is your card and invoice, sir.”

Colin looked at these, took back the card, and then gave the invoice to Flora, “yours.”

Flora took it at once and looked at her necklace with great joy.

At this time, the shop assistant suddenly said: “Sir, madam, because of today’s activity, the boss specially presents two lovers’ rings to you.”

With that, the shop assistant took out two valuable rings.

Ah? Activity? Flora remembered that there was no activity recently.

What was more, the rings were obviously more than ten thousand dollars. The boss gave the rings to them for free?

Flora was stunned for a moment, and then thought these were couple rings. She was embarrassed immediately. She also looked at Colin awkwardly.

Colin was stunned and embarrassed. He coughed, “she is just my friend.”

“Ah?” Now it was the clerk’s turn to be embarrassed.

A man and a woman come in to buy jewelry and it was the man who bought jewelry for woman but they were not lovers?

Colin said in a light way: “We don’t need the rings.” They were not lovers, and, he vaguely felt, it was because of the Emperor card.

The shop assistant was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to say.

Flora reacted suddenly and pulled Colin, “You don’t want the free rings? Aren’t you stupid? “

Colin winked, “I am afraid of Doris will misunderstand.”

“…” Flora was stunned for a moment and pouted and said, “OK!”

Although Flora wanted the rings, Colin was Doris’s husband. Even if nothing happened to them, it seemed that it was not good to do so. What was more, she didn’t want to be his lover.

Flora snorted and went out alone.

Colin shrugged and followed her.

The shop assistant was upset, “what can I do?”

At this time, the boss who had been looking at the door of the rest room came out, “It is fine that you didn’t send the rings out, but you should be polite next time when you see him!”

He was the owner of the Emperor card! They must flatter him.

“Yes, boss.” The clerk nodded.

In the evening, the annual meeting continued in the Lee’s villa.

Doris was back here again. After all, it was the annual meeting of the family. It was not good if she left.

Fox, seeing Doris, pretended to be concerned and asked, “Doris, why did you come home? Did you borrow money? Or you want to sell the house?”

Doris had a cold face, “It’s none of your business.”

“What? Don’t you borrow money or sell your house just to repay me? ” Fox sneered.

Doris was stunned and left. She sat in the corner of the dining table, ignoring Fox.

Fox loured. His status in the family was so high that every person was kind to him. Nobody dared to treat him like this!

“Hum! Birds of a feather flock together! Waste can marry waste.”

In the Lee family, no one dared to treat him like this. He wanted to see who would stand by Doris!

Doris pretended that she didn’t hear. She didn’t want to make trouble at the annual meeting or let the old Mr. Lee be unhappy.

But everyone looked at her, which made Doris embarrassed and wanted to find a place to hide.

Fox sneered, “everyone is looking at you. How can you keep your head down? How impolite you are.”

All of a sudden, everyone become disdainful, and dissatisfied, as if Doris had made a big mistake.

Doris could only bear it, and looked at the old Mr. Lee.

The old Mr. Lee ignored this. He still drank and chatted with others with a smile. He allowed Fox’s sarcasm towards her.

Doris had some grievances. They were grandchildren of him, but how can he treat them in a different way?

At this time, the aunt’s daughter Addy Moore suddenly smiled at Doris,”Doris, come on! Eat more.”

Doris smiled at her. She thought there were still people who were different.

But Addy’s next words let Doris be so awkward,”you can’t afford to eat so expensive dishes at home. Now you should eat more.”

“Yes! You can save a lot of money!” Fox said with a smile. He and Addy looked at each other.

Doris looked bad and pinched her chopsticks tightly.

But Addy didn’t seem to see it. “Oh, by the way, why didn’t you bring Colin? He must have never eaten such an expensive dish, has he? Let him eat! It is a chance to broaden his horizon.”

“Yes. And don’t let him lose face of our Lee family in the future.”

Fox sneered. “Colin could be a member of our Lee family?”

“Yes, that rubbish is not as good as a dog of Lee family!” Addy’s voice sounded in Doris’s ear.

Doris’s hands trembled under the table. In order to please Fox, these people took the opportunity to sneer them.

But she was a woman in the end. Facing such a sarcasm, the grievance in the heart made her eyes moist and red.

Just then, the housekeeper Eric came in.

“The old Mr. Lee, a gift has been sent.”


People were puzzled.

“Who sent it?” asked the old Mr. Lee.

Eric shook his head. “After sending the gift, he left without showing his identity.”

People were stunned.

The man sent a gift without showing his identify?

Fox said to Doris with a smile: “Your parents?”

Doris frowned. It was impossible.

The others laughed.

Baker was just an illegitimate son. The old Mr. Lee was not willing to admit their relationship at all. Therefore, they were not invited to come to such an annual family meeting.

The old Mr. Lee’s face darkened slightly after hearing this.

Chapter 6: Barr Martin

The old Mr. Lee looked at Eric and said, “open the gift.”

He wanted to know who sent it?

Eric nodded and opened the brocade box in his hand. The gift was displayed in front of everyone.

People were stunned.

It was a pearl which size was as big as a bowl.

Night-luminescent pearl!

The natural night pearl was very valuable, let alone such a big one!

The old Mr. Lee usually loved jades and other things. He also had a research on the night pearl. He just looked at it and was stunned.

This was definitely a natural night pearl, with an estimated value of ten million dollars to 100 million.

“Turn off the lights and close the doors and windows.” The old Mr. Lee said excitedly.

Everyone immediately took actions to turn off all the lights and draw the curtains.

When the room was dark, the whole living room lit up in an instant.

The soft light of the night pearl was on every face. They had an expression of surprise and envy.

“Grandfather, the pearl is so bright. It must be valuable.” Fox praised, “it must be someone who specially gave it to our family as a congratulatory gift.”

The old Mr. Lee smiled happily. This valuable family gift was enough to show his status.

Of course, it also showed that Doris’s parents can’t afford this gift. They can’t buy a gift that was 100000 dollars, let alone the gift which was more than ten million dollars!

Who sent it?

At this time, housekeeper Eric found that there was a card under the night pearl. He immediately took it out and asked people to turn on the light and draw the curtain.

“I’m really sorry that I couldn’t come to the annual family meeting to celebrate your birthday because of the busy business recently. I’ll give you a small gift to express my feelings. I’ll visit the old Mr. Lee and your daughter-in-law in person next time.”

Who was this one?

Who was the daughter-in-law?

At this time, a young man in his twenties came to the door.

“It turned out to be the annual meeting of Lee family. I wish Lee family would be more and more prosperous in the future.”

When people saw him, they seemed to understand.

The old Mr. Lee also understood, and then said with a smile, “Mr. Martin! Please sit down.”

Mr. Martin was a very outstanding child of Marin family in Tianbei noble family. The old Mr. Martin liked him very much. He was likely to be in charge of Marin family in the future.

Mr. Martin laughed and came over.

Fox came to Mr. Martin quickly and said with a smile, “We are happy to see you come. You should not send this valuable gift.”

“Well?” Mr. Martin was puzzled for a moment. He saw the brocade box on the table and was shocked immediately.

Was this the night pearl?

No wonder he saw that lights of the living room was turned off just now. He thought there was no one in their house!

He would have gone back if he hadn’t seen the lights were on again.

He also knew something about the night pearl. It must be more than ten million dollars. Who sent it?

Fox, aware of Mr. Martin’s shock, asked carefully, “isn’t it sent by Mr. Martin?”

Mr. Martin became calm and laughed.”I don’t know. Maybe it was sent by my father. I mentioned to my father that today was the annual meeting of Lee family before I went out today.”

With that, everyone was misled. They were jealous and thought Martin family was a noble family.

The housekeeper took Mr. Martin to his seat.

Mr. Martin was the third in this generation. His name was Barr. He was liked by the old Mr. Martin.

When Barr came in, he always peeped at Doris. Now he was even sitting next to Doris.

Doris frowned and did not intend to pay attention to Barr.

After seeing this, the old Mr. Lee quietly turned his eyes. At the beginning, Marin family proposed a marriage with Lee family. Marin family wanted Doris to marry into their family and the old Mr. Lee was happy at that time!

Marin family was a big family. If they get married, Lee family can benefit a lot.

But after he informed Doris, Doris married a poor country boy quickly, which almost made him angry to death.

Such a good opportunity was cut off by Doris’s family, so he didn’t want to see them any more.

“Mr. Martin is so young and talented that there must be many girls pursuing you?”

Barr laughed, “Don’t flatter me. It’s just because of my family. “

“Mr. Martin is modest.” The old Mr. Lee said with a smile, “Mr. Martin has a loved one?”

Barr looked at Doris, “to tell you the truth, I really love person and have been waiting for her.”

The old Mr. Lee looked at Doris quietly and asked curiously, “Oh? Who has such a good fortune? “

Barr’s eyes turned and then he said with a smile: “when we are together, I will tell you!”

The old Mr. Lee knew it well, but he said, “that makes me curious.”

“Ha ha…” Barr laughed and did not answer.

Doris knew Barr was looking at her. She was some uncomfortable, but can not leave.

The old Mr. Lee regretted: “The relationship between the two families is so good. In addition, my Lee family has nine daughters of suitable age. If Mr. Martin like one, you can marry her. It’s a pity…”

“The old Mr. Lee, there is no absolute.” Barr looked at Doris again.

However, Doris felt cold after hearing the words of the old Mr. Lee. There were ten girls in her generation, but he said that there were nine. Obviously, he did not regard her as a member of Lee family.

In the banquet, Barr looked at Doris from time to time, but Doris pretended not to know, and there was no communication between them during the whole process.

After the end, Doris went out with her head down and came to her Changan car.

Suddenly, a blue Ferrari stopped in front of her. Barr got off the car and went to Doris. “Doris, at least we are classmates. Why did you ignore me just now?”

Doris looked stiff, and said lightly “we are not familiar.”

They were in the same college. Barr had been chasing Doris in college, but Doris didn’t have the mood to fall in love, so she refused.

Later, the old Mr. Lee told her about the marriage, and she immediately guessed that it was Barr’s meaning, so she and Colin pretended to marry.

“How can you say it? We are classmates in college. Besides, we almost became husband and wife. ” Barr said casually.

Doris, with a heavy face, said faintly, “I have been married for two years. Please pay attention to your words.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Barr did not care, “Everyone know what kind of person your useless husband is. I don’t think you like him, do you? “

Doris frowned slightly. She didn’t like Colin but not hate.

Barr continued: “Doris, divorce him and marry me! I can give you what you want, and you will be the happiest woman in the world.”

Doris didn’t speak. She can’t divorce Colin now!

Just then, a steady male voice came behind them, “she won’t divorce me!”

Colin was coming!

Doris was surprised, “how did you come?”

Barr sneered, “are you Colin? Hum! Yor are a bumpkin wearing cheap clothes. Can you give Doris rich clothes and food? Can you make her buy whatever she wants? You are a waste! You can’t give Doris happiness! “

Colin looked at Doris gently at first and said, “it’s too late. I am worried about you.”

Doris was moved a little and went to Colin.

Barr felt embarrassed now and wanted to reach out to pull Doris. Colin hit his hand quickly and said in a cold voice, “my wife’s hand is not something you can touch!”

“What’s more, Doris is not what you can call!”

Barr was stunned, and Doris was also shocked.

It was the first time for Doris to see Colin like a big man. The heart thumped.

Barr, who had collected himself, glared at Colin, “what qualifications do you have? You are just a waste! “

Colin and Doris ignored Barr. Doris said, “let’s go home.”

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