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Chapter 5: Pitted – My Billionaire Mom

Chuck walked with his suitcase for a while. After inquiring about the hotels nearby, he got in a taxi and went to the Triumph Hotel. The magnificent buildings, the glorious decorations, and the luxurious European interiors shocked him to his core.

This was the busiest hotel in the city, which the cheapest standard hotel rooms cost at least 800 dollars. In the past, Chuck did not dare to think that he could spend in such a place, but now it was different.

When Chuck was about to go in, he saw Yvette’s car swerving in and parking itself in the parking lot.

Chuck was so shocked that he hid aside in a hurry.

“This is a hotel! What is she doing here?” Chuck felt too bitter in his heart. Is his wifey going to sleep with another man? Although the two of them didn’t get a marriage certificate and it was just grandpa’s arrangement, he felt very uncomfortable when he thought that the woman he once held in his arms was going to sleep with others.

After Yvette went in, Chuck took his luggage and walked in. As soon as he entered the door, he heard a strange voice saying, “oh my god, who is this? Isn’t this Chuck?”

Chuck turned his head and found Lara strolling in with her boyfriend, Conrad Lee, in her arms. Lara’s face was full of scorn as if Chuck was not qualified to come to such a high-end hotel.

“Who is this?” Conrad glanced at Chuck and asked casually.

“Chuck Cannon, my classmate, I’m telling you, this person picked up two thousand dollars, but he didn’t return it and instead spent it himself. I really admire this kind of person.” Conrad glanced at Chuck, the corners of his mouth twitching in sarcasm. “Haha, maybe such trash hasn’t seen two thousand dollars before.”

“Don’t talk nonsense about this kind of rubbish. Let’s go in quickly, my dear,” Lara held Conrad’s arm tightly in her arms as if she couldn’t wait to enter the hotel.

Chuck frowned slightly and ignored them, dragging his luggage into the hotel.

“A standard room, please,” Conrad took out his ident!ty card, and Lara followed suit shyly. The pretty staff at the front desk checked on the hotel’s database and said, “I’m sorry, today’s standard room has been fully booked.”


Lara’s face was full of dissatisfaction and loss. Conrad continued to ask, “how about a larger.”

“I’m really sorry.” The pretty staff at the front desk checked again, her tone extremely apologetic, “only the presidential suite is currently available”. Conrad probed carefully, “the presidential suite? How much is that?” He said so in a hesitant tone.

For them, they would usually get a standard room that costs a few hundred dollars every time they got a place. As students, it was already pretty extravagant for them to spend a few hundred dollars like this.

“Yes, it’s 8888 dollars for the presidential suite,” Conrad shook his head hurriedly. “It’s way too expensive.”

“Forget it, let’s go find another hotel,” Lara muttered and pulled Conrad out. But before they went out, they saw Chuck walking to the front desk.

“This rubbish really thinks that he is rich after picking up 2,000 dollars. Just look at this beggar-looking for clothes? How dare he try to book a room in this kind of place?” Lara sneered.

Conrad also sneered. He was pretty sure that this guy had most two thousand dollars on him. He would definitely be shocked to death once he heard the price for a night in the presidential suite.


“How’s that even possible?” Conrad’s mind was filled with doubt as he watched Chuck walking towards the elevator with the room card in his hand. “What’s going on? Wasn’t there no standard room.”

“How did that trash Chuck Cannon manage to get a room,” Conrad said, and Lara Jean saw it too, and she became more and more annoyed. She walked quickly to the front desk and patted it hard, asking defiantly, “hey, didn’t you just say that there was no standard room left? Why did you let that person book one then?

“Call your manager! I’m going to make a complaint that you are cheating your customers!” Conrad’s face was cold too. After all, he was a VIP member of this hotel. How could he be fooled by such a receptionist? He was full of anger.

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“Hurry up and call out your manager.”

The girl at the front desk was stunned. After a long pause, she said helplessly, “you two misunderstood me. The standard rooms are indeed all fully booked. The room that the person has booked just now is the presidential suite.”

“How is it possible?” Lara’s face changed before she retorted hurriedly, “It’s impossible. How can that broke idiot afford to book a presidential suite?”

The girl at the front desk handed over the receipt, which was issued just now. When the two of them saw the payment fee, their faces changed dramatically. “Could it be that he picked up more than two thousand? Probably twenty thousand?” Conrad could only think of such a possibility.

“It’s very likely!” Lara was even more jealous. That broke idiot actually picked up 20,000 dollars! This was almost her living expenses for one year! What a stroke of luck!

“He is really good at spending money! Picking up 20,000 dollars and spending half of it lavishly, such a spendthrift!” Lara was bitter, and her face was full of discontent.

“Idiots are still idiots. He probably thinks that he is rich with that little sum of money. 20,000 dollars is my dad’s income for three or four days, but my dad will never waste it by booking a presidential suite.

How dare a broke idiot like him even spent his slim stroke of luck like this!
“Hilarious!” Conrad laughed disdainfully.

Chuck placed his luggage in his room and went downstairs to eat. When Lara saw Chuck coming down from the elevator, she thought of something and whispered, “this loser likes to show off, right? Why don’t we play around with him for a while?”

Conrad was puzzled. “But how?”

Lara smiled and shouted at Chuck, “Hey, Chuck!”

Hearing the sound from the front desk, he was stunned to find that the two people had not left yet. “Where are you going?” Lara asked. Chuck replied, “to get something to eat”.

“Eat?” Lara was contemplating silently. For trash like Chuck, he would probably prefer fast food on the streets even after living luxuriously. After all, he was still part of the low-class commoners who would never be able to climb up the ladders of wealth. She coughed and said thoughtfully, “Chuck, I lent you money, and you haven’t thanked me, have you”.

Although Chuck was disgusted by Lara’s words, he still nodded calmly. Although he had borrowed 200 dollars from her and was eventually forced to pay back 400 dollars instead, it was evident that without the 200 dollars, he would’ve starved long ago.

“Thanking you is what I should do.”

Lara sneered and continued, “my boyfriend and I haven’t eaten yet. Would you like to invite us to have a meal in this hotel?”

Chuck nodded. “Okay.” He took the bait!

Lara and Conrad looked at each other. They had eaten here before. Although they ordered the most ordinary dishes, it cost at least a thousand dollars for just a few dishes! Three people would cost at least two thousand dollars.

Chuck, no doubt, loves to show off. He even straight up agreed to it! “Thanks. Let’s go then, I’m so hungry,” Lara smiled while holding Conrad’s arm and walked to the restaurant.

Chuck followed them. The three of them found a place in the restaurant and sat down.

Soon the waiter came over with the menu and said, “good evening. We have a Friday special offer of set dishes here. Three meat dishes, one vegetarian dish, and one soup at only 888 dollars. Would you like to think about it?” The waiter knew that the three of them were all students, so he recommended a cheaper option for them.

Lara shook her head hurriedly and pouted, “l don’t want to have set dishes”. “l don’t want it either,” Conrad agreed.

Lara looked at Chuck and asked cunningly, “Chuck, to thank me. You won’t just treat me to set dishes, will you?”

Chuck said casually, “well, you can order whatever you like.”

Seriously? Whatever I like? Lara snorted and rolled her eyes. How much do you actually have to ask me to simply order whatever I want?

So pretentious!

Lara, of course, was more than happy to hear so. She took the menu and pointed at whatever she liked.

She ordered a total of seven dishes, and at this point, even the waiter’s expression was a little strange. These dishes were all Triumph Hotel’s expensive recommended dishes, costing them around four to five thousand dollars in total.

Judging that they were students, how could they afford such expensive dishes? He confirmed once more, “are you sure you want to order so much?”

Each dish in the Triumph Hotel is not only of high quality but also of great quant!ty. “Generally speaking, four or five dishes should be enough for three people.”

Lara looked at Chuck, attempting to sense panic from his expression. She smiled and asked, “I’ll confirm if you don’t have anything else to add on?”

Chuck nodded casually. “Yep, that’s all.”

The waiter took a look at Chuck, full of sympathy. At first glance, he knew that Chuck had been ruthlessly conned. Yet, he had no choice but to take the menu and leave.

Soon the dishes were served. There were a lot of dishes, and the three of them definitely could not finish them all. Lara ate only two pieces of beef before getting a more evil idea. “Chuck, it seems I ordered too many dishes. Since there are a lot of dishes here, would you mind if I ask a few friends to come over and eat together? It will be livelier!”

Chuck said indifferently, “well, it’s up to you”.

Lara looked at Chuck’s calm face and sneered in her heart. At this time, he still pretended to be generous. “Since there’s going to be more people later, it’ll be alright if we add on a few more dishes, right?”
Chuck nodded.

Lara and Conrad looked at each other and chuckled. Then, they buried their heads in their meals and continued to eat.

Not long after, two beautiful women came with their boyfriends.

Chuck knew these two beauties. One was called Moon Cherise, and the other was called Tia Thomas. However, he didn’t know the two men.

The two of them rushed over after hearing Lara claiming that an idiot was treating them to food at Triumph Hotel. When they came and realized that the idiot was Chuck Cannon, their faces were full of surprise.

Tia sat down and whispered in Lara’s ear, “isn’t this Chuck? Does he even have money?”

Lara said in a low voice, “this idiot has a stroke of luck since he picked up a lot of money”. Saying this, Lara called over the waiter. The newly came four people ordered dishes, which cost around four or five thousand.

All the dishes cost more than ten thousand, and Chuck was pretty sure already dying inside. Lara gloated at Chuck’s misery.

The dishes were soon served. The three couples were eating happily. However, no one spoke to Chuck as they isolated him completely. Chuck had nothing to say either and ate his own food quietly. After a while, since he was almost done with the meal, he called the waiter over.

The waiter rushed over with the bill and said respectfully, “Sir, the total is 9,302 dollars”.

She looked at Chuck, who was dressed cheaply and wondered how he was going to pay.

Lara, Conrad, and the four who came afterward looked at Chuck maliciously. They were so happy since they wanted to see him make a fool of himself.

However, Chuck took out ten thousand in cash from his bag, and Lara’s eyes shot open. Sure enough, he had picked up twenty thousand dollars!

Conrad and the others were full of bitterness, but even if he was lucky, what could he do? Today, they would force him to spend everything! Chuck took out 3,000 dollars calmly and handed it over to the waiter. After that, he stopped taking out any money anymore.

Everyone was stunned and puzzled!

The waiter said, “Sir, this is 3,000 dollars. It’s not enough”.

Lara said, “ya, it’s nine thousand and three hundred dollars”.

“What’s wrong with that? You lent me some money. It’s very reasonable for me to treat you,” Chuck said calmly. “But who are these people? I don’t know them. What does their meal have to do with me.”

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