Chapter 500: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 500 Get the Evidence

The woman dragged Yuqi Mu’s sleeve and said anxiously, “What I said is true, please trust me.”

“Why should I trust you?” Yuqi Mu raised his eyebrows.

“I’ve been working here for quite a long time, of course you know my background, they paid me nothing, why should I work for them? ”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu nodded and said, “Well, what you said makes sense.”

Seeing that Yuqi Mu was getting calm, she thought there was hope and quickly said, “Please forgive me, I know it’s my fault.”

“I will investigate on this matter, and I will apologize if your words are true. Just keep working hard.”


“Well, back to work.” After saying this, Yuqi Mu left.

As soon as he walked out, he said to his aides, “Keep an eye on her and tell me if something happens.”

“Yes, sir.”

Then days past as usual, and people tried their best to search Anna. However, they became more depressed.

After the investigation, they found that the woman was really a victim, she knew nothing about Beard’s plan, thus Yuqi Mu apologized to her and hit Beard violently.

Then people all acted normal, however, the woman said she felt guilty and cooked some dishes to make up for her fault.

Those dishes looked quite delicious, so people said nothing and sat down to enjoy the meal.

But while eating, someone felt sleepy and then lost their consciousness with blood flowing out of their mouths.

Seeing this, the woman smiled coldly. Then she walked to the adytum where Beard was imprisoned and opened the door, then she snorted, “I thought you are loyal, but you betrayed me.”

However, Beard looked at the woman and sneered, “It is you who betrayed me first, then don’t blame me, I have to find other ways.”

“We’ve already arranged your family, what else do you want?”

“Don’t lie to me, I’ve already seen the photos.”

“Photos?” The woman frowned and then quickly smiled disdainfully, “They must lie to you, it’s hard to distinguish their tricks.”

“You are the same!”

Hearing this, the woman grew sullen and asked, “So, you don’t trust me right? Well, I’ll just kill you now.”

Then she aimed at Beard with the gun.

“Although I don’t want to interrupt you, we’d better deal the things now.” The sudden voice made the woman stunned.

“You! Why are you still alive?”

Yuqi Mu mocked, “How can your tricks beguile us?”

“But you’ve already believed my words, I performed well.”

Yulin Xiao said with a grim face, “That’s just your thought, we’ve already known your tricks.”

“It’s impossible!”

“Why not? Then I’ll tell you now.” Yuqi Mu smiled and said, “The original cook is loyal and kind, beside she is a stammerer, and would stutter once she get anxious, but you said fluently that day, how can I trust you?”

Hearing this, the woman fell on the ground, she knew she was failed.

Then Yulin Xiao looked at her from above and said coldly, “What else do you want to say?”

The woman calmed down and sneered, “You can do nothing even if you find me, you are destined to die!”

“But before that, you will die first, and in a miserable manner.”

“Well, I’m not afraid at all!”

“Indeed, death is easy but tortures are more scaring.” Yuqi Mu leaned over and looked at her with a dangerous smile and said, “Sixth Brother has already known your message, and he thought we are corpses now. What will he do if he find it’s just a lie.”

She hadn’t said this to Sixth Brother, they must tell him the false news.

It really mattered a lot to Sixth Brother, if he knew the mission was failed and he was cheated, she must be heavily punished.

Thinking like this, she trembled, as if she was thinking something very horrible.

Seeing this, Yuqi Mu stood up in satisfaction.

“So, I’ll do nothing to you, Sixth Brother will punish you.”

“No! Please don’t do that to me!”

Hearing this, Yuqi Mu teased, “Why not, you acted loyal just now.”

“Anyway, I beg you, just kill me or let me go.”

Yuqi Mu raised his eyebrows and said, “Unfortunately, I can’t agree to either of your suggestions. I’m the ruler, you can listen to my arrangement. Take her away!”


Then the woman was taken away, she yelled loudly and wanted Yuqi Mu to kill her. It seemed that Sixth Brother was really a cruel man.

Then Yuqi Mu turned to looked at Beard, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “There are many fools in your organization, you’ll be regret one day.”

“So, you will give me a chance, right?”

“Well, there is a chance, but you have to seize it.”

Hearing this, Beard made up his mind and said, “I’ll live for myself this time.”


Then Yuqi Mu turned back and nodded to his followers, and then they understood his thought.

Everyone acted normal, as if nothing had happened. Those sat beside the table still acted to be unconscious.

After a while, Sixth Brother arrived, before he entered, he saw Beard who was lying on the ground weakly.

“What’s going on?”

Beard coughed and said, “Nobody bring me food today, so I tried my best to run away to a check, however, that’s what I saw. It seemed that they are died.”


Hearing this, Sixth Brother didn’t seem to be happy.

He frowned and ordered, “Find Chuxue and Jingyan now and see if they are alive or not!”


But as soon as his followers turned back, they were killed silently.

Seeing this, Sixth Brother narrowed his eyes and behaved calm.

Then a group of people walked out from the corner, and they were exactly Yulin Xiao and others.

They looked energetic and had no blood on face at all.

Looking at the mysterious man in front of him, Yuqi Mu looked a bit excited and said, “I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed!”

“Well, I know you must be alive.”

Jingyan looked at Sixth Brother with fierce eyes, he wanted to kill him now. He clenched his fist, and said coldly. “Of course I’m alive and I’ll torture you.”

However, Sixth Brother was not scared at all, he looked at Jingyan provocatively and said, “What you said is also my thought, just see who’s the final winner.”

Hearing this, Yiyao frowned and said, “You are already surrounded by us, it’s easy to kill you, how dare you to say that?”

“Well, Anna is still under my control, just kill me if you want her to die.”

These words made Yulin Xiao feel nervous.

Yiyao just looked at Yulin Xiao and said, “We can still find Anna and save her after we kill you.”

“As soon as I die, the people who supervise Anna will kill her as well. Don’t dreaming.” Then Sixth Brother looked at Yulin Xiao arrogantly.

Jingyan smiled angrily and said, “Well, this is really your style.”

However, hearing this, Sixth Brother acted weirdly and then quickly kept distance with Jingyan and said, “Don’t say that, you know nothing about me.”

Such scene made them feel strange and Jingyan and Chuexue looked at each other and then Jingyan asked, “Why did you do that? Do my family offend you?”

“I just don’t like you.” Sixth Brother sneered.

“Such an answer is meaningless, I would rather hear that you hate us.”

“Then I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed, I have nothing to do with you.”

Although Sixth Brother didn’t admit it, Jingyan turn back to Chuxue and said, “It seems that he has something to do with our family.”

However, hearing this, Sixth Brother was furious and yelled, “Don’t you understand my words, I have no relationship with your family, nor do we know each other!”

“We have eyes and make our own judgement, you’d better tell me the truth.”

“I have nothing to say.”

Chuxue shrugged casually and said with a smile, “Since our parents are travelling in Europe, maybe you can have a talk.”

Hearing this, Sixth Brother squeezed his fists and became gloomy, as if he had found his enemy.

Thus, people knew that there must be some connections.

Originally, Jingyan didn’t want to tell this to his parents, now it seemed that only they could reveal the truth.

Yulin Xiao didn’t care about the truth, all he worried was Anna.

“Let Anna go and then we can let you go as well, besides, we can also arrange a meeting between you and Jingyan’s parents.”

“I don’t need you to arrange for me. You’d better care bout yourself. I can tell you clearly that you will definitely die in England!”

“Tell us the reason! Why do you want to kill us?”

“Because you deserve it!”

Sixth Brother really wanted to kill them, they could sense his hatred.

Jingyan grew sullen and said coldly, “Everything has its reason, even if you don’t tell us, we know that there’s must be some conflicts between you and our family.”

“But how can you be sure that all you’ve known is the truth? Maybe you are wrong, it’s just your speculation.”

“You are the one that be cheated.” Sixth Brother looked at Jingyan and Chuxue pitifully, “Just enjoy your dream, you’ll be soon awake, then you’ll know all you’ve gained now are fake! It is really ridiculous.”

His weird gaze and horrible tone made people feel strange.

Hearing this, Chuxue was a bit stunned, however, she said reasonably, “You also heard from others, how can you be sure that the person didn’t lie to you?”

“There’s always be someone who will make you convinced and you’ll do everything for him.”

Jingyan was also stunned, but he was much calmer than Chuxue, at least nobody could sense his nervousness.

After hearing those words, Yiyao pondering for a while and said, “Generally speaking, you would only do this for your lover or your relatives. However, relatives fit the situation better. Could it be that your relative is involved with our family?”

What Yiyao said was very close to the truth, which made Sixth Brother even more furious.

“You are not qualified to say that, shut up!”

“It seems that I am right.”

“Bitch, shut up!”

Sixth Brother said rudely, Jingyan was about to give him a lesson but was stopped by Yiyao.

Yiyao comforted Jingyan and then said to Sixth Brother, “Well, just tell me how can you let Anna go?”

When hearing Anna’s name, Sixth Brother grew sullen and said, “That woman has good shape, I want keep her.”

His words really irritated Yulin Xiao, he wanted to give him a lesson, “Bastard, you ……”

Yuqi Mu quickly stopped Yulin Xiao and said with a frown, “Calm down, he just wants to provoke you!”

Yulin Xiao could no longer suppress his anger, he wanted to kill him now.

Seeing that Yulin Xiao was about to lose control, Yiyao immediately said to the point, “We can reach a compromise. It’s good for none of us.”

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