Chapter 501 – 502: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 501: The Cold Deep Pool

He guessed the reason why he could get recovered so quickly was all because of the precious pills from Kris-the senior fellow apprentice of him. And the pills must be the rarest one for the wounds on him were the obstinate ones which might have impacts on his future practitioner.

He must study harder to live up to the expectation of Mr. Gu and his senior fellow apprentice.

“Well, this is a new token weapon for you where there are also three sword energies in it.”Said Kris.

Chen was stunned that the soul of Hegui was forged into the weapon as the spirit of it. “Now put your master print in it. And this is the punish for Hegui, who dare to be against you.”

“Thanks so much, my senior fellow apprentice.” Chen did as asked.

However, the soul of Hegui in the weapon trembled as he found that Chen became his master now.

“Chen?” Asked Hegui.

“Yes, I am.” Said Chen. “I will serve you, my master!” Said Hegui in obedience, now he knew his life was taken charge by Chen.

Although Chen felt sorry about the destiny of his opponent, he couldn’t change the fact that he became the master of Hegui now. Truth to be told, all the disputes between them was because of a the ghost flower, a rare herb which was the main ingredient of Divine Forming Pill. And the pill was a treasure which could strengthen the spirit body of Mr. Gu.

To obtain the flower, Chen had fierce battles with monster guard. However, the disciples in Secluded Immortal Palace robbed him and threatened him to give away the flower, which provoked Chen to anger and caused the series of fight between them.

At the moment when there was no distraction for him, Chen could anticipate that he could breakthrough into stage of Pill formation at one try. However, since Mr. Gu fell into sleep again, he was unsure whether he could smoothly make a breakthrough without the help of Mr. Gu.

Another thought came to him when he turned to Kris and he said, “My senior fellow apprentice, did you get any news about the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire?” He knew that the fire was too dangerous for him to strengthen his acupoints and orifices, he could help Kris to make use of it who was strong enough to master the fire.

Kris shook his head and replied, “No, maybe it hides itself in a dangerous area, but we don’t have enough time to get it. Do you have news about it?”

In fact, they had only five days left as the best chance to make use of the fire.

Chen nodded and said, “I’ve heard from the talk of beast kings that there is an ice pool in the southwest. Under the ice pool is the rolling magma. At night, the red light of the fire will illuminate the water of the ice pool!”

“That’s an important clue.” Kris touched his chin and said, “Let’s go there and have a look.”

” I will go with you, senior fellow apprentice!” Replied Chen.

“Good!” Kris was moved again by Chen’s honesty and selflessness. He knew the fire was beneficial for the Chen’s practition, but he didn’t expect Chen would share the secret site of the fire with him. He should reward Chen as much as he could in the future, for example, since he was a practitioner good at all martial arts, he could share his experience and the resource to Chen to help him improve his physical strengthen as much as possible.

After two days of search all the way, they found the a seemingly similar ice pool as they had expected in a remote mountain side and the surroundings there were frozen. Chen shivered as soon as he landed, Kris, however, looked calm as usual.

This place was once visited by Kris, but he had never thought that the fire would hide itself beneath this place. And they were puzzled that how could the ice pool contain the fire, which was said to be able to burn everything out.

In this way, there was only one possibility, that was, this ice pool was also a treasure! This could testify the fact that why the pool was not dried out by the fire.

Kris was very excited at the thought and said, “Little brother, can you look around to ensure the safety around the mountain when I dive into the pool?”

Chen nodded as the reply.

Before diving into to the pool, Kris established several arrays around the pool. After that, he took out a piece of protective weapon for Chen and said, “This one will help you to defend yourself if needed, and you should learn how to use it by yourself.”


Chen was amazed by Kris’s generosity when he found the weapon was a middle-level Taoist one which was a rare piece in the Infinite Sea.

“My little brother, just be easy, I am sure that you will get used to it when you become a master of accumulated spirit stage. At that time, I think you can ask a spirit weapon from our sect.” Said Kris with a smile.

Chen was still dumbfound and could not give any response to Kris.

“All right, I have to go!” Said Kris. Then he dived into the water and began the searching trip. The pool was unexpectedly deep, and the deeper he went, the stronger pressure he had to endure, and the room therein became much larger than that of entrance.

As soon as Kris released his Divine Spiritual Power, a sharp coldness came to him and nearly froze his Divine Spiritual Power.

Jesus! There must be something horrible with this pool, or perhaps the pool of water was a precious thing! Now Kris planned to collect both the fire and the pool of water.

A kilometer beneath the ground, the water was so cold that even his protective cover could not resist the chill. To get rid of the darkness, Kris showed his light sword which illuminated the surroundings and served as his body guard.

Now two kilometers beneath the ground, the water pressure here was unbelievably heavy, though it was still ok for Kris who had three strong protective covers on his body.

Kris didn’t like this kind of cramped space at all. Now he was just like a mortal who could only rely on his own eyes, and he felt that there were weird eyes staring at him in the darkness, which gave him great mental pressure.

Four kilometers beneath the ground, one of the outer shield of him had been broken by the freezing air, and the second shield was not steady enough to protect now.

“So deep it is!” Kris felt nearly despair when he went down more three kilometers. Now he was in seven kilometers under the ground. All three protective covers were frozen and might be broken at any time.

What should I do? To keep diving? No one knew how deep the pool was down there.

Just at this point, the spirit in his Mud Hill Palace opened its eyes and threw out the sea king halberd, which expelled the unbearable coldness for him and gave him a new blue protective cover. Thanks to the blue cover, Kris felt no pressure at all like a big fish even now he was still diving in the deep water.

What a surprising treasure it was! The sea king halberd was a spirit weapon from a sea monster, which, of course, could ensure his safety beneath the water. And with the blue protective cover of it, Kris felt more calm and he kept diving until he was in twelve kilometers beneath the water.

The surrounding now w as totally a new one: Bobbles began to rise up and the water turned hot, and the strong beam came out from the hot lava, though there was still no sign to show the existence of Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire.

Perhaps the fire was under the lava. Kris had to make his decision now: go back home or go into the lava for the precious fire?

Of course, nothing could stop the ambitious adventurer, even the dangerous lava. However, je decided to collect the whole water of the pool into his sea king halberd, which, in return, told him that it would provide him a new Taoist Strength by itself.

Spirit weapon could be improved by two ways, one was to be improved with the help of its master, another was to be improved by itself in a magic way.

This trip was, of course, a worthwhile deal for him.

However, when the pool water disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, Chen was stunned and in fear that there would something terrible happened to Kris. He was despair to find that the signal from the Voice Transmission Stone could not came across the pool water.

“What on earth happen downward the pool?” Asked Chen.

While Chen was panicked, Kris was also afraid that the ground would sank into a ruin, which might bring Chen into a dangerous situation and attract the attention of other practitioners nearby. So he took out all the resources he need to establish a defensive array here to ensure the ground wouldn’t sank down. After that, he restored his three protective covers and rushed to the ground. As for the sea king halberd, he had left it here to collect the rest water.

Chapter 502: A Painful Training

Kris was aware that he must master the escaping skill in the sea since his Golden Light Earth Escaping didn’t work beneath the water. In the vast ocean of the Infinite Sea, a the escaping skill in the sea could benefited him greatly during battles.

Just as Chen was about to dive, Kris came to him in a hurry.

“My senior fellow apprentice!”Asked Chen, “What happened just now? How did the pool water dry up?”

“The water was really a trouble for us, so I get it done.” Said Kris in a casual tone as if the unbelievable work to drain the pool was nothing but a little case for him. “Alright, watch out here, I should go there again!”Said Kris. After that, he plunged into the big hole of the pool and after a vertical distance of four miles or so, he caught the sight of the panorama of the pool. The beautiful crystal named Taoist Strength stone sealed upon its wall when leftover water disappear. The precious crystal seemed had close link with the water-related magic, which, Kris thought, could benefited his skills of the sea king’s trident. He was so excited when he could there were about hundreds of thousands pieces of the crystal therein.

Two hours later when the pool bottomed out, the hot magma rolled over. Under the protect of the sea king’s trident, Kris jumped straightly into the magma and dived downward. With a trip of one hundred of meter downward, Kris found it amazing that the magma could even burn his Divine Spiritual Power. A master like him could only be hurt by attack with Taoist strength, did it mean that the magma was strengthened by the magma? Or perhaps the magma was a precious weapon with the Taoist strength?

If it was, Kris would try his best to take away the magma weapon since he didn’t have one piece of magic weapon with the fire energy. To collect the magma, he took out related materials to create a container. In such a extremely hot surroundings, these materials were quickly melt down and Kris cooled down the well-shaped container with the water in his sea king’s trident.

It was like a gourd where powerful rune patterns were sealed therein. When the gourd was completed, Kris gathered rich spirit energy from a piles of supreme spiritual stone and poured it into the gourd. The gourd, enhanced by the runes and spirit energy, now gave out a shining spark and began to collect the hot magma. The more it collected, the more dazzling it looked.

Several minutes later when the magma pool was gradually dried out, the cliff appeared and numberless Fire Taoist Stones filled in the surface of the cliff. With such a large storage of Fire Taoist Stones, Kris was undoubtedly able to master a kind of fire Taoist strength. Despite this, he was still a little disappointed for he didn’t caught any clue about the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. “Jesus!” When he was about to leave, a noise came to him beneath his feet and amazed him for pause. The ground was surprisingly hot even if the whole pool of magma was dried up by his gourd. Did it mean there was something special under the ground?

Kris waved his sword and cut through the ground. All of a sudden, a ferocious gust rushed out with powerful fire energy. It must be the energy from the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire!

“Amazing!”Cried Kris. He took out the sea king’s trident and pressed against the fire gust with water Taoist strength. Now he realized that the reason why the precious fire disappear from the world was it hided itself under such a dangerous pool where freezing water and extremely hot magma served as its guards.

Kris dived himself into the broken ground and found himself in a special space of the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire. To gain the fire, he must subdue the burning heart of it.

As one of the top-100 list fire of the precious fire, the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire was really a tacky a opponent to deal with.

Under the protection of his the sea king’s trident, Kris could stay in the unbelievably hot space for a while. He had to find the burning heart of the fire as soon as possible. When the fire burned out his clothing, a green light came to his sight. It must be the burning heart of the fire.

Without hesitation, he struggled his way by the help of sword energy, and grabbed the burning heart, and then he swallowed it straightly. The burning heart exploded in his stomach and burned his whole body. The sharp pain could have killed him but for his physical training skills and magic pills.

However, he survived and in return, the fire inner his body reshaped him by enhancing his physical strength greatly. He was enduring such a unbelievable pain that his body was not in a normal shape, the vein was burning, his blood was burning, everything in him now was burning. But he would endure it and came through the painful experience at last. It was, for him, a training for a real man.

Three days later, Chen had understood fully the skills of the middle-level Taoist weapon, now he took the weapon as his ace which could protect him safely from at least three full blows from a master in Fulfilled period of primal spirit. He was grateful to the good will from his senior fellow apprentice. During these three days, he had put his collections in the storage ring in order. He had got sufficient materials which could support he to be a master in the period of primal spirit in the future.

To his excitement, he found a first class sword skill book there, and he was sure this could enhanced his magic attack. But because of his poor energy source, he couldn’t make it function well. At the present, he was a fighter near to the stage of later period of Pill formation, which meant that the density of his muscle was equal to that of a piece of spirit weapon. A blow from him with full strength could definitely shut down any fighter in the Pill-Condensation Stage.

When Chen was planning his future training trip, Kris had opened his eyes and looked around. Now he was wholly naked, the hair on his body was burned out, however, his body was in a better stage obviously. He sat there cross legged, the powerful energy in him exploded out and filled in the whole space. Thanks to the fire and the painful experience, he had nearly mastered Three Turn Golden body Tactic now.

In fact, after the training in the heaven thunder, Kris had turned into a really strong figure. Now because of the Back-to-heaven Spiritual Fire and advanced physical training skill, the density of his muscle was equal to that of a piece of supreme Taoist weapon, which meant every blow from him could be a dangerous one with thousand tons of power. If he could make breakthrough into the seven level physical stage, the density of his muscle could equal that of a piece of divine-level spirit weapon. At that time, he would successfully reach the Fulfilled period of Pill-Condensation Stage.

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