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Chapter 501: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 501 Confrontation, the Leverage

“A compromise?”

“Yes. It will make it fair, and, for the time being, it will calm us down. We can’t just stand here and keep confronting each other.”

Yulin Xiao stared at Brother Six and said, “give Anna to me. Otherwise, there is nothing to talk about.”

But Brother Six just ignored Yulin and said easily, “she is my trump card, so how can I give her to you?”

“Then there is nothing to talk about. I’ll kick his ass to see if he can still be so arrogant.”

“I have a good idea. Do you want to know that?”

Facing the cheeky Brother Six, Yulin no longer had any hope. What he wanted to do now was to beat him up, otherwise, he didn’t know how to be nice.

But because of Yiyao, he could not say anything, only to make some preparations secretly and plan how to start later.

“I need to see Anna and I need to contact with others at any time I want.”

When he said this, everyone was stunned, including Brother Six.

Looking at Yiyao incredulously, Yuqi said, “Yiyao, are you crazy? One of us is already controlled by him, being his hostage. Don’t you think if you go there now, he will get one more bargain chip?”

“Hostage, well, one or two make no difference. I can help take care of Anna if I go, so you can also worry less.”

Jingyan Ye frowned and asked, “what about you? Won’t I worry about you?”

Yiyao lowered her voice and said to him, “what he’s going to deal with is your Ye family. I’m an outsider, so he won’t waste his time on me. You should take the opportunity to find out his aim, so that you can find a way to work with me to save Anna.”

“No, it’s too dangerous.”

“Is this not dangerous if I don’t get involved? This man is dangerous and his existence will keep Ye family in danger, so I cannot sit there and do nothing. Therefore, it is necessary to use this opportunity to find the truth.”

“But it should be me to do this, not you. I don’t want to see you run the risk.”

“I’m more suitable than you to do this. I’m glad that I can help you.”

Before Jingyan could say something, Yiyao stopped him, “Okay, Jingyan. We cannot waste more time, otherwise, things will get worse. Besides, you need to believe me. I’ve experienced a lot, so this is not a big deal. I can handle it.”

Staring at Yiyao, full of worry. Deep inside, he strongly opposed this idea.

Brother Six originally did not agree Yiyao’ s suggestion. But when he noticed that Jingyan was worried about her so much, he suddenly changed his mind.

“Hey, are you ready?”

Yiyao turned back, whose tone showed her determination, and said, “yes. This is what we want, so do you agree?”

Brother Six shrugged and smiled, “how will I refuse? Since you want to step into the trap, of course I’m happy.”

“Very well, then, can I go with you now?”


Others wanted to stop Yiyao, but none of them could change her decision.

Yiyao was a determined woman and once she had decided on something, she wouldn’t change it easily.

“Don’t worry. This time, I will definitely bring Anna back safe and sound.”

Taking a look at the crowd, she followed Brother Six and walk away, holding her head up proud.

When Yiyao passed Jingyan, Jingyan reached out to hold her hand.

She pinched his palm and smiled. Then she slowly took away her hand and left without looking back. Finally, she shrank into the distance.

Punching at the fence, Yuqi said, “what the hell is going on? We designed to lure Brother Six to come here, but what now? He took Yiyao away.”

Chuxue Ye sat on the sofa distractedly, frowning, and said, “stop it.”

“But I can’t accept this. Things shouldn’t be like this!”

“Then how do you think it will be?”

“We would catch Brother Six, torture him, and force him to tell us where Anna is.”

Chuxue shook her head and said, “If things could really be that simple, would we let Brother Six take Yiyao away?”

“Even if Yiyao is strong, she will be imprisoned and have no chance to do anything to make things better.”

Jingyan said in a hoarse voice, “Yiyao is going to help Anna, so that she won’t be bullied by Brother Six, and secondly, she is making a contract.”


“She wants Brother Six to meet the seniors of Ye family and have a good chat about the grudges and hate.”

It hit Yuqi and he said, “So, this is Yiyao plan. Well, she really does a lot for us.”

Yiyao was indeed well-intentioned, but the more she did so, the more heartbroken Jingyan became, and the sorrier he was for her.

He did want to stop Yiyao no matter what would happen.

But Yiyao would not listen to him at all. Both of them were too familiar with each other, so that’s why Yiyao made her own decision without even discussing it.

Finally, he still owed Yiyao.

Yiyao was blindfolded and pushed into a car.

All the way, Yiyao didn’t say a word.

Instead, Brother Six found her trick and mocked.

“Don’t waste your time. I deliberately take a detour, so there’s no way you can remember it.”

Brother Six was right. He asked his man to drive around in circles, passing through a noisy market, an abandoned factory… He just drove randomly.

Sighing, Yiyao rested her body. Obviously, she gave this up.

But she still did not speak anything. Because she had something more important to think about.

Brother Six also did not want to talk to her. As long as she was in his hands, no matter how magical she was, there was no way out.

It was getting more and more deserted and Yiyao even felt the sand pounding on her face.

Just when Yiyao was thinking, the car started circling upward. Up the mountain?

It was bumpy all the way and the car stopped. Someone opened the door and took Yiyao out.

Through an archway, her mask was suddenly taken off.

The bright light made Yiyao squint, and then, she quickly adapted to it.

She looked carefully at the surroundings and found that the place where Brother Six was hiding was not the same as she had imagined.

It was old-fashioned, both the decoration and the arrangement. It was very strict, not a vicious person’ s preference, but a knowledgeable scholar. He must have spent a lot effort on this.

Having someone offer a cup of tea for Yiyao, Brother Six smiled and said, “You can look around. Here, will be the place where you will live for a long time.”

However, Yiyao coldly hummed as a response.

Although Yiyao didn’t say anything, she didn’t stop observing. She needed to get to know more about the place and its characteristics.

Padding to the window, Yiyao found that she was actually on a small island, surrounded by raging water.

No wonder Brother Six feared nothing. It turned out that he had already made all the preparations.

Smiling, Yiyao said, “that’s great. I love the ocean the most, and it’s a blessing to see the endless sea every day when I open my eyes.”

Turning around, Yiyao said in an arrogant tone with no expression, “where is Anna? I want to see her.”

Brother Six made a gesture to the person beside him, signaling to take her to see Anna.

At this moment, Anna was sitting in the room with a sad look, not expecting to meet a friend here.


Raising her head incredulously, Anna was surprised to see Yiyao.

“Yiyao, why are you here?” Anna immediately ran to Yiyao, holding her hand and nervously asking, “did Brother Six kidnap you?”

Patting Anna’s hand gently, Yiyao said, “no, I asked him to take me here.”


Anna was completely confused.

Yiyao didn’t explain more and she just tried to calm Anna down, “I’m here and I’ll protect you. Don’t worry.”

“Humph, you can’t even protect yourself, so how can you protect her?”

A person came out behind her, which made Anna immediately very nervous.

Obviously, Anna was afraid of Brother Six. Once he was here, she turned into a guarded kitten.

Sensing Anna’s fear, Yiyao shielded her behind her and said without changing her look, “the person who is really in trouble is not me. We’ll see.”

Humming disdainfully, Brother Six said, “don’t act like you are controlling everything. It makes me sick.”

“It has nothing to do with me. I just hope that we can be at peace with each other.”

Yiyao was surprisingly calm, which surprised Brother Six.

This woman was not ordinary.

So what? Anyone who had relations with Ye family would be punished by him.

Stopping looking at the two, Brother Six turned around to leave the room, and as he walked away, he said with contempt, “naïve.”

Brother Six would definitely be at peace with the two women.

This made Anna nervous and puzzled, “Yiyao, what is going on?”

“In short, we found out the spy that Brother Six had arranged, and then we made a trap to catch him. Although we caught him, we could do nothing, because you are here.”

“After thinking about it, we decided that it would be better for me to come here to protect you while cooperating with Jingyan and others.”

Yiyao told her the whole thing with a calm look, but it really shocked Anna.

She shook her head, thinking that this idea was too crazy.

“Yiyao, this is too dangerous. You don’t know Brother Six and he’s simply a psycho!”

“I don’t care. As long as he has his weakness, he can be manipulated,” Yiyao smiled and said, “this time, it seems to be dangerous, but in fact, there is the hope. Brother Six, I’m afraid, has something to do with Ye family. He will keep us until, he meets Ye family’ s seniors. And we can then take the opportunity to escape.”

Anna still felt it was dangerous, but now that it seemed that this was not only related to her, but it was his grudge against Ye family.

In this way, she couldn’t say more. She just frowned and murmured, “it seems that a lot of things have happened in the past few days when I was away.”


Thinking that it was entirely because of her that things had become so complicated, Anna blamed herself thousands of times inside. With head down, she said, “well, I’m sorry that I get you involved. I’m such a fool.”

“Don’t think too much. Brother Six is very strong and powerful and we don’t have 100% confidence to win, so don’t blame yourself. And you know what, you suffering is because of Ye family. Ye family owes you an apology.”

Anna waved her hand and said, “no. It’s my fault.”

“Well, we’re family, so we should work together to solve this. I’ll talk to you later about the plan and I need your help.”

“Well, I will definitely spare no effort if I can do something. By the way, how about Chuxue, is she okay?”

“She’s good. She wasn’t abused and seems to have gained a little weight.”

Hearing this, Anna felt weird.

“Brother Six is really wired. Though he always said that he wanted to avenge, he never hurts them.”

This made Yiyao frown.

Seeing that Yiyao did not speak anymore, Anna asked, “Yiyao, what’s going on?”

“Nothing. I’ve just thought about one thing.”


“Well…” Before she could say that, Yiyao found that she was too absurd, so she laughed, shook her head and said, “it’s nothing. It’s just foolish notions.”

Seeing that Yiyao didn’t want to talk about it, Anna stopped asking.

She sat beside Yiyao and looked out the window at the endless sea, always feeling that leaving here was harder than anything.

But she had to hold on. She had not yet become a woman good enough to match Yulin and her life had just begun. There were countless possibilities waiting for her in the future, so how could she die in this unknown place?

After taking a deep breath, Anna turned her head to look at Yiyao and asked, “Yiyao, what should we do next?”

Yiyao smiled, then whispered in her ears.

Anna listened to carefully. She then looked at Yiyao with some surprise and asked, “that’s too simple, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

Anna was about to ask something more, but she saw Yiyao put her finger in front of her lips to signal her to shut up.

She had no choice but to keep her doubts inside for the time being. She looked at Yiyao, sitting across her, helplessly.

Yiyao showed a smile to Anna, which made Anna feel a lot safer.

Although they were locked up, the food for Anna and Yiyao was good…even great.

Looking at the food in front of her, Yiyao tilted her head and asked the food delivery man, “where is your boss eating?”

“Why do you ask this?”

“I want to personally thank him for his hospitality.”

What a lame excuse!

The man was going to ignore Yiyao, but Yiyao suddenly made a move and grabbed his gun from his waist and put it against his temple.

Her actions were so fast that before the man could react, his life was already controlled by Yiyao.

Trembling, he said, “even if you kill me, you can never get out.”

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