“I don’t think it is. There is no conflict. How could that person do this? What’s more, didn’t we analyze it last time? The person who destroyed the Zhao family actually doesn’t have much abilities, because he dealt with the Zhao family. He dealt with the Qian family and gave up halfway, indicating that this person has no strength, how could it be him? I think it is someone else!”

Someone analyzes it this way, but it is actually simple because this person wants to eat the four major families, but when halfway through, he has self-knowledge and discovered that he does not have this strength. So when dealing with Qian’s family, he gave up halfway, this person must be badly injured, dare to provoke his own Zeng family? ?

This is a fool and would not do this.

The head of the Zeng family’s expression was cold, and he was extremely angry about this incident, “No matter who it is, what about that person? To kill my grandson, I must let him bury my grandson!!”

Several of the Zeng family’s direct descendants also agree it must be!

At this time, someone came in.

“Master, I found a little bit.” The man came in with the computer.

This was discovered on the surveillance of Zeng Shaoye’s car.

The owner of the Zeng family and the others all walked over.

This person puts it.

Everyone saw the video. This was the scene of the death of Master Zeng. A woman appeared, but there was no scene of the murder, just a blind spot.

The picture freezes!

This is an indifferent beautiful woman! !

A woman with a peaked cap and a perfect figure, Yvette!

“Who is this person? She killed Shaoye?” Someone questioned.

After all, Master Zeng is also a master of fighting, and there are several bodyguards, how could he be killed by a woman? ?

This is incredible!

“It should be, Grandpa, you look at her indifferently, so he should be a killer!”

The Patriarch of the Zeng family stared at Yvette for a while, the expression on his face was already hideous, “Find her! I want to catch her alive, I want to see, who would dare to kill my grandson!!!”


This person is out, as long as this woman is still in the capital, it is not difficult to find her!

The strength of the Zeng family is very strong!

“Grandpa, don’t be angry, take care of your body, they will go out on their own, this woman can’t run!” Someone comforted.

The Patriarch of the Zeng family is heartbroken, his favourite grandson!

He decided to catch this woman and let her experience all kinds of pain!!

This is your price for not having eyes!

And this woman’s family, all family members are going to die!


In the ward, Logan received a call. In this part of the capital, she wanted to know what was not difficult.

My own people called and said that the young master of Zeng’s family was dead, and a hidden camera captured one point, a car belonging to Yvette.

Logan suddenly thought that this Master Zeng should have been killed by Yvette.

But why did Yvette do this?

What killer order did you get? It should not be, then.

Logan thought of it.

Of course, this is because of Master Zeng, she knew that he was lustful, playing tricks on women, he must have fallen in love with Yvette, but Yvette wouldn’t have agreed, and then came to this conclusion, but he didn’t expect to be killed by Yvette.

“Back to President Logan, I also found a person dead,”

“Who died?”

“I don’t know him, but looking at the traces on the scene, he should be a killer, and this killer is chasing your friend.” This person said.

Master Zeng let the killer chop off the killer to feed the dog, but there were still some clues that hadn’t had time to deal with it. After all, those bodyguards were dead.

Plus, Yvette’s car can be seen with bullet marks on the video, so he thought so.

Logan frowned and understood.

Yvette himself said that someone wants to kill Chuck Cannon, then the killer is Yvette, but Yvette did not do anything, then the killer organization started to hunt down Yvette in order to maintain its reputation!!

“Okay, I see,” Logan said, “Let me continue to investigate, who is going to kill Chuck!”


The phone hung up and Logan endured the pain. She wanted to get out of bed. Chuck Cannon went out to cook for herself. Although her hospital had everything to eat, Chuck Cannon formulated a nutrition package for Logan.

Chuck Cannon did it himself, and he wanted Logan to get better.

The door opened and Chuck Cannon came in with a fragrant meal.

He saw Logan who was about to get out of bed. He hurried over and carried Logan onto the bed aggressively. Logan was surprised.

“Auntie Logan, how can you get out of bed?” Chuck Cannon said solemnly.

“Chuck, I…” Logan’s beautiful eyes were shining, and she smiled softly. Chuck Cannon has been very careful to herself these days.

Logan felt for the first time how a gentleman took care of others.

Chuck Cannon covered Logan with a quilt. Fortunately, Logan’s complexion improved a lot, and her eyes became brighter. Last night Chuck Cannon took Logan’s hand and fell asleep too comfortably.

“Aunt Logan, you have to lie down. If there is an uncomfortable place, tell me, I’ll press it with you.”

“No, you know where Yvette has gone?” Logan shook her head seriously.

The kill order of the killer organization is no joke!

Yvette’s current strength is not enough to cope with these.

“She said she was going out, but she didn’t say where she was going.” Chuck Cannon felt that Yvette might have gone out to do something, and most of it was to take over the Zhao family.

Chuck Cannon didn’t think much.

“Chuck, do you know what Yvette is doing? What did she come here for this time?”

Chuck Cannon shook his head, “She said she missed me.”

“No, Yvette told me that someone is going to kill you,”

“Kill me?” Chuck Cannon was astonished. Apart from Black Rose and Overlord Lee, who else wanted to kill himself? ?

“Yes, someone is looking for a killer in the killer organization to kill you,”

“Killer organization? How did Yvette know about it?” Chuck Cannon was surprised. What happened?

“Because Yvette is a killer,” Logan said, Yvette is too dangerous now, she sighed, Yvette didn’t plan to tell Chuck Cannon until now?

“Aunt Logan, what are you talking about?” Chuck Cannon was stunned. When did his wife become a killer?

Chuck Cannon didn’t expect it at all, but for all Yvette’s recent behaviours, it was really that her fighting strength has improved so quickly, and she has super high alertness, which seems to be a necessary quality for a killer!

But why is Yvette a killer? ?

“Yvette is a killer,” Logan felt sorry for Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon took a breath, why?

“Because Yvette wants to improve herself, being a killer is the most direct way,” Logan said, yes, a killer has to face too many dangers, so in this process, people will get a great promotion.

This time and last time, Logan saw Yvette’s improvement.

Chuck Cannon sighed, Logan said so, Chuck Cannon understood, Yvette wanted to improve herself, why? To have the strength to kill his own mother! !

“Yvette took the task of killing you. This is the biggest reason she came to the capital.”

Chuck Cannon was surprised, “But Yvette didn’t treat me…”

“Of course she won’t do anything to you. The reason she took this task is to protect you.”

“protect me?”

“Well, Yvette likes you very much. When a person likes someone very much, she will do anything. She thinks it can protect you.”

Chuck Cannon was stunned. Yes, Yvette was sometimes particularly stupid. Last time she was threatened by the son of Overlord Lee, she set the square on fire, and now she took this order for herself.


“Yvette took the order, but didn’t do so, then the killer organization would defend her reputation and hunt her down. The reason she left was because she had been hunted down by the killer organization,” Logan said.

Chuck Cannon was so touched that Yvette did so much for himself. But he didn’t know until now that Chuck Cannon took out his cell phone anxiously to make a call. It was a long time before the call was connected.

“Husband, I have something to do now, I will return it to you later,” Yes, Yvette was chased by the killer again.

Yvette was forced to a place that she didn’t want to pick up, but she couldn’t bear to see Chuck Cannon.

“Wife, you are a killer, you are very dangerous now, tell me, where are you!! And I love you!” Chuck Cannon said anxiously.

Here Yvette was panicked, Chuck Cannon actually knew, but the last three words, Yvette had tears in her eyes…

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